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Watch Stories | Spike Feresten | Spike’s Car Radio

I don’t think a lot of guys set out to
start a collection of anything. I think the collection just happens by mistake
and you’re hoarding cars, you’re hoarding watches, and someone in your family gets
upset, and you say, “No no no. I’m not hoarding. This is a collection. This is different.
This has value. It’s a collection.” I’m Spike Feresten and we’re in Los Angeles,
California. I like stainless-steel sport watches and
I like anything that has a racing history to it. The old Heuers. I like the
the Tudors and the Rolexes. Those are the ones I mainly focus on. I moved to New
York and was an intern with enough money to live for one month and if it doesn’t
work out I have to go back to Boston. I’ve got to go back to school. I got a
job at Saturday Night Live. I was an intern on
Letterman, and then a couple of years in between and suddenly I’m a writer on David
Letterman and I have enough money to survive, and I have a little extra money.
This is what I saw sitting in the window of Columbus Avenue at 69th Street. The
little jeweler store right there. It was this watch and had a little light on it
projected down so it was sparkling. And that’s a TAG Heuer 2000. That is what we
call the “taproot watch”. The original. The one that started it all. That watch
reminds me of how far I came from, you know, graduating high school, to finding
my way in life. From there, as far as a watch that I collected, I didn’t buy
anything until I came out to Los Angeles. And that’s this TAG Heuer
1964 Carrera Reissue. The dial on the watch it so it’s a lot smaller. At the
time it didn’t feel small is beautiful. It’s like it’s silver with blue on it.
It’s just a beautiful looking dial. That watch is my first year of Seinfeld.
It was really a great and wonderful experience, but we never left the offices.
We were there seven days a week. Just locked into this little joint.
So we would open up magazines on our breaks and there’s this TAG Heuer and I
said, “Boy I really want this watch.” And I was sitting with fellow
writer Jennifer Crittenden and she said, “Well you’re gonna buy that watch today.” I
said, “I am?” She goes, “Go buy it!” And I went and I bought that watch. Maybe a year
after, went to a meeting. A general meeting with Tom Hanks and his head of
production and I walked in and we all sat down. All of us were wearing the same
watch, and we all did this. We put our watches together we said, “Look at this!”
That’s how that meeting began. Now I don’t think I ever did anything with Tom
Hanks. I don’t think we’ve worked together yet, but I remember that moment and I
remember it when I wear the watch and it makes me laugh.
I went from the new watches to the vintage watches. I saw this guy on my
street at the Coffee Bean. I said, “What are you wearing on your wrist
there?” It was a stainless steel watch with a blue dial. And he said, “This is a Tudor
Submariner.” Well I need to get one. So I called and said, “If you ever come across
a Tudor Submariner I want it.” They called me the first week of production in my
late night show, and it was my birthday as well. And said, “We found your watch.
Someone just traded it in.” They go, “It’s not just a Tudor Submariner. It’s a
French Navy Sub.” And I said, “Okay. Don’t know what you’re saying.” He goes, “Marine National, 1977. The French Navy used them for diving and mine
clearance.” I said, “The French are involved in mine clearance in the late
70s!? And they needed a watch for that?!” They go, “Don’t don’t mind that. But just
know this watch comes with military papers and decommissioned papers and
it’s the rare version of the watch you’re looking for.” And that’s this Tudor
French Navy sub that I have. That’s turned out to be a very rare watch. Rolex
for me growing up I didn’t even know the word it’s just that nobody had a Rolex
where I grew up. They didn’t have that stuff. My Mom was a nurse and she wore
Timex and that’s what you wore. You went to Kmart to get the Timex. So Rolex for
me was the guy with the open shirt, the gold chain, and the new Ferrari. I don’t
want to be that guy. So the idea of a Rolex was really a foreign idea to me
and and I was processing it through new Rolexes and who wore those new Rolexes.
At some point, when I’m hosting my late-night show I get the Daytona bug.
The early Daytona bug. Might be Jason Bateman it might not be. The two of us
have been seeing these watches and, you know, you need someone to kind
of make you crazy when someone else wants something you want it’s two guys
and that’s all you’re thinking about. You know whether it’s in one week or one year.
You’re gonna get that thing and when my show got picked up for the third year I
decided to commemorate that with the Rolex Daytona. And it’s the 6263. It
really looks beautiful in a photograph. It’s a very beautiful dial and for a
small watch for 39 millimeter it’s just one of those classic watches
that everybody loves. That’s a watch that I wear daily. You know I’m wearing, probably my most
favorite new watch, the most wearable watch. This Daytona right here. The
Daytona 116500 with the black dial and Cerachrom bezel. I love this thing.
It’s 40 millimeters. When I put it on. The first time put it on I just felt like I
pulled the sword out of the stone. It’s just a perfect watch. Cars and watches are
inextricably kind of brought together, you know. And I think a lot about
this. Obviously there’s a lot of history in motorsports with Rolex and watch companies and motor racing. The old Heuer guys have their own thing. It’s very much like the car world. You know, I think of the old
Porsche guys, are different from the old Land Rover guys, are different from the
old Ferrari guys, than the new Ferrari guys. Watches are the same way. In a lot
of ways they’re really nice conversation starters. Now we’re going to do something
fun. I’m gonna match the watches I brought to some of the cars in this
hangar. New Daytona. What would I wear with a new
Daytona? Oh boy! We have to do this one right here. This is a Gullwing. Mercedes
Gullwing right here. This is probably the blue chip collector car of all collector
cars. You know, you look inside you see the plaid seeds, and the suitcase, and the
steering wheel. I’m gonna also match the Rolex 6263 to this car. That’s just a classic,
beautiful timepiece, and this is probably one of the most beautiful car designs
ever made. And, you know, when you think of, as far as an investment classic car,
there’s nothing better than a Gullwing. This car stops traffic. You are the
ultimate gentleman in that car. The 64′ Carrera. The Swedish Ice Racer is a
Carrera. Carrera GT Porsche 4 cam. That blue indices, and that silver dial. A
vintage look. A small watch. This car, for sure, would be worn with the Carrera
reissue from the 90s. Even though it’s a 90s watch it’s styled like a 1960s car
and that’s in the zone for this guy right here. This car looks like you’d
also need just a nice old worn pair of jeans to wear over this – and a ripped
t-shirt. That watch, this car. Again you’re getting about 30 life-altering minutes
before you come crashing down. That’s from experience, but those 30
minutes are going to be magical. Okay! Tudor French Navy Sun. French dive
watch, mine clearance!? It’s a beautiful old silver blue timepiece. It would be
one of these two cars. That 66′ 911 they’re in the dark blue. And you can see
the dark blue paint right there in the light. It’s really hard. That car looks
black, but in the light you see the blue. I would match that watch to this car
because, again, the silver and blue thing. It’s just an insane car and that’s
an insane watch. And there you go. In the beginning I didn’t know anything
about watches and I think I’m a few degrees above that right now. I still
really don’t know anything about them, but I like the way they look, and I like
the way they make me feel. I think you have to start learning about
yourself as a collector and wearing watches that you feel comfortable with
and like to learn about, and you know, meeting with other people about also
collect these watches, and getting involved in the community. You know, it’s a lot
like cars in that way. It’s fun it connects you to people in an interesting
way that you don’t normally get connected to. And that’s probably the
biggest pitch I can make for being, for collecting a watch is you’ll make a lot of new friends.


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