Warren And Hillary | What the Mainstream Media ISN’T Telling You

Warren And Hillary | What the Mainstream Media ISN’T Telling You

Hi everyone I hope you’re all well so we
have 2020 fast approaching the Democrats are vamping up their election strategies
whether it’s the nominees making increasingly wild promises of open
borders and radical climate change action to Nancy Pelosi making
increasingly wild claims of impeaching Donald Trump it is all happening in the
United States political arena so just what is happening what is the latest
scoop who said what about what and when who’s been caught out in what lie who’s
had the latest hysterical rant well in this video I want to examine a few key
recent happenings on the electoral landscape some of which are kind of
being overlooked by the mainstream media so the first thing that I would really
like to address involves none other than everyone’s favorite fake Native American
Elizabeth Warren now I did not have a lot of time for Elizabeth Warren she is
so far to the left on things like immigration and health care that no
sensible person could possibly take her seriously her plan to abolish private
health insurance entirely in favor of a single-payer system is further to the
left even then Australia and we have quite an
expansive Medicare for All system then of course there was that time she tried
to appeal to the young by live-streaming in the most god-awful II awkward manner
possible and then there was the time she tried to get woke by putting her
pronouns in her Twitter bio anyway Elizabeth’s latest gaffe shall we say is
a bit of a long-term one in fact it extends back to 2007 during her
presidential campaign Elizabeth has claimed a few times that back in 1971
she had been working as a special needs teacher for a year but at the end of
that year when she was visibly pregnant her boss
apparently did not invite her back for a second year because of the pregnancy she
has claimed this in September at the Democratic Party presidential primary
debate saying but at the end of that first year I was visibly pregnant and
back in the day that meant that the principal said to me wished me luck and
hired someone else for the job she made the same assertion in August at a town
hall saying again that at the end of that first year of teaching the
principal did what principals apparently did in those days wished her luck and
hired someone else for the job and she made this claim a third time in April at
the National Action Network teaching special needs kids is a calling but I
finished the first year visibly pregnant and back in those days it meant you
didn’t get invited back that’s how it was
sounds all very sad doesn’t it how she an aspiring schoolteacher who dreamed of
influencing young minds for the rest of her life was shunned by a sexist male
principal forcing her into domestic servitude until she picked herself up
and went to law school now this would make her a feminist dream candidate that
is if it were true footage has come to light recently of an interview Elizabeth
did at the University of Berkeley in 2007 where she talks about that time in
her life but gives a very different account I worked it was in a public
school system but I worked with the children with disabilities and I did
that for a year and then that summer I actually didn’t have the education
courses so I was on an emergency certificate it was called and I went
back to graduate school and took a couple of courses in education and said
I don’t think this is going to work out for me and I was pregnant with my first
baby so I had a baby and stayed home for a couple of years in addition to the
2007 video minutes from a 1970 meeting of New Jersey’s Riverdale Board of
Education have emerged which showed that Warren was unanimously approved for a
second year contract in 1970 for a two days per week teaching job which was
similar the one that she had held the previous key
also minutes from a meeting in 1971 the very next year when she claimed to have
been callously fired for her pregnancy show her resignation was accepted with
regret well well well either Elizabeth Warren
is suffering from amnesia or she is the biggest gas light in politics first she
lies about having Native American ancestry allegedly to make it in
academia then she lies about the circumstances of her leaving the job
that is a key personality draw in her campaign that is she was a special needs
teacher whose dream was cruelly ripped from her because sexism and patriarchy
what a wonderful role model for women Elizabeth has responded to this stating
in an exclusive interview with CBS all I know is I was 22 years old I was six
months pregnant and the job that I had been promised for the next year was
going to someone else the principal said they were going to hire someone else for
my job she also said when asked why she told
the story differently in 2007 the tins her election to the Senate in 2012 she
has opened up about certain aspects of her life and that is one of them look
who knows what really happened but the bottom line is neither of her accounts
supports the other one whether she fabricated the story in 2007 or 2019
this key point in her campaign has been fabricated either way so to Elizabeth
Warren once again liar liar pants on fire there is a rumor floating around
that former presidential candidate and world’s sorest loser Hillary Clinton
will once again run for president this speculation has been fueled by the fact
Hillary has made a number of public appearances lately sparked by her recent
tour for her book the book of gutsy women which she co-authored with her
daughter Chelsea then of course there were these tweets I think that Kruger
Hillary Clinton should enter the race to try and steal it away from uber left
Elizabeth Warren only one condition the crooked one must explain all of her high
crimes and misdemeanors including how and why she deleted 33,000 emails after
getting C subpoena don’t tempt me do your job can I just say well we’re
still on the green screen Hillary Clinton should never ever ever try to
out Trump Trump on Twitter ever so why would a few public appearances and a
tweet or to mean a potential 2020 run well it’s the nature of her commentary
that has people buzzed so buzz that polling company Rasmussen conducted a
hypothetical popularity poll of Hillary and Trump which revealed that at the
moment they are neck and neck with voters at 45% each almost exactly the
same as the 2016 election Erie right so just what is the nature of this
commentary that has political gossips chattering away well it goes something
like this he knows he’s an illegitimate president
he knows he knows that there were a bunch of different reasons why the
election turned out the way it did and I take responsibility for those parts of
it that I should but Jane it was like applying for a job and getting 66
million letters of recommendation and losing to a corrupt human tornado okay
evidently very little has changed since 2016 Hillary Clinton’s refusal to accept
the election results a characteristic of a very sinister attitude within the left
that is that democracy is only legitimate and functional if their
preferred candidates and causes are winning we are seeing the same thing in
the UK with brexit where an unhealthily large number of remainders are calling
for another referendum or suggesting that breaks it be canceled altogether
simply because they didn’t get the result they wanted in 2016 this
condemnation of the results of it legitimately fought and won election
campaign as somehow illegitimate is probably one of the reasons so many
people do not want Hillary Clinton to run again as for me I’d love it a run
again 2016 was such a fun year I mean who
wouldn’t want Trump V Hillery 2.0 am i right then of course there is the
impeachment issue look a lot of information has come out about it in the
last week or so way too much for me to go
into in detail here it actually needs its own video I think to do a justice
but it’s important to remember two things first unlike when Bill Clinton
was impeached there is no single concrete thing that
the Democrats can point to the Trump did wrong it all comes down to the
interpretation of the phone call with the Ukrainian president and how you
perceive that kind of conversation between world leaders the other thing to
remember that is in order for Trump to actually be removed from office there
would have to be a two-thirds supermajority in the Senate since the
Republicans hold the majority in the Senate it would seem highly unlikely the
impeachment enthusiasts could achieve even a simple majority of over 50% and
let alone two-thirds so this whole thing is just political theater and virtue
signaling and serves only to distract from the campaign’s of the 2020
Democratic presidential candidates which is why I am so confused as to why Nancy
Pelosi has brought this forward in the first place like what is she hoping to
achieve from it in terms of the party unless of course she simply wants
Trump’s 2020 campaign to be marred by the shadow of impeachment because she
has so little faith in her 2020 Democratic candidates to win on their
own merits now that I think is a fair assumption I mean let’s be real they’re
not great candidates to say the least and speaking of saying the least okay
marinwood okay Mary and William okay Marion Whitley Williamson I cannot even
say her name properly Marianne Williamson like what even is that she is
weird with the crystals and she’s got the kind of author creative thing going
and that’s fine but she is very clearly a hippie and the last thing we want is
for a hippie to be the leader of the free world and then there’s Castro I
mean and I keep wanting to call him Fidel Castro and obviously that is not
his name I mean he must be one of the most self-righteous open borders people
you can possibly imagine if you know what he did the other day
he literally led a bunch of asylum seekers from beyond the border in Mexico
to the US border and demanded they’d be led in while they await their claims of
asylum and of course they were refused because of the kind of stay in Mexico
policy and of course Castro was like oh my god it’s so cruel they’re being left
they face the consequences it’s like oh my god will you stop with the publicity
Sunday just so obvious you don’t actually care about these people you’re
just doing it to sort of wind and then there’s beater or rock like what is that
like he’s like a piece of performance art that is put there to be a parody of
himself he’s way too thin he looks like he’s like been drawn like that god bless
and I don’t mean to appear and shame him but I I find it very very off-putting
he’s like look at me I am so relatable I say the word heck yeah I swear sometimes
I said the f-bomb a lot in my speech when I lost two crews let alone look and
then there was the time that he tried to out Spanish Corey and Castro Cory Booker
that is at the presidential debate I mean that was hilarious he remember you
stood there he stood there and like randomly talked in Spanish blah blah
blah and they showed this shot of Cory Booker who was looking at Beto like he
wanted to kill him Dante missus Adamo’s missus Adamo’s because they were each
kind of tried trying to like out minority each other which i think is
incredibly patronizing and their main the ridiculous thing about it is it
being a rock I mean for God’s sake his last name is a rock he is a
fourth-generation Irish American who eventually went to an
all-male boarding school in Madison County Virginia there is absolutely
nothing Hispanic about him and it’s for Cory Booker who then launched in and
jumped into Spanish his full name is Cory
Anthony Booker his parents have the most Anglo sounding names you can imagine and
he grew up in a black Methodist Church Hispanics are generally Catholic and
look I’m not saying that non Hispanic people can’t be fluent in Spanish and
shouldn’t speak Spanish etcetera etcetera so don’t make that assumption
I’m just sayin on a grand scale of virtue signaling within this context
what Peter and Cory are doing is just lovable and so transparent and speaking
of Cory like again he’s another one all he seems to do is race bait and get
hysterical its race race race race race Trump is this Tramp is that translates
error and it’s like I’m sorry but your obsession with race is racist in itself
and that’s the same with all those kind of race baiting Democrats like anyone
who is like to sort of racially dividing people has
to be inherently racist because that is actually a racist thing
and speaking of race pate is like didn’t even get me started on Kamala Harris I
think she is probably my least favorite of all of these really terrible
candidates I mean my introduction to Kamala Harris was during the Cavanaugh
hearings last year like that time she waited when she’s questioning Kevin I on
the Senate to be very very very very very last minute of her five minutes of
whatever a time to say look just before we wrap up you know did you watch
Christine Blasi Ford’s speech this morning and testimony and course Kevin I
was like well no I did and I was preparing my oh just like that’s all
he’s like but I was I was preparing my own enou that’s all and I’m like the
reason you have done this to try to paint him as some sort of misogynist
who’s not going to watch the testimony of this of this woman who’s brought
these allegations against him that is incomplete bad-faith so yeah I don’t
like Kamala Harris I think she’s a bad faith actor and I don’t like her and
then there’s Biden Joe Biden here’s what astounds me about Joe Biden he how can
the Democrats who are allegedly the party of me to and respect for women and
anti predators against women have unknown lech who has been very
disrespectful of women’s personal space invading their personal space in a very
creepy way which is behavior that they apparently roughtly condemned how is he
a Democratic candidate for president and one of the frontrunners in the polls I
mean oh my god if you wanted an example of how hypocritical the regressive left
is this is it they assert hollering of bad behavior on their own side it is
like laughable so there’s my I guess what you call US election special I’ll
keep you updated with all the kind of little tidbits like that that are coming
along that maybe the mainstream media is not reporting on and look I think okay I
can say is that 2020 is around the corner and it’s going to be a bumpy ride
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