Watch FBI, officers raid Jeffrey Epstein’s island estate

Watch FBI, officers raid Jeffrey Epstein’s island estate

[MUSIC] The raid came only two
days after the accused sex trafficker was found dead
in his New York jail cell. The hideaway,
sometimes referred to as pedophile island, hosted rich friends and
entourages of young women. Agents in FBI jackets arrived by boat and
gathered at waterfront chickee huts. [MUSIC] Yeah. [MUSIC]


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  • He was arrested on July 6th. The island was a crime scene. They just now got around to raiding it. All the while staff was aloud to take things to and from the Island.


  • Some people snuck in before anyone could clean it up before the FBI and before Epsteins buddys could clean up all the evidence. THEY WONT BE ABLE TO COVER THERE TRACKS THIS TIME .That evidence will be slipped to the press and announced on social media within the next couple of weeks. A few of the victims families hired private investigators and they in turn had the island secretly searched unbenowns to anyone else. people would be surprised what young kids can do on a Friday night.

  • Yeah the vaunted FBI is on this… All this is theater for us smucks . A show to distract us and meant to protect powerful people like Bill Gates, Bill Richardson, the Clintons, Bob Melendes and many others.
    The FBI's actual mission is to "destroy evidence."

  • the Unrepentant says:

    The temple. Invert the roof with its dome and statues and you have a sacrificial altar with a bowl and horns. The blue lines point in the direction of the chamber with the offering. The spiritual entity derived from child sacrifice, whose services were cultivated that vicariously satisfies its deviant needs through these individuals accounts for their attraction to children. The conditioning of these individuals to always win and get their way enabled by d. evil revealing each effective response is sustained by continuous payment in blood and by engaging in the proscribed activity.

    Their world crumbles and existence becomes unbearable the moment they attempt to surrender their addictive habit.

    Without additional sacrifice the demon loses its power and departs. Incarcerated without bail and without Solomon’s Ring protecting him and with no opportunity to resume this activity he cannot escape justice through a miracle brought about by d. evil. So he follows in the footsteps of the Count of Monte Cristo.


    ² At the Altar of the Sun (Jerusalem) that was already ancient in his time where Abraham sought a blessing, human beings were sacrificed during the fire ceremony each spring to this god, an incorrigible bloodthirsty tyrant, which was reputed to favour justice and righteousness that was proclaimed the Supreme Being. This spiritual entity that was derived from, sustained and empowered by human sacrifice, unlike that derived from animal sacrifice that led the medicine man to the herd during the annual hunt, facilitated the intrigues of its proponents in their quest for more power. Abraham was fabulously wealthy, ostensibly a just man and his son whom he loved dearly was his most precious possession. But so egoistic and selfish was he that when put to the test revealed that he was prepared to slit the throat of his own son in order to inherit the Earth and the increase that it yields.

    ²² Sacrifice by fire of innocent women and children with incendiary bombing of Dresden, Hiroshima, Twin Towers conflagration, burning of babies in effigy at Bohemian Grove corresponding to a simultaneous event with sacrifice of children at a separate location, etc., in an effort to advance realization of The Promise.

    ¹² Israel: Traditional trinity a composite of an Egyptian deity Isis, plus an Egyptian deity Ra and a Canaanite deity El. Is + Ra + El = Israel.

    ¹³ Solomon: Sol = sun. Om = priest of the sun. On = city of the sun. Sol+om+on = Solomon. (Omon a transliteration of Amen, a first dynasty ruler of Egypt that was proclaimed the intercessor to the Creator). Solomon consecrated the temple to the dark forces before opening it to worshippers. Demons obeyed Solomon’s commands. Ring prevented them from harming him. Third temple to continue daily sacrifice to the arch d. evil, at the altar of the sun.

    ²¹ Jesus was fully cognizant that the provenance of this grasping spiritual entity at Jerusalem that is a curse perpetrated by bloodshed was human sacrifice:

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  • the Unrepentant says:

    Jeffrey Epstein is following in the footsteps of the Count of Monte Cristo.


    Mossad has their man in place. They were not going to let him hang. This time the dosage was adjusted to slow down his heartbeat sufficiently so that his countenance assumed a blue, death like, pallor.

    Edmond Dantes assumed the title Count of Monte Cristo in the novel by Alexandre Dumas. When a fellow prisoner, Faria, died, Dantes placed his corpse into his own bed to make it appear that he was asleep and Dantes took his place in the body bag. In accordance with usual practice the guards tossed the body bag containing what they believed to be the corpse of the deceased prisoner into the ocean beneath the prison walls enabling Dantes to escape.

  • I wonder if the level of atrocities on the island was so great, that they kept it under raps. That would increase his sentence beyond 45yrs. So suicide was his option.

  • Pete Alexander says:

    And why only now? How much evidence has been destroyed. If this was for real it wouldnt be up here for us to view.

  • Juan Francisco Cucharero Cabezas says:

    The raid was between 19th and 29th of july. Search footage where you see water on the roof. The YouTuber Rusty Shackleford has other videos, included this one, but publicated in incoherents days. See the amount of water on the roof and search the historical weather on Virgin Islands in July and August. Only July 31th with heavy rain. The raid was before that date.

  • Jay Zandegiacomo says:

    Whatever tapes discovered that show other rich and influential ppl involved will be used to secure those ppl as under cover assets. They won't prosecuted.

  • #1 reason JE killed himself (if he did) was because he realized he would never touch another girl the rest of his pathetic life.

  • Sadly, these girls that were pimped out by Epstein are now being pimped out by the DOJ to get to Trump and the civil attorneys to siphon off the remainder of the estate at presumably a one third fee.

  • William Charles says:

    People saying that there was a "clean-up" are probably correct, but there may be something that they missed; we've got to hope that our law enforcement doesn't bow down to doing illegal activities as Barr may have ordered in order to keep Trump and other individuals free from implication. Personally, knowing what Trump has done with women in the past, I think that he's involved; that's why he been so quick to put the blame on Bill Clinton. I'm not saying that Clinton may be innocent or anybody else, but Epstein and Trump seemed like they had a real good partnership going with the same interests: young women, including minor young girls. What better ego building activity for a narcissist like Trump.

    Jeffrey Epstein's autopsy confirms that the multi-millionaire has a number of broken bones in his neck. Those injuries indicate Epstein first strangled himself to death before he hang himself. Some could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and have someone commit suicide and not lose voters

  • In one of European news there was an information about Epstein connection to Saudis , France and Mexico.
    Why our news failed to report it?.

  • TUNESMITH da INFINITY Tunegate says:

    Get em all stop getting off track and we’d be out the way of the economy what happened too $$$$$$$&$$$$ this a good one great job y’all tryna bankrupt the President Rapoers ain’t stop raping it’s not Macy’s sep Meek

  • 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧From trump “I’ve known Jeff for 15 YEARS. TERRIFIC GUY,” Mr. Trump told New York magazine in 2002. “He’s a lot of FUN to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much AS I DO, and many of them are on the YOUNGER SIDE.”

  • Jan Wittebrood says:

    Last month his "suicide" was predicted in Holland's Robert Jensen's Talkshow-Podcast under the title the 3 most infamous scandals of the year. If we can predict this on the other side of the planet, how can the majority in the states be so gullable? Are you blind or just manipulated?

  • Michelle Robinson says:

    At 0:27 it says Agents in "FBI" jackets arrive by boat….

    Okay why didn't they say fbi agents arrive by boat???

    Read between the lines you guys thoes were not FBI agents…

    They just are agents from what division it doesn't say all they say it that they are wearing "FBI jackets" read between the lines folks

  • The multi millions, 5 stories building in Paris own by Jeffrey Epstein. The address : 22 avenue Foch, Paris, France. Check it out at Google maps.

  • Although most don't seem to trust law enforcement to do the right thing, glad a news organization is trying to keep an eye on things. Journalists doing their job!

  • I feel like the nypd lady was a little out of her jurisdiction. I've seen New York. Definitely no palm trees. Just a lot of piss and vomit and a shitty mayor

  • Benjamin Servick says:

    Now they raid it? C'monnnn…. if that were any of us being accused of such things, your property would be raided immediately. Should've raided him while he was partying their with Bill Clinton!

  • FBI raids island? Come on! This is the same FBI that did not find anything on Hillary Clinton! I think the more plausible reason for the “RAID” is to destroy any incriminating evidence on persons who were visitors to this island!

  • The real question is who was the keeper of Epstein's blackmail pix, logs and material. When that stuff turns up we will probably know who committed suicide on him.

  • Barr sent them to get rid of evidence after he got rid of Epstein one way or another! Barr is behind it all! Barr's father and Trump were too close to Epstein! Barr the proven liar and in Contempt of Congress should be investigated thouroughly we saw how he lied about the Mueller report! He had power over that jail! So el Chappo could be kept safe so could Epstein but Barr did not want him safe he wanted him out of the way! Now Barr has power over a corrupted Fbi???

  • The FBI's acronym should be BFI..Barney Fife Investigation. Reminds me of when they showed up weeks after the Traitors-R-Us Obama-Hillary crew refused to rescue 4 brave Americans in Benghazi.

  • I am so sick of hearing about the victims…your parents where the drug dealers and you stupid victims where the drugs. Piece of work "victims"

  • Hillary's cleaning crew had a big 5 week Pedo island scrub down.
    They had to wait for her to give the All Clear signal first, before "Raiding".

  • The key question now is who holds all the cds with compromised world leaders on them? If this doesn't get brought to light, this blackmailing operation will continue.


  • The level of stupidity and incompetence associated with allowing Epstein to suicide (on his second attempt!) dwarfs even that which allowed President Kennedy's assassin to be killed by a fellow nutjob half a century ago in Dallas.

  • The FBI FEDERAL GOVERNMENT wanted into his personal items and writings. Epstein is innocent, set up by honey traps from the Republican feds. No one is safe in a Federal Government Prison.

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