56 thoughts on “Watch Live: Sondland, Cooper, Hale Testify At Trump Impeachment Hearing | NBC News”

  • "Do me a favour…" – Trump
    But now Trump, Fox and the GOP have a new message;
    “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

  • Hahahahaha!!! It's OVER…. The DemonRats impeachment "Schipp" is going down by the BOW, FAST!!! … AND YOU KNOW demonRATS always abandon a sinking "schipp"!!! HAHAHAHA, Hahahaha.
    Problem is they'll play the victim card… Hahahahah.


  • Christopher Colon says:

    Wow!!! Obama & shiff is part of Ukraine's corruption. Setup Is Complete, Ukraine Comes Into Full View, Indictments Coming – Episode 2026b

  • Sondland: What do u want from UK?
    President Trump: I want nothing, i dont want quid pro quo, i want the man does the right things.
    Sondland: its my perseption there was quid pro quo.
    My Good this man is a wacko, there is no case for impeachment, this is a coup, but it ends in the Senate.

  • Jordan has no problem covering up anything he can for Trump, remember that he covered up for others that sexually abused dozens of young men. He lost his sole along time ago.

  • Republicans keep harping on the question:  Do you think there is a [potential-appearance] of conflict of interest?  Congressman Elise Stefanik of N.Y. said, when asked-every witness testimony has agreed that there is a potential appearance…Heck, even I agree there was a POTENTIAL-APPEARANCE of of conflict of interest.  But why do so many people understand this to be an "I Gotch ya" moment?  I know there a several three syllable words in that question, so I wouldn't expect republicans to comprehend the question.  Potential-has no DEFINITIVE meaning in this question. Appearance-is a SUBJECTIVE word.  An analogy could be: You see a woman wearing a very short skirt, revealing tight-busted blouse, fishnet hosiery and thigh high boots…Does she have the POTENTIAL-APPEARANCE of being a prostitute. The answer is of coarse yes-people may potentially believe that to be true.  Does she have the appearance of being a prostitute?  According to what [society] has ingrained in our minds-most likely, she would APPEAR to be as such.  And this is purely a SUBJECTIVE perception.  Evangelicals of the red-states would immediately label her a JEZEBEL.  But is this woman indeed a JEZEBEL or simply have bad taste in clothing?

    So indeed, there is a potential-appearance of Hunter Biden's high-paying Ukraine job to be a conflict of interest.  But a accepting a high-paying job in not indicative of corruption.

  • Isn't Sondland in the hotel business? Perhaps, he wants to eliminate his competition, the Trump hotels and here's his chance to find glory..

  • LevelTwo Trading says:

    NBC does it again pushing but edge and Buren down our throat in debate. Meadow still buthurt that yang and Burney told her she technically elected trump by giving him so much time. We just spent an hour talking about trump during the Democratic debate. How effin stupid can u be. NBC dimwits.

  • Investigate Rep. Devin Nunes!!
    He got help with the investigations of the Democratic Party from no other than LEV PARNAS…..yup as corrupt as you can get 😬

  • Direct from the mouth of Gordon Sondland at today’s testimony in response to questioning from Schiff: “I believe I just asked him (the President) an open-ended question Mr. Chairman. ‘What do you want from Ukraine? I keep hearing all these different ideas and theories and this and that… what do you want?’ And it was a very short, abrupt conversation, he was not in a good mood, and he just said, ‘I want nothing. I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. Tell Zelinsky to do the right thing.’ “

  • Dem's were acting that 2 * 2 always = 4 was some sort of Ah-Ha moment. I'll give one example where it doesn't.
    2 imaginary buckets of evidence from Adam Schiff to give to Mueller plus 2 buckets of imaginary evidence from Adam Schiff evidence to give to Mueller =
    Zero total real evidence

    2 + 2 = 0

  • Now we hear that the head of Burisma Holdings, Nikolai Zlochevsky, was reportedly indicted in Ukraine this week, and Ukrainian members of parliament are demanding that President Donald J. Trump and president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, investigate.

    The indictment claims that $7.4 billion was laundered by the “family” of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych through American investment fund Franklin Templeton Investments.

    They also allege that the investment fund has ties to the U.S. Democratic Party, according to Ukraine news agency Interfax.

    Another revelation from the indictment is that former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and Hunter’s partners, were paid $16.5 million for ‘services,’ accordingto Ukrainian MP Alexander Dubinsky

  • Manafort spewed this "Ukraine election conspiracy" from his Russian spy friend. It was abruptly dismissed as fully unsubstantiated. So if this knowledge Trump has had for years of not only Biden but the Ukraine conspiracy hoax, why only when Biden jumps into the presidential running does he bother to bribe Ukraine? Then point and game… outside of the DoD already investigating for approval of the money release… not a lick of investigating took place and instead of sticking to his "real" concerns of corruption, a whistleblower prompts him to release it. Beyond any doubt, just from those circumstances, Trump can't deny and these republican quacks know they are merely producing talking points for fox news viewers and the like…

    If there is concern, then impeach biden and then call in his son for your impeachment investigation. These republicans know that is what they should do if there was any concern at all. Instead they literally do not use their time wisely asking questions relevant to the facts presented. If Biden is corrupt then impeach him. Just because Johnny murdered someone doesn't make it okay for Donny to do it. This impeachment for the con-artist-in-chief we now have has nothing to do with investigating biden. The lack of initiating anything now for months… years… shows just how much they are lying.

    This disinformation promoted by Trump and his defenders cowing to him in Congress have sealed the deal that we are the laughing stock of the world. Mission accomplished Trump… now the world laughs at us. He can't even be a good gangster like he wishes he were.

  • I wont be surprise if the Democrats call Ambassador Sondland, a Russian Bot, just like Crooked Hillary did with Tulsi Gabbard, when Tulsi, called Crooked Hillary a War Criminal

  • look  up Mike Turner & ambassador Sondland ….there is no crime according to due process of the law that democrats hate …media are their watchdogs .even Schiff & Eric Swalwell are lying just like the Russian collusion hoax .the dnc paid for the fake Russian dossier ….Fisa report coming soon !! lol …The radicals are trying to impeach on assumptions ….the democrats have nothing ..

  • The entire originally bankrupt left-capitalist-faschist Donald Trump team who has been funded and sponsored by Lynn de Rothschild needs to get impeached and put behind bars asap. They have been behind 9-11 and suppressing the Palestinians through their illegal occupation vehicle called "Israel" – another murdering Rotschild-enterprise ! We are dealing with planet Rothschild and the zionist Trump family, just like the Obamas, Clintons, Bushes, etc. have been their number 1 agents, no matter whether they have to play faschiscm, capitalism, socialism, etc. The game does not matter to Rotschild, as long as they win in the end.. Trump is a gangster and Rotschild-Vatican agent!

  • Alexander Brusilovsky says:

    There is ONE script for Democrats (-2) and the whole stupid circus for Republicans to push back zombies with their single agenda to "I" the greatest POTUS of all times at any cost while they do nothing for the country.

  • The ambassador is sorrounded by a bunch of crows. Waiting for him to close hes eyes to attack him. They just keep changing the same questions in different ways to confuse the ambassador. This is the most ridiculous political hearing ive ever witness making me feel completely insecure with this country, with this war in politics. We are no more different then Mexico or russia or China or Ukraine. RIDICULOUS!!!!!

  • In the 2018 mid term elections, American voters put a check on Trump by flipping the House. The house is doing what they were voted in to do by voters.
    Trump, the GOP, and Trump supporters somehow believe that this momentum is going to be reversed and they will win. Trump and the GOP "are about to GO THROUGH SOME THINGS…"

  • Did or does this so-called president have to submit a FISA or FICA request to investigate an American citizen or any forms to legally have a foreign nation investigate a american citizen? Impeach this so-called president

  • Sondland invoked the "today that interaction you had was the most important thing but for me its Tuesday. Meme alert meme alert 😂😂

  • Everyone seems to forget that Schiff asked Sondland about Trump's inquire into Hunter Biden's connection to Brisma, and Sondland responded that Trump never asked about Hunter Binden's connection to Brisma at all. In fact, Hunter's name and Joe's name never came up at all. Liars, liars, pants on fire with each passing day the shifty Schiffocrats are getting more and more mud on their faces along with these suckered media reporters.

  • Democrat arguments: Orange man bad. Bad man orange. Bad orange man. Man orange, bad. Orange man bad. Bad man orange. Bad orange man. Man orange, bad. Orange man bad. Bad man orange. Bad orange man. Man orange, bad. Orange man bad. Bad man orange. Bad orange man. Man orange, bad. Orange man bad. Bad man orange. Bad orange man. Man orange, bad. Orange man bad. Bad man orange. Bad orange man. Man orange, bad. Orange man bad. Bad man orange. Bad orange man. Man orange, bad. Orange man bad. Bad man orange. Bad orange man. Man orange, bad. Orange man bad. Bad man orange. Bad orange man. Man orange, bad. 🥱

  • Who the heck would say to their boss that "he loves ur @ss & will do anything u want" if what the boss was asking for was merely the very thing the person's campaign platform was based upon & they had already showed some progress in that direction ….are u serious lol?
    …I could, on the other hand, see someone saying that to their boss if they were requesting something underhanded; perceived as illegal or something they didn't want to do in the first place….. oh my, wake up to truth b4 its too late… its right in front of ya !
    ……Pres Zelensky:
    my deepest apology to u as a U.S. Citizen; this is NOT the norm in our Country (it's actually AGAINST who we r & what we represent!!!!) U can rest assured that ur honesty about what occurred with our Whote House will only bring your country & ours justice we deserve & Gods Light of truth is the only way to truly rid our allied countries of corruption & unite us as a strong powerful force around the globe !!!
    I urge u to please come frwd & show that u WILL NOT be intimidated nor permit any corruption in ur Country as u vowed during ur campaign for President & Congrats!!! ….I'm so happy U R gonna lead ur Country to Victory from devils evil corruption ……Uve got our attention, we do respect u & with truth can make this right for u with our apologies & help to assure it cant happen again …without truth, non-corruption could never be assured…
    Show ur Country ur strength & that u truly r a warrior for non-corruption
    …..we welcome this

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