What Donald Trump’s hand gestures say about him   BBC News

What Donald Trump’s hand gestures say about him BBC News

from is a new york city creature and New
Yorkers tend to use a lot of hand gestures we all do he’s entertaining even if you don’t buy
a thing he’s saying walking i was talking I was feeling so fine on a
weekend day and the ride so much I don’t think he’s been coached heavily on his
body language and people pick up on that any instance they picked up his
authenticity and we’re gonna care of veterans this is baseline it’s kind of
an alternating III hand gesture with an L shape so it’s right here that’s precisely right now is she
watching he’s got this male people were shocked people shot but he uses this as
cautionary lookout this is a tough competitor or you’ll say
we don’t know what’s gonna happen here this scares people it looks like whoa
hold him back its defensive so if you scare people and you say here’s what we
need to do his prescription then you’ve got a good package taking the dress was
right yes the know is generally pointing at
people pointing at people in fact Clinton kind of backed off from that i’m
talking about Bill Clinton and he started to do the more of a of a pinch
towards somebody less accusatory perfect done by obviously a government yeah slicing means this is precision we’ve
got to do something about this he gets people whipped up with his gestures he
gets them to feel a sense of chaos whether he says if we don’t have a plan it’s everywhere it’s everywhere that’s
his chaos and then he follows it up with precision moves elect me and we’ll get
we’ll get to the bottom of it although i’d like to be nice and uniform you
never put my name on I want a gorgeous all


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