We Tried to Pronounce these West Virginia Towns

We Tried to Pronounce these West Virginia Towns

♪ Country roads, take me home ♪ ♪ To the place where I belong ♪ ♪ West Virginia town names ♪ – We are going to West Virginia, West Virginia town names. (imitating horn) – I had no, absolutely
nothing about West Virginia. – Someone else drove
through West Virginia, and I took Dramamine and fell asleep. – It’s Virginia practically,
just a smaller portion of it. – Sorry to the people of West Virginia, I am gonna butcher these names. – This sounds like a
fun place to get snacks. Pruntytown. – Pruntytown. – Pruntytown, that’s
where the settlers landed to make unity in the town. – Let’s make the P
silent and say Runtytown. – Pruntytown. (bell dings) ♪ Won’t you take me to
do do do Pruntytown ♪ – Well that’s a challenge. Blee? – Blennerhassett, Blennerhassett. – Blennerhassett. – Blennerhassett. – Blennerhassett. – Blennerhassett. (bell dings) I got that right? See it helps being from Louisiana man, stuff is always doesn’t look
the way it sounds and stuff. – Yolyn, like Jolene. ♪ Yolyn, Yolyn. ♪ – Yolyn, Yolyn? – Yolyn. – Yolyn. (bell dings) – Yo, Yolun, what’s up? – It could be something
fancy, like Delorme. – Delorme. – Delorme. – DeLorean, back to the
future, Marty McFly. – Delorme. (bell dings) Y’all thought I was gonna
say Delorme, uh-uh, Delorme. – How about Lobata. – Lobotomy. – Uh, Lobata, Lobata. ♪ La la la la, Lobata. ♪ No? – Lobata. – Lob, Lob, lobster, Lobata. – Lobata. (bell dings) Lobata! I’ve never heard of that before. – Philippi. – Philippi. – The P is silent. Hilippi, Hilippi. – Philippi? – Philippi? – Philippi, like Ryan
Phillipe. (bell dings) – I pee you pee we call scream Philippi. – I don’t know about this one, Monongah? – Oh, Monongah! Right next to Pheobe and Rachel. – Monogamous, monogram. – Monongah. – Monongah. – Monongah. – Monongah. (bell dings) Ha ha! – Monongah, okay, okay. – Is it not Hurricane? – Hurricane and I will not be
offering any other options. – It’s not Hurricane? It be Hurricane ’cause it wouldn’t be
on here, would it, no. – I’m not gonna even try to
guess this, what is this? – Hurricane. – Hurricane. – Hurricane. All right. I’m like can beat a mountain girl, what? – Well I think West Virginia
was not my finest work, but I thought that was a hoot. – West Virginia, that was
harder than I thought. – Those aren’t real places. There’s no way. – I did pretty good. (laughs) – I got most of those reasonably correct, I feel like it was a decent attempt. – I’m probably the most humble person that’s been filmed today. – I can pronounce everything
you need me to pronounce on the second try. Never the first try, second try. Leah, for West Virginia governor. (upbeat instrumental music) (upbeat instrumental music) (upbeat instrumental music)


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