Weekly Reset July 30th..Bonuses, Discounts, & More! - Red Dead Online

Weekly Reset July 30th..Bonuses, Discounts, & More! – Red Dead Online

hey what's up guys it's good chance and thank you all so very much for tuning in for this video quick little video today we're gonna do the weekly reset for reddit online we're just gonna read straight from the newswire post I'll leave a link to it in the video description if you'd like to read it yourself but let's get this going it starts with get bonus RDO money and XP and the elimination series plus ability card boosts challenged streak rewards catalog additions and more elimination series bonuses and ability cards boost elimination series playlist is rewarding those with the fortitude to go ahead head-head with their enemies and single elimination modes like make it count and gun rush players competing in any and all elimination series events will receive a 50% cash and XP bonus plus all equipped ability cards will dish out 30% more XP so a good little boost to XP from your ability cards and that's a nice hefty little boost in the elimination series there I'll definitely be jumping in to get some more cash for the summer DLC whenever it decides to come out meanwhile this week is the last chance for adventurous Red Dead online players to reach a 3-day daily challenge streak and receive a treasure map as a bonus in exchange for their dedication access your treasure map and the documents tab of your satchel and track down the bat the booty the booty for high-value rewards including our do money and gold so we're getting a little week extension on the three day challenge streak which is awesome definitely be getting that done too as well wheeler rawson & Co catalog editions the featured limited time apparel and the wheeler rawson & Co catalog this week includes offerings like the fans stovepipe hat Erwin coat Order jacket & strictland boots good looking gear that's tough enough to handle anything you can throw at it the plush red and black leather Austin boots meanwhile I here to stay is a new style so we got a brand new style of boots in the Austin boots it's pretty cool jump in check those out as well discounts don't get caught lacking on the frontier frequent your local gunsmith this week and find a bevy of discounts and sales across the board including 50% off all regular high velocity and express ammo for pistols revolvers repeaters and rifles as well as 50% off shotgun shells and slow general stores and fences meanwhile are offering 35% off cigars cigarettes and jolly jacks this week a good discount on ammo there I use Express rounds and slugs a lot so I'll definitely be taking advantage of that for sure and then next we have the twitch prime limited benefits as part of our ongoing partnership twitch Prime members have linked their account to the rockstar game social club profile can pick up the Tasman and denim danube de nube outfits the boisterous how dare you emote in the high powered Carcano rifle all for free and without rank restrictions that's pretty cool the Carcano is probably one of the better if not the best rifle in the game in my opinion twitch Prime members who play Red Dead online this week will also receive an additional 10% discount on all of the discounts listed above so all of those all that ammo discounts are gonna go from 50 to 60% for Twitter Prime members and the general store discounts v 35% off is gonna go to 45% off and finally they finish the same visit here for more details on linking your rockstar games social club and twitch Prime accounts and stay tuned to the newswire for more Red Dead online news in the coming weeks typical typical Rockstar stay tuned in the coming weeks I stand by what I said yesterday and in my video I put out yesterday I think beginning to mid-september will get that rolls DLC and will start hearing some info here within the next couple weeks right around mid August I bet but other than that it's kind of a light week as far as content but it added a brand new style of boots we got some really good ammo discounts some good general store discounts and the elimination series I know PvP is a good way to make money I will be making a guide on the top three ways to make money and Red Dead online if you guys would like to check that out I'll be making that out it'll be out soon PvP is definitely one of those ways if you can place high enough and you don't even have to place I don't know but elimination series it's got 50% cash next be boost going that's really good that's gonna be it for this video though guys quick little one just the weekly reset I hope you guys enjoyed I hope it helped you if you're looking to see what all is going on and read dead online this week but thank you guys so very much for watching and I will see y'all in the next one


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