100 thoughts on “Watch Fox News hosts react to Marie Yovanovitch testimony”

  • These FAUX NEWS idiots are so Dic Riding their Daddy Trump so bad. You dont try to belittle or throw out the lead Homicide Detective thats investigating a murder, because he has no right to be there because he has no first hand knowledge that the murder suspect actually killed the victim. Of course not , thats why he is INVESTIGATING THE CRIME!!! DUH???

  • @CNN I can't imagine being in your shoes. To have to say lies are "alternative facts." But you gotta stop sitting on the fence. Take a position and call out lies for lies and facts for facts.

  • I've got ask just how fucking stupid are americans, how long can you let this go on in your once great country, do you not realise that you are the laughing stock of the world.?

  • Hannity and Tucker have lost it! The problem is even fox viewers are smart enough to watch the hearings for themselves. They aren't fooled by fox

  • So you got nothing to testify about on the quid pro quo Ukrain thing is this right? Yes that is right.. But Trump fired me… impeach him.. he fired me!

  • Talk about waisted time, Tucker you are a waste of time!!!!!! You wouldn't know true news if it was staring you in the face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If she she knows of no crimes or wrong doings what is she doing there? I heard more about her feelings than anything else. This impeachment inquiry has been a joke. People need to wake up. This is all politically motivated not based on no crimes. Just like the muller report oh how has the news forgotten that. Let’s get Congress to do something that benefits us Americans instead of trying to impeach someone who doesn’t play to there status quo rulebook. If you don’t like him vote him out, don’t drag us Americans in the mud. Congress works for us not for there benefits.

  • To the Dems; if you can’t show complete fairness in your impeachment probe, you hand detractors a podium to stand solidly on. For example if you’re saying “The President bribed a foreign country”, and not one person said yes “ I witnessed that” then you have problems.

    CNN, for you to do this and never point these holes out speaks volumes as to where professionalism and truth telling in the press has gone. The world is upside down. If we can’t trust our media to tell us the truth, then where do we go? May the Almighty help us.

  • All Roads Lead to Putin people
    At this point if you don't throw piss on them Trumpanzees that think Trump was sent from god you are stupid and un-American

  • Yep!….. Bells should be going off in the Dems little heads to the fact that us on the other side aren't Worried at all! Trump 2020 Landslide! 😁

  • Skabetti Spaghetti says:

    Hannity and Carlson, please keep giving 45 ideas to use, and encourage him to keep tweeting. The dems are piling up the evidence against him.

  • This is the divide in your country. It's the racist right whites who are choked that they are being replaced … which is a LIE that the far-right has used to panic the herd. You should clearly understand that this is 30% of your citizens and seditiously, these fuckers at Fox News are gaslighting the base to push them to violence. Not a joke.

  • American people do you think schiff is corrupting our constitution by lying in reading a fake transcript am I correct to say that. By holding private hearings am I correct on that by changing the rules in congress am I correct on that. By being unfair about the hearing what you went to court and the attorneys change the rules on you. Would that be fair. This media wants to say that you have no rights

  • 😂😂😂😂😂 Sean Hannity sounds like an angry man. Hey, Sean just because you yell doesn't make it true. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • NO-ORWELLIAN Dystopia says:

    Ms. Yovanovich came out to be the winner and shedding a light on our damaged democracy and mending this country is needed by rooting out corruption in the highest office in Government levels


  • Carlson thinks he's tougher than Yovanovitch? Well, he's a heck of a lot safer than she is, so maybe that self-image is understandable. Maybe.

  • I stop watching FOX new because i notice how bias their are. They give false information… Real and watch multiple channels for yourself n make up your own mind…

  • Most of Trump's supporters are poorly educated and gullible. Like Trump, they are juvenile and stupid.
    The SECOND most frightening and sorrowful thing we learned in November, 2016, was that America had produced 62.9 million of these horrible people. Trump, and his supporters, are an existential threat to America.

  • She wasn't even the ambassador at the time of the phone call . She witnessed nothing . Her feelweens got hurt from Trump mean tweets .

  • She lied her 1st 3 words l LOl freeking cnn you shit hole network, its a inquiry not a hearing, LOl and when Trump is president in 2020 I cant wait to come back and just gloat, it is going to be a awesome day.

  • Trump's surrogates and buttlickers are of course pissed about this. But the bigger question is: Who am I going to believe? Trump who lies at last count over 14K or Yovanovitch who just lays out the truth and nothing but? We don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out, huh?

  • Aaron Burr Atwood. says:

    Fox is news commentary, people are taking Tucker & Hanitys’ words as the truth & it’s just not. It’s their own personal feelings. And they’re terrible people!

  • The right winger media is spoon feeding its moron babies. It’s insane that they take it as fact. Bizarre that so many people believe it and are THAT stupid….

  • I don't watch Fox at all i can't stand to watch it, to much BS.
    whenever a Fox channel pops on my you tube channels i left click it .

  • We don’t just listen to Fox, we listen to your network also, even though it hurts and causes us brain damage. So far, We see how you Don’t use facts, And your testimony typically comes from anonymous sources. Your Being controlled like puppets. What baffles us, is how you can’t see how you’re being manipulated yourselves. Your newest commenters have no ability to speak from the heart only from the Teleprompter.

  • You must think your audience as dumb as Trump. She is important to the story because Trump, rudy and his crime cohorts had to remove her because she was hard on corruption, and in their way of the corruption Trump Rudy and their crime buddied lev and Igor wanted in import into Ukraine. Trumps henchmen were in the Ukraine to sabotage the USA in favor of Russian goals. Everything Trump does benefits Russia. The word for that is treason.

  • Scott Winter-Walker says:

    Only an audience as ignorant as Tucker's would fail to understand how the burden of "evidence" is not on the witness. It's the court, or in this case the Congressional Inquiry, that will determine what qualifies as evidence.

  • Idiot Trumpenzees listen to Tucker and Hannity without actually listening to the hearings. And if Fox has to make its crazies spew that shit at the camera, then we know for sure the Trump disease is losing to the antitoxins from CNN and NBC

  • Does the House have the power to order the White House to turn over the communications hidden on the ultra secret server? If they do i expect them to be more dangrous than the Nixon tapes!

  • 🎤🎶We like im-peach-ment collada,🎤🎶and getting caught in Ukraine,🎤Cohen paying off my porn stars,🎤I only have half a brain,🎤🎶getting dragged out of the Whitehouse,🎤🎶because the news isn't fake,🎤🎵we all know that he's a conman,🎤because he's always on the take.🎶🎤DUMB 🎤🎶 DUMB🎤🎶DUMB🎤🎶🍊💩🙈🙊🙉🗽.

  • emmanuel georgiou says:

    cunts on fox , like the orange cunt leader , all gutless cunts , don`t see them to countries of war , like their cunt leader deferred 5 times to go to Vietnam , gutless cunt .

  • The FOX fake news had to sit and listen to the Yovanovitch testimony & Trump committing the crime of witness intimidation IN REAL TIME on Twitter. THE 🐎AZZZ is impeaching HIMSELF!

  • Funny that Tucker Carlson slips in that phrase that :" That time wasting is a Sin" and has we all know that the Chosen One is with out sin. Also he is the most laziest, good for nothing loafer and a bum.

  • State of mind implies Trump has a mind, I disagree. Does anybody think that people who are watching Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity didn't form their opinions about the testimony years ago? I would say they are singing to the choir.

  • Junkyard Tailgate says:

    Meanwhile all CNN can do is bash our President. Hannity is 1000% behind President Trump….shouldn’t we all be 100% behind our President??

  • The Other YouTube Reactor Named Danny says:

    I hope the next generations to come look back at this political era and learn from the mistakes (Trump and his administration) made in this generation and learn from the mistakes.

  • Those Fox clowns (Tucker, Ingraham and Sean) should be BANNED just like Alex Jones for spreading BS! Perhaps they can get a job in the dark web!

  • I felt my IQ drop while watching the Fox News clip of Hannity and Tucker! 🙄🙄🙄 If people are really listening to the opinion piece on Fox only… you have no IQ left. 🤦🏿‍♀️

  • Manuel Villacana says:

    I hate that fucker Tucker*!! The way headed eating describe ship he didn't know it but he was describing shrimp a person who gives himself as God that's how Trump is,, both Republicans and Democrats were given 5 minutes each however the Republicans need it more than 5 minutes to try to spread their conspiracy lies,, but what's their five minutes was up they continued to talk and be disrespectful😒👍💩🍄

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