Week Off Roju Office ki Rammante ?|| Chill Maama || Tamada Media

Week Off Roju Office ki Rammante ?|| Chill Maama || Tamada Media

Hello. – Going out of station, sir?
– Yeah, as it is the weekend. Hi, ladies!
– What plans for the weekend? Relatives are coming over.
I’ll have to clean up my pigsty of a house. What plans for the weekend?
– Like always, I’m headed for Goa. You always go to Goa. What is there in Goa?
– There are beaches and pubs and campfires. There are pubs here too.
– But not like they are in Goa. – Yeah, fine. Come over to my pad this weekend, bro.
Get a few cases of beers while you’re at it. Guys, we’ve two bits of news today.
One is a good news and other, not so good. Which one do you want to hear first?
– Who cares about the bad news? Tell us the good news. Wow! You all seem to be in a pretty chill mood.
– Yes, sir, as it is the weekend. – Can’t blame you. Anyways, any guesses?
– Are we getting a hike. – Oh, cut it. You always want hikes. Is anyone being set on an on-site job?
– We’ve still time for that. Are you planning any team outings?
– Why? So that you can booze? Did the CEO die?
– Are you guessing the good news or the bad one? Whatever you feel is better.
– My respects. Sir, this is no climax of ‘Bahubali’. Tell us what it is.
– Calm down. Any more guesses? Did the shares of Lafoot increase?
– Lafoot? Kiddo, the name of our firm is LA Foot, not Lafoot. The name was our CEO’s brainchild who lives in LA.
– Doesn’t make our company any better. The good news is, you’ll be getting
two Comp Offs next month. Aren’t you all glad? Nice.
Now, the bad news is, you all will have to work tomorrow. No, we won’t. It is weekend afterall.
– Who all will work tomorrow, raise your hands. No one? Alright, here is what we’ll do.
Come to my cabin one by one and give me reasons why you won’t be coming tomorrow.
Then, I’ll decide whether to approve or not. May I come in, sir?
– Yeah, get in. You brought your laptop too? So, what is your reason.
– No, sir, I’m here to talk about the project. Alright, let’s talk about the project then.
– Sir, may I answer this call? – Yeah, sure. Accident? When? Where?
Alright, I’m coming. Your friend met with an accident?
– No, sir, his sister met with an accident. Which hospital did they take her to?
– Moonshine. – My friend works at Moonshine. So, give me her name.
– S-She got admitted in Moonshine, Vizag. My friend has contacts in Vizag too. So, tell me.
– Well, sir, it isn’t a major accident actually. – That’s nice. I’ll rather stay here and focus on work.
– You said you wanted to talk about the project? We can do that later, sir.
– I’ll be waiting. Trying to play me. So, what is your reason to skip work tomorrow?
– Relatives are coming over this weekend, sir. Ask them to come over next week.
– I can’t, sir. They are coming only because I insisted. Now insist with them not to come.
– Sir, I can’t do that. My in-laws are very strict. If I don’t clean my place up, they’ll kick me out.
– P-Please, stop crying. There are even CCTV cameras here.
– You’ve no idea. I’ve to cook at home, then come to work then go home and cook again. You’ve no clue.
– Alright, please, stop crying. I get it. I can’t stand my in-laws remarks.
– Yes, I get it. Please, stop crying now. They come, yell and leave. You’ve no idea.
– You speak like I’m your in-law. Please, quit crying, I beg of you.
Take week offs, comp offs whenever you want to. It is alright even if you don’t come to work.
I’ll ensure your salary is credited on time. Please, go now. Okay, sir.
– That was a close escape. He has vermilion mark on his forehead. State your reason.
– Sir, I’m going to Goa tomorrow. Goa? Why Goa?
– Sir, my friends are all set. We even packed our luggage. We’ll be leaving tomorrow in the morning.
– No, you won’t be. Sir, we planned this trip a month in advance.
If I don’t make it, my friends stab me to death. You’ve no idea what a butt of jokes I’ll become.
Please, try and understand. If you’re upset about a month old plan getting ruined,
look at this, a 6 month old plan. Like in ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’,
my friends planned a trip to Europe. I can’t make it now and you’re upset about Goa? I had bigger plans.
– But, sir, please.. I don’t care.
Go become a butt of jokes. So, kiddo, what is your reason?
– S-Sir, I’m running some temperature. I’m too weak to work.
If you give me permission, I’ll go home right away. Wait. Here you go, have this pill
and sleep in dorm for about two hours. You’ll be up and running in no time.
This is what I do all the time. I can’t pop in any pill without my doctor’s consultation.
– And I can’t give you salary without you working. You’re sleeping here?
Not here, sleep in the dorm. Quit playing. Get up, now!
– You son of gun! I’m saying I’m sick and you don’t pay heed?
– Nice. I like your act. Who do you think you are?
Managers like you should be eliminated! What in the world? Fooling around, huh?
You think I don’t see films at all? S-Sir, what happened? Did any one beat you?
– Oh, cut it! Even I’ve seen this movie. – Sir, I’m sick. You son of a gun!
– You better behave. – You don’t learn, do you? S-Sir, what happened? Are you alright?
– You broke my back! What an actor you are! S-Sir, I’m feeling sick.
– Please, take an off. Please, go home. So, why won’t..
– You want a reason why I won’t be coming tomorrow? I won’t tell you my reason. – Why not?
– Because I don’t want to. – But I’m your manager. So, big deal? Also, you are my manager
only for 6 days, not on the 7th day too. I-I only wanted to know if you’ve any problems..
– Why should I share my problems with you? Who are you? I stay at a hostel, away from my family.
Hostel guy charges Rs. 7000 monthly and serves bad food. Also it takes me an hour to reach office from my hostel.
– Maybe you can look for a hostel nearby. My present hostel is only 4 streets away,
yet it takes an hour to get here. Parking slots are never available here. So, I parked on the road.
I was issued a ticket. Would you pay for it? Tell me? W-Well, people usually say they enjoy
office more as there are more facilities here. Facilities? I’ll skin you alive if you say that you idiot.
– W-What? The food at the cafeteria
is more like dry grass. Eating that pathetic food, I got a stomach bug.
Too bad, the washrooms here are more worse than public ones. Man, she is being too frank.
– There is no water or milk in the dispenser nor are there mouse or keyboards at the work station.
We work in this pathetic mess for 6 days a week and you expect we work even on the 7th day?
– I never knew there were so many problems here. Thank you for letting me know.
You may go. So, should I be coming to work tomorrow?
– Of course, not. That won’t be needed. Hey, there, actress.
– I’m not an actress, I’m a model. – Yeah, exactly. How many brands did you endorse?
– I’m an upcoming model. – Oh, still upcoming? Anyways, why won’t you be coming tomorrow?
– I’ve an appointment with Unnaturals. – Unnaturals? If I’m to get pedicures and manicures done,
I’ll have to skip work. You had this accent since you were born?
– Sir, quit joking. – You think I’m joking? I’ve a doubt? How much do you spend on these each month?
– About 10 to 12 grand. That is half your salary.
– It is only half my salary. What if you don’t get your other half of the salary?
– And how is that? – If I fire you from work you can then spend all your time at saloons.
– Screw you! I’ll work tomorrow. May I come in, sir?
– You are already in, so be seated. May I sit, sir?
– You’re already seated, idiot! Will you be working tomorrow? Come again. – Will you be working tomorrow?
– Don’t yell and you don’t have to repeat twice. Answer me. Will you be working tomorrow?
– I’ll come if you want me to. You’re acting weird. Are you running any temperature?
– No, sir, I’m not. Are you drunk to work?
– No, sir. – Don’t lie! Tell me why you’re drunk. To celebrate the two Comp Offs
we’ll be getting next month. I also said you’ll have to work tomorrow.
– I drank to digest that too. Don’t you know you shouldn’t booze at work?
– Come on. It is only once in a while. You’re fired. Get out.
– You are going to fire me? – Yes, you are fired! Did you just say I’m fired?
– Yes, you are fired! Get out! Sir, please! Excuse me for this one time!
– I won’t. Get out of here! – Sir, please! I don’t care about those slaps. Get out of here!
– Sir, please.. – I said get out! Alright, I’ll see you off when you step out.
I dare you to step out! You’re deadmeat. Security! Drag this idiot out of here!
– I’ll see myself out. Stop yelling like a loser. What is with this attire?
– I’ve my wedding tomorrow. – I see. But who cares, postpone it.
Your stupid wedding isn’t more important than work. You want me to postpone my wedding?
It wasn’t easy finding myself a girl and you want it postponed? This job means nothing to me! What is he upto? Are you planning on beating me?
– I don’t need this stupid job. You work like a slave and you want all
to work like that. Suck it. Screw him.
He’ll be back after better sense prevails. You’re here to apologize, aren’t you?
– Cut it! I forgot to take my bags. I fired one guy today and two guys resigned.
Are there anyone left to come and work tomorrow? Yes, Mr Lafoot..
I mean Mr LA Foot. I tried to convince everyone
but few are not turning up. I don’t know what to do. What is your advice?
What! I should work? Okay, I will, Mr Lafoot.. I mean, LA Foot.
Have a good weekend. Bye!


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