Watch A 9-Year-Old Reporter Intern At ‘Access’ And Interview Charlize Theron

Watch A 9-Year-Old Reporter Intern At ‘Access’ And Interview Charlize Theron

– Earlier this year I introduced you to an amazing, ambitious and totally sassy nine-year-old reporter, named Tiana. I was impressed with her talent and immediately sent her
out on an assignment. Check her out. Please welcome
nine-year-old Tiana Sirmans. (the audience cheers) What do you think makes a good reporter? – Well, of course you have to be curious, you have to be a good listener. (the audience laughs) – You should have your own talk show. – Yes. (Tiana laughs) – So I have someone
here I want you to meet. I know you’re a big fan of her, so Arianna will you come out? (the audience cheers) (Tiana screams in delight) This is Arianna Huffington! All right, so what advice would you give to her, Arianna? Being a journalist yourself. – Well, first of all, you’re amazing. – You really are.
– Thank you. – And you keep believing in yourself. And I want you to come and intern for one day at Thrive Global and interview anyone who works there and then, we will publish it. – I actually have a
special surprise for you, from our friends at Access Hollywood, you’re actually gonna spend a day interning there, as well. You’ll get to meet Mario Lopez and see what it takes to be a top notch entertainment news reporter. Does that sound good? – Yes! (the audience cheers) (the audience cheers) – Please welcome back Tiana Sirmans y’all. (everybody applauds) – Oh my God, we’ve kept you super busy with all the assignments. Tell me what your life has been like. – Well, since the last
time I was on your show you have definitely kept me super busy. – [Kelly] Yes. (everybody laughs) – Being back-and-forth to
LA doing Access Hollywood and doing the Red Carpet Movie Premier for The Addams Family. – [Kelly] Yes. – Going back home then, going to New York doing the internship
with Arianna Huffington, then going back home and
then now being here today. (everyone applauds) In LA– – I love you. – In LA again, just to be on your show and I really just wanna thank you for getting me– – Oh. – Both of the opportunities so that I could keep continuing my dream. – I love– You are so cute! Oh my gosh! – And I told– – We believe in you.
– Thank you. – We all love you. – Tiana, where is home? – Delaware.
– You still live in Delaware? – Yes. – Yes, girl! – Yes. (everyone laughs) – I was born in Wilmington,
raised in Claymont, so. – [Kelly] Wow, all right. – So, we know, we got each other. – And she’s awesome. If you’re gonna grow up
anything like this one, she’s awesome. – [Tiana] Yeah. – Okay, so we sent our
cameras to follow Tiana at Access, check this out y’all. (air whooshing) (happy music) – I feel so amazing about going to Access Hollywood for today. I’m so excited to help out
and to meet Mario Lopez. I have a whole bunch of questions and just so that I didn’t
forget all of them, I made sure that I wrote
’em down in my notebook. – There’s my Tiana. Hi! – [Tiana] Hi. – [Kit] How are you? – [Tiana] Fine, yourself? I really enjoyed meeting Kit Hoover. – Tiana, how old are you? – I am nine. – Nine-years-old and you
always wanted to be a reporter? – Yes. – I see a star made right here! I know talent. Okay, go. – Thank you. What advice would you give to young girls who may wanna one day
follow in your footsteps? – Be curious, work hard
and the best interviewers are the listeners. – Kit told me never to give up and that she believes
in me and that one day my dream will come true. – She’s gonna kill it. So nice to meet you! – Nice meeting you too. – Let’s hug it out. Oh I just love this. (happy clapping music) – What’s up, Tiana? Get in here. How you doing? That’s a good hug. – When I met Mario Lopez, so much was going through my head, like I just couldn’t wait. – I hear you wanna be an
entertainment reporter. – Yes I do. – Why’s that? – Well, it’s very fun and creates lost of opportunities for me. – I’d like you to hang out on the set, maybe you can help me out. Just kind of make sure I’m on point, ’cause I tend to be
scatter brain and wander. I need a strong woman like you, Tiana. (Tiana giggles) Help keep
me in line, sound good? – Sounds good. – All right. – [Producer] Big energy you guys! – Here are your notes
for the Meghan Trainor– – [Mario] For the Meghan Trainor? – [Tiana] Yes. – All right. Wish me luck, high five. – Good luck! (upbeat music) – Meghan Trainor, that’s Tiana. – Hi, you look amazing. You’re so cute. – Oh my gosh I met Meghan Trainor! (upbeat music) – [Mario] Meghan Trainor– – [Producer] Yeah! (the crowd cheers) – You hold onto that and
you kind of go through and make sure they’re, they’re hittin’ all these questions. – The executive producer was telling me that I was kind of the boss now. – Thank God you’re here, it
almost fell apart without you. – We need to tell our
talent to wrap it up. – All right, Tiana, I’m gonna give you your first assignment as an
entertainment reporter, ready? – Ready. – I’d like you to cover the World Premier of the new Addams Family film. – That’s amazing. – How coll is that, isn’t that amazing? – I– I just couldn’t– I couldn’t even think! – There’s gonna be a lot of celebrities I want you to try talk
to as many as possible. You’re gonna be workin’ the Red Carpet. – Mario told me to make sure that I’m doing some research, making sure that I have good questions, making sure I know about the people. Thank you. – Okay. – I can’t wait. I’m going
to make Mario Lopez proud. (gentle music) (the audience applauds Tiana) – Oh my gosh. You did so well! – Thank you. – Right, okay, so what kind of things did you learn through all that? That was a lot! – Yes, it definitely was. Some of the things that
I learned there was I got to sit inside the Director’s chair and I got to see how
the show will look like on live TV. – Yeah. – I got to look at the
script and make sure that they were hitting the questions and making– (Tiana laughs briefly) – And you’re nine! (Tiana laughs) – Whoo!
– I have kids, I can’t even– You’re so ahead. And Meghan Trainor was actually one of my first guests, like. What was she like? She’s lovely, right? Was she super sweet? – Yes, she was definitely super sweet, getting to meet her at Access Hollywood. I was actually supposed to see her perform at this July 4th event, but sadly, it kind of
rained on the parade. (everyone laughs) So me and my mom ended up leaving early and so, now not only did I
get to see her in person, she was absolutely obsessed with me. (everyone laughs hysterically) – We all are! – Oh my God! I, love you! – [Tiana] Thank you, yeah– – Oh my God you did so well, Mom, Oh my gosh, okay. – Yeah, she loved me, we hugged each other and so, now we’re, like best friends. – I love you. (the audience applauds) Well good job! (dramatic music) – I’m here at the Red Carper Premier– Wait! Purple Carpet Premier
of The Addams Family. Ready to talk to some of the stars. (upbeat music) – Goin’ on here baby girl, get your Mama. – You look beautiful. – Thank you, you do too. – Thank you. (camera shutter clicking) – What’s something about The Addams Family some consider weird, but may
be normal for your family? – Oh, well, our family
likes to kill each other– Try to kill each other a lot. Which is not usually normal. – [Tiana] What is something you’ve learned from The Addams Family? – No matter who you are,
whoever your family is, wherever you are, you should feel welcome and you should feel
comfortable to be there and I think that’s sort of what The Addams Family’s talkin’ about. – [Tiana] Thank you. – Great job. (camera shutter clicks) – How would you say you and your kids are just like your character and her kids? – I think that I want
the best for my kids, just like Morticia wants
the best for her kids and I think mommies
sometimes worry too much about things that they
shouldn’t worry about, just like Morticia, so I think we’re similar in those ways. – [Tiana] What’s the weirdest
thing that you’ve ever done? – When I was 12-years-old
I played a vampire and I had to suck fake blood out of somebody’s neck. (upbeat music) – My oldest daughter
tells me all the time, Mom, chill. – [Tiana] Yeah. – So I’m learning to chill. – [Tiana] Okay. – Yes. – [Tiana] Thank you. – Thank you. (upbeat music) – What is one thing that you think you have in common with Cousin It? – The one thing that I have
in common with Cousin It is long hair and I say what I feel. – That is true. (camera shutters clicking) – From Hollywood, this is
Tiana Sirmans reporting. – [Kelly] Yes! (the audience applauds) – Oh my God, so, Charlize Theron, Chloe Grace, Snoop Dogg,
did you have a favorite? That was awesome. – Thank you. Since I’m a journalist, it’s really, it’s really hard to pick one and– – Oh, ’cause you’re
supposed to be unbiased? Yeah, okay, okay. – Yeah that and also because, they were all just so great, but if I had the time to sit down and talk to one of them again, it would be Snoop Dog. Not only because… (the audience cheers) He was very funny, but also, I had a lot of questions for him and there was only enough
time for me to ask one. – [Kelly] Oh. – So I would definitely love to sit down and talk to him again and ask him more of my questions. – All right, all right. (the audience applauds) Well, tell us about your internship with Arianna Huffington. How was that? – It was great. I realized that she was
super busy in our meetings, I actually got to attend one with her. – Attend one. (Tiana laughs) You’re nine! It’s so– – [Tiana] Yeah. – Okay you attended a meeting. – I also learned how to do the
three point lighting trick. – [Kelly] Oh. – Set up a greenscreen– – Wait, wait what’s that trick? – [Kelly] What’s a three
point lighting trick? I wanna look younger, tell me. – [Hayley] Yeah, please! (Tiana laughs) – So the three point lighting trick is where you have about three lights and so you have lights inside the back and then you have about, a
few lights inside the front. And then, so it kind of takes away the shadows around the person. – Yeah. – So that when you’re try and record there’s no shadows, ’cause
there’s light from– – Light is all encompassing. – Yeah. – [Kelly] Oh. – [Hayley] I wanna try
that, I wanna try that. – All right! (the audience applauds) Are you just so proud? I’m proud of you. (everyone laughs) – Thank you. – I’m proud of you for raising her, she just said I attended a meeting. – [Mom] Yes. – [Kelly] And she’s nine. – It’s been a very amazing experience, so thank you for giving that to her. She never ceases to amaze me. She’s had dreams since
she was able to talk, pretty much, so… I’m just here to–
– She can dream big though because you’ve allowed her to. Like, a lot of times
people, like will kind of stump that down and hold people back. I love that about you. – I let her dream, even
if they cost me sleep, I let her dream. (everyone laughs) (the audience applauds) – All right, so do you have a question for Hayley and Valarie? Do you wanna ask them
anything since we’re here? – Oh no, I’m nervous. (everyone laughs) – So, yes I do have a
question for both of you. – Okay. – So, one of my jobs as a reporter is to be able to get your attention and ask you questions. So, how can a reporter ask you questions, or get your attention
without annoying you? – Ooh, that’s a good question.
– That’s a great question! – Yeah it is. – Like if we’re on the Red Carpet, or? – Like, let’s just say I see you on the block somewhere and then I recognize you or even on a Red Carpet event. – Ooh, start with a compliment. – I, no, I think the
compliment is a good idea. Also… Well, yell at me. (everyone laughs) – If you’re trying to get her attention. – If you’re trying to get
my attention, yell at me. – Right. – You’re kind of used to
that on the Red Carpet, that you get yelled at a lot and you just start turning to people that keep yelling your name. – Yeah.
– Yes. – I guess it’s kind of,
for me I think it would be a combination of both, but I think a lot of my best and favorite interviews feel very conversational, much like this. And so I always find that, I love talking to a reporter, journalist, when they… When they are as interested
in what I’m doing as I am, I think that always
makes for a good interview. – [Kelly] You’re curious. – [Hayley] You have that common interest. – Yeah. – [Kelly] Totally, all right.


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