Wallace: Mueller hearing has been a disaster for Dems, Mueller's reputation


27 thoughts on “Wallace: Mueller hearing has been a disaster for Dems, Mueller's reputation”

  • Putin played dumb dony owes owes owes Russian taxpayer want money-back black mail dumb dony bail out republican party Spin baby Spin lie repeat Lie repeat Lie repeat

  • I'm on the winning side says:

    Tired old man should have retired with honor years ago. What ever did he do to the dems that makes them use him so.

  • Od Donald behaved with NO decency NO loyalty to the country, his conduct was immoral and disgusting. And continues to be. He's still blabbering 'no collusion, no obstruction' like the pathetic scam artist and con man that he is.

  • Wow, no Mueller did his job, he had to be careful not to say the wrong thing. As for the attacks, that's ALL the REpubs EVER do they are doing soundbites, they dont' want answers and Mueller told them that he couldn't answer on certain subjects. Not worth answering IDIOTS who don't want one is there? And as for the rest COLLUSION – loads, conspiracyy NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE, because of lies the Trump folk told and count after count of OBSTRUCTION as Trump et al LIED to cover it all up. And Trump can be indicted AFTER being potus. OH and RUSSIA is no hoax and the investigation NO witch hunt. And that's nothing because he sounded a bit ill? Wow Wallace has disgraced himself. Hey Fox though.

  • Notice how no one has ever mentioned what the actual evidence is or was that persuaded hundreds of millions of Americans to vote for trump?
    The only factual evidence that has been exposed is how fake and pretend the corrupt democratic followers and believers and government officials are and the desire to orchestrate a lie and how far they will go and the extremely concerning measures they will take to maintain lies on no actual evidence!

    In the dictionary these behavioural traits and patterns are described as a mental illness.


  • I can’t purview on that because I wasn’t there the day the report was written but since I don’t remember anything I won’t discuss it, however if you can repeat the question I can discuss Vietnam and what time I had breakfast this morning, I had a corrupt bagel, with two complicit eggs, and a cup of conspiracy……whew, can I go home now…..

  • Nancy should never have given Mueller a swig from her purse flask. Whatever was in that flask paralyzed the old bugger. Shame.

  • Bernard Riggs says:

    No , in all fairness Mueller just simply looked tired , not fimiliar with report and made himself look retired.

    Not Dems or Repubs doing but Mueller’s

    Give him credit he said he did not want to testify and he basically did not 😂

  • It was exactly as Trump said a sham investigation from the beginning.
    The Clinton lawyers chose Mueller because he was willing to rubber-stamp the investigation with his name and have nothing to do with it other than sit there and look stupid. Don't talk to me about Mueller's past service to this country he is a commie along with the rest of the Clinton Squad

  • national interest says:

    3….2…..1 your back in the room…………OMG the famous 'bogeyman' Mueller turns out to be a deaf, sometimes confused, old man that that clearly needs to be in a retirement home. You will see how his report, which some parts Mueller doesn't actually know about !!!!, is a totally one sided Clinton funded fabricated allegation that has led to nothing.
    Part 2 will be the arrest of all these conspirators, starting with Comey. …. Can't wait !!!

  • Chris Wallace is a sellout, a hypocrite. He is earning his pay, that's all. He is a liberal in sheep's clothing.
    He is just parroting what other conservatives are saying but he really does not believe it himself.
    All you have to do is hear him being interviewed by other liberals and his true self comes out.
    Just listen to him on the Late Show, he was a total disaster himself!

  • Deplorable 4 Life says:

    Ha! Even Wallace can't deny the obvious here…what we've known these many months. This wasn't Mueller's investigation, it was Weissmann's. Muller was put "in charge" to add credibility to a pack of unscrupulous Democrat hatchet men.

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