24 thoughts on “What Happens When You Lie On Social Media”

  • We all know ads give youtube videos more business when they're ten or more minutes long, and you're just reposting to stretch to ten minutes. What did you think we just weren't going to notice? "There was no reason to lie."

  • Tamara DeLorme says:

    @3:35 bahahahaha that ones the best. Obviously most of these aren’t real but they great to ‘read’, watch rather, when you’re sad or bored or mad or whatever and ya need a few giggles! Lol

  • BosoxnationI972 says:

    "You have an below average IQ." So did the idiot who programmed your grammar! It's A below average IQ, not an.

  • Malory Hamre says:

    This is iconic they are posting a video on how people are getting caught lying about their posts and half of them are fake or repeated.

  • The soundtrack needs to be smoothed out, it's so ragged that it interferes with enjoyment of the slides. The different genres clash jarringly, from the deafeningly loud rock-out to tinkly cutesiness. That cutesy-wutesy bit at the beginning almost made me skip the whole thing. Which would have been a shame, because some of this is really funny.

  • Jesus, I just watched a video posted by "mystery shack" and they had at least half a dozen clips from this video in it.

  • This is what's wrong with people, you see that some people immediately give them the benefit of the doubt and their sorry asses take total advantage of that, and for what??? Seriously, why???


    Does anyone else think that the thumbnail looks liks purple hair green eyes carl grims/chandler riggs?😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gim Bob Jenkins says:

    I have seen several of these in other compilations you made but putting the same clip in the same video twice is beyond lazy.

  • Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes says:

    I grew up with this chick who lied so.frikkin much. Was to the her self up and look good. I didn't bullshit for her though and now I'm dating a guy for years who I believe that 85% of the stuff thAt comes out of mouth are lies. I see him lying and I'm like why lie? You didn't need to lie! Smh bullshitters, I see right through them!

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