hi welcome to stormy acres we have a small homestead in Missouri and it storms about half the year just like this hey y'all I'm gonna do a little bit of a quick garden update because I did harvest my first pickling cucumber yesterday and I feel like I could do an update on this garden every single day now so here's a quick little one it looks like we're getting some bell peppers and you can look in there there's some little peppers coming up here's my onions there's only one I'm not sure exactly how that's gonna do and then on the tomatoes there's tons of these little guys come along do some more so that's very exciting and then these are jalapenos in their dancing pants the bell peppers and then the fun exciting part this is the ones that I harvest just harvested off of the other day because they're starting to get this one looks like it's close to this getting some yellow on it I'll probably pick it tomorrow or maybe even later today cuz it's early right now here's another little guy and then over here is my other type of cucumbers see that right there and his little friend there's a band he's huge and have you and actually this is broccoli I'm pretty sure well no look that's new today that's awesome you might end up doing something then maybe and then I've noticed that my cabbage is doing a little bit of a head so maybe I will get a little bit of something out of these guys awesome and they excited about this this is brand-new this guy doesn't have one yet so that's cool hi Billy hey you insert you're enjoying your time up there huh you guys liking that hey do you need some attention hey guys that's for eating not climbing we're gonna have to get out I'm trying to talk before I was built-in and rudely interrupted I'm gonna say we need to push this over because they're going to pop the weight unless you think you can do it room can you push the hair bail over I didn't think so you okay to fall off the handle yeah my uncle just put this in here today so we'll have to kind of knock it down when dad gets home hey penny I got storm hey bunny what you doing you having fun climbing on the hay bale you seriously couldn't does not be the center of attention for five minutes huh couldn't yeah you couldn't do it good yeah rue okay hi guys I'm the center of attention around here you doin girl you been having think about jumping I see the look on your face I do how we doing huh how we doing you need some waters yeah need some water I get you some I get you some water [Laughter] hi Carly hi how're you doing today good how's babies yeah yes trade how's your babies hmm how are they in there you're gonna have them soon should be anything Charlotte what are you cute oh he's cute cookie says thank you mum I know your doggies I know you thank you good girl you think you could boy no not as much is good trying a little girl Charlotte Charlotte are you camera shy



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