What do we know about the Iran protests? | DW News

What do we know about the Iran protests? | DW News

In Iran, nationwide protests first erupted
last Friday. With the Internet there effectively shut down, it’s been difficult to get a
clear picture of the protests. Deutsche Welle has verified videos and information
and compiled a summary of the events that have taken place over the last week.
Here’s what you need to know about the unrest: Nationwide protests first erupted last Friday
after authorities rolled out a sudden petrol-rationing scheme and slashed subsidies. This sent fuel
prices soaring by at least 50 percent. Though Iran promises to redistribute the subsidy
revenue to poorer people, it’s nonetheless getting harder for ordinary Iranians to make
ends meet. The US decision in 2018 to withdraw from the
Iran nuclear deal, reimpose sanctions and choke off the last remaining sources of Tehran’s
oil revenue, has crippled the Iranian economy. While the protests were triggered by Iran’s
worsening economic situation, people are also angry about corruption, poor living standards
and social inequality – and they’ve begun calling for a radical overhaul of the political
system. Here we see demonstrators chanting “bless
Reza Shah’s soul,“ referring to Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah, or king, of Iran
– known for his efforts to modernize Iran before its 1979 Islamic Revolution
The protests have spread to cities and towns across the country.
Posters and buildings associated with Iran’s Supreme Leader, have been burned
A theological college was set on fire as were multiple police stations and cars
in various cities. Bank and gas stations were also set alight.
Amnesty International says that so far, at least 106 people have been killed
We believe that the real number [of deaths] may be much higher, given that there is now
a total, or a near total block on access to the internet and many are not able to communicate
information about the loss of their loved ones. We have also obtained eyewitness accounts
and corroborated video footage that came from inside Iran, which shows [that] security forces
are using live ammunition and tear gas and water cannons to violently disperse protesters.
So all in all, a very severe and bloody crackdown on people who are taking to the streets to
express their political and economic grievances. This has been the worst unrest in Iran since
late 2017. In recent days, both Iran’s president Hassan
Rouhani and a judiciary spokesman have claimed that calm has been restored in the country.
Rouhani blames the protests on the country’s quote “foreign enemies”


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  • More than 200 people has been killed by terrorist mullahs regime.
    We Iranian want freedom and friendly relationship with all countries such as Israel and USA ✌️ ✌️🇺🇲🇪🇺🇮🇱

  • Pray for Iran, it's too weak to fight against US imperialism. If I were leader of Iran, I would choose to die together with US, by all means.

  • Seeing this make me feel sad. But, i seen enough. wouldn't want this be a norm. because now my mind is feeling… THIS IS NOTHING compared to hong kong.

  • Recommend book by Timothy Gordon Catholic Republic:why America will perish without Rome.It explains on America's example,what is the only solution.

  • Aboubacar Sompare says:

    All you who make comments here are hypocrites. You want to see unrest in Iran while twisting your tongue in support for the rioters. But watch out your snake 🐍 tongue Allahou is in control. Truth will come out how long you hide your evil intentions

  • President Hassan Rouhani hails the people’s firm response to the recent wave of foreign-backed riots that hit several Iranian cities, voicing gratitude towards the nation for withstanding the enemies’ subversive plots despite their economic grievances.

  • “The Iranian nation came victorious out of yet another historic test, and showed that despite the country’s economic problems and existing grievances about the manner of its management, they would never allow the balance to tilt in favor of the enemy,” the president said, addressing a government meeting in Tehran on Wednesday.

    The recent developments, he added, served to expose both the extent of the enemy’s capability and the level of the nation’s steadfastness, magnanimity, and grandeur.

    The government raised gasoline prices last week in order to moderate the national consumption rate, which stands at 110 million liters per day, 40 million liters above the maximum domestic requirement.

    The move prompted some peaceful protests, but riotous elements, abusing the situation, quickly entered the scene, destroying public property, setting ablaze banks and gas stations among other facilities, and opening fire on people and security forces.

  • DW reporters warn Europe about escalating disruption of Arab countries, don't dream that Europe is safe, I warned sakozi of France/Obama, that Europe will test the negative permanent problems Gaddafi down fall, …..that's why UK is extracting from European Union. By hook or crew.

  • One by one those living under authoritarian rule will cry for greater political rights and more transparency. From China to Iran, people are no longer going to remain complacent.

  • DO NOT AGREE. the MONARCH did a lot of these things for us. Economy, education women. People did not have political freedom but has everything else.

  • The death of innocent IRAQis ,afghans , and syrians that the americans cause if more many, , western media is very silent about that.

  • Iran better develop that bomb quickly and make peace while holding hammer. It's make a bomb or be humiliated at this point.

  • They are in the troughs of a revolution, Bolivia, China, and many other country in the world. They what the United States have,( semi grasp ) of freedom.
    Wake up, turn the channel off main stream, check out the world through your own eyes.
    Pray our Lord God will watch over and protect the people fighting for their human rights.

  • Do you think in Saudi Arabia is possible to protest like this! The protestors will be killed by machine gun at no mercy in few hours with not being worried that it would be news in US and EU or their government condemnations. Even US has no mercy for such vandalising . These hooligans are going to pay for damaging public buildings soon.

  • It seems we are living in protests and riots era!
    It's happening all over the world!
    What countries, Internet and media rolls & etc. will give us a better picture of what's going on in world!

    Internet can use as a weapon as it born in the first place.

  • Finally, the Iranians are going to the streets to protest and voice out their grievances. May they be successful in getting what they want. The Africans should look to Iran and take courage to fight for what they need from their governments and for their countries, instead of sneaking into the EU or America illegally.

  • Why western media is so biased to support the Hong Kong rioters and the news to Iran seems so normal just reporting news without personal biases

  • First, they are chanting about Reza Shah the father of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi not himself! You could show this video to one Iranian before publishing, so it could be fixed. Second, we are not looking for any king/shah anymore, we are looking for government of people who care about Iran and nothing else, like what we had before US UK backed coup d'etat in Iran against Mohammad Mosadegh and putting Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi (the son) in power forcefully (1953 coup d'etat), and like what we wanted to have by 1911 constitutional revolution in Iran (Persia) which stopped by UK backed coup d'etat in 1921 which forcefully put Reza Shah (the father, the guy whom a few people are chanting for in the video) in power against the will of people of Iran. By the way, there are many knowledgeable Iranian with great analytical power in Europe which are old enough to know the history of Iran as well, why didnt you ask them to analyse this? So we could have a better idea.

  • what we know that Iran was betrayed by EU who promised them to give relaxation in trade over nuclear deal, the EU failed to keep their side of promise, they planned way a head of US sanctions, because German companies which were presence in iran for over 70 years closed long before US sanctions. so what was their objective to have an agreement and then break it, 1)to force Iran to sell oil on barter trade ( oil = garbage), so Iran refused 2) delay tactics to weaken Iran's economics. Iran shall try to mitigate the risks from west block of whom have deep rooted culture of greed, deception and strategies of gain by all means.

  • how many innocent people will these murderous hooligan mullahs kill before the world finally deals with these dictatorial killers!

  • Thank you Pres. Trump! He said those sanctions on Iran would hit hard and lookee what's happening. Ithe ayatollah better come to negotiate or else their people will coup d tat!

  • people need to abide by laws and Learn to over come them positively whilst creatively developing there country to better it through hardship rather than harming their own economy and their own people’s to make a statement personally I would hold more respect for a positive development rather than burning down homes, monuments and work places.

  • Ich glaube die meinen den Vater vom letzten Shah, Reza, nicht den Sohn Mohammed Reza der gezeigt wird. Sonst aber gut dass endlich was berichtet wird!

  • It's now time for USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia, NATO, and Europeans to step in by attacking the bad Iranian government, and invade Iran to save good Iranians, from the bad ones. Destroy their bad systems and take control over Iran's energy and give it to the good guys. Protesters needs help by arming themselves to defend themselves from controlling government.

  • Blaming President Trump when Tehran is wasting billions of dollars waring on Israel through Hamas & Hezbollah, building its proxy terrorists forces from Yemen to Iraq.

  • @dwnews Can't believe your journalist, one with a Persian accent no less, would be so illiterate to mix up the late Reza Shah the founder of Pahlavi Dynasty with his son! Shame on you and your broadcast service Deutsche Welle. Shame!

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