Watchmen: Official Trailer | HBO

Watchmen: Official Trailer | HBO

People who wear masks…
are driven by trauma.They’re obsessed with justicebecause of some injustice
they suffered.
Ergo the mask,
it hides the pain. I wear the mask
to protect myself. Right, from the pain. ANGELA ABAR:
There was a Kalvary-involved
shooting last night.
You gonna give me the speech
now? What speech? JUDD CRAWFORD:“I should
calm down and take a breath,
before we’re at war again.”ANGELA:No.There’s a guy in my trunk. Delightful.Put him in the pod.LOOKING GLASS:
You know why you’re here? DETAINEE:
Some nun kicked in my door
and put me in the trunk
of her fucking car. What the hell? Hey– LOOKING GLASS: That is correct. DETAINEE: I want my lawyer. LOOKING GLASS:
Yeah, we don’t have
to do that with terrorists. (CHANTING) Why would they start
this shit up again? Maybe there was something
they didn’t want found. ANGELA:They had a mission.It’s only just begun. ♪ (“RUNNING SCARED”
BY ROY ORBISON PLAYS) ♪ JUDD:Kalvary has our names
and addresses.
♪ Just running scared ♪Are we safe, Angela?♪ Each place we go ♪WILL REEVES:There’s a vast
and insidious conspiracy.
If I told you about it,
your head would explode.♪ Just running scared ♪What is this? -SEVENTH KALVARY MEMBER:This…
-♪ Afraid to lose ♪
is the only way
to show you the truth. You need to help stop
the Seventh Kalvary. From doing what? -(SIRENS WAILING)
-MAN:Those fuckers are trying
to start a war.
♪ My heart was breaking
Which one would it be? ♪
♪ Then you turned around
And walked away with me ♪
Well, it looks like you got
things under control here. -Cool costume.
-Thanks.♪ Just running scared ♪♪ (MUSIC CONCLUDES) ♪


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