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  • Old white male political clownery….its normal when whites do it..but don't let one black male American or women do one thing wrong like them. ..or its off with thier head.

  • Do regular Americans have to cooperate with law enforcement or subpoenas, if we feel that they investigation is not to our liking or feel it's unfair or shady or anything like that ? Even though we don't have executive privilege. ..we are still Americans And if the president can do it then why can't we ?
    And we all know some cops are dirty as well as judges …And have locked up innocent ppl even framed some of them .if we feel this is happening to us ..then why can't we refuse to cooperate as well with no penalties ?
    And why should any of us have to listen to law enforcement at all ? William Barr has been going around the entire world asking all other governments to investigate out own law enforcement and intelligence agencies for being dirty to the core ..remember they had surveillance on all of us And those leaked documents ? Do we wait for trump to dismantle all our law enforcemrbt agencies …or do we have rights right now to not accept what we percieve as a bogus investigatoon upon ourselves ? Anyone ?

  • Alexa, GREAT JOB REPORTING, you did your job, you interviewed several experts and you organized the information and helped the viewer understand the content. This is true journalism, thank you very much! Nowadays, so many news agencies are lazy and interview their fellow employees and "consultants" that are on the news agencies payroll.

  • The consequences must not be too bad. Being a traitor making deals with communist countries to investigate Americans is Ok. Being a president that talks like a crazy person and thinks he's a king is Ok. Embarrassing a nation for moral and ethical values is Ok. The list just goes on and on defying most everything that Americans are raised to think are right…is Ok.  When he losses the election he won't leave. He won't believe it and think it's a conspiracy. Security will have to haul him away in a rubber truck. That'll be Ok too.

  • Here is my suggestion: When officials ignore subpoenas, they have lawyers advising them. Those lawyers are advising their clients to break the law. That advice violates the ethics guidelines of the American Bar Association. Those lawyers should be the object of complaints registered with the bar, leading to an investigation and possible disbarment.

  • If you're a big shot in DC you can get by with this but Average Joe goes to jail. Executive privilege ? Just another way of saying a criminal can get by with everything

  • True Conspiracies says:

    U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, an Obama appointee – is a SPY and NBC does not care…..

  • Trump allowing Russia to take over where we were positioned positioned it's a war move act before it's to late and it be like turkey over here

  • Minister Gail Holy Ghost Coach says:

    "UNMATCHED WISDOM" – "BRILLIANT": Act 12:21-24  upon a set day Herod, arrayed in royal apparel, sat upon his throne, & made an oration unto them. the people gave a shout, saying, It is the voice of a god, not of a man. immediately the angel of the Lord smote him, because he gave not God the glory: he was eaten of WORMS, gave up the ghost. But the word of God grew& multiplied.

  • What a flipping mess. If Trump ever does leave office, these toothless congressional rules need to be rewritten into iron-clad laws. Trump is acting like the executive branch is above the other branches of government. That's the problem here. We are supposed to have 3 coequal branches of government.

  • Hogwash. By denying due process and acting like a star chamber in secret, congress is on shaky constitutional grounds. Their case would be stronger, if they called a successful vote for the impeachment investigation, but Pelosi will not let it come to floor for fear it will put Democratic members on record. She knows full well that most of the voters are against this nonsense. Bill Maher was incorrect, when he said these subpoenas were like parking tickets, because at least parking tickets can be enforced. These subpoenas have no enforcement recourse at all. More like sheets of toilet paper, they are purely political statements and most of America sees them exactly for what they are.

    As long as the Dems continue to pursue this impeachment fiasco, they strengthen the position of the GOP for 2020. Tulsi Gabbard seems to stand alone among the 2020 Democratic candidates as the only person with the common sense to admit this.

  • Here's the precedent: Nixon refused to hand over the tapes to the House. It went to the SCOTUS and ruling unanimously required Nixon to hand the tapes over. When they were made public, Republicans bailed on Nixon and he resigned. Nixon was never impeached. SCOTUS must support the House's constitutional duty of executive oversight. House does not have to vote at this stage of the process. Turn around in supreme court was just 3 weeks. House must have the ability to see all related documents and interview all involved people in order to put together articles of impeachment. It is the articles of impeachment which are used as the basis of the trial in the senate. Trump cannot without the necessary information. I'm surprised Alexa didn't bring this up. It's crucial.

  • I wish to make everyone on here aware that Youhaw "Redrum" is using a word from "The Shining" as his screen name. It is "Murder" spelled backwards. He is an angry clown, and I do not think you are safe engaging with him.

  • Little Dove Corr says:





  • Brett Cornelius says:

    Jennifer Brexington, In your suicide letter, you may finally include the name, if you wish. Please write a thoughtful letter. It's for the History Books. Jennifer you'll be a Legend Forever. Just do it. Please do the right thing. You could be great~!

  • The same old BS …. If they don't comply with the subpoenas they will suffer the consequences….REALLY ? What consequences ? That they can go on TV more often and laugh about and claiming that they don't have to comply with the subpoenas….. What a joke.. Any regular person that would decline to obey a subpoena wouldn't get a second chance as soon as he or she don't shows up the arrest warrant will be signed right then and there… Plain and simple…… Enough is enough…..

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