[WayV-log] ‘Take Over The Moon’ Break Time during Photoshoot

[WayV-log] ‘Take Over The Moon’ Break Time during Photoshoot

Today I saw a photo that resembled HENDERY on the internet Look, they look alike Look at the camera They’re the same How was it? Huh, where are your earrings? I changed them Why? The one earlier was too… cool Too fancy? Yes It was too fancy What is this? Can you tell us? This is This is a metal ring It’s a metal ring, let me tell you Do you also have earrings? If I connect a string to this, it will look like… a dog collar We just did ‘Take Off’ and landed somewhere Yes, somewhere outerspace This is actually our… Extraterrestrial… GPS navigation device! Ah~ GPS Yes, this is actually a GPS navigation device Look, it’s round… That’s right Look at this ring This is actually not a ring but a missile launcher This is also not a ring It’s actually my pet Guess what? It’s a snake A snake Can you see? This is a snake It’s my pet, this is a type of an alien pet Actually, this is also not a ring It’s not a ring but a bottle opener Okay Everything is not as simple as you think Okay Actually these are not my eyes Right, then what? It’s a murder weapon… A murder weapon~?! Because you will surely faint when you look at me But how about us, who’ve been living long with you? That’s because I have never stared at you sincerely I won’t look I look at you guys with this stare Don’t look But when I look at someone I like… This is how… And also! The smile on my face, it’s not just an ordinary smile Then what kind of smile is it? It’s a melter Melter! What is a melter? It melts your heart That’s why you will also feel happy when I smile Okay, try melting their hearts I hope you guys will… evaluate evaluate my smile Alright, everyone please leave a comment Is LUCAS’s smile pretty? This camera is also no ordinary camera For LUCAS, this is a mirror Right It’s no more than an object which he can see his reflection Let me look One should be humble Do you think you’re humble? I am quite humble If you are ‘quite’ humble, then how about us? We are ‘very’ humble Okay My trousers and clothes These are actually see-through It’s a see-through fashion That’s right, you can’t see it clearly from there But from my position, I can see his bare skin Right now I have my hair done But when I took a shower this morning, after I wash my hair, and my hair was all wet, It was so curly It’s curlier than now So when I saw myself in the mirror I was so surprised Do you know? You have the same hairstyle as my grandma Thank you My grandma also had this hairstyle before… I’m focusing the camera And zooming in He’s gone Don’t go He’s gone again Wait He’s coming 3, 2, 1 Yeah~ Ready, 3, 2, 1 He’s gone again He is quite good looking What do you mean ‘quite good looking’? He is really good looking What should I say? He just looked at us! WINWIN Working hard This lighting It looks so good Look at this lighting He’s an angel Fans would love this shot Wow~ Model walking Oh~ I want to try! Now now now 3,2,1 Go! Go! Too much acting Hi~ Everyone, guess where we are at! Do you know where we came? We’re at Greece, right? Really? Greece, Athens! That’s right We’re now in Athens, look! We’re inside the water Under the sea Our eyes look super scary You both look like snakes I am Alexios YANGYANG… Pineapple Rudolph TEN’s point TEN cut his hair short this time So long I have long hair, so I decided to cut my hair short… You decided? Yeah, I decided If you guys look closely his hair has a tint of blue Yes, this is blueberry color Blueberry! And here, He also got his hair cut The 96 brothers (Born in 1996) They both got their hair cut short And my hair has a tint of purple Can you see? No KUN, I actually appreciate your shorter hair It’s more manly And YANGYANG’s hair this time… It’s pink It doesn’t look like pink though And XIAOJUN What color am I? I can’t tell You are… This is ivory color And for me I’ve changed nothing Someone just now kept saying in front of me, ‘Oh! Why am I so pretty?’ He said to himself that he’s pretty ‘Why am I so pretty?!’ If he was a girl, he would date himself, he said Right! LUCAS said that If he was a girl, he would date himself Do you guys also think that I’m pretty? Your earring is today’s point Yes yes Actually, this earring is actually hanging on my ear Let me show you I’ll hold this for you LUCAS, marry me! We have a new member in our group He’s just like a little puppy Little brother, come on here! Baby puppy, come here! His name is Huang Guan Shang (*spelled wrong) Huang Guan Donkey Huang Guan Shang (*spelled wrong) Now now, 1, 2, 3 Tadaa~ Cutie Let’s take a look at him closer Closer, closer Show us a cool puppy face Everyone look, he is so cute Eyes wide open! What is your concept this time? This time… This time, I’m kind of cute But I don’t know what to do Why did this happen… But it’s not that bad I will try hard to show this concept well I will pass down this concept to you Yesterday, when I saw HENDERY I couldn’t stop smiling He was just too cute No but… With his eyes wide open and his curly hair, He was like a poodle, do you see? Ha? We have to go for a photoshoot! See you~ Bye bye


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