What Are the Most Successful Marketing Strategies for Startups?

What Are the Most Successful Marketing Strategies for Startups?

our very own Steve s which marketing vehicles are working best to grow the businesses of the startups you've invested in Steve a hardcore vaynermedia employee working on data and insights wonder if this is a hedged question or not but Steve the answer to this question is clearly Facebook dark posts I've pounded this over and over I don't think it's funny the real the vaynermedia clients don't recognize what's going on all my investment companies are only playing in this space you know I'm going to look it up right now in real time I'm going to predict right here on the spot that wish the app wish the shopping app is probably in the top 150 in the App Store this is a company met the founder can last year the big advertising vessel just go through this Facebook Facebook by the way dub mash I missed it oh god I met I Skyped with the founder of dub mash from Berlin like seven weeks ago so on it ten fifteen weeks ago screwed it up snapchat okay uh this is what I do all the time by the way I rock you can focus here every every so often you do it this morning which is fun to do it I'm just always looking at the top 100 apps to basically get a feel usually actually where I'm most excited about is down here right because you know the top is pretty consistent but is anything popped up here like you know wallah pop you know like those kind of things I'm always kind of trending let me just see if wish is here let some where happen there it is 112 zoom in baby yep 112 all Facebook dark posts and I mean all Facebook dark posts if people understood what was going on arbitrage wise on Facebook dark posts right now which is the slang term Facebook advertising platform where you can reach anybody that you want if people understood that they would win every single time just like Google AdWords in the early 2000s that Amazon and eBay used to build their businesses still can't believe people don't understand this is what happened Facebook is absolutely the place that I'm that you can't milk enough of that cow right now and again over the next 24 to 48 months it will disappear and it will more more less level out and become appropriate right now it's underpriced in four years I'll still love it intuitively I believe but it's going to be appropriate I'll be like this is worth it just exactly worth it not this is worth 8 bucks and I'm paying a dollar for it so Facebook dark posts if my startups could spend every penny they had they would on that place Pinterest starting to emerge a little bit as well


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