100 thoughts on “Watch: Vindman corrects Devin Nunes: ‘It’s Lt. Col. Vindman, please’”

  • He says Loshenko was spreading lies, but when Nunes questioned him about Bidens involvement with Burisma, he says he doesnt know anything, when questioned about Chalupa, he didnt know anything.
    Everything he says Loshenko lied about and spread, he says he either knows nothing about, or he just found out about.
    Hes a liberal, never Trumper.
    Him and Eric are probably lovers….

  • Because Lt Colonel Vindham is a LIAR, and a LEAKER!!! So LTC knows who the whistle blower is, the TRUTH be known the LTC is the Whistle Blower!!!!!!

  • In a short 2 1/2 minutes you see a republican first disrespect a decorated member of our armed forces, then demonstrate he has no functional knowledge of the constitution, then show complete disregard and disrespect for a policy signed into law by Ronald Regan, then get completely put in his place by a stone-face serious democrat. It's a bad day to be republican. Heck, it's a bad decade to be republican.

  • Things have got shitarded since I served! Colonel is usage with no need of correction! Generals needs no such correction… unless you are 5 star General of the Armies of the USA and your name is George Patton, or you are a pompous, pogue light colonel unschooled in protocol!

  • V: "Excuse me … it's Lieutenant Colonel…:
    N: "You can call me dickhead… and I'm protecting the cowards that have refused to testify so I'm going to break the rules and ask about the whistleblower again… because I am THE DICKHEAD"

  • What a waste of time? The Whistleblower statements have been cooperated by several witnesses. Nunes and the rest of the Redumblicans have nothing.

  • And once again the 'intelligence community'' is given full power, and the Chairman, Schiff, gets to decide what people say or do not say. What a sham.

  • Nunes is equivalent to a High Priest in the Trump Cult. How do they not realize how close to Nazis they've become? ALL wearing same hats, and going to mega rallies to worship trump. It's SICK

  • Vindman is not acting in the sphere of military duty but civic duty. He has no duty nor obligation to insist civilians address him by military rank.

  • This LTC is a gutless effing traitor and should be found guilty of treason. He is conducting himself unbecoming of an officer and is an enemy betraying his oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States! I'm a 21 year veteran and an officer. He embarrasses me!

  • What is Nunes trying to achieve by fishing for the whistleblowers name, there is already many other witnesses who also come forward to state that Trump broke the law.
    He is just wasting everyones time.

  • If they don't know who the (fake) 'whistleblower' is, then how in the h*ll can they blow his anonymity or even know if they have or have not?

  • 1984 is NOW.  George Orwell gave us a glimpse into the future.
    Committee member Nunes, found a nail that was sticking up and he hit it with a big hammer.
    100% correct the MSM AKA Fake News Media, are using exactly the same Propaganda that was used in Project Mockingbird.
    CIA controlled Narrative to give the MSM to disseminate news to simple minds.
    This is a classic example of “Conditioning” just as animals can be trained to obey commands with continuous repetition, so the MSM are controlling the simple folk with “Conditioning” of repetitious news stories of lies, say it enough times and the simple Democrats minds are controlled.
    George Orwell’s 1984 was a classic example of Media NEWSPEAK,    Control  the Narrative every day with lies and Propaganda and bingo, the simple Democrats brains are controlled and moulded.
    A future of training school children and moulding their brains into Democrats Snowflakes, the legion of doom.

  • NEEDING to know, and DIEING to know very different. Let’s take Bully Bait’s word for it that everyone he told prob…no…DID have top secret clearance. IF those individuals truly, “Needed to know”, they would have been briefed, and they would have been briefed by THEIR superiors, not this prissy, gabby, little gossip!

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  • When Schiff, HRC, and others are brought to justice, can we please have televised trials just so we can see them squirm as they go down. Would do a lot for public morale.

  • Vindman is the true whistleblower. The reported whistleblower is the cut-out, a Brennan acolyte from the CIA, who filed the complaint.

  • Richard Muhlenkamp says:

    You know it’s boring and lacking substance when the news headlines are about someone noting how they prefer to be called or referred to.

  • I am listening to the testimony it is all hearsay peoples feelings got hurt people stated that the phone conversation was unusual Trump is going to win again Trump is going to win again

  • 16 Trump Associates, 28 Meetings w Russians, 37 Indictments/Guilty Pleas, OVER NINETY INDICTMENTS and counting. 199 CRIMINAL CHARGES. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY HAS BECOME A LAUGHING STOCK.

  • NeverforgetElvis says:

    Earned medals vs. Bone Spurs. RepubliCons finally exposed….and defenseless. Oh how the Truth always wins. Even Fox is turning on the twitter king….the Supreme Commander of lying…..Art of the Steal…..5 time General Bone Spurs….the Commander and Cheat…..Russia's employee of the year Mr Ronald Dump. Oops…..President Ronald Dump

  • The Democrats are looking like fools every day now you’re saying just wait for Giuliani?
    The Trump haters have been saying the same thing for three years stormy Daniels the Mueller report Trump was supposed to be done by Friday Trump wins Trump wins Trump wins Trump wins

    How can this guy have a lawyer if he did nothing wrong this is not about impeaching President Trump this is a Democrat clown show

    Now the Trump haters are saying just wait to they get to Giuliani you Dickheadz have been saying the same thing for three years as Trump

  • Why do Republicans keep treating Democratic hacks with such deference? When administration officials, ICE officials, Cabinet officials who are Republicans come before Democrats in Congress they are falsely accused of crimes, vilified and insulted.

  • Republicans. If you let Trump get away with this, it will only embolden him. His behaviour will escalate. He has the potential to do even greater harm to your country & to the world. You will have blood on your hands and history will judge you harshly.

  • Vindman is full of himself… he’s a weasel liar for the Democrats!! He thinks his opinion of diplomacy is higher than the President that was elected.

  • Helen Righteousness says:

    I found the testimony of Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Jennifer Williams quite informative! We are proud of our trustworthy public servants!

  • Vindman is such a pompous arsehole hiding behind his rank
    They are following the rules laid down by Schiff which means they won’t answer
    A total farce

  • The “chair” makes up the rules. Your attempt to request an amendment to the Constitution to be used is struck down.
    This is not a a legitimate preceding. Fight me.

  • Obama fired and prosecuted more whistle blowers that all other Presidents combined and we can't even know and hear from one, how ridiculous is that….obviously since we have heard it was an IC guy, Vindman can't be telling the truth

  • I'm sad . As an x army officer I say that this man might be politically bias. I question his motivation. A soldiers duty is to support and defend the Constitution and do his best in military affairs and to leave the political issues to political figures. He may have crossed an ethical line by not giving complete testimony. He avoided the 5th and is not bound by civilian laws and rights but buy the u.c.m.j.

  • For fucks sake it shouldn't be dems vs GOP. You're country is under threat from a Russian puppet who openly lies every day and willfully breaks the law.

    Boggles my mind he still has support, both from voters and party.

  • I have worked with field officers, I have interacted with staff officers. Give me field officers any day. Vindman has just destroyed his career.

  • It is obvious Vindman thinks himself quite important as he describes his duties and gets shot down, goes over the head of his boss and thinks it ok to do so and other things….

  • Tactickle Shtooper says:

    Vindman looks more like an over-stuffed pastry puff than a legitimate military colonel imho … Clearly he simply 'percolated' / 'bubbled' up the ranks without merit of character.

  • Vindman why did you ,regarding your rank correct Nunes and you did not correct anyone else. You appear very imperious in you attitude.

  • Vinman is a disgrace to our county when the Which hoax is all done vinman needs to be stripped of all his Metals and charged for lying to Congress and lying trashing a Sitting president

  • question/ ISN'T HAVING ONE'S BROTHER REPRESENT ONE A CONFLICT OF INTEREST?using the process of elimination…it is very easy to figure out who was in the office…subtract all the names allowed to speak…that leaves one name not spoken of….yet. or….the other possibility is a shell game and said whistle blower right under the public's eyes. so far it seems only one has a personal agenda. it isn't about party or loyalty to anyone but themself….which suggests a mental issue.

  • If you don't know who the whistleblower is, you can't talk about anyone, for fear of outing him, so I guess you should stop the proceedings all together.

  • This short clip truly is a mirror image reflection of this whole ordeal….”I can’t go into details and prove anything I’m saying has any merit of truth, but you have to believe me because I said so”

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