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  • Wasn't it Adam schiff who tried to get dirt on trump with some phony made up prostitution story. Democrats are finished their done put a fork in them

  • Watching them respect our flag in Iran made me cry, Please Father in Heaven Bless these people, give them peace, give them hope, give them strength. In Jesus Name!

  • The devil could not fulfill the wishes of those inciting violence – God is mighty and fulfilled the prayers of Patriots attending this awe inspiring rally.

  • Trump impeachment trial – Here are four legal problems House Democrats have to face

    1. The Substance Problem — The Articles don’t identify any impeachable offense or even any crime
    2. The Process Problem — The Impeachment inquiry was irredeemably flawed
    3. The Evidence Problem — House Democrats have no evidence to support their claims
    4. The Structure Problem — The Articles are structurally deficient and can only result in acquittal.

  • No person on earth should have to put up with what all our President have had to put up with.
    JUSTICE is a coming to the DS

  • Professor Bhaer says:

    …You know how I can tell which side is speaking when I tune in to the Senate hearings? I take a good look at the appearance of the speaker(mannerisms, general health ect) and immediately I can tell Pro vs Con on against or for Trump & the Patriots. Then when they give the wide shot of the Senate with Roberts in the center and the left and right sides each sit each camp of this battle. Wanna know how at a glance I can tell which side evil resides and which side the side YHVH has chosen to represent his anointed ? Simply look at the messy order of the table top in front of the evil doers and you can see a house out of order. Next time you happen to turn in keep this in mind and the visual will be striking!

  • Tell us what u radical Bobbsey msnbc twins expect today. LOOK, up n the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's Lying Radical Shifty Schiff. Able to tell more lies n a single minute, faster lies than radical leftist dems running before tv cameras. IT'S LYING SHIFTY SCHIFF—-again and again and again.

  • There have been cures for cancer, blindness and Alzheimer's that they (the DS) have kept from us so that big Pharma can continue gouging us!

  • The info credited to the whistleblower, most likely came from “illegal intel gathering”, possible from multiple sources. That is why a whistleblower was never produced.

  • MSNBC groupies worst nightmare, is not Trump being re-elected. It's knowing Patriot Trump supporters will be swarming the MSNBC and CNN comment sections. Laughing and saying we told you so😁

  • Did you hear what Schiff said? "The Whistle Blower was not on the call?"
    That means that individual–imaginary as it may be–has absolutely no validity!

  • Septembers Whisper says:

    It is what the media refuses to talk about, is what you really should know. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/nytimes-quashed-story-about-2016-wh-meeting-whistleblower-ukrainians-burisma-report

  • Seems like the Republicans cannot manage to fill their full 24 hours of defense. I mean, after they say, "He did it. So what?" what else is there to say?

  • The impeachment trial like all the other setups, unlawful incarcerations, and murders are setups of People that we do not know or care to be around. That fact alone kills the Oppressors controlling tongues. Narcissists are known for being bold enough to manipulate the Media into believing People that they have never met supposedly has a connection to them. It is not uncommon for habitual liars to continue to receive acclamations and acceptance in murders that NEVER was supposed to happen. The tongues of some of these Oppressors are as wicked as Snakes. Their Followers are as ignorant as wrong descriptions described in serious crimes. Their poison flows all over the Media and in every aspect of life. When they are not recognized. They become obsessed with wanting to engage in combat with People who will not ever be a part of their lives. If that is a threat. Reality is a lie. People are so screwed up in the head about POWER that they truly believe that People who could care less about their conniving ways, somehow are getting in their way of them staying as evil as Lucifer. America and other Countries accept these People with open arms because they are unstable, fearful, undereducated, and do not want to know better to NOT do better.

  • Nadler and schiff indicted the Bidens yesterday… funny, is that a dare? Lol! Okay then, bring them in. Remind me never to hire their law firms when they get booted from office in their next elections. Hahahahaha! And that’s who dems want managing their case in the Senate? Hilarious!

  • Professor Bhaer says:

    Jay Seculow and Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch are doing the DOJ's job
    God Bless America and God BLESS President Trump!

  • MSM, does these same old TALKING POINTS, story after story.
    It is so apparent these people have an agenda.
    Obvious. Blinding Obvious.

  • Any One Who Watched Know Democrats Made Complete Fools Of Themselves Again…Still Nothing But False Statements And Lies…Same Old Crap.

  • It is not a POPULARITY CONTEST. It is the will and votes of the American people that was ignored. MEDIA PLEASE SUPPORT THE TRUE VOTE. Refuse to call the winner until the people's votes are COUNTED. It the electorate vote does not reflect the vote it is INACURRATE and should not be depended on or is rigged .In my opinion we could avoid these conflicts

  • After listening to Rudy on FOX & Friends this am, I got down on my knees and thanked God. FINALLY, Americans are going to see the truth that Hillary Clinton was involved with Ukraine & the conspiracy against Trump to rig the 2016 election in her favor. As for Joe Biden, he's DONE !!! The demonic democratic party should have to pay every penny that WE, the American people, are spending on this treasonous impeachment

  • Joy Anna Radcliffe says:

    We know that power is invested in the people when they vote and when they vote justly, rationally, compassionately, and for "we the people" in mind.


  • Burisma's claiming it's been hacked sounds familiar exactly like DNC Hillary Clinton server's yeah right! Give me a break!
    Pinocchio News

  • Real news is that Ambassador to Ukraine from the Obama Administration, Marie Yovanovitch, ordered the State Department to monitor conservative journalists, as well as Trump allies.Dems spy on anybody! Do they learn that in Constitution? Liberty and law are under attack from DEMS! 👍 Corrupt Biden, Deep State and ALL Dems corruption must be investigate! Biden should not be above the law! Adam Schiff and Pelosi Mafia must be investigated too!
    And the democrats talk about abuse of power yet they do it every day? The democrats are acting like dictators! Adam Schiff is a proven liar! That is not news! That is way of his life!

  • Tom Tillis does not speak for majority of NC, trust that! If Tillis doesn't vote witnesses for a fair trial, his political career is over! 11,000 plus of angered constituents will back that up on Election Day!

  • 🤮Schiff & fellow Dems still fishing in the Dead Sea, pathetically. At every opportunity, smear distortion repetitions, suggesting “IF” this “IF” that, but NOTHING concrete. No. Case, Dems know it, know that they cannot win in 2020.

  • If Schiff and the Bidens are put under oath, they will end up in prison. You have to stop this from going to trial in the senate. Are you trying to destroy the dem. party

  • Congress should hold all Senate Republicans accountable for this sham impeachment hearing. Bring forth the truth and documents or don't show up on Monday and go without pay.

  • Melissa Slaughter says:

    "Right now, we have a situation where any and all grievances that anybody ever had with the President are being heaped on, and talking about impeachment without even defining what the laws might have been that were broken …" — Nancy Pelosi, 1998

  • Josefina Guzman Rios says:

    I will fight against all Repu-traitors-Putin-Communist Senators forever. My goal is to push their Faces On Wanted Poster of All Traitors to the American Constitution: Crimes against Democracy, Justice, and Decency. Crimes against Humanity, Immigrants, and Ukrainian's Slaughtered by Russia. Crimes against American Coal miners, the Heartland Farmers, Auto Industry, and minimum-slave wage workers. Republicans think they fight for Americans but they they fight for Tramps Sloth, Gluttony and perversion of America.

  • You can kiss everything you’re enjoying today as an American BYE BYE if you allow President Trump DICTATOR IN CHIEF keep siding with the Russians against the USA on matters pertaining to national SECURITY.
    You can’t eat your cake and have it too.

  • No sane person cares! But there was an awesome pro-life rally going on that MSNBC won't report on because we saw God's hand in it. God bless our nation and President. God protect the unborn from murdering demokkkrats.

  • I'm looking forward to Giuliani's Podcast today that will expose not ONLY Joe & Hunter, but the entire DNC to include the FBI, CIA, & NSA.
    Hillary & Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr., and last but not least Obama, ALL should be very nervous right now because the spotlight is about to expose these individuals as having not only having interfered with the 2016 elections involving the Ukraine, but also a treasonous scheme to overthrow the US Government to implement a socialist monarchy…

  • They are using our tax money dollars to pay the house for sessions of impeachment  !!!!  Crazy.      Imagine what we can do by now with that money for us citizens. 
    Calculation: Members of Congress Are Compensated for a session for day . $7,200.23 per Day
    A member of the U.S. House of Representatives earns $174,000 per year. So, given that the House was in session for 191 days in 2019, that works out to a salary of $910.99 per day. Each House member is also provided with a budget of $944,671 to cover staff costs and another $256,574 to cover office expenditures.
    After dividing those costs by 191 days in session and adding the resulting figures to the base salary, you’ll come to $7,200.23 per House member for daily wages and office costs.

  • The Articles don’t identify any impeachable offense or even any crime !
    Tick Tock, "Fake News" participated in the COUP = TREASON

  • ChristianCentury2000 says:

    Sad that this whole ordeal is unfolding! None of this had to happen! No phone call to Ukraine regarding Hunter Biden, no talk about Hunter Biden, and there'd be no Congressional impeachment and Senate trial. The focus would be the economy.

  • While  Dems are trying to impeach the president. Trump speaks at March for Life, the first sitting US president to do so.  Real news the truth.

  • While  Dems are trying to impeach the president. Trump speaks at March for Life, the first sitting US president to do so.  Real news the truth.

  • God Bless freedom loving Americans
    God Bless the USA
    God Bless the men and women in uniform.
    God Bless the Patriots

  • If twisting the meaning of the law to suit ones self is made a crime then all politicians and most Layers could be charged but then how many would stop….

  • Republican Senators who swore on the bible are traitors to both the bible and the Constitution if (when) they fail to accept witnesses and exonerate Trump.

    Without exception they should individually be impeached for breach of the Oath.

  • Tar & feathers if your lucky and guillotines for the rest.

    The Patriots are coming. The Patriots are coming.
    Time to get your game on traitors. ….prepare to defend yourselves.

  • Yeah we get it Republicans. Smear a purple heart recipient and believe a man whose charity was closed, do to stealing money that was meant for veterans and children. Got it. Pathetic Republicans. It's true you can't fix stupid. 🙉🙊🙈

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