Weird How Everyone President Donald Trump Knows Does Crimes – Some News

Weird How Everyone President Donald Trump Knows Does Crimes – Some News

(news program music) – Hi, I’m a newsperson,
and here’s some news. Last week week we talked about how stories like Uranium One and the
DNC partially funding the Steele Dossier were
created and overblown by right-wing media to distract
from the president’s actions and perpetual struggle to do the job he didn’t want and doesn’t like, and days later, the president’s
former campaign manager Paul Manafort and his deputy
were indicted by the FBI for felonies, like failing to
register as a foreign agent, something that was also failed to do by the president’s former
National Security Adviser Michael Flynn but, that’s from like, twelve years ago, so who cares anymore. (news program music) Anyway, sorry, back to the felonies of the president’s former
campaign manager Paul Manafort, who once wrote in a 2005 memo, “We are now of the belief that this model “can greatly benefit the
Putin government if employed “at the correct levels with
the appropriate commitment “to success, and the
effort will be offering “a great service that can re-focus, “both internally and externally, “the policies of the Putin government.” That guy and his deputy have been charged with failing to register
as a foreign agent, making false statements
about being a foreign agent, conspiracy to launder money, for example, money laundering,
the Trump Taj Mahal casino broke anti-money
laundering rules 106 times in its first year and
1/2 in the early 90s, or like how Felix Sater, the president’s former senior advisor at his company, and long-time partner on
projects like Trump Soho, and the guy who wrote to Trump’s lawyer, “I will get all of Putin’s
team to buy in on this,” and, “we’ll make our boy president,” plead guilty to money laundering in 1998. But anyway, Trump campaign
manager Paul Manafort’s charges, conspiracy against the United
States, money laundering, tax fraud, show us your
taxes, Mr. President, you fucking fraud, and false statements, like how Donald Trump consistently claims he has nothing to do with Russia, even though each of his dumb adult sons have separately said proudly and out loud that they get most of
their money from Russia, and even though all of that
other stuff I just said. In addition to those stuff I just said, a member of Trump’s
campaign’s foreign policy advisory panel, George Papadopoulos, plead guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with
the Russian government during the 2016 presidential election. And here’s some news, in
regards to all that stuff I just said, the
president is fine with it. (news program music) It’s true, here’s some
news, the president is fine. He’s not mad, and he doesn’t
care about any of it. He’s so not mad, that after
reports that he was really mad, he called the New York Times to tell them, “Hey, I’m not, quote, angry at anybody.” He backed this up by earlier tweeting, “Sorry, but this is years
ago, before Paul Manafort “was part of the Trump campaign. “But why aren’t Crooked Hillary
and the Dems the focus?????” Hammering home that he’s not mad by adding five question marks. To the question, why
aren’t Crooked Hillary, who isn’t the president, and
the Dems the focus of this, my campaign manager being
indicted for many crimes in the investigation
of my possible crimes? Also, some of the charges, yes, are before the Trump campaign, but conspiracy against the United States ranges from 2006, a year after Manafort wrote that memo about greatly benefiting
the Putin government, to 2017, which is, this year. He followed up the five
question marks with a tweet starting with four dots, and then, “Also, there is NO COLLUSION!” All caps, one exclamation point. So, like, the president’s fine. And the president continued
in his I’m-not-mad call by saying, “I’m not under
investigation, as you know,” to which his Chief of Staff
John Kelly replied on Fox News, “It is very distracting to the president, “as it would be to any citizen, “to be investigated for something.” Do we have a clip of that? (news program music) – It is very distracting to the president, as it would be to any citizen, to be investigated for something. – So to reiterate, the president is fine, and doing fine. As Laura Ingraham put it, “If
you think today is a bad day “for Trump, you’re living
on another planet.” Ah! (news program music) Speaking of Fox News, they are not fine, calling for Mueller to
resign, for Hillary Clinton to go to jail, and in one case, just going after the judge, asking, “Paul Manafort judge: Who
is Deborah A. Robinson?” To which the first
paragraph answered that she, “has experienced the criminal
justice system firsthand. “when her son was convicted
of dealing heroin.” First paragraph. Good, not at all scummy job, Fox News. (news program music) Speaking of Fox News, the White House, which also tried to downplay
the role of George Papadopoulos and took a cue from a Trump tweet, “Few people knew the
young, low level volunteer “named George, who has
already proven to be a liar.” Except, his lie was that his communication with the Russian government
occurred before the campaign, and the FBI discovered the truth, which is that they happened
during your campaign, so shut the (bleep) up, Mr. President, you (bleep) liar. Low level volunteer. This is a common tactic,
anything to downplay these people’s roles. Back in the day, Sean
Spicer said Michael Flynn was just a volunteer
on the Trump campaign, despite then being appointed his National Security Advisor, Sean. He also said Manafort
played a minimal role, despite being his campaign
chairman and manager for many months, and later
being indicted for many crimes. Sean. Press Secretary Sarah
Huckabee Sanders said of Papadopoulos’s role,
“It was extremely limited, “it was a volunteer position.” This extremely limited position involved being on Trump’s foreign policy team, pictured here with the
president doing that, traveling to London to get information about Hillary Clinton, and
emailing a high-ranking Trump campaign official to discuss Russia’s interest in hosting Mr. Trump. “Have been receiving a lot
of calls over the last month “about Putin wanting to
host him and the team “when the time is right.” Another part of Trump’s tweet,
“Few people knew George,” is hard to imagine,
considering the president has what the president describes as one of the great memories
of all time, or a GMOAT. – One of the great memories of all time. One of the great memories of all time. – Do we have a quick random example of the president’s GMOAT? – I know nothing about David Duke, I know nothing about white supremacists. Well, you’ve got David Duke
just joined, a bigot, a racist. – Well, we tried. Unless that’s the
president using his GMOAT to remember who David Duke is, remember who his racist base is, and remember to pretend to
not know who David Duke is, to avoid disavowing him
for as long as possible. And surely Trump’s GMOAT could remember that time he named George
Padapolousos by name when he used his name and
said he was an excellent guy. Also, that photo of him. Although, Sarah Huckabee
Sanders does point out that, “The president has
thousands of photographs “with millions of people,”
though she failed to add, “And of those millions of people, “all of them were on the
president’s national security team, “and all of them went
to London to get dirt “on the president’s opponent,
and all of them spent “a lot of their time setting up a meeting “between the president and
the Russian government, “and the president doesn’t
remember those people,” even though he has what
some dumbest person ever might call– – One of the great memories of all time. One of the great memories of all time. – Although Huckabee Sanders
did find the time to spend the week defending the Confederacy, and severely downplaying
the role of slavery in the Civil War, so. 2017! (news program music) The final part of the
president’s tweet about George is that, “Few people knew
the young low level volunteer “named George, who has
already proven to be a liar.” And so speaking of the
White House, Fox News again. Because they saw that word
young and they ran with it. And Sean Hannity took
the charge saying, “What? “So he lied to the FBI, he’s, what, 29? “He’s a kid!” Do we have, uh, that’s not an excuse? – The kid was 27 years old. – A 29-year-old. – This kid.
This kid. – I think he’s 29 years old. – The 29-year-old guy. – 21, 29-year-old, who is he? I’d never heard of him! – This is a tactic we’ve
already seen by alleged serial sexual assaulter
and harasser Bill O’Reilly, who has paid tens of millions of dollars to silence women who’ve
accused him of being a serial sexual assaulter and harasser. When Jared Kushner was
first implicated in meetings with the Russian government
for his definitely a criminal father-in-law,
O’Reiley’s defense was basically, “Come on, look at this little kid!” – He looks like he’s 17 years old, 18. – And sure, quick Petty Joke Junction, Jared Kushner looks
like Jack Skellington’s little brother Todd just made debate team, but he’s 36 and in
charge of bringing peace to the Middle East, and
you don’t have to be older than 29 to know not to lie to the FBI about meeting with the Russian government. And even if that were
an excuse for him making criminal mistakes, it doesn’t
change the implications of him lying to the FBI, and then
making a deal with them in this investigation. Do we have a clip of implications? – It is very distracting to the president, as it would be to any citizen, to be investigated for something. – And another? – I have nothing to do with Russia. – Uh-huh! Another really convincing
tactic to discredit the Mueller investigation as
Fake News was pointing out, “Funny how CNN knew exactly
when and where to show up “and get this footage
of Paul Manafort today.” Of all the times, the
morning he was supposed to turn himself in. Of all places, at the FBI building. Of all people. President Donald Trump’s
former campaign manager and money launderer and sayer of, “We are now of the belief that this model “can greatly benefit the Putin government “if employed at the correct levels “with the appropriate
commitment to success, “and the effort will be
offering a great service “that can re-focus, both
internally and externally, “the policies of the Putin government.” Of all of those. (news program music) But here’s not some news,
but here’s the thing. If any of their excuses are
true, it’s still very bad. It was just reported that
Trump does not recall Papadopoulos’s suggestion
of meeting with Putin during the presidential campaign, despite his mother(bleep)ing GMOAT in his stupid (bleep) skull. But also, a low-level
volunteer that few people knew flew around the globe to set up meetings with foreign governments,
and you didn’t know? Your campaign manager and
National Security Adviser were foreign agents, and you didn’t know? You run a (beep) operation, bro, and maybe you shouldn’t
be running the country. But let’s say he does
run a (beep) operation, wild, I know, and let’s
say he isn’t guilty at all. Wild, I know. He’s still acting extremely guilty. In addition to all of that
stuff I said this whole time, he also bends over
backwards to accommodate Putin’s meeting requests. He also keeps delaying
Congress-approved Russian sanctions. He also won’t criticize
Putin even for murder. And he’s spending a lot of time downplaying the investigation, and these people’s roles in his campaign, instead of acting like an
innocent person and saying, “Oh wow, I didn’t realize
all of these people around me “were criminals doing crimes,
and all of these people “around me, the President
of the United States, “were secretly foreign agents. “We should investigate this. “Because that’s bad. “And I’m the innocent president.” I think maybe he’s actually
a little guilty of crimes, the guilty piece of (bleep). (news program music)


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    Obama had zero personal scandals. Trump has embarrassed himself and America since day one in office and that's been evident in the investigation into Russia involvement that's swept up people within his inner circle who just happen to have plead guilty or are now convicted felons. Where there is a stink smell there's usually sh*t folks. Trump is acting like a coward who is afraid of his actions being exposed by Mueller who is investigating Russia not him yet he is acting threatened. Btw he still hasn't released his taxes???. Let me go on record as saying he won't release his taxes if he runs in 2020 either.

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