Watch Live: Trump Impeachment Inquiry Hearings – November 13, 2019 (Day 1) | NBC News


47 thoughts on “Watch Live: Trump Impeachment Inquiry Hearings – November 13, 2019 (Day 1) | NBC News”

  • rebecca gerringer says:

    I’m astounded by Republicans’ defense of the president! They are blaming everyone but the president for his own behavior.
    He admitted to his wrong doing. Period.
    Guilty of abuse of power.

  • I'm amazed that there are actually a couple thousand people with nothing better to than watch this paint dry.
    Perfect illustration of how Washington operates.
    30 seconds of watching is enough to make you puke.

  • iVE SEEN MORE REALISTIC COURT ON TV, hOW does the ambassador sing like a bird except it about what some one else said or felt what a joke


    Today was a travesty for our Great Republic and for Constitutional Law. The Republicans in the face of an open coup. Still remained polite. You can see with the other hearings, that Democrats don't and will do anything to regain our government. What the Obama administration did and what he left in our government, must be brought forward and be held accountable. This is being run by a man who has lied under oath 3 times. In congressional hearings and now he's not allowing due process or the Republicans to call witnesses. We are losing our country and everytime I hear. A democratic say the word democracy or constitution. My heart cringes for the children and the tyranny that's coming.

  • You have the right to confront your accuser – is it one of the Miranda rights. These are serious charges – there should be serious questioning in response. Either provide due process or get lost.

  • Believe this Nunez? Two highly decorated service members who have served under Republicans and Democrats to be besmirched by this guy….

  • Wow Trump is so Guilty of trying to use the power of the presidency to empower himself with a second term. VERY UNFAIR! VERY ARROGANT!

  • No Trumps in politics EVER AGAIN! Or in this country for that matter! ‘’ the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’’!

  • Alyshia Morehouse says:

    Adam Schiff is the head of the deep state snake. He paid the whistleblower he's paid off Taylor, Adam Schiff must be held accountable after this hoax.

  • Donald Wilkerson says:

    DONALD1 second ago

    These people may be decorated veterans but are now exposed as traitors who have problems with Elected Officials and they are a national disgusting disgrace.


  • I'm so tired of the tRuMp and his cronies, saying this is a hoax. This is NOT a hoax. And, you know it, tRuMp. Taylor is a remarkable, intelligent serviceman. He has integrity, as something you do have tRuMp. We know how dangerous you are to our country!! WE THE INTELLIGENT, COMMON FOLK KNOW HOW DANGEROUS YOU ARE TO OUR COUNTRY. YES, WE WON'T YOU OUT!! Anyone in their right minds know how serious this is.

  • SearchForTomorrow says:

    Trumps the one that makes things up
    Trumps the one who changes the narrative
    They're saying the democrats are doing what Trump has been doing all along,and publically for us all to see

  • 🔴💪🔴👍🔴✊🔴💪🔴👍🔴✊🔴
    I love my President Trump,  man of power, strengh, getting job done AND carries no fear of getting his feet wet or hands dirty! His word stands, job gets done!! I LOVE MY PRESIDENT TRUMP!!

  • Ah so it's the process that's the problem here? I thought the process was just the process. Can't help thinking that if the same process was used against the opposition, it would be a perfect process!

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  • I am just going to put this right here:

  • Attempt murder is a crime
    Attempt robbery is a crime
    Attempt bribery or extortion is a crime!
    Impeach Trump now!
    And that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

  • Taylor's entire testimony: I heard it from a friend of a friend who heard about it in the hallway from another friend who found out from another friend two buildings over who got it from another friend of their friend….you get the idea. No fact. What a joke!!!

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