What Happened On WWE Raw! More News On Saudi Arabia! Wrestling News!

What Happened On WWE Raw! More News On Saudi Arabia! Wrestling News!

. Here’s your news for
November 5 2019 We’re kicking off today’s news by
looking at Monday Night RAW as the road to Survivor Series
is well underway. Kicking off with WWE Champion
Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman,
the pair were on the hunt for Rey Mysterio,
as it was the Ultimate Under
dog who leveled Lesnar with a steel chair at Crown
Jewel, and who made Lesnar
quit SmackDown for RAW. Nobody was safe from the
beast, as Lesnar assaulted a
backstage worker on his hunt and after Heyman demanded
Mysterio to appear, it was
commentator Dio Maddin who felt Brock’s wrath, with a
devastating F5 through a table. This was enough to cause
Mysterio to appear, as the
Masked Superstar once again got the upper hand thanks to
a baseball bat and a brutal
attack on the WWE Champion. Speaking of the title, Lesnar
will finally get his hands on
the master of the 619 at Survivor Series, when
the pair meet for the Beast’s
WWE Championship. Mysterio, who briefly held the
same title back in 2011, is
being considered the Underdog due to the
match having no stipulations
to it, but we all know that proving doubters wrong
is what Rey does best. This week’s RAW also saw an
invasion by NXT, as the Gold
brand made their mark just like how they
did last week on SmackDown.
last week Addressing the fans, Seth
Rollins said he wasn’t sure
what to do next after losing the Universal Champion
ship to the Fiend, but was
interrupted by Triple H who offered the Beastslayer
an invitation to rejoin NXT. As the very first NXT Champion,
Rollins was a crucial part in the
formative years of the brand in 2012, but before he
could answer, was interrupted by the Undisputed Era, who
were chased off by the OC. This all culminated in NXT
Champion Adam Cole putting his
title on the line in the main event against Rollins, much like how
he defended the title on Smack
Down against Daniel Bryan. Once again, it was Cole who
retained the title, but only by
DQ, as during the match, the RAW and NXT rosters
brawled in the ring to end
the show. It’s still unclear what the Architect
will do next in this war between
RAW, NXT and SmackDown, but given the response Finn
Balor has had since returning
to the Gold brand heading to NXT may not be
his worst decision. If he doesn’t, Rollins could easily
take the spot as captain of Team RAW in the traditional Survivor
Series match, where he’d hope
to lead his army to victory over NXT
and Friday Night SmackDown. In Women’s division news,
Charlotte Flair and Natalya
made their claim for a future Tag Title shot after
picking up a non-title win over
the Kabuki Warriors. In a very rare sight in WWE, it
was Asuka who took the loss
for her team tapping out to the Canadian’s
Sharpshooter. With Survivor Series around the
corner, a title match could be
added to the Pay Per View but it’s unclear whether WWE
would be willing to take the titles off the Japanese Superstars
after the duo won the gold
at Hell in a Cell. During the show, RAW Women’s
Champion Becky Lynch was
part of an interview, but NXT once again made their presence
known, thanks to NXT Women’s
Champion Shayna Baszler. Part of MMA’s Four Horsewomen,
Baszler said that she wasn’t
Ronda Rousey and that she would beat The
Man at Survivor Series. Not only will these two
champions meet at the Pay Per
View, but they’ll also be joined by SmackDown Women’s
Champion Bayley, as whoever
wins will certainly have bragging rights over the entire
Women’s division of WWE for
a long time to come. The love story between Rusev,
Lana and Bobby Lashley took
a wild turn during this week’s show, as the
Bulgarian Brute made it clear
he wants to end this drama. In a bizarre situation, Rusev
said that Lashley could have
Lana after he beats the Destroyer tonight, though
the match never happened
thanks to a not so PG injury. When Lashley appeared on
crutches at the top of the
ramp, Lana revealed that the former Intercontinental
Champion wasn’t medicall
cleared, thanks to a sex related groin injury
he suffered while the pair
were doing the nasty. Instead of Lashley, Rusev took
on Drew McIntyre, but this match also ended in a DQ, thanks
to the Destroyer. Revealing that his injury was
fake, Lashley attacked Rusev
during the match, with the Bulgarian also receiving an
RKO from Randy Orton,
until Riochet made the save. Together, the Team Hogan
partners helped clear the ring
of the heels, including Lashley falling into Lana, as it seems
the issues between the Bulgarian
Brute, the Ravishing Russian and the Almighty aren’t quite
over just yet. some more results from RAW,
as Andrade and Zelina Vega picked up a big
win in mixed-tag team action. Facing off against Sin Cara and
Catalina, the newest addition to
the Women’s division did get pinned by Vega, but was
very impressive in her showing. Despite what happened earlier
in the night, the OC weren’t in
the mood to make friends with anyone on the RAW roster,
as the trio faced Humberto
Carillo and the Street Profits. Confirming their still heels, it
was Styles who would get the
pin after a powerbomb on Carillo, and to add insult to
injury, used the ropes as
leverage to get the win. Though the team of Carillo,
Angelo Dawkins and Montez
Ford came up short things were much different for
the RAW Tag Team Champions
the Viking Raiders who made quick work of a
local tag team. Facing off against the East
Hampton Polo Boys, the pair
looked like a 2019 version of the Mean Street Posse,
and had roughly the same
level of success, being flattened in seconds by the
Tag Team Champions. Post-match, Erik and Ivar sent
a message to the OC, as it
was Gallows and Anderson who beat them at Crown Jewel
to be crowned the best tag
team in the world, and said whilst the OC won
one battle, nothing could
stop their raid. With that said, the Vikings have
even bigger things to deal with,
as the company confirmed that the RAW Tag
Team Champions will take
on SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Revival, and NXT
Tag Team Champions the
Undisputed Era at Survivor Series. With all these huge tri-branded
matches, this year’s November
tradition is shaping up to be one of WWE’s biggest
shows of the year, as fans
will see some of the company’s top stars battle
for brand supremacy. Though Monday Night RAW
had plenty of reasons to get
fans talking, the backlash from last week’s Crown Jewel
Pay Per View has shown no
sign of slowing down. After the show, the majority of
Superstars were delayed from
returning home following what WWE called a
mechanical fault, though
rumors have circulated that it was an issue between
Vince McMahon and the
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman that
caused the delay. On Twitter, RAW Superstar
Karl Anderson joked about
the ordeal as he told his followers that though he
never planned to go back,
the high wage and plans for a second pool could make
him change his mind. One person who didn’t see the
funny side of things though
was Anderson’s wife Trini, who told her husband to never make
the trip back to the Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia ever again. In her reply, Mrs Anderson said
how she and their children
were worried to death and whilst Anderson had
success at last Thursday’s show,
with the OC winning the tag team turmoil match to be crowned the
best Tag Team in the world, this may have been Anderson’s last
appearance in Riyadh. Though Anderson didn’t go into
details about what he
experienced in Riyadh, his fellow OC brother AJ Styles
has given his interpretation on
what went down. Instead of WWE’s claims of a
mechanical fault, and the
rumored issues between McMahon and the Prince,
Styles said during a live stream
on Mixer that he was told that a fuel truck blocked their
path, and that the driver of the
truck had already gone home. The United States Champion
admitted that this story
doesn’t quite make sense, and would later claim that it was
Paperwork issues that caused
the roster to be delayed. Responding to claims that the
Superstars were made to feel
like hostages, the Phenomenal One said that the story had
been blown up by the media,
but also said that it wasn’t his role to speak about any
alleged issues between the
Chairman of the Board and the Saudi Crown
Prince. Whatever the truth may be,
this recent incident is just the
latest piece of controversy in the WWE’s deal with the
country, and whilst Styles may
be a big enough star to be able to veto going, we’re not sure if
the same can be said for his
Good Brother partners. Whilst Anderson may not be
heading back to Saudi Arabia
anytime soon one person fans shouldn’t
expect to see in WWE at all
is Superstar Billy Graham. Despite being a Hall of Famer,
Graham has been a vocal
opponent of the company, and made headlines earlier
this year when he encouraged
Kofi Kingston to take steroids shortly after his
WWE Championship victory
at WrestleMania 35. Now, Graham is back on social
media but has turned his attention
to NXT Champion Adam Cole, and has said the Undisputed Era
star should take the banned
substance to improve his career. On Facebook, the former World
Champion described Kingston’s
title reign as a farce, and said that Cole is
too small to be considered a star.
He said: “Damn, Adam Cole is
soooooooooo small. I am not
telling him to abuse roids just use them correctly to
enhance your physique, HHH
will show you exactly how to do it.” Obviously, it would be foolish for
the NXT Champion to take the
Hall of Famer’s advice, as the WWE’s Wellness Policy has
made it clear that anyone found
taking steroids will be suspended. Graham’s comments didn’t go
down well online, and between
these comments against Kingston and Cole, as well as
some nasty comments about
former RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey, don’t
expect to see the original Super
star back in WWE soon. We’ve got some AEW news now,
as the company has announced
a special anniversary edition of their weekly Dynamite
show, one year after the
company was founded. This special episode of Dynamite
will take place on January 8th
next year at the Landers Center in Southaven, Mississippi,
and tickets will go on sale this
Friday at 12 noon Eastern. No matches have been
announced for the Anniversary
show, but World Champion Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes,
Jon Moxley and the Young Bucks
are all expected to appear after being used in the
promotional image for the show. Since AEW’s launch, the
company has gone from
strength to strength, amassing a constantly growing fan base
as well as consistently
defeating WWE’s NXT brand in the ratings, since Dynamite
launched this past October. It’ll be interesting to see just
what AEW has planned for the anniversary show, as they’ll no
doubt hope that their second
year will be just as entertaining, exciting
and successful as their first. And finally today we’re looking
back at last week’s edition of
Monday Night RAW, which saw the return of former
Divas Champion and Smack
Down General Manager Paige. Returning alongside her clients
the Kabuki Warriors, it wasn’t
long until the original Anti Diva was betrayed by the
Women’s Tag Team Champions culminating in being sprayed
with the green mist by Asuka. It’s clear that Paige’s days of
managing the two Japanese
Superstars are over but the British Superstar may
already have found a
replacement in Nia Jax. Replying to a fan on Twitter
who referenced Paige facing
the Australian born Superstar Paige admitted that she would
love to manage her, and Jax
made it clear that she would love to be managed
by the former Divas Champion. Fans haven’t seen Jax in the
ring since WrestleMania 35
where she and Tamina failed to capture the Women’s
Tag Team Titles as she’s been recovering from surgery to
repair two torn ACLs. Given the severity of her injury,
Jax was expected to be
sidelined for nine months and given that her return is
now imminent, returning
alongside Paige could help launch Jax back
into the title picture.


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