[WEB SERIE] COUPE DU MONDE 2019 | Episode 1 : Le Media Day

[WEB SERIE] COUPE DU MONDE 2019 | Episode 1 : Le Media Day

Hi, everybody, I’m Evan Fournier, we are together for the first episode of the series, presented by Rudy Gobert. Media Day is a day when we have the time for photos and videos for the needs of the Federation and its partners, the men and the women on the French team. Let’s say that Media Day is the last day before serious business gets underway. It’s a quiet day, we’re here for our image, and also, for the matches of the French team. Indeed, it’s calm; in Orlando Media Day is a day-long affair. The first photo stand, it’s official photos for the Federation and Fiba. They need them for media guides before the competition, and for all partners of the French basketball federation. The second is a photo shoot where the players arrive clothed “life style”. They’re the ones who choose what they wear, whatever they like for posed photos to be used in the Federation’s magazine. No tee-shirt, no life style. He forgot on purpose. I didn’t take the clothes. He forgot on purpose. Media Day. That’s what “life style” shooting can do. Look at him ! Look at him ! I’m fed up with this guy ! And finally, an autograph stand where each player signs goodies, balls, jerseys… for the social networks, and for our partners. I only eat fruits and vegetables … candy-form. Franck, are you afraid ? You know, that’s the game I play. There’s work to be done, but it will pay off. The « Fournier for real » episode on nutrition, that’s not a good example. Try to pronounce some kind words. Unconstitutionally. We’re ready. Come on my friend, it’s up to you. In the studio we film a short video, mainly for the social networks, to create a connection with the fans. We present the players positively, so that they come across as relaxed, because we know that quite soon, competition will take over, and they will all be tensed up. And what happens if I make a 3-point step back? I call it quits Retire like Jackson ? Or retire for real ? And then SFR, our partner, will film its own short videos, to be used all season long. Whether the French team be women’s or men’s… In this case, it’s the men’s team, a flagship product for the Federation. Our objective is to make our team a topic of conversation. It’s to coordinate press relations and to connect the French team’s players and staff with the media. To feed the social networks, the chat rooms, the social nerve center: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. We are on line and must provide contents all the time. We still take pride in playing for the team of France and wearing the jersey. We’ve been doing it since we were 14 or 15, it’s a habit, we play for the team of France and we like it, it’s always a pleasure; it’s still special to wear the jersey, still interesting.


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