WAL 406 Full Event

WAL 406 Full Event

[Applause] we welcome you to wal 2018 250,000 dollars on the line there [Applause] it is championship night here in Atlanta Georgia wal 406 year number for our sixth event and championship hammers will be handed out tonight and over $100,000 in total will be handed out as well inside of Turner arena a sold-out venue here what a venue for what should be an epic night in the history of the Wal alongside former three-time world champion wrestling analyst in the world kneel pick up my name is Ben Holden it's been a couple of years good to see you again Neal Oh Ben guys I missed you so much I can't believe I'm back here and I'm so what a night to do it the college absolutely stacked it's full of monsters and we're gonna get a look at them it's full of monsters literally and figuratively Devon lair it will go against the monster Michael Todd on our main event sometime around 10:30 is there a bigger match in all of arm wrestling and the line of the Getz's there is biblical we've brought out the stars they're inside the building Toxie little chicks mutt mask Marcio barbozza we've got new formats we've got excitement we've got championships on the line it will be from the remaining it certainly will be we've got battle Royales as well coming up we'll get into that as we move along Jerry cattle rats here as well Big Daddy looking to lay it down in our Vijay against who I think's the most underrated guy in this circuit storm ciolino and storms being a boobie mount for religion jr. roll bullet air but he's going to be tested tonight but it all leads up to Devin Lara a monster michael talk it's the headliner for a very very special night it really is and we take a look at our match card we'll begin with a battle royale we'll get into the format of those once we get a little bit closer to the start of it that'll be a lightweight then we'll have a middleweight and on and on we'll see the women's division as well Todd Hutchings and Barbosa they'll go as well on the next page it continues on nail those super machi is all ridiculous we've got a stack of big names I'm big men we've got three hummus' on the line lightweight middleweight and of course the heavyweight yes indeed so looking forward to seeing those hammers back here at wal 406 here tonight inside of Turner arena and before we go any further let's get you caught up and it formed you of the wal rules of the game [Applause] the referee begins the match by centering the competitors hands on the table the hands must be leveled close and tightly set if their grip slips they will be placed in the strap during the match the arm wrestlers must keep their elbow on the pad at all times to win the match a competitor must touch his opponents hand or wrist to the path or break the plane of the pin line three fouls is a loss and the crowd is energetic here and in Atlanta Georgia here at a sold-out Turner studio tremendous turnout in support of the Wal and Max table and he'll be going in this lightweight Battle Royale he's been sitting here the last five shows he's out there now nail BAE he's Kent my seat warm but daddy's home tonight he's back where he belongs on the arm wrestling table on what a 90s golf this is a new format it's gonna test endurance more than the strength and the line of his ridiculous Jamie Sheldon pale Poland awesome lineup and an incredible event and we have fun fun night let's get now to our pit announcer back with us so um Holland this is a venomous individual Holland so long so rangy so very very fast championship night I'm so amped up I wanted to go to Justin Roberts early let's go to him now for the introductions of the four men that will compete in our lightweight battle royale ladies and gentlemen our opening contest is a four man lightweight petal the first round will be a best of curry competition with the winners of immediately competing in the final best of five battle royale championship introducing first to the Pitt from Boca Raton Florida he stands at six feet tall and weighed in at 169 pounds with a record of eight wins and eight losses in a huge win in wal 401 Chicago and is lucky to make a big mark today as one of the top young guns of the wal ladies and gentlemen max to strong his opponent in the first round is one of the most animated and popular athletes in the wal from Tulsa Oklahoma he stands at five feet seven inches tall and weighed in at 167 pounds with a record of nine wins and only two losses it's the hair raiser maybe this time maybe Stern roughing this look into the big booty baby baby the next competitor in the Battle Royale – beats out of Riverside California standing at 6 feet tall and weighing in at 170 pounds he too is a young gun of at Wal he is the natural Jimmy [Applause] and the final competitor in this four-man battle royale comes to us from Salaam Berkshire England standing at 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing 169 pounds with a record of 5 wins and 3 losses he is one of the highest table IQ competitors in the wal Tom the machine [Applause] all right so they've all been introduced here Neil what an incredible lineup so much hunger so much talent packed into that small space perfect so Bart would our head referee will oversee this so these in the in the battle Royales okay gentlemen it'll be best of three until the final best of five listen to Bart get a peek into our tale the tape near what do you make it up I make about that much too strong Tobin is a much bigger arm wrestler but with much less experience the Hale razor has been finding his feats in the world armwrestling league I think his stride he's firmly on the ground here I like the razor he's been good he was good in the last one he's got those gentlemen to the fans on he had one is magic they look down and square up I will line your webbing son of the table no side pressure he did justice angle back a little bit gotta come down to mr. Hale right there looks good do not cover the thumb would be a foul close your hand one foul mm-hmm I'll make the calls I see it one foul I'll call them max next time I'd pressure his opponent open up three fouls you lose the poem close your thumbs stay right here come under here max close your heads files to Powell's I'll let them know you're pulling right back you don't want me around here the man is in distress [Applause] squeeze down okay hey let go I gotta get this animal level up Jen hold right here good okay square up gentlemen just wait a little bit Jeff's way and right there close your thumbs close your hands [Applause] he's really did some 90 seconds here Neil in between Falls the same as it a smaller man oh geology consultant he's from a family of geologists one time college baseball player he's found his calling in armwrestling max Tom and attended Florida State studied nutrition now works in the real estate field and dabbles in television a little bit does indeed much to open nice to see that gets himself nice and relaxed we're Jeff Hale the man with more experience right here he was run over in round one but I know it can be a slight mistake and something he may be able to correct you both cover the thumb knuckle so that's offsetting close your thumbs close your hands nope I got a C knuckle both you guys are going to high pressure shut down both yell this way this way whistle time going to the strap 30 second block they put on for that scrap of the apply Saturn often I think we're gonna see a lot about this evening yeah this stage Jeff will be very comfortable with it explosivity needs to be pressed with the later rounds it's gonna try to put max to bed and that's a big key in these battle royale something you and I were talking about and you go first that gives you a little bit more time you go second you win you got to come right back after about five minutes and go again to try to win it without actually a little bit insurance is critical at this stage good your head [Applause] failed dominant [Applause] you know it's gotta be the band's he's wearing I'm telling you Neal he came up and join us on stage in Cleveland he's wearing those vans that Jeff Spicoli made famous and Fast Times at Ridgemont High is looking good tonight Oh in so many ways ladies and gentlemen the winner of the first bout the Hellraiser Jeff Hale and now we see our machine Tom Holland so the next two combatants are we look at our tale of the tape between these two what grabs your eyes the most you know what's most important for both these men now is that they finish quickly the longer taller guy he's holding he's got to make that about each stick he needs a phosphatase a gentleman and here we go close it go this way open up I gotta line this up close your thumbs bonus travel he is a calm customers there's a lot of nerves at this stage also these men don't know each other well there's a little bit of feeling out process there and they're no holes ahead of them a lot of lessons are gonna be learned in this first 10 seconds of the match so Bart wood applying the strap his wife Jen would referees Mike Fontenot helping out as well tonight on a three here trying to advance to the final where they will the winner will face Jeff fail they will not bounce and they won't advance clean land they want to advances cleanly shaven as Jerry Sheldon said this is right here general stay right here close your hands [Applause] rather young month in the UK we'll need that too baby question of on its a 90 seconds for them to wait group and go to their corners and do what they need to do and Tom how and last saw him in Norfolk at 4:04 that's my corner you know what's more surprising there all sorts on a lesson to be learned for Jamie Sheldon he knows a little about Tom Holland but you look across the table and Holland looks like an ultra marathon runner with a salad obsession now this man is super powerful he wants the much on the inside he wants the match to be about the Laura Jimmy watch the bigger he looks the more powerful man he's looks like he's been carved out of rock yeah he just lost a strength match big deep breaths and gonna stay calm 20 seconds gentlemen very relaxed right now a picture of concentration and Jamie obviously felt that first one he's got his handle off these China get that lactic acid away from the forearm those muscles blow up quickly and require more oxygen in there and Sheldon a Nolan to the table but he's an experienced competitor he knows what he needs to do [Applause] advance for the final bailiff he can win here [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] yeah don't you bullet there that could so easily be cool the benefit of the doubt was in total control Sheldon meets the big deep into the market rates because right now he's got little to say to Tom Holland up the well Sheldon when he went against Jeff Hale in Norfolk in 404 was up to nothing wash that match three two trying to flip the script he's got a win two in a row here to advance he walls but he won both matches whilst being dominated by hail through own home in a sign for Sheldon he's losing his hands and wrists from this at a frequent pace he cannot afford to do not quit Holland's caliber close your thumbs stay right here I'm Allen trying to close it out and it's two nothing sweep [Applause] that's also many credible coins government and hail are gonna meet relatively fresh that's a dream situation Tom Holland advances he will take on the Hale razor Jeff Hale who raised plenty of hail his first match of the night Neil as we look back at Tom Holland wanted to get this much out of the way quick against the dangerous Jamie Sheldon and he did just that the pressure was applied more when we saw that quick win from Jeff Hale we'll talk about step up champions response from Holland the young man really showed his caliber they're questioned about it two men left they're gonna try to decide it Jeff Hale one of them Tom Holland the other one the Hale house in this situation is that he knows Holland well and that is Keith all right so that is up for grabs that battle royale championship chain coming up the finals of our wal lightweight Battle Royale great Savio with us tonight for wal 406 inside of a sold-out Turner studio here in Atlanta Georgia alongside Neil pickup my name is Ben Holden great start to this event Neil and the tale the tape here in the lightweight Battle Royale final hail and Holland it'll be hard to see two more opposing physical characters in these walnut tall rangy vo they're short compact and powerful both these men blistering me quick this is a coin toss it could go either way both winning two nothing in their first matches if you're just joining us today's stream being provided by beyond our live download the app on Apple TV Roku and Amazon fire TV to catch all of the Wal action ok to the table please set your elbows down so you got a quarter you set a coin flip that's how you feel right this is so interesting basement much more options worth double for Tom Horne because of that white the cerebral approach of the Hellraiser usually fits aware that was incredible just explain Pete that's known as a pen it was so quick I didn't see it then there was it was an ultra fast at the end of the day I don't need to the guys in the black and white and they Tom Holland for this young 90 seconds still here in this hole right there close your thumbs stay right here no side pressure bring it back loose loose close your hands [Applause] [Applause] but he runs into a brick wall look at the application of the hot bath absolutely phenomenal cats drives forward uses the body Azula they're incredible underneath the fin but Tom Holland and look at what it means to that young man explosive it's explosive women on an explosive night big time he's got a two nothing lead needs one more win to take this lightweight Battle Royale Jeff bales got work to do if you're pale what do you got to do here to adjust dude I would be looking for the struck the struck may give him different options in terms of anchorena Bolin's arm down and trying to maintain anything though because the heroines of these [Applause] despite nerves this position he is happy discontented trying to squeeze his way back into the March this Hale was raised right there man needs to be in terms of completing the task ahead the corner that here comes the money you put money on the table people try harder Ben yes that's a lot of disciple but they like to do it and get me yes little swallow back there the nerves are jangling a little bit now any thoughts I mean this kid had a terrible journey to the United States of America 30 hours of trouble miss this point was a very little sleep but he couldn't a dreamt in those few hours of sleep to stop and he would get against this in Tom Hollands arsenal with Tom how I'm trying to win this right wait Battle Royale Jeff Maehl needs the wind to survive and force a decisive 5th pull he managed to right here to the table position [Applause] you come inside [Applause] tonight the darkness is falling on the table and torn home has just been encapsulated yes it's turning from a dream do we enjoy a core with bags of ice so it's going to a fitting poll to decide it you got 90 seconds clock winding on a 65 to go Holland with a 2 nothing lead but Hale has come back you'd have to say that the momentum now mentally probably swings to the older experienced athlete this was a dream star for Tom Holland Jeff Hale has got that for his surgeons in the match he's managed to find a position that he could get to and now it's the turn of Holland what have you got Tom what have you got can you find the top rope you do need to make a change but that's a brave man that will do it and Tom looks like he's suffering there is ice on that elbow he's feeling the wear and tear the devil is dancing there are those fans and I am such a big fan of [Applause] and every event he's pulled in this season here in 2018 in the Wal super match now Championship Series here today Atlanta here we go Neal they're both making their way back winner takes all that cash on the table 10,000 bucks playing there forum to hold two pins chip Hale two pins both boys the last two matches have gone into one position and it's exactly where Jeff Hale wanted it to be to be brave a different way to test the Hale razor he's got the ability as I got the bravery we're about to find out stay down Tom please close your thumbs this way close your hands [Applause] Oh giggles right in the look he's last night again Sheldon it's back to all of you we had the roof but he's getting too smooth applied he thought it was a baby for loving definitely close the strap you see exactly what were your weapons on or I do anything fly tighten it I gotta have the webbing before great about the final match Rachel Holloman yeah learn from Jeff and he took the risk and sometimes when you gamble it lands on the number there certainly did there that young man was in control very unfortunate not to go home winner takes it all and we'll see something different here from here [Applause] Geoffrey's going to the bank now he soon [Applause] mad respect the one bad dude yes I love that about this sport to respect between the competitors which is like no other [Applause] do things you live for inevitable death from the Tom Holland ruin they'll count his money we'll look back at the final pan knew he knew yet to finish early he didn't have long to wait there we had a slim opportunity for victory but the experience paid off and he drove it all the way home he's taken the soul of Holland he certainly has one more look from up top must drive from the Hale racer he's talking to Holland he called the pin and deserved the winner in a fistful of cash for Jeff Hale he's standing by down in the pit with our Jason's own Fisher who's always in the why the hell raiser you were down many thought you were out but you never gave up what did it take to come back and win that match listen I played this I tried to stump this fool I tried to beat him at his own game but none I'm gonna know he wanted to come inside deep inside you know what I say that move don't work on me unless you got power well you had the power tonight but that was a tough battle and I saw you said you are uh you were a bad man you talk about a little bit of the respect you have for your opponent Tom Holland listen I know Tom okay and he is a bad doing I got a lot of respect for him I got some history with Tom we've been at this once before so he hadn't well he wanted a little Redemption against the Hellraiser but dude I already stole his soul once I'm just here to do it again baby whoo all right and I heard you saying where is he where is he as you were taking the money who are you looking for right now where is he where is Luke Kent now there may be a lightweight championship tonight between Luke and Sam but I'm telling you right now and everybody else out here that I'm the man in this class hey Luke King have you got the cojones come and find out what I might do to you baby Wow all right well the Hellraiser he he knows how to talk to talk but tonight he walked the walk as well what an amazing way to start this off tonight Ben and Neil back to you guys whoo thanks so much Jason what a statement from Jeff Hale there huh wasn't it just he was run all the way to the edge of his capabilities there but the test was passed and it was possibly flying colors exactly it took the words right out of my mouth we're not done we're just getting going here folks at Turner studio in Atlanta as Jeff Hale takes the Battle Royale and the cash and the championship chain as he defeats Tom Holland when we come back another Battle Royale and another chain will be handed out like Hale Scott we'll see Frodo Hoagland Quinlan Mendes Mike selearis and Nikolas not Assad when we come back to Atlanta final event of year number four in the wal it's wal 406 here from Atlanta Georgia at Turner studios our main event coming up later tonight it'll be Devin Larry and Michael Todd let's listen to these two earlier today Michael Todd and I have quite a history Devin layer epitomizes the sport of arm wrestling Michael Todd is always the bridesmaid my match with Devin legs can be such a war he's gonna have to re-enlist to find somewhere safer Michael Todd when faced with defeat will crack I'm the super heavyweight champ he's gonna have to try to take what's mine he has never won a real world championship what I'm gonna have to do is just become a pure heart and desire this match is going to be insane all right so those two great competitors talking it up getting ready here inside of Turner studios and our referee in the middle our head referee Bart wood on the left Jen wood and Mike Fontenot who stepped in on one of our wal events earlier this year our third referee let's speak some wal now with Bart wood talking about the hook hi I'm Bart wood head referee of the world armwrestling league I'm going to go over how to speak wal hook is a term you'll hear during a match a cook is when the opponent's twist their wrist straight down and now all the pressure is armed arm and out of a hand during a match you'll also hear the term top roll top roll is when the person wants to attack the hand and stay away from the arm so they simply drive back into the fingertips rotating out to the corner of the table during that process sometimes a slip occurs both opponents go out and they slip out that's when you bring out the strap another term you hear during the match is the press a press is simply when the opponent gets his shoulder behind his hand and he shoves straight down with as much pressure as he can these are all terms and techniques that you're going to hear during a match and that's how you speak wal all right back here inside of Turner studio and we're gonna welcome you over to our our humble abode I mean this is this is top notch folks I mean what a spot we've gotten he'll pick up this is where it all goes down three-time world champ great to have Neal with us my name is Ben Holden coming up next another battle royale this time Neal in the middle weights you know we saw some intense stuff in that light weight class the middleweight probably gonna be even more brutal not wait well let's take a closer look at the men that are competing in this and we start with a guy you know well relentless fraud a hoggle under it's all in the name this man has no backward step he likes to win matches Oakley doesn't matter if he loses his hand but tonight he space him Quinlan Q Mendes this guy it's like an opera sling in a mirror yeah he's adored that American version of the warlord that is for the whole gallon and then you got the chemist Mike Sally heiress here so eros looks up the mind games he likes to create puzzles for you he likes to mess with your mind he's gonna need every ounce of that tonight against the incredible natural phenomenon that is the steel giraffe very good so those are the competitors Twitter fan poll near the results say what do you think I think that there's a lot of weight in the corner of mana stop he's got to get through a tricky Sally are asleep you can do it fast and can do it clean there's a lot of truth in what the bugs are safe all right so our second battle royale of the night for the introductions our pit announcer Justin Roberts ladies and gentlemen this next vote is a middleweight the rules remain the same as our last contest with preliminary matches being best of three followed by the championship in a best-of-five soon to be approaching the pit are four middleweights who are so close to the ability and heart that we are in for some intense Wars approach of the pit first competing out of 13 Norway setting at 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing in at 196 pounds he was the winner of the Norwegian men's national championship at the age of 18 he has a wal record of 4 wins and 4 losses and is known for his passionate drive at the table his Farina hardly [Applause] his opponent in his first preliminary match competing out of Bryan Ohio standing at five feet nine inches tall and wearing 197 pounds he is also known for his immense passion and drive at the table and had a huge win in wal 403 where the record of 16 and 8 this is and his opponent competing out of hand in Connecticut he sets at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighed in at 196 pounds with a record of 28 and 17 and coming off a huge win last month at wal 405 here's one of the smartest and most savvy competitors in the game this is Mike booth chemist [Applause] [Applause] winner na na for president approaching the pit competing out of Housing Board sweeted standing at 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing 194 pounds he is one of the most feared arm wrestlers in the wal a nightmare to deal with at the table combining skill strategy and tenacity it's ambush Nicolas notice dad [Applause] so the introductions complete meal and to see the four men that will take place just like we saw in that lightweight Battle Royale the first two matches will be best of fries and then the final will be a best-of-five tale the tape meal frota and Quinlan your thoughts on these guys two very different approaches to this much for all to Hoagland would make this standing on the scale with a cheeseburger in his home with Menendez cook-off his body weight when he came out from behind that screen he won't like a light heavyweight he's huge tonight that will that count in terms of their ability nothing to pick table these guys have wanted to face each other their soul elbow down is where your shoulders please the fans have worried to see this much for so very long I want to see it for very long to close your thumbs close your hair today does to make not size count big draw enormous top roll he's out so powerful deep breath they're from Magnus Mendes his father's Road life many of his family members hear anything I love about this sports family-oriented people base their vacations around it to do indeed and I'm very close to his Duff Dave yeah very endearing relationship and it's all about hard to tell goals this guy now the same can be said about the styles on the table [Applause] look how stretched out for is there he couldn't get that much on to arm Quitman if he sees in his hand and that was the key to victory that's where he's got to stay had a great start for Mendez he loved that Mendez suet 403 in Cleveland beat Tony Kotowski 3-1 Rada Hoagland took celli heiress out in Baltimore in 402 3 nothing he's not a real emotional roller coaster in 2018 quit Mendes but this is a man who's fuelled by emotion fueled by passion bereavements earlier in the year through his stride but we may be seeing the very best of what Mendez is capable of that's a fantastic stop fraud a Hoglund looks like he's been sponsored by toothpaste since the age of three this man doesn't know how not to smile [Applause] [Applause] on the broadcast head it had a bleeding ulcer that night I didn't need good to see that behind yes was a popular stop for the hold one now that's defined so your enemy has to find it quickly there's no margin for error at all the pressure is all in Norwegian yes he countermission your head [Applause] there you saw him just one hair on Mendez where's it though missed a great position well your hands really dominant on the sense [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] yeah [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] that's gonna be celebrating this most to see these guys beat each other to death remain yes wear yourselves out they're saying it's up ten starts they would love this to happen again [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] he's rated the pools various about Lafitte when we go our slam off the back witness the puck of the prongs do bolt when you're doing your move back here your ball is that far back oh it was not do you think I'm gonna lie to you all right [Applause] now [Applause] he dropped soon as he dropped his lid back back now yeah it looked like Quinlan actually called it at the time if you recall there I said that looks like he's popped off the back of the party look at the distance there you can clearly see yeah here's a good two inch off the back there that is definitely an elbow foul and maybe the pendulum of the fortwo swinging the other way but great for the fans great girls up here in the in the common tree booth yes horrible for the men at the table yes because they have to turn around and go whoever wins this and go against the winner of Nicolas nan Assad or Mike selearis it's almost the polar opposite of what we saw in the lightweight yeah these guys have got off to a horror story of a start I mean this stuff will keep you awake at night you want to come through this clean you want to come through this without the scars both men are beaten up and you know it's too early to predict what's going to happen at the other side of the draw right you potentially got a battle there but if either one of those men you said when we talked about weeks ago about this match it would be pure fireworks it's good a little twists and turns actually more than I anticipated at this stage but when the guys got all got the makings of a career rounder than that Dave is going through every motion think this sum is also Bo Quinlan has been here before it's not his first rodeo both these were very experienced if we're super bright right here you're here [Applause] Thank You rotation there [Applause] [Applause] we got to tip to the Metro man that's the question yeah that's the question what a battle that was it can be a premature celebration it's lonely to get through that first round what's in it again it's a 2-1 win for frota Oberlin he advances to the middleweight battle royale final here's a look back yeah it was all about the ham control exactly what you didn't expect but to be perfectly honest when you are in your game plan everybody is happy it's it when you can step outside that comfort zone and do something different tonight thrala was the man that could do it and probably deserves the win all done very good our next match will be Mike's alley eros and now ladies and gentlemen it will be Mike the chemist Solaris taking on ambush Nicholas not a set in three runs between Salieri you know Michael stole the iris here is one of the best table technicians in the game he can make you feel so horrible in the setup but he's got a huge challenge in trying to bring down believer of the steel chair up all right so to the table we go to the table and Bart wood [Applause] the mental buckles authority stomps yes they have closed it though stay right here gentlemen but there we go to go to Mike size of something I personally was your head physically individual in the wrist Oh hit so hard the steel giraffe there without the steel but the strap is going to be applied what was interesting there is that Michael Solaris looked really really strong in that hand the wrist there was no Gibb there Salieri said 405 in Los Angeles family always their wife Gavin all the kids [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] 3-nothing [Applause] stop before the furnace start any kind of load to expose each other by doing so sorry iris moves around now let's go Mike [Applause] [Applause] and then he utilized the distance master glass soaks up the hip there squeezes to the black using all of that path and then adjusted forward and took the pin that's where he's leverage does in favors you can see him turn the palm so that Nicholas his palm is facing the ceiling that puts it onto the bicep and from there he could roll back harder populist armwrestling display in there from a chemist family section showing their love for their father and he psychs himself up and that is a cute little kid right there yeah Sally eros if he can put Manas that away here to the middleweight battle royale final he would take frodo Hoagland Jen just went and whispered something in the ear of Bart walk there and I'm not sure what it was but we may find out in a second I don't think it was anything it's gonna create a change in what we just saw there no BOTS saying nothing that's good we're gonna be going live again and not a start with work to do better okay gentlemen to the table please and seconds to go Bart wood calls them up sell the air is trying to put it away here and quick fashion in a to nothing win is what he's looking for and Michael Solaris right now is in a wonderful he used that música he's doing wonders well cause you stopped donating I'll go Mike's way okay right there stay right here gentlemen watch a thumb nut book grows your head we went back into the strike and that'll do my life so far just get the weapons and don't waste any energy gentlemen Michael got off to a terrible start as you said earlier been against brought a horrible um this year yeah but that may have done him a lot of favors cuz since then he's been in the ascendancy totally resurgent he got back to basics and he's doing what he does he's taking hounds he's taking wrists so experienced I mean yeah okay so most 20 years plus in the game close your thumbs [Applause] position the opportunity to Harris Sally I said faces and we just reference it about his loss in Baltimore 402 lost 3 nothing to proto Hoagland he's gonna go against him coming up in the middleweight battle royale we've done final let's look back though and what he did in his second win of the night in round 1 yeah it's all about having dominance there this is what Mike does it's this signature if he takes your hand and wrist in the match there's a very very slim chance of you getting it back a Michael came ready he's brought his a-game you could see how soul in his hand and wrist are there and he's saving it all he's got it all in the bank he's in great shape going into this classroom we'll take a timeout there's our finalists like silly Harrison wrote a Hoagland we'll see them in the middleweight battle royale final when we come back to Atlanta and we welcome you back championship night here inside of Turner studios sold-out crowd here tonight and we're set to go in our middleweight battle royale final and let's take a look at the tale of the tape anything specific here grab your eyes seer Neil it would have done ten minutes ago but right now the overriding factor is the freshness of michael solaris thrown a hog Olympic was in a battle Michael used his wits and he's clean huge opportunity for the chemist ladies and gentlemen this is the best of five final matchup in a middleweight battle royale between Broda Harlan and Mike sierens money is gonna make it in 10,000 all Benjamins they'll pick up yes sir uncle sir Aras must be very excited right now he's in a situation where he managed to execute his game plan to absolute perfection that was like a military operation he went through now start clearly smoothly that he's facing a damaged battle scar fraud a Hogland what an opportunity for vengeance against the man who took his soul the last time out yeah that was me 70 men to the table 402 in Baltimore three nothing win for Hoagland remember talking to Mike in LA talked about Allan Guara he said last time he went he beat me cellairis already claiming the money he said I watched video after video he's Waris sent him one and that's all yeah as if he needs any more motivation right you know this is a student of the game Michael silly ours has been arm wrestling for many years who is a poem with Radha hölderlin he's facing a very different athlete brawler needs to make this all I needs to make it close tight on about power if you can put some damaging to light golden starts to level things favorite es la Aras that's the five here we go Neal Wow yeah whoa not too surprising to be honest and broader looking to try to dive through him digs for the straps he's gonna need a different approach yeah Michael has a steel hammer without his rock strong it's huge physically impossible for this month to pick his nose he cannot be taken to pieces by just trying to dive through him sideways you need much more finesse you need much more table smarts for all the horror needs to think again there that's an easy win it was a giveaway what have you got for order gonna find out here is their set to go these switch sides Sally heiress on top one nothing the best-of-five he needs to utilize that side pressure Bailey he's been looking to go backwards or forward something the way here is directly sideways if he can send this on the arm it could change things a little bit here I was my concern is that Michael is just too much in the hunt and risk that he's so fresh yeah he's just come out of the shower it is tiling down this isn't stuff for Michael close your hands I've missed a partner [Applause] little tap on the head of Sally eros [Applause] perfectly correct straightforward there's the drive there's the pin the hand and wrist below mic side of the table look at its watch this there it is Mike is abroad a side and that's a pin fabulous decision for Bart wood remarkable meal from rola Holland but what Sean he's experiencing class their house why is the head referee who knows the game he's got pedigree at the table come to Florida or we're gonna lose money for lunch get you guys in the middle D D is 1 1 close your thumb stay right there close your head michael has run up the games Johnny Affleck for Apple he's angry and he can't afford to be a fraud are gonna walk Brown gonna smile maybe jump into the crowd shake a few hands kissed a few babies that's not a clock to run down if you can find the strap you can make this ugly yeah he could and a difficult match with Quinlan Mendes far more taxing and celli era set Y to be a remarkable victory for all to eat Salieri nothing at 4:02 in Baltimore back on May the 17th Mike trying to turn his fortunes around in that department Florida is an unusual amount to deal with in the you can take his hand and wrist and if he can be resolved in the sense right Sabol known if he can keep in and make it about home strength he rarely loses don't make me don't make me have to muscle you guys around in the center mojo [Applause] [Applause] to the side [Applause] [Applause] papycha [Applause] no when one I'm like how about huge file they take up to a two count on the bow second fall for surly Aras yes all significant yes a little bits of burn [Applause] for one day this man he's covered in – well he stick to the only one foul Michael Cerveris now needs to stay needles which that to relax and get back to what he does get back into his grown up throwing up starting to make this a dog fight stay right here just don't move Harris won the first poll Hoagland came back won the second that's the five swept right here who's gonna take it to Molly it is 2000 thrown up one on mr. celli eres stay right here close your head [Applause] he's starting to me this is code [Applause] no stay [Applause] [Applause] Rhoda lost a little bit of focus now you know they're gonna take the full-time here you would think full 90 seconds that their allotted between each pull and the clock now down to sixty five seconds until they'll be back at the table in position ready to go Sally eros will try and win it in for this match is far from over bet oh yeah watching this thinking it's done under stood very much not the case for Otto Hoglund is still alive alive oh Michael Sally Harris and we'll look at him right now on his arm in the air he's feeling it the lactic acid is building up it's gonna come down to can t keep position or will he get drawn into the dogfight if it's the latter he's in trouble if he can stay smart if you can keep boxing forget about the pumpkin he's not got a much more Guillermo he's not got a much him yeah get a much a brute force I think slaughter will be looking for the strap one more time he needs the anchor point and there were times in that match where he had it in the bag but losing the focus against an arm wrestler like mine is a cardinal sin and he was punished for it so Bart would calls him up flips eyes in the table and sell the era still try and get the third win here okay roll it up for them let's get a nice fair start manage to give a really good of a count of himself here and the German I don't think he he can be too upset about this performance after his first role much with Mendes way slowly Aris there we go Lisa doesn't retain that focus routine no big squirrel there but to do sweeping up where a less fatigue in the overhead go big drive from Florida that's what he was looking at no surprise there [Applause] and he knows now I think that he's putting a fatigue into fraud that he's pretty guaranteed to be able to take that risk he's worried about that though what he wants to do is create distance he wants to keep fraud ax away from his shoulder not allow him in with the tricep if you can do that his opportunity for victory increases greatly ten thousand bucks on the line the winner here in this middleweight battle royale wife Devon and the kids looking on Mike's le Aris up come up the youngest child they're clearly traumatized can't look literally nail-biting stuff that this is great memories as well former to round things to one cell years for the lead [Applause] [Applause] but Solaris looking good there he's driven around this is a great position for the cookies I think he knows he's starting to play is it true [Applause] or is that victory he's so diligent he works so hard that he takes his medicine when he has a bad day he swallows it back he asks himself very honest questions and he goes home and trades harder well Michael Savion yeah serve that with [Applause] great shots they're back and Sally Arras putting away fro to Oakland he came up he knew he had a theory Capcom he kept smart he did his job he came to work his family were watching and daddy done good that was excellent what a tremendous match what a tremendous memory for these kids well we've seen it throughout the entire wal region [Applause] sally eros we've talked about it we know as commitment this family and they are on stage with him now standing by with Jason Fisher Wow congratulations Mike and the entire Sally heiress family amazing you guys roll deep what does it mean to have your family with you at all of these events I mean they really give you that extra edge the fins I love them to feel their energy my family is right here in my corner I just can't lose man I feel all the guys they come in to me I feel it and it's just I got the upper hand when I got my family in my corner I just have that unfair advantage it's six against one and I'm all about winning today man thank you that's amazing I feel like I'm a part of the cella era's family at this point the whole all humanity will one big family you lost to frota earlier this season how does it mean well what does it mean to you to get over the top against him and to win this championship chain tonight against Frodo I mean went roubini fro beat me three or no I didn't even I ain't even beat him one match so I mean he had me training harder than I've been training so I got a thing came because he pushed me she pushed me beyond my limits and she's gonna push up from here forward walking dirt water congratulations you won tonight and you win the championship Shane let's bring it in Congrats all right congratulations I got a future all right amazing massara sell the air his family steal in the show Neil Ben you're gonna have to sing to top that yeah I'm not singing man that's great appreciate it great to see the family supporting Mike again and he takes it and takes the cash as well defeating Frodo Hoagland here in this battle royale yeah that's a lot of cash isn't it just let me could spend it on something nice for those kids that was wonderful well these are a championship chain and coming up next the women of the wal Michelle Dugan Vicky Carlson demet Rina Petrova and Bri sick they will take center stage when we come back to Atlanta my importance of psyching myself up before a match is all about at night gentlemen the human body's more capable of doing extreme amounts of measures with your gentlemen pumping as opposed to if you come in natural and just sitting there with a regular persona going on so my whole objective is to get myself up to that next level where it's not humanly possible to be able to do that honor so one of the things I do to help get my blood going get my gentlemen going doesn't take deep deep breaths bring that oxygen in my lungs pace around get my blood moving start to warm myself up then I visualize everything that's gonna be happening down mass now that game B has come now it takes me for that whole new level where now it's all gonna happen everything starting to get real my gentleman now his partner well we deserved from that mask there the man he will face later tonight he'll pick up right there Jerry cataract getting his mind right backstage Big Daddy the ginger dread mama this is all things super heavyweight clearly winning his battle with anorexia sure he'll appreciate that as we welcome you to our office for the evening Neal pick up van Holden great to have you with us on be our live time to talk about the women of the wal now what do you think of the four we've got here tonight that will be on display next I mean this is all about one thing everybody has come here to try to put a chink in the armor of the phenomenal fear iseq fear is the most successful arm wrestler in the history of the world armwrestling league she's never known defeat then she's a part of it product of Sweden and Michelle do get a part of it as well North America's finest I mean look at the physical stats of this woman she looks rock strong and is Dimitri no Petrova Bulgaria has some monsters not all of them look like crass Amir and a newcomer in Victoria Carlson we have some thunder and lightning ahead of us the ladies can do this and it's gonna be exciting battleground delivers indeed battle royale the women's division for the introductions Justin Robert it is now time for our first championship bout to determine who will be the next women's middleweight champion and owner of the coveted wal championship hammer the field consists of four competitors who will compete in a semifinal best-of-three match where the winner is competing head to head in a best-of-five match to determine the champion introducing first to the pit competing out of Syracuse New York Sammy at five feet six inches tall and weighing in at 154 pounds she is one of the most decorated wal competitors with multiple titles and an impressive record of twenty five and seven she is the current wal middleweight champion the black scorpion Michele somewhere along the line of amazing Swedish arm wrestlers competing out of seven Sweden this extremely versatile competitor said that five feet two inches tall and weighed in at 142 pounds she is Victoria Vicki Carlson [Applause] our second semifinal match features two world class competitors dangerous adverse to the pit from two turrican bulgaria she sets at five feet four inches tall and weighs 121 pounds timmy turner [Applause] and we're holding this semifinal match competes out of in some hidden sweded which translates to the solitude she says at five Pete seven inches tall and weighed in at a 151 pounds she is eight top rate the middle weight everywhere in the world and in 2016 she was the first woman to win two wal championship hammers she is currently undefeated in wal competition she is alright the introductions complete Neal back to a battle royale for Matt and we'll take a look first at Rochelle Dugan and Vicky Carlson tale the tape will grab your eyes the most amongst the particular is on them to be perfectly honest it's not size difference I mean you could see it when the ladies walked out there the black scorpion has the height she has the levers she's got to make this about the top roll Vicky Carlson super power for me inside sure to lever she loves to get into dog fights this could be interesting very good so there's Michelle Dugan [Applause] Sarek use New York Hey some unwanted you see effort bring this in Michelle she's experienced a show throw and that counts for a lot early on we haven't seen her tested yet looking for the strap I think that's a key thing really with Michelle Dugan you know she looks the part she looked so powerful she's run through her previous opponents and that has a lot of questions you know you don't know where her potential is in the immortal words of my wife how big does this thing get everybody up there he's gonna be nervous early on but Michelle look good in that storm control the strap can change things Victoriaville look to get Turner inside to be on this call Michels way a little bit good close your thumbs close your hands it's great from Michelle that's exactly work there's virtually no down in her corner as well helping out he's known for that ham suitor his strength himself I'm sure we'll see evidence of that later on but a dream star for the black scorpion under the other side Vicky Carlson it's right underneath the nerves will be really peaking now in Vickie Carlson's corner ah writer the the the athletes have an opportunity if they feel law at the table to use the riser up to five inches in height to give them that additional height and this could be a big thing 45 seconds so they get that in place and take a look at some of the vital stats here on these two what grabs your eyes here we talked about the requirement to hit the hook for Victoria Carlson that's where she feels really good that technique requires her to be close and tight the big thing there is only five – she does a disadvantage on a table that's built to suit a man of six feet in height that riser gonna give her the opportunity to get closer tighter she obviously feels that if she can get onto the arm of Michele Dugan Johnson success I couldn't agree more but great start from the scorpion Shelagh really comfortable I mean that wasn't sort of a there was no stagger it was no jerking it smooth it was controlled Dugan trying to put away here [Applause] able to keep some purchase there this is very interesting now because the strap sort of makes you have more opportunity to utilize the arm strength and one of the biggest factors here is the experience of the Swedish girls yes girls have an absolute talent pool over there of people to train with Michele doesn't have that same luxury she's training often with [Applause] shall do gonna look up focus and determination trying to win and advance to this woman's battle royale final fascinating story serious illness [Applause] I saw it with Jim's answer Michelle Dugan there that's a great performance let's look back at a quick match and quick victory for Michelle Dugan we said when we were looking at the tail of the tape that she need to keep behind and she needed to make it about the top roll that is exactly what she did look at that textbook domination of the hand and wrist Victoria Carson unable to get close enough to get anywhere near the hook that's a great performance from Michelle Camp Dugan happy yes indeed and as we said earlier with the lightweight battleground folks are in fabulous position been she's clean going into the next round [Applause] Trina Petrova we'll take a peek at the tale the tape here real quick Neil what's the big thing to look for here bigger girl in fear I say more experienced girl but look at that weight difference 151 at 1:21 every other area is similar Dmitri and a Petrova has one silver bullet here she must set the hook isaac there okay top woman in suite the table top in the world she really is I mean this is tormented arm wrestler yeah it's interesting how she feels the pressure there is it gonna be with your thumbs manifest itself in a wheelchair feel all the great star notice that Dmitriy 'no sacrifice the hand and wrist to get the strategy that's what she's looking for and this is a girl with real pedigree multiple national European and world champion so she's a banana skin you know for your eye Sakai I was having breakfast with her this morning and fear was feeling this she was you know she said everybody expects me to win so easily you gotta remember she's competing in some multiple world champion this is not a walk in the park never easy as easy as it looks is certainly not them and LASIK well she's got big advantages she also has a very much present one foul on Fiat turn of the wrist from fear cause it though she felt the power [Applause] we said [Applause] is very very real indeed and for the first time in her career in the world armwrestling league feared LASIK has to ask yourself the question what can I do what changes what adjustments are possible to prevent that from happening minute one minute she only has one more Harrell better one more shot three here in the battle Royales an interesting fight among a Bulgarian guys these fellows train very differently they don't go into the gym and lift weights they live by water theme and extent if you want to be a good arm wrestler arm wrestle yeah you wanna be good tennis player play tennis yeah that's what they do yeah this isn't about weightlifting is it about going in there and trying to just increase your physical strength it's about doing that that's an arm wrestling table saw that the familiarity up there is home specially subject arm wrestling Trina is performing well and under massive pressure big-time leading one nothing it's a best of three here and this baby's ready second semifinal the table and her match against Nikki Carson trouble trying to [Applause] Wow there it was wow that was close she was really close and that was a great start but the difference is now that the strap is applied that's going to allow that side pressure to connect far earlier from petrova fear AIESEC has been stung she's been knocked down but from that evidence it looked like she got up pretty good you can see the focus right now edged all over her face Dmitriy nough similarly this is the woman who talks it up you know dmitriy 'no they say it's the quiet ones you got to watch for she hasn't said a damn thing for three days there for three days [Applause] Jimmy Trina was in a great position there as well and that much stopped she'd set the hook so we're a little scary for fee erasing she cannot make a mistake because your hands [Applause] none at all Wow champions response me big-time champions response between our heads to her corner to speeds across amia course didn't offer courts there's the drive and look at the angle it was sort of Halfmoon arc you can see that fear and Isaac's elbow takes almost a Halfmoon shape she drives around and then back to the popcorn you see that she sort of circles semicircular hit she drove around the wrist and Hound of puts her over wouldn't let her set the welcome and swept across drove her to the path great equalizing pin showing the caliber of what we've got at the table very interesting for Michelle Dugan is the point that whilst we've seen this much swing back and forth it's done so quickly that nobody's got scars we're not seeing another a very different set of set of rules and criteria we were up here these guys are punch counter punch what its speed its precision smile by contrast braking on the face of beer ASIC so down to 20 seconds before they're gonna be back to the table will have the decisive table their pole coming up the winner will advance to take on Michelle Dugan they're in this woman's battle royale wasn't defeated she's washed her last day here Laura single tonight Wow big drive again total dominance on the hands and wrists from feel a sick but concern Demetria Petrova wanted the strap that's where she lives he can close that space down she wants this to happen in a forum box good angle they're looking over the shoulder of Victoria Carlson very close knit arm wrestling community with the Swedes and fear her basic focused on the job in hand the Bulgarian Dmitry nough Petrova formerly Demetria Dimitrov ax recently married but if it comes to arm strength very very capable indeed evidenced by that first [Applause] big sweeping for the same shoot warmed-over I don't think that would work you're gonna see much more commitment on this hit to make some adjustments with a little angle there the pressure to the side she swept across and justice mr. Oliver started to put the brakes on that little extra press little push off that lead leg and it did the job for a very excited Fiat ASIC lead it did step aside take a timeout here from Turner studio when we come back here at wal 406 Michelle Dugan will take on fee or aiesec and a battle royale final in the middleweight women's division stay tuned we're back right after this on PR live and we welcome you back here to Atlanta Georgia I'm Michael Todd Devin lariat there coming up in our main event sometime in the 10:30 to 11:00 o'clock range deal that's the one you don't want to miss you want to watch them all but that's the one you want to stick around for indeed it is there's no bigger much in the world of armwrestling right now two guys who are riding a wave of intensity and they're gonna collide head-on tonight in Atlanta that'll be our main event coming up later in our final match of the night who's gonna take home that championship hammer and the women's middleweight division we'll find out momentarily first let's get an up-close and personal look and at home look with via racing my name is Pierre ASIC and I'm from Sweden where is the village where I grew up I love story man it's special because it's just my relatives here and this is the house where I grew up my mother and father's house this is my mother yeah she's my hardest critic she say but you can't win if you don't train now I train it's your fault so I love come home and train with the school my father was the trainer we have 40 to 50 people here training hard it's in the heart in the brain where are the biggest carbon Sweden who have round 20 world champions their main purpose is to become an a-lister good quality the studio man is like armwrestling mecca in Sweden my best training partner here is high Donovan can be a night I've been training since we started when I started I was 11 and I was seven high they have won like 11 world champion titles man she is my cousin too here we have our gym outside the playground you this have definitely have been a part of the success I have to do this I want to win we tried other sports too but we are real sucks at every other sports so a great look a great look so a great look there at fear AIESEC in her homeland the tale the tape Neal what do you make of that you know similar situation to what we saw earlier but the stats are leveled out now Michelle had a big size advantage in her first round much fear is a much bigger opponent but it swings back to that experience and that is the deciding factor ladies and gentlemen this is the best of five final matchup in a women's middleweight better royal between Michel Dugan and beer racer [Applause] so there's the money on the table Neal the cold hard cash in one of these two women will walk away with it here it's what it all comes down to Benin you know in order to etch your name in the annals of history as an arm wrestler or any other sports person you need that opportunity to present itself that challenge that mission impossible that little element of it can't be done Michele Dugan is facing directly into that win now she has an incredible opportunity to make a massive name for herself in the school she's fresh she's ready she's facing an undefeated champion where mm-hmm and we haven't seen exactly what the black scorpion can do close reality check yeah best of five here and lays your hair women's final you can see the power of shell Duggan's hand right there has even had a little bit of concern for fear she's not going to make this happens man Wow theater [Applause] that was impressive Neal Thicke was indeed I mean that was she felt something there she felt the commitment from Michelle and draw her straight off the born line that's the linear position between the wrist and shoulder and you can see she just took her out of that as Michelle started to advance to the side she was driven to a horrible angle one-nothing lead for fear Isaac she needs three to win it 90 seconds between poles both women in their respective corners interestingly there Sarah rotunda working in the corner of fear ASIC the multiple world champion will probably get a look at that young lady next year I imagine another monster from Sweden produce some great she is right now over there I mean so many so many of them there in most countries people think of arm wrestling as being a male-dominated sport not in Sweden they've got cultural icons over there like it belongs to them Pippi longstockings a young girl who's dominating in strength no that's it's engrained into the DNA a great arm wrestling ladies grow on trees in Sweden to the table ladies I'm chilly no there I was happen at Michele Dugan my sequelae one nothing lead so difficult to see your way back into the match for Michelle but she she's got to be proud of a performance so far she needs to keep calm [Applause] [Applause] she's leading by two spoons it's looked like it in the last two pulls yeah sorry Julie no we'll see him a little bit later against Rob pigeon jr. helping out Michelle Dugan right now as we look back hill yeah really not a walk to analyze there this is quite brutal arm wrestling's up what there wasn't any real technical finesse there from fear she's felt at this stage of the mass that she could dominated power and she's just doing just exactly what we expect once you feel that whole fly run away run right through it chief she's running towards the line benefits right there yeah time between poles down to 45 seconds big experience Cedarburg michelle nugatory it's not often he gets to be somebody of this caliber particularly north see where she can sharpen her game following this man very relaxed DNA six already been superficial Zubin down time ticking away 15 seconds remaining bill Duggan's husband looking on no one could find a way to get one here – astride now as you can see she's very saw fear when she was closer focused and fast off the start she's almost the loving Michelle to initiate I think yeah she's still worn down here she's just letting loose a that's nice appearance [Applause] she's allowing Michel to be you upstairs to travel it's in the box their hands right now thank [Applause] yes great result Petrova got the first one rising she took the next five poles she was involved in she's now done with Jason Fisher Thea congratulations a dominating performance here tonight it seems like no one's been able to even come close to you in this sport is that true what's what's next for you oh my god I had so much trouble all the way especially with the Dmitry now she was tough yeah any message you'd like to say to your friends and family back home in Sweden who are rooting you on and watching right now I want to say go to bed and sleep thank you for letting me do this it's I'm very thankful it's amazing and finally any last message to all the little girls out there who are here tonight and who are watching who want to get into the sport of competitive armwrestling yeah I can they can do anything what do you want they can do anything leave that dream amazing well your living proof you are living your dream let's bring up your championship hammer congratulations via all right thanks so much Jason we appreciate it and congrats the fior Isaac as we welcome you to our corner office for the night Neal pick up van Holden so thoughts so far to this point now what a wonderful night then I mean my word when we came in here we thought it was gonna be some thunder or lightning marches it has delivered and there's so many more to come we haven't even touched I don't even scratch the surface of the championship matches yet but what a war we saw earlier on with fruit of Hog Island and Quinlan Mendes Michael's cell ers wonderful stuff all right so one of the men we'll see going tonight Sam Harris who is backstage standing by I'll be talking with Jason Fisher momentarily seen Sam not in this Superman showdown I didn't see some Harris is the man of the moment and deservedly so alright let's go backstage now or Jason zone Fisher standing by with Sam Harris thanks guys Sam you've been on a tear recently yet I heard Jeff Hale win earlier and he said he wanted to take on your opponent Luke in do you feel overshadow do you feel overlooked I know man I've beat Jeff Ellis I mean I'm gonna beat Luke here and then who's next I'll be have both of them beat so I mean find me another opponent all right well what's your game plan against lightning Luke Kindt tonight I had six months a year to Train for him I feel like my hand my rotation my strap game came so far within the last half year to a year so I'm really looking forward to going out there and showing him where my progress came in the last six months all right any prediction before you get out there yeah I think the first match is gonna tell it all when the match stops you'll know it and it'll be my game all right good luck Sam we can't wait Thank You Ben back to you thanks Jason thanks to Sam very confident Sam Harris in match six but when we come up after the break Todd Hutchings Todd Zilla squaring off with marcio Barbosa that's coming up when we come back to Turner studio here in Atlanta Georgia you're watching wal 406 on BR live you the referee begins the match by centering the competitors hands on the table the hands must be level close and tightly set if their grip slits they will be placed in the strap during the match the arm wrestlers must keep their elbow on the pad at all times to win the match a competitor must touch his opponent's hand or wrist to the pad or break the plane of the pin line three fouls is a loss all right now let's look back at the key moments from the night we started with a lightweight Battle Royale we did an extortion intensely around surprise after surprise men but it finished deservedly to the Hale razor he took the gold he took the money he took the soul at ohonta he did indeed Tom Holland good showing by him but Hale was too much I'm telling you man it's those bands he wears I love them the bounds are awesome a talking head Oh a performances yeah this one fraud a whore girl of relentless crota hold and showing why here in that name he would not stop he even made michael solaris worked for that money after silly iris wrestled so cleverly against the steel giraffe cool moment there Hoagland reaching over giving him a tap on the head with sally eros too much in the end as family here takes the cash and he had a great season this year he's being resurgent since he's early most of brought up we then get into the ladies the black scorpion she was hanging a head at the end of the match with be erasing totally unnecessary she had a great performance run through Victoria Carlson we saw what she's capable of via ASIC rules to the challenge the hype is real big the champion is real she's taken a home at the moment nice when somebody of that caliber comes in she certainly did the best in the world and the women's ranks vo isaac taking it getting the job done and that's where we are at this point as we see her did the wal hammer there she's got a good collection of those going and inside of Turner studio what a great venue this is as we bring you over to our corner office for the night Dave Chaffee with us how are you Dave I'm doing good thanks for having me on it was great to see you in the match before things got going you're making your come back you haven't competitively pulled since last November how'd you feel the night man well going in I was really nervous to be honestly I didn't know how my neck was gonna hold up I had lost some my tricep muscle and my upper PEC from the nerve damage from the neck but she was like an up there I felt great crack crazy you know went into my power and I felt good and nice put them down take a look at some of the key moments this Neil fires a couple questions your way is we're out here I mean Dave obviously there was a good a great deal of questions you were probably asking yourself coming into this and that's going to test you your nerves but I think you answered them resounding fashions tonight mate that was a hell of a performance thanks Neil I appreciate like you said I was super nervous and there it is first match prize you got the huge hit on me I took them down awesome I mean to get back up there and compete it's been almost a year now and it's pretty happy about it obviously you've got aspirations there you made that known at the end of the match they're calling out Devin Lara he stepped up in pursuit of that overall title you obviously feel that he's yours in you're the rightful owner we got a massive match tonight and either one of those guys looks good for you too only going forward absolutely Michael Tighe could easily win the match today too but I've been watching Devin the way and just not the way I am on the cable you know I don't like to disrespect people or anything like that and I didn't want a shot at him next year he's the match I want well that will be entertaining I know it's something we'd all absolutely look I see and you back to your best may you pause an ominous threat to anybody in that division Thanks new I just got to heal up next year and see what happens if you were to look down the road at tonight's match with the experience you've got both these guys Michael Todd Devin Lara walked me through your opinions put it on the line table it who do you like ah that's a tough one those that I've watched them pool you know six seven years ago was an awesome match I wish I could pick a winner the winners the audience watching this match actually I came I can't make a prediction not just excited to watch it go down it's gonna be a battle of endurance it just and you got the train rolling tonight in fine style mate Dave thanks for stopping by and we wish you continued success on your comeback trail is a good start for you night man thanks for doing that me I appreciate it you bet safety joining us here easy money he's got a bunch of money now to after just beers on Dave so we move forward in our next match coming up Neil Marcio Barbosa you know him well what are his biggest strengths Marcio ba bullsááá is the gatekeeper of excellence in the sports of armwrestling his strengths are not having a weakness this guy does everything well he's fast he's explosive and he's ultra powerful armwrestling is however a strength sport yes you men are stronger that Zillah Todd Silla Todd Hutchins is immorally strong this guy doesn't need any more strength he needs more strength like he needs shot he's believably powerful and if he can put the brakes on Marcio this could go and go alright well let's see we're gonna go at home with Todd Zilla Todd Hutchings see if he's got any shampoo in there who knows here's an at-home look with Todd Zillow Pat Hutchings I'm 195 pounds and armwrestling since 2000 hello mechanical engineer designing vacuum trucks and hydro excavation equipment from the current wal champion for the hundred ninety five class both right and left I'm the only wal champion that's won both classes there's people that are close to my power level but they're few and far between and I got best in class during a fair start nobody can touch me we're going to the National Forest about three miles from a house in order to develop work capacity I need a very large isolated area I have one cardio technique only one person in the world can do it and I swing those hammers for an hour walking down the gravel road training is probably more important in practice especially at my age in my experience level I train once a month now with sparring that kind of stuff we live in a Marietta Ohio is the first sparring session we've had since we moved here my wife Allie pulls 15 here I just put up the word that I needed people to practice with and a lot of them came today it's been a good practice session it does give me a chance to offer some coaching tips and advice to some of the beginners see how your hands backward right what you want is your hand forwards the hardy squeeze your fingers your wrist tends to go backwards right if your fingers are relaxed you get more on the back on the hand so now you're not rolling out right and you're not so much going backwards compatible to me it doesn't really matter what you're the best in the world and but if you can sit back at the end of a day even if it only lasts for a day and say hey I'm the best in the world at this on this particular day that is satisfying that's one of the most satisfying what a great what a great picture that is deal let's look at the tale the tape anything grab your attention more than the other here the thing that you've got to look up there is the size and advantage of Marcio barbozza in terms of the natural weight this amount who spent most of his life at heavy weight as we all know told us come up from the middle way after he's new but he looks so strong there he does whatever my dear tonight stream is being provided by VR live download the app on Apple TV Roku and amazon firetv to catch all of the wal action let's get now to our pit announcer justin roberts for the introduction ladies and gentlemen it is now time for our best of five super match of the evening introduced into the pit forks competing out of the unity new jersey by way of Brazil he says it's 6 feet tall and weighed in at 254 pounds he is a consistent taught to refinisher wal events and one of the toughest competitors in the wal where the record of 26 wins and 7 losses his marshal [Applause] committing out of a Lola Ohio he says it 580 11 inches tall and weighed in at 228 pounds he is pound for pound one of these strongest competitors in the league and one of the most feared competitors around the world he is also the first double hammer winner in wal history he is the wal 2015 2016 and 2017 middleweight champion who is stepping up to heavy weight for this battle tonight with an amazing record of 33 wins and only three losses the introductions done Jeff Hale has got a good shoe game Neal but Pat Hutchings pretty good shoe game – he's got the old-school Chuck Taylors going as he makes his way out getting ready to take on Marcio Barbosa here you know what's really interesting when removed his jacket there his forearm looks like a cow's by I mean he is just stacked on the power and we saw in his recent outing against Ron bath that that power is real Marcio Barboza brings a different set of criteria to the match than explosivity and speed this is so interesting I can't wait so this a best-of-five Todd Zilla against the Phenom our CEO Barbosa look at the determination between little signature eyebrows gentlemen Mozilla fits a ball Martin would bring him in for the exclusivity from Barbosa except your elbows Square up gentlemen I'll line you up in the middle no side pressure till this starts close your thoughts try to open these tools trying to we're good right there do not move do not [Applause] that's the good news his family no coal so Harris Debbie Sully Aras has joined in the song yeah wailing affairs yep strut look how far down the wrist of Marcy oh that's being applied he wants that law to leave her a jug Vantage in the anchor point but what he's doing there is basically shaming himself to a car he needs to be quick he needs to explode through that ham the rest of this stops don't do anything Marcio overflowing closet though fast twitch muscle Pharm go Todd way a little bit right there close your hands [Applause] touken [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] not the case with torches this is a power the rest of five ninety seconds between Paul's they both go to their respective corners well you thought in the first horror you know I expected that Marcio may have come up better in that first star because he's got that power and it's very hard to catch a speeding bullet but you cannot knock the power the side pressure that Todd brings to the table of he's in a great spot right now I mean the pendulum of opportunity swings heavily in favor of tonzilla last saw Todd Zilla and Norfolk three nothing win over Ron bath we saw Barbosa in LA last month at 4:05 a three nothing lost to Michael Todd their last appearances it's really notable here it's well Bannister worn a real that sets that Todd Hutchins brings to the table is insurance this guy can go on long distance you know this isn't a cheetah this is a gazelle he go and go he can keep up that speed to the terrible period of time keep the foot to the poor and Maciel such a huge leap in severity on this guy there's like a defensive tackle yes he does oh he's blowing already I mean he came out of there and that lactic acid buildup is significant he needs to dance his way around that how needs to create more space move further back and we'll quickly hits and the holes down on line your webbing gain height you know he suits but they were filled away that's a big right there come down closer cause he's coming back from dear gentlemen closer he stays well straight with us mom yeah you both stopped because of the experience [Applause] no question holding keys but any grounds for contestation lass y'all gonna try a few are those better to go first in the door right that's right he needs to get a good start now Marcia he you know he is he's a very versatile rester he's a very complete song rest that he can take the much anywhere but what he now knows is that he can't mix with shrimp up with pajamas gonna stay it's all about running now he needs to get his skates and he needs to put baby oil on his ham whatever he needs to do to great about this because chance to take a two nothing lead watchings bow on each man the only thing not strong I'm told no changes probably is power appreciate that [Applause] water Barboza we're an immediate response and I want to say that was so empathic I picked spot miss lucky I think he was looking for some adjustment and he literally was sleeping on the girl I guess we find out next round but nothing got that he didn't get any power down there at all thought he looked like he was unsettled with the start and we learned a lot from watching Michael Solaris the effectiveness of work in the setup and the use of experience from our CEO Bob Paul's and humane dividends there this one person saw talking a referee Mike Fontenot there it's as I said really didn't stop he felt that pass here was high I really don't know the funny thing is when you're in the match there what would appear to guys like ourselves a reward people for real estate away and the new start it might take enough real estate yeah I mean storm channel they're just giving you some advice in the setup Marcio was working so I was at the table huge difference if you are in the situation [Applause] [Applause] surely those away [Applause] Marcio his oldest Lexmark said he needed to be scared so much precisely what he stole mrs. clamors great armwrestling there from last week James the ankles he hit twice little bit like Craig Tooley a great surely a another competitor norm from in that secondary hit and that was great from Marcio he created the distance comedy to the side of the chopped into the hand watch that fine there's the hit now watch this reversal there it is the changes that position stops the move to the lock of the pub there's the side now watch this and there's the back so he puts it to the side calling off his ball line and anybody who's lifted in the chip when you go to lift the dumbbell imagine you had to limp it just to the side of where your line it's hidden hurt you joint yeah would Cordura Todd Hutchings frustrating times fair talk because he knows the capabilities there he knows that he's the storm huh our bosun with a 2-1 lead smart was gonna call him back to the table soon they're both ready to go and Marcio Giovanna put this away went for let's be able to spend he'd look too serious trouble for the first room did you know he really did he got me happy the versatility of the man was put into question because the options he had in the match were closing down rapidly he thought he would have felt like the walls were coming in around him you know yeah of course whilst he could go anywhere in the arm wrestling table when I'm a struggling you you got a rope you got to stay away and he's got the presents he's got the experience and he's got the exclusivity to the big circus he stops at the precipice users who are there yeah cash on the table so frustrating for Todd because in that first round he will have felt like here we go again [Applause] [Applause] and that's key forgetting the second painful problem in the strap because Todd didn't go he didn't start he started in the last match but we saw the reversible Marcia was able to drive to the side and then because there was no strap he could reverse he got him behind about Russia and move that angle is very hot check it's a moving target so there was no balance back to their top Wilkins was unable to get rubber on the road to get the power down there's no good having a huge engine in a car [Applause] it's happy children [Applause] Gretchen introduced Chris try to touch for that here in Seoul when he go – second reading follow these on Orcas two fouls now on my she's over back yeah saw what James is taken [Applause] this will give you the free your mana to cellairis in their help punching one the first ball our boss that took the next two hot chicks comes back five minutes to genomics down to the fifth and decisive fall here yeah yeah the thing here is that the key thing for total cheese it's just of a look about laughs gotcha we can see there I mentioned earlier over the strut game in the anchor point and wonder where it connects on the wrist of I ought to keep the pressure applied in multiple directions the body's going sideways dieffenbachia off his arm the pressure into the wrist he's preventing Marcio from wall as effectively as he can without the strap that was the mission he needed to get the brakes on and barsy on our losses that is fatigue he's tired he needs to stay out of the straps he doesn't want to be tied to this guy yeah no question as you said he doesn't care he'll win it ugly yes you will too – here they come the decisive 5th pull here in this super match match up between Marcio Barbosa there Hutchings having a big breath in their babies feeling this is really fatigue now by contrast don't let the sweat fool you either from Todd Hutchins this man you know he loses a reservoir through his head he's not eat some be I sweat naturally and this guy's ridiculous he he sweats heavily he can be you know suck in the North Pole release where he's not fatigued he can go go Marcio needs to keep mobile it doesn't work this much to stay station and that's about new is already there it is when the struck comes out there it's not a good place for more CEO always to see men much talk on power and she's had the opportunity to see just that tonight Marcio needs to who will get something out of the bag interest india was talking sir michael solaris they're both guys it's from the new york area extensively together solaris rice being there tonight himself you know presence my yeah big win for him earlier in the middleweight battle royale sigh Civ v pull coming up here Marcio just trying to fool around bill just bless your feet and explore me can you see you try to press s lower calm forward into the mystical big drive but the brakes of government yes [Applause] to tip to keep station – stationary Church [Applause] the pressure to the SAS [Applause] you could see these over the distance between the show it's becoming something moving there be tried to run to the side and the floor that's a Polish right now side mission from total not to clean really deserve it when the takes it 3-2 in this super match here in Atlanta baby boom executed engineered a victory shuttle Jews clever clever women based into a hurricane they're great it's a boy mr. horrible just heave it down [Applause] and full of Benjamin's and we look back at the final mummy the changer their bed was the strap man as soon as I saw come out you called it you know that's bad news from our CEO he that for his game plans collapsing around you know he's got fewer and fewer options as soon as that straps applied you know that what he's gonna take you into deep water you will drown and indeed that was the case dad Hutchings comes away with another wind he's standing by now adjacent Fisher down in the pit table congratulations my man you I mean it looked like you were almost pinned on that last one you started shaking your head no did you know that you had it well my whole hand but once it stopped I can feel it coming here man oh man I mean is there anyone in North America stronger than you there's lots of people in North America stronger than me just not this minute that was an amazing win you've got it whoa okay all right well I think you're the strongest man in South America from that body slam you've got history against Marcio what does that win mean for you tonight I think it means we're two to one all right last time I pulled in me I spent a lot more money than I one thinks in my arms well I'm glad you survived tonight without an injury and victorious congratulations can't wait to see what that's for all right Duchess I'm gonna toss it back to you before he body slams me [Applause] Godzilla comes away the victor and impressive win for him and yeah that'll be on Twitter and Instagram that'll be all over the place on Fisher's social media accounts I'm sure once he gets his hands on that good win for Todd Hutchings as he takes care of business in five against Marcio Barbosa there it there with a pat on the back form will see Devon in our main event coming up in just a little bit but when we come back another battle of well a couple of heavyweights big boys the big daddy Jerry canner at the wild horse mat mask they'll be on display when we come back to Atlanta here in Turner studios here as wal 406 continues here on BR live Neal I know you are fired up for this one this is an incredibly fascinating just a clash of styles you got a strong mom against a fast mom boxer versus the puncture through wins we're gonna find out we'll find out on the other side when we return to Atlanta hello everyone my name is Mike Fontenot with the world all nice and League and we're gonna talk to you today about to start we have a two-phase start with the WL or opponents gonna walk up to the table they're gonna have 30 seconds okay that I'm gonna assist them in getting a grip and negotiating a fair start okay we're gonna come up palm to palm thumbs up I'm gonna struck you to close your thumbs straighten your wrist close your hands go if they fail to negotiate a grip and there's too much going on we're gonna go in the face too and introduce the straps once the straps have been applied we're going to close your thumbs straight and wrists closed hands go and that's our cadence we use at the W alright so coming up in our main event our main event Michael Todd and Devon lariat Jerry catarah and Matt masse they're coming up next though both guys have been heavily involved this season and the WL Superman showdown series and there's a look at the Big Daddy kneel Jerry cataract from this epic match in Cleveland against Michael Todd just an absolutely incredible matchup 7 minutes long the pin I mean this is the stuff of legend you know think moments you never forget this guy is a true super heavyweight the ginger dread mom the Brokeback Mountain call him what you want to call him he always shows up you can never discount Jerry Katherine he's made a career out of doing things that he shouldn't do breaking records breaking hearts tonight the wild horse mat mask Halloween mask house he's all little nightmare starting he gets to face a bigger man a heavier man it's explosivity against immovable strength this is awesome stuff gonna be fun earlier they're against Nick Zinner earlier this season and ready to bring it again he just competed against Devon Larrick man Los Angeles at 4 or 5 [Applause] some pictures from that and most recently psst no limits to breaking point he did let's get to a segment from earlier today Jason Fisher had a chance to talk with Matt masse all right Matt mask you're coming off a tough loss against Devin lariat not that long ago how have you recovered are you ready for this big match against Jerry that's the keyword recover that's pretty much all I've concentrated on doing for the last month since I stepped off the table with Devin was just trying to make sure I'm recovered and I'm gonna be in good form from when I go to tie my boat to catch tonight sure so how much training have you done over the last couple weeks versus how much just rest have you tried let's just say I've done a lot more rest than I have been training yeah there's been a few practices in there a few light workouts just to get the blood in but you know I'm how much stronger are you gonna get in a month so you've never pulled against Jerry cat or at before but obviously you've studied his previous matches what have you learned what have you picked up on I've learnt a lot about Jerry in the loss since the season to start I thought Jerry was more one-dimensional polar but Jerry is a good thing I've actually I'm pulling him later in the season as opposed to sooner season because there was a few mistakes I probably would have made along the way and just knowing he's got a lot more strength than I thought he had ed earlier today that was mad mass with Jason Fisher tail the take the ill what grabs your attention the most what grubs my attention here is that despite the height that the wild horse brings into this match he's a man who spent most of his career at 225 tonight is facing a true super heavyweight they're a few men bigger Jerry Cal arete is a walking wall let's see what Facebook had to say about it the results are what do you think I'm absolutely dumbfounded by that result I couldn't disagree more Jerry cholera is right in this match and maybe from me did the Justin Roberts for the introductions ladies and gentlemen this next bout is a matchup that has been requested by our fans introduced into the pit first competing out of Riverhead Massachusetts sitting at 6 feet or 1 inch tall he weighed in at 321 pounds he is known for his incredible power and is coming off a huge win in wal 403 with a record of 23 wins and 5 losses he is Jerry [Applause] I'm competing out of a Red Deer Alberta Canada he sets at six feet six inches tall and weighed in at 246 pounds he has had as many big wins in the amazing year in the wal with a record of 31 and 12 here is the an electric be appointed you know he's got we know about his fingers in that situation he avoided any of that against devil era it's often a concern for him when he when he's competing you know mop moscow's weaponry for days in terms of his physical stats but he tends to stick to what he knows best he who rarely comes out of his comfort zone he's a top roller by trade he uses the explosivity that for sheer explosive erdogan passion to ignite the crowd one stick 90 as a fornum in this instance he faces a guy who doesn't mind being top rope this is a guy that couldn't care less whether you take heat on the wrists his whole style is based around that so mask is about to open the closet and a monster is coming out Nana rat [Applause] we're drinking real f3u no kidding man you sold out with a championship evening here at Turner studios in Atlanta it's all Jerry like an RV this is a pivotal point in this man because Matt masks right now we'll be trying to go further by the Jerry can do brave he stays engaged he stays tight but as he tries to rotate out he's beaten to the punch yeah matched for speed it's hard to train for a man like Jerry Kelly right because where you gonna find one I mean with sweaty training partners that are gonna do yeah who weighs 230 pounds and drive straight forward who does that what's Carnegie way see there he's not he's a similar way but stylistically he's so did the Carnegie is hasn't got that speed off the star Andrew and he doesn't Carnegie is concerned about his risk being drove up with the space trying to put this away in three store minister on that occasion ma forgot every all the training all the instruction and drove straight backwards but he left his hand behind this is a powerful version of church a direct incidentally yeah he's come ready he respects he seemed just listening to my there numbers on secure for Jerry to be turned straight Jerry's having to be flat to the table just watch your fingers here [Applause] such a cool situation we're going to the strap and that's exactly what Matt doesn't want he writes to create space yeah we've seen it same soup warmed over we saw it earlier on the power mom wants to force the distances at the end of the day you know this is a very difficult situation to come out without any scars it's like fighting a monkey in a dustbin you're just gonna get a scrunch there's no way mat mask can come out of this situation on scared when the strap goes on he's got these that room the golf the charge of the Light Brigade he's got a long time okay a monkey's trying to put this away oh yeah to the monumental power yeah this court Jerry control [Applause] mourn you up big boy he says this guy all day long I mean Theresa's he's got the best haircut in armwrestling Wow did you see that man I'm confused because those dolls are in from mom let's look about there were maybe two fouls in there from from I thought that – yeah I'm pretty sure it was cold as well bull no Bart said is there always good a bunch the closest to them of course you know he's right on top of it yep from my perspective I love because it's yes yes sir and this is a reality check right now because stage station is going on a shield bank now he is always entertaining he's got so much potential this individual I mean if you look up there the rise of matte mass its meteoric yeah this is a man who doesn't mind using he's not afraid of losing our last year together we laughter the show on 2016 you told me said look out this guy's going to be something and he's on the rise as you say yeah he's unstoppable individual I mean this man has broken his body to get to where he is this year he's dislocate he pretty much everything on his body and yet here he stands you know he's packs blown off he's broken a couple of fingers it's just ridiculous these fingers are long I mean back the plane some believe that for my news little messed up from the looks like a rugby player [Applause] i-i'm second via fucking silver Jerry is settled [Applause] [Applause] needs to Train [Applause] three one Victor the stroke was a burden he managed to charge forward as soon as he finds the balance point and engage he's not strength but he's got 330 pounds to put in there you know oh winner of this match ascension in this game is surely he will take the defeat he learned from the IC and he will come back stronger yes I agree 100% and that's what we've seen there he's good I feeling it let's check it out again the strap was applied Matt went to what he knows best he took the hand and wrist and at one point this is like jumping off it's like bungee jumping you know but just as you leave the platform after you figure out you forgot to tie the friggin rope right you know there's a moment of elation and then all of a sudden you think to yourself oh god I'm gonna die yeah I've got some purchase in the match and then he got run over by a train Jerry with a hand full of Benjamin's get down to the pit jason fisher with matt mask and defeat matt I know you're not one to make excuses but you've been through a lot this season a lot of injuries did it affect you at all tonight out here you get up on the stage you don't feel a thing so no I don't think anything affected me so yeah nothing nothing leading up to play effectively so the only thing I think that affected me was trying to step out of my realm doing something I'm not used to doing I should have had a little more confident in my game as opposed to doubting it like Jerry style is bad that had news for my style but if I think if I what it came in a little more wanting to do my thing instead of other people's things I think it might have been a little bit of a better outcome but you know you know for next time right so you can't wait for the next time now this is your first time ever pulling against Jerry what was the light going up against the Big Daddy he's got a little smaller hole when I thought he had there it's the type it's a tight hold if I could get that ball in so it's uh you know what it's I'm just looking forward to next year you know we can't make you we can't wait for that you had a phenomenal season Matt Massey a lot to be proud of and we can't wait to see where you go from here congratulations yeah hope nothing happen this time Jared come here my man congratulations like I just mentioned that was your first time pulling against Matt mass talk about the competitor that he has to go against you heard him even say in the middle man I'm strong he surprised himself that Matt's an animal you know he to see what he's gone through each each time he's gotta hit someone he's always got hurt but he always gets his ass back in there comes back strong comes back ready has no excuses I mean we saw him just locate his finger we saw him rip a hammy I mean he's a he's a kid fierce competitor he is that's why they call him the wild horse but Big Daddy you were victorious here tonight and you had a phenomenal season in the wal what is next for you undefeated this year except you came oh so close against Devin lariat is that who you want next oh yeah I mean where do I start let's see Devin's in my seat I should have been in the championship but that's alright next year we'll rearrange that the whatever it's received my breath you know but I'll save it for just training for next year and then come back and to finish with Devin three-two I think I I've learned and I think with a straight setup I think we're gonna be it'll be a different outcome well I can't wait for next year and I still can't wait for what's left tonight congratulations on the win Big Daddy thank you awesome match alright then let's go back to you thanks Jason and thanks to both men for taking part in the post match interviews and Matt mask and jerrycan arete Jared Cantor at making his way by us flip us a hundo will ya still to come a championship hammer will be handed out in the men's lightweight between Luke Kent and Sam Harris here's a preview from both men on this match coming up when we come back Sam Harris that for PA this is a year for me Luke Kent California I've always wanted to be the best I have nothing to lose everything to gain life is all about risk if you were to sit on your whole life you'll never know how great you could possibly be watch what they're going for and just take their power away I'm explosive with a lot of power I can match his speed and I'm here to win my goal is to show up and whoop ass to hold that hammer up that means more than anything and we walk me back our championship night continues now let's look back at some of the highlights matches four and five starting with Barbosa Hutchings the hits just keep on coming Ben we've seen in everything on display tonight we've seen technical prowess we've seen war biblical horsepower a great start early on from Marcio bar balsa but in a strength sport strength often wins and evidence there by the performance put in by the ever improving top seven sort options people the power down hard on the Brazilian went down an awesome winner while he were in Matt mask what an honest individual in display uncommon but tonight he was out gun on size and power took on jerrican erectus such area in the hallway and made his way out with his cash in hand and it'll look pretty easy didn't he you know Jerry he's just an unusual thing to come up against an arm wrestling table these angles aren't usually his Styles unusual man must went home experienced I expect a better version of him next time round yeah he had a great year both men did in this sixth event season here in the wal this of course the championship the final night of it what a season it's been and that money went to Jerry and he took it home and he will take it home and his celebration there and still to come we've got two more matches to go until we see the main event Neal pick up there's no bigger machine arm wrestling and you know in a night like tonight where it's so packed full of talent so packed full of exciting matches is easy to lose sight of the fact that the hammer watches haven't even been scratched yet staunch ally no gap will contest the middleweight and you said it earlier under the radar the sir I know it's not recognition but I know I know he's won championships but to me he just he doesn't seem to get the the recognition as you say that that I think he should and he'll go up against the guy that certainly gets it robbed pigeon jr. that is gonna be all kinds of fun yeah pigeon solitaire right now he's in a good place Rob bitchin jr. is an arm wrestler with everything there he's got every strength in the book he sometimes has questions within himself on confidence book speaking to Rob today different man he seemed very calm he seemed very relaxed everything seems to be in place if there is a weakness chilena will find it no question about it and that one's gonna be a lot of fun and but coming up next it's the lightweight sam harris he'll go against Luke Kent what do you like so much about Sam Harris I like everything about South Paris I like this mom's shoes Sam Harris that's just an improving force in the sport if you look over the last two years every element every disparate element of this guy's game has got better he's stronger he's faster he's more technical than he's ever been but tonight he's got to face a man that knew his bully story be fast lightning Luke Kim says it all this guy does one thing when he does it very very well and he was hit very very fast it's brave man the Tri stirs put the brakes on it he's hard to hook it's like playing with a power tool if you miss time it you will did you well let's get to know Luke Kent a little bit better let's go at home with leutnant lightning and Luke can't easy for me to say my name is Luke Kent I'm 32 years old on a diesel mechanic by trade pretty much spent my entire life wrenching I was born into your head I have a 68 Chevelle I go pretty much from the ground up my dad is an old-school drag racer he brought me out to the racetrack at a very young age I've always wanted the fastest cars I've always wanted to be the strongest I've always wanted to be the best here we are a guerrilla veterans memorial the birthplace of armwrestling right around the corner from my house success in armwrestling is probably 10% genetics and 90% hard work a lot of stuff I do is unorthodox one of the things that I do is climb rope everything that you need for armwrestling comes from climbing a rope hand wrist lat pressure locking power it's just an all-around perfect exercise for armwrestling it really drives me and motivates me more than anything is to be on top now that I'm finally here I feel like it would be a complete waste of my life to back out my goal is to not be able to quit my job my goal is to show up and whoop ass and to hold that hammer up to me that means more than anything a lot of heart and a lot of emotion from both of these men what's your take on the tale of the tape here Neil I think this is a clean cook opportunity for some Horace to put the brakes on lightning Luke Kindt is going to do one thing he's going to attack that top roll very very hard Salma's work diligently to make every area of his game strong he's just focused on making that one arrow sharp precise and accurate very good must give the justin roberts who's got the introductions of these two men competing for the hammer and the lightweight division buckle up it is time for our best of five championship matches in this contest is for the lightweight chip he introduces first from new parents Pennsylvania he says that 5 feet 11 inches tall and waiting at 169 pounds he burst on the scene several years ago and his fortitude greatness with a record of 26 wins and 7 losses he is sam harris [Applause] armwrestling in north america Petaluma California he said that six feet tall and weighed in at 171 pounds he is one of the most decorated competitors in the wal finishing third in the 2017 championships and has been a consistent top finisher at wal events known for having one of the fastest starts in the sport this is the lightning [Applause] Luke Kindt very businesslike on his way in Sam Harrison a little dance on the way out Neal Nicol the moves you know and that's exactly the fact here in this much dose trap that's a bad idea dude telling you right now go ahead James be gone ladies and gentlemen it's home and it's a whole lot of Benjamin's on the table ten thousand bucks that'll motivate a month he's on an RA su buck confidence exuding from him mate as you said he threw down the moves on his ran postings on shale we're gonna find out first ready to go what time it is table Bert woods got him ready to go he's attempting to get him ready to go they get to the table and here we go this lightweight championship match best of five fascinating encounters a man who are right there feel the entitlement here Horace he loves not because the straps [Applause] what Luke is gonna want ideals and little pressure on the counts about everywhere [Applause] I need a coin we got coin we invented the strap it doesn't matter let's go the strata master let's go whatever flipper sighs we never flipper sorry he's at issue you were late over here what we're looking up there guys is right kid it wants to be already started she get a little distracted by the crowd and that could really work against him yeah he needs to keep his focus right there yeah on that seven five seven square the 9 by 7 square and he needs to focus somehow versus time is that the new pond he is not a ripper in the mouth speaks [Applause] close it up come down a little over Mike Bennett well he's over my mom is right alive close your thumbs close your heads go big stop Harris has the black show [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] very emotional ability really clearly suffering from a little bit of nerves but keep that in check the Mexican I know it's hard I mean it yeah it's not easy to do some heresies family they're come to support him and they're gonna be extremely proud of this young man on the way that he's conducting himself right now Luke they feel a little bit it's reflecting Sheldon there with him nothing James say forgive to so taking all the time down to 15 seconds before they'll be brought back up to the table yeah we were released in early on we got interrupted on the point we're making there didn't actually pay dividends for him sound a little too much side pressure any calls down space if you look at some Horus now he's winning the battle of the mind game right now by a country mile yeah yeah for sure maybe a mile and a half I mean there's just if you look at the but he's all over the face look at Luke's face there's a there's a high level of doubt he needs that injection he needs that situation where he gets something he gets that purchase in the match and we'll see him reignite we saw it with masks yes you get that Center Victor you get bored in the water and it reinvigorates the armies he really needs that now Sam Harris what nothing lead best-of-five if Luke was to go to down could him pulled here it could just [Applause] [Applause] how about Sam Harris he had that one from the drop of the star he did I'm actually surprised that he didn't sit there longer toothpick no one thought that he would stay there longer and let it bleed you know is now in a very very dangerous situation Hensley unphysical revolves around exclusivity on the star is not managed to make that happen at all and right now he needs to try and rethink things he's starting carved underneath he's sitting on beneath it looks as though his arm is backwards when you watch him the match what he's trying to do there is revert he's trying to race to his own party take a look back look at the replay we're seeming a little later in the match after the start at this point it was already over Sam Harris as soon as the match started [Applause] [Applause] is the same way twice Ben we're talking about its humming let's listen to these guys this is gook stir some smiling through the tears years some would delight in the strap he'd love the strap oh yeah I mean that allows him to apply the angles that allows him to play different pressures and Luke doesn't want that that's nice it's great you're watering separately you know we've seen it so many times from Devon yes you can get a guy on the boat early if you can all seat him they're always game this is mind games this is what it's all about the mouse started this as soon as they set foot on stage nevermind at the table yeah I think it started when Harris came out kind of dancing yeah this whole thing the story of this armwrestling match was ended in early doors both men wanted to dominate [Applause] behind them he's got a shame really there that we didn't see the best of Luke unfortunately he didn't manage to find a groove there that could have changed the script but let's not take anything away from Sam he was exceptional tonight he closed down the space he never let the bullet come out of the gun right Sam Harris takes it in a clean sweep three nothing defeating Luke Kent let's get down to the pit Jason Fisher with our winner Sam Harris congratulations that was a dominating performance here tonight thank you how does that feel right now man I love fast cash there was a lot of trash talk going on in that match even before you guys strapped up what was being said between you and Luke was he trying to get in your head was that a strategy yeah I mean my crap talking starts in the table all that other stuff out there that's just talk I talk on the table amazing well you are a champion tonight who do you want next um I'll wait for the phone call I'm gonna go back and train I mean call me money talks I'm here congratulations here is Sam Harris your 2018 men's lightweight champion give it up cash in one hand the hammer on the other nail pick up yeah a hundred percent deserving Sam Harris right mount right place right time that's the deserving champion he's earned it he's beaten everything in front of him you cannot deny he's the man of the moment well done Sam Harris no question about it coming up next our VJ Rob vision jr. back in the warm-up area the middleweight championship he'll take on storm Ciolino you don't want to go anywhere this one's gonna be fun would we come back to Atlanta I'm backstage with Devin Lariat Devin you got a big match coming up against the monster Michael Todd you last faced him in 2011 it's been a long time obviously you've changed as an arm wrestler so has Michael Todd how are you feeling about this match end of the season last match last match the event I'm ready to pop you know like I'm ready just to let my whole soul come out it's it's this is everything for me well you've been undefeated so far this year in the wal everyone's been gunning for you what is your advantage over Michael Todd tonight I have a lot of advantages over Michael Todd there's a lot I'm not gonna lie to you I've got height I've got strength I've got versatility and I've got an unbeatable will to kill him and that's really the bottom line that deep down he fears me all right well I fear you a little bit too good luck we cannot wait for the main event Ben Neil back to you all right well Neil you joked earlier with Jason saying what are you afraid of him he looked afraid of him there but I mean good reason right the guy's a monster yeah I mean let's be honest it's not a man you want to walk into your prison cell I'm fine on the top bunk that's a scary man but at the end of the day Devin Lara has bred himself into the art of war that's what he's done monster Michael Todd has won acid weapon in his arsenal he may not have the length he may not have the physicality nobody's got more heart Michael Todd came to win all right let's focus now on what's coming up next here in our next match you got storm ciolino and Rob pigeon jr. this should be a lot of fun folks a long history last time we met I lost him and I don't plan on losing again sometimes it's bitter sometimes it's sweet but I've got the winning record I can't even tell you how many times I faced rvj and it's always in the finals I always end up meeting rvj at some point at some tournament we've pulled about a dozen times or so and I think he's got maybe three wins on me and all of them have been in the straps definitely a tense relationship when you have a history of being in the finals it's somebody so many times you have to know each other pretty well he's got a little bit of edge to him and that's great for me because it I rise to the occasion I see hidden having too much confidence in his hand I can't see how he can beat me without the straps I don't think he's physically as strong as me I see the match going with me winning obviously I'm at in that right hammer right next to my left hammer I just think unfortunately for him I decided to compete in the same sport he did and I'm just more capable and able so two great competitors right there their thoughts on this match Neil and we're gonna look at some video of what these two men and what they do and get your thoughts and we're first gonna start with our Vijay ravitch and junior yeah roll pigeon Juna is the guy that comes to the table with everything you need I mean if you if you were to look at this guy's physical capabilities there aren't any weaknesses got a huge hump got massive joint strength he's got great reach and he's got great versatility he doesn't like the strap and storm Chileno is a master of the strut yeah this guy's acid weapon is his hand and wrist and that's why he's been that bogeyman you know he's been the nemesis he's been the guy that's caused problems for our budget Junior and that can create doubt in rock rock operates around confidence the big change here is that storm is expecting it more of the same and what we've seen this year from Rob fidgets jr. is not more of the same it's a better sharper Rob pidgin and speaking to Rob he likes the strap he's been training in there and he may be able to pull some of them out of his back pocket let's go to the tape in a little the tape what do you make of that anything grab your eyes there you know what I grabbed mostly around that is its all-around design you rope looks a bigger man he's actually lighter than Storm chileno but he's got the legs of a sparrow all his weight is in his book report right I mean he's disproportionately large in his arms hands and wrists that could be the key championship match coming up here from Atlanta and let's go to Justin Roberts for the introductions this barn burner of about is for the middleweight ship mansion approach of the pit first competing out of Scott Township Pennsylvania standing at 6 feet tall weighing 202 pounds he is the northern original middleweight second-place finisher and a past hammer winner with a record of 29 wins and 7 losses his stole [Applause] has been anything leaf beasts in 2018 and is one of the most animated competitors on the planet he had electrified the crowd with huge wins at wal 401 and 402 competing out of Newburyport Massachusetts standing at 6 feet 2 inches tall weighing in at a 199 pounds or bj2 both man making fine entrances both looking ready to go and take a look at what the folks on facebook said what do you think the results say it's close yeah it is paulsen that's a fair result I mean raw pigeon jr. the forum he's on right now deservedly getting that slight lead in the edge there I'd agree with that entirely what I would say is the storm Chileno is an ever-present threat we talked about it earlier in the time this is a garden deserves more recognition when he gets down spawn ciolino is the type of man if you were going to bottle you want him on your right shoulder you know Westen he doesn't have a backward step he's up to the challenge and religion Junior is a very intelligent individual he knows the risky space in here he knows the Chileno he may win but he's gonna have to bleed to do it championship match no one expects any surprise you see you've been I think storms going to be looking to get to the strap as early as possible because he looks to see for you to the talk that Rob has been putting around that he's improved in the strap is real or fake we're not gonna find out yes we are right away [Applause] there's an upside and a downside to this Ciolino is looking when a stronger getting harder we're in round wall if he was to come up short here what's that going to do to his confidence this is a fearless individual you know median but at that point but lights go out in the bedroom it starts to get really dark you know you've got to then at that point start to think to yourself okay if that was my game plan and it comes crumbling down we're next you're not going to go inside with Rob Bridget jr. you match this guy arm-to-arm he will literally damage you for life own potential for a changing of the guard and I mentally right now storm Ciolino has honed the reputation where the standard picture is he's had in that shows that confidence weakness he's got something there stornes not something you could see [Applause] he was in there won't screw up games list it's the only one you gotta win the match no dummy this is a smart guy he was in there Sam Harris you just won I know along with Todd Hutchings I love the advice of top options there just throw into the side all things technique you can just literally throw into the side right and it works when you talked 90 seconds between Paul's Bridget jr. usually you see him exploding and going crazy at this stage you know his family's here is one of his sisters here brother-in-law is here and these guys were tight knit community you've got to offense rob has these guys with him all the time and they've got more self belief sorry more belief 30 seconds he's the guy that doubts his capability you know they don't look at him they know Heather they're right absolutely confident that her mom has the weaponry who can do the job I know who any doors he's already shown it and his confidence now going through the roof he's ready let's go let's hit it he said earlier tonight you know I'm kind of like a shark nearby Jones's smell blood in the water yeah [Applause] a few questions kids all over in the strap he had something he should have became very calm the opportunity when you see the light rewards just going right to the strap bar BJ backed up said I want the slap Bart looked at storm and said you want the strap he said sure yeah no messing with he said their mental changing of the guard the potential for when I said rod will permanently damage you yeah I didn't mean physically I mean mentally yeah thus kinda scars that that loss would leave with storm of far deeper than any muscle tear yeah that's something that's gonna keep you awake at night because a man that you knew you had a weapon to beat in one area when that's taken away its rip it up and start again time you know and that is what you're witnessing right here this is an emergence of a potentially dominant of a middle way in the absence of Todd Hutchins yeah this is the dominant North American Armas yes sir [Applause] [Applause] opportunity [Applause] these guys are the issue that they've got there is that they're thinking that Robin Junior is Maxie now they're in that position that's very far from the truth yeah Rob bitchin jr. knows exactly what he's doing up there this is methodology and it to be employed and perfect manner if if this match turns inside make no mistake about it there is one winner and it'll be more convincing than anything we've seen right now storm needs to do what Marshall did earlier right now [Applause] hey that will submissive and set the pot that is not the stronger man this Marty like ancestor there tournament [Applause] [Applause] you tried to leave his arm in the match [Applause] [Applause] a champion is Rob jr. and Taylor this is it yeah it was all about the changing of the guard the opportunity for its this Rob Bridget juniors coming-out party yeah no disrespect at all to storm we got the storm we expecting we got a brave warrior individual who went out on his shield he tried everything he was brave he tried to go some places he doesn't normally go he stepped to well outside his comfort zone the same as we saw with Matt masks earlier tonight a man could only do what he can do on both men did tonight it's rob pigeon Junius night it was down adjacent fish are always in the zone he's in the zone now a storm chilly no thanks guys I'm here with storm chilly no storm it seems like your strategy was to get into the straps against Rob was that your strategy and and what happened here tonight it was and rvj definitely got the better strap position I wasn't able to get what I needed to get there and he came in tonight you know trained and ready for it so he got the one losing is one of the worst things so I guess I just got to get back to the gym train harder train longer and come back and beat him next year all right yeah how will this tonight fuel you to do just that I mean the loss is the worst thing that could happen so I mean it's gonna fuel you to a train harder because you know it didn't work the first time so you gotta train more hours and more consistently well you did an amazing job this season you guys have a lot of history against each other and I have a feeling this is not the last time you're gonna go head-to-head against one another no we're both young competitors in the sport we've been competing for many years so I'm sure we're gonna see each other time and time after again I can't wait for that and the fans can either give it up one more time for storm Chile no thanks storm and let's keep it going for our champion tonight rvj robbed vision jr. robbed clearly you heard his strategy was to get you in the strap and the first thing you said when you won was yes look at me now you know it was a big weakness of mine but the beauty of this sport is evolution and the videos they study of a guy that lost in the straps is dead and gone I've evolved what did you do in the gym working out training to improve your game so that you could be crowned champion here tonight you know it's just becoming a student in the game learning the angles not being too proud to learn that you do have holes and weaknesses and focus on them and just get it done instead of trying to go around the hurdle tackle it take it over well amazing job here tonight let's give it up for your 2018 middleweight champion our Vijay get your hammer Rob got the cash already now he's got the hammer he hoists that thing to the sky and a well done well done match by Robin Ginn jr. the champion in the middleweight here in 2018 we're not done our main event how'd you like the face that guy Michael Todd backstage getting his mind right he'll take on davon Larrick when we come back as we go to break let's get a up-close look with Michael Todd at all must your discuss for loosing well we my opponents desire to win every time that's it I hate the way it feels to lose so I just choose not to a monster Michael Todd from Hot Springs Arkansas 34 time national champion in 18 time world champion as far as being a competitive person I was a martial artist as a kid had a black belt about time I was 14 and I was competing in adult class and when winning so you don't like losing you come pretty competitive I definitely wouldn't be where I'm at if it wasn't for my wife we're actually together 24/7 she's on me all the time to make sure that I come in at peak performance Rebecca and I also run a transformation business so not only is this our private gym that we train in it's also our private gym where we train clients my name is Rebecca Todd better known as mrs. monster and my main job is to make sure he gets all of his nutrition in he has to eat every two hours and most of those are on me that's a lot of cooking taking care of the monster is a full-time job after your an arm wrestler you become an arm wrestler you feel everything that uses your hands and your wrists your forms if I'm outside working on a tree chainsaw and log it and riding a motorcycle ATV and I'm always gonna find a way to use my hands and wrist and forearm because I'm always prepared for that next batter Michael is a fierce competitor and going into every single competition in these last six years that I've been with him as soon as he steps up to that table you can see the change happen they say ready go and he's a totally different animal he's the monster they feel for me to win this match is to be the WL champion I'm not here to be sex hey let's take a look back in the last two matches read Luke Kindt sam harris sam harris wins the hammer of that one yay did it was a masterful performance tonight from Sam Harris he showed how much is in it involved as an arm wrestler every angle was covered he just had too much there to complete in his all-around game he closed down the angles he shut down the space and he shut down the speed that's the primary weapon of Luke Kindt and he never got you down tonight deserving winner cash in one hand a hammer and the other and then we just saw before our last break storm Ciolino and Rob pigeon jr. and it went the way of our Vijay it did mate and that the old adage is you know that everybody's got a plan until they get hit well tonight's storm go ahead he came him in here looking for the strap he found the strap and he found a new improved version of Rob Bishop jr. he's gone home he stood his homework and he passed that test I liked what he said the interview he said I've evolved and you you nodded your head about three times well yes sir that's exactly what he's doing and that's what this is it's it's this ease physical chess back inside of Turner studio here in Atlanta we're gonna welcome you into our humble abode and the bosses with us two straight events you're with us did I do something wrong no absolutely the first three years none and now let's take a rid of it Steve Kaplan with us and all kidding aside can we just do all the shows next year here yeah what a place right crowd what a place amazing how do you feel that this season has gone with the the way it sits you guys put it together you know we've seen epic growth across every single thing that that's out there was so excited about that bigger crowds and you know just it's great be non-beer alive is wonderful force and it's it's a great home for us yeah yeah I mean I couldn't a call that more it's exciting times as an arm-wrestling myself this is dream come true you know you get an opportunity like we've got here the digital age lends itself to the sport of arm wrestling it's that fast payoff it's visceral it's got everything there and we're only scratching the surface you know the world armwrestling league seeking out that that entertaining athlete we're going worldwide we've found it tonight there's evidence of it throughout this season it's onwards and upwards and it could only get better no question there's competitors all over the world there's such a depth of talent near like you were saying there is that we're just scratching the surface and what we have is amazing but there's way more we got one match to go yeah yeah the wall Steve I don't know I've been looking forward to this match like forever so I don't know it's we'll see we'll see what happens all right devyn lair it Michael Todd let's hear these two guys well smack-talk going on between these two guys Michael Todd and I have a long history if you design the perfect arm wrestler that's Devin I've watched him evolve the thing is he doesn't have my heart michael todd has one vulnerability at the opening he disbelieves everyone still thinking Devon's the champ dev is the man I'm going into 406 to prove that I'm the champ Michael's only credible threat is to move back I will win a wo hammer staying in Arkansas stand your ground let him run away that's how you beat Michael Todd and so the hammer up for grabs along with 20,000 bucks in this one and this is gonna be fun Neil the monster Michael Todd we've seen her a bunch here this season thoughts on him and this one against Devin you know my cool house not a great deal going from here Michael is giving away height is given away levers is given away just about everything you possibly come well this man has made a career out of doing things that nobody expected it to do and tonight do not doubt the monster he's facing the ultimate weapon in this sport he's got everything that you need to be the very best in the world and he's delivering on the promise I can't wait for this match the last time these guys met in 2011 it was awesome expect the same alright there's his wife Joanie always with him and part of his traveling party and she's flexing ready to go let's get to know Devin Larrick a little bit more as we go at home with him my name is Devin Lera I live in Ottawa Canada I'm 40 years old I pull in the 225 pound class I've always loved fighting I've always been drawn to it since I was a kid in 2001 I came to a Canadian Special Forces did it really on a whim just walking by the recruiting office and walked in I thought that the best contribution I could make was to fight for civilization he's done seven tours in Afghanistan big day an enemy I need to look at my best sometimes when you're faced with your own mortality do you get a little bit better at living the rest of your life skydiving for me is a release love that letting go of the plane sensations the instant when I'm even starting to think about letting go of that plane I have to get rid of all my fear that is a beautiful thing to be able to free yourself of that entrapment you know the joy that you can feel and flying through the air the adrenaline you know falling through the sky it's an amazing feeling this type of training improves my mindset for my arm wrestling you're forced to keep as much of your mind active as possible you life depends on it it forces me to think while I'm under stress there's a lot of stress you know you think you might die you know you know in armwrestling you really have to make that switch you know you have to turn into something else to be really good at the table you have to let go of what you are in everyday life you have to be become something else and it's the same thing in skydiving you have to do something that you don't really want to do but once you get there you can really that go everything what a great day got no skydive so I went on leave last year fully every day I'm training for this moment especially with this year off he will literally train all day long I just blew through a dude's hand to win at the wal it means you're a bad dude it's the biggest girl league that has ever been to win it the first year I'm a part of history this big deal for me [Applause] time now to look at our tale the tape Neal pick up the monster Michael Todd Devin no limits Larry you got a look at the fight there that you've got a unification bottle here super heavyweight versus heavyweight right but interestingly whilst Michael told is the heavier mount here the distance has been closed Devin Lara has an unusually massive frame he's suited at super heavyweight do you agree with this the Facebook fan fall you know a lot of people for who see what Devin has done and what he's capable of but Michael Todd is in this match he knows what he's facing and he wants to face it let's get over now to our pit announcer Justin Roberts with the introductions for our main event ladies and gentlemen it is now time for your main event of the evening ladies and gentlemen it is now time [Applause] this is one of the most anticipated bouts attracting viewers from all over the world and it is for the Wal heavyweight chip mansion it should who see first competing out of the Hot Springs Arkansas he sets at six feet three inches tall and weighed in at 276 pounds with a record of 12 wins and three losses he has won titles all around the world and is the current wal super heavyweight champion [Applause] and his opponent is considered one of the greatest arm wrestlers of all time competing out of big island Ontario Canada he says that six feet six inches tall and weighed in at 263 pounds he was the 2015 2016 and 2017 wal a heavyweight champion and one of only four people to have won the wal hammer on both arms we declare a record of 31 wins and only three losses so Devin Lehren makes his way in after Michael Todd kiss for wife Jodi and it's main event time he'll pick up yes it is and this is something that a lot of people have waited to see for a long long time these guys met 2011 15,000 people witnessed it Michael taught us prayed for this much ever since as the money goes on the table to all our Benjamins most people came here for the money Michael Chuck came here history yeah his name at a place it can never be scratched away wal 405 back on August 9th he won 3-1 against Matt mask here going for the heavyweight championship the hammer and 20k please MC Hammer yes indeed a long time ago they all continued in about it best of five [Applause] he was always gonna happen Michael Todd and Cleveland against jerrican aret that heavy damage to his hand broke his thumb the broke his hand came back competing with that broken hand in LA this mama doesn't and he won three upping that night against Marshall Barbosa the devil our family attorney hope the bully they are big-time [Applause] chatters I suppose my Enter Sandman won't scare anybody right now what they believe in is important what is important what does Devon Loret believe in right when you're at the arm wrestling table nobody's there with you you're on your own please come down every weapon hold your thumb charity wanna hear one foul Devon Kasbah tactic employed by Michael there the Jasper look into feel direct your thumbs Devon will react portal present his body will react he's taking the rest of luck yes anybody who doubted that Michael Turner's in this match don't no longer because Devin has gone after work with its work big time Michael Tuohy hanging back Michael can stay there for a long long time Lesley death means to gain his heart he needs to walk and try nothing wrong with those elbows there's the climb the attempt to cry he's gonna take small bite-sized moves to try to gain increment he can take big sweeps he could reach anywhere on the table but he must time because Haslam leaves it open for any extended period of time [Applause] the lungs [Applause] super cerebral Regan's that's the benefit he's got rhythm the hand and wrist control he's feeling he's trying to see we can disturb the arm of my culture every opinion that nobody has the endurance of Devon we're about to find out the truth there's exactly the same as we saw in round in Manchester trimester [Applause] are you shitting me [Applause] you just touch the books one-nothing lead just showed why the reputation because this is a risk you're right this guy is going to try fucking do it thrill-seeker there we go right back there wasting no time still where's over 50 seconds to go before they had to be back up their hoses but they're both ready to go [Applause] [Applause] speakin to Devon in the hotel the other day nobody's the Special Forces now said he seeks out the friendly seats up up danger to try to get to a situation where he feels alive again this is the exact type of scenario able to practice [Applause] [Applause] where your shoulders Davin Larrick one-nothing lead the Baskins over here in the heavyweight champ and in a very impressive [Applause] Amin Amin traffic control impress sit and wait he's not gonna burn up never does he kills you [Applause] tried to die [Applause] to [Applause] [Applause] big time but I don't care whether anybody believes in monsters when one climbs up to one the appearances prove it's scary [Applause] beautiful monster Michael taught how bad do you want this match so you can be sure they're gonna take the time here after all number one they were about both back up there with about a minute remaining maybe they won't take all the time they collected Michael chop takes a lot of abuse online he takes a lot of negative criticism from a lot of people yeah and it always surprises me because this guy is the embodiment of the plot you know wrestles so brave will see any match where this there's an end to the struck both men welcomed it you know no [Applause] strategy by the Canadians the great machine the famous Ottawa high hookers yes and they'll try and work every angle yep but Michael Todd doesn't scare easy here's a month he is indeed that's right yeah go get the web' equal for Judy come on repo tools always yes come down got it Bart wood being assisted here my like Fontenot Jen what a part of the officiating crew as well 2011 ignited by this much of the same [Applause] [Applause] Center and make this about [Applause] [Applause] to Santa my good stage with just a little push to the side now let's try to do that [Applause] she showed to finish it [Applause] this is the skin of his teeth anymore miss you with no personnel no Sal we're gonna find out [Applause] miss interestingly there is that in order to achieve done picture it German Lara had to go where there is no big JA see what it's go to me big time now Michael Todd has got a lot more attack yesterday yeah I think Michael sword is me to have supernatural reminder ok dental character he's in an unusual position right now he's breathing heavy he's trying to slow everything down he'll experience courage under fire specially this wear and tear that goes onto both men we don't see from his life the same concern because he knows all their weapons that he can use now go talk now he's Paul anymore Watson to come back to the table he wants the match to continue better brave plenty of time still but they're up there they want it 2-1 Devin Lera can win it mirror with a hammer and Johnny thought Dumbo's it was a pen person their mouth goes to the stockade go no question what boredom Michael is dead yes no question he's got courage under fire though as I say he doesn't mind he's not frightened of this kind of situation he's like true risk-taker Teddy before Connor guy you'd go to a barbecue at Ronda Rousey's house and leave the toilet seat for your danger I mean that takes a lot you know to do that first of all to get invited there number one likewise [Applause] it's gonna be hard for him to get but by hand and risk doorman closures ugly before Michael never under W squared you can move out of square forward he's just going redlined and hearts as we said we've got one foul calm down so he gives Devon the foul yeah we don't want this Study Center our minds know you know I'd rather see it and none arm wrestling and was your thumbs oh no question we've seen this kind of thing [Applause] you don't Michael check out your apparel [Applause] watch this from hi to the world all resting lead to to even up do they take all the time here in the other that he just get right up there again Devon Lara needs to go back to the blueprint I'm Jodie if she's smart we'll be keeping that no she'll just let him do his thing now she to win more than anybody in this audience but you this is a professor and you gonna let him go back to the lab Fuhrman he's back in a lab yeah here we go he needs to do something a little bit program he needs to be elusive winner takes it the hammer and the 20,000 Michael Tyler Devon Lehren who wasn't gonna be was a huge foul from he gone the money yeah he walls on the money but you were too much that was that was an even sent and he should be struck yeah Devon might get a foul here but we're going to struck but would be the calm head as usual oh yeah he's always calm man [Applause] this is the capper to the mm no I have it with you you can't – – winner takes it all no we'll try and keep not sure because it's so dangerous for this piece for the money honey this is a mom who's the mama yo around seven years any sire from Michael to your hands no it's gonna be that was close – yeah of college – a fair start there they gotta get this if they're praying that this does not descend into fouls we want to see which strongest on [Applause] we will go to the park there's no opportunity to combine he must finish this armwrestling match he's committed he's driven for there is nowhere took this [Applause] but Michael tub the seat himself and he's climbing watch the picture from Devin he'll try to climb it he wants to extend the bicep of Marvel top if he does that Michaels gonna get a sharp pain in the bottom is over Michael's gotta climb if he can get devil into this side of the table he'll develop to sneak around impress the range the reach Devon law is like no [Applause] it's time their charities looking was actually given to the Oval Kim yes who is looking good be very brave attack to reversal from mm he's actually my children she was strong [Applause] [Applause] Adam oh so close [Applause] David sweating heavily [Applause] this is believable armwrestling match the last time these [Applause] don't ever sing I've ever seen [Applause] possible Michael chili [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] in the early rounds that when Michael Todd got him with the shoulder he had the dominance in power Devin Lauren had a rare experience today he was forced to go to the bottom of his arsenal to the bottom of the bag of tools he came up with something but the attrition in the early rounds was the difference and when it comes down to Hart is there anyone that has more aback but Michael Todd all right let's go down to Devin Lera and Jason Fisher I'm here with Devon Lera Devon this is something I've never seen before as you come up just a little bit short what happened here tonight against Michael Todd Michael good job what can I say congratulations Michael awesome match you guys are fierce competitors a lot of trash-talk weeks in advance of this but at the end of the day talk a little bit about the respect that the two of you do have for one another Michael's been arm wrestling a very long time I poke a lot of fun but his style is amazing arm wrestlers look to need to look past just you know the surface of arm wrestling well Michael's doing is very advanced taught me a lesson tonight thank you Michael well certainly you will be back how old tonight fuel you for next year's wal series I got a I got a lot to work on back to drawing board but I promise I'll be back I love arm wrestling like crazy and you'll see me he'll see me soon we will absolutely give it up one more time for Devin [Applause] and ladies and gentlemen give it up for your champion here tonight the mobster Michael Todd Michael you said in the middle no limits you are his limit I've been saying it the whole time I love that dude I've got more respect for that guy for what he's done for his country for what he's done for this sport I mean all those dudes just came to me baby can you put into words what you are feeling right now I know you spend countless hours in the gym training fueling mentally and physically for this moment here right now can you describe what this is like for you it's a pinnacle it's a pinnacle man so uh the only way he was gonna beat me today was he had to be in a whole nother level of strength I refused to let that man out arm wrestle me today he did it seven years ago what I'm gonna let it happen today well I think this is definitely the beginning of an incredible rivalry I can't wait to see you guys go head-to-head again and finally what does it mean to have your wife in your corner by your side at every match and here tonight to celebrate this win I couldn't do this without her she's my best friend I don't want to spend I don't see a sunset without this woman I don't have a life experience self this woman she's the very best part of me amazing well celebrate together and let's break his hammer your 2018 heavyweight champion monster Michaels so Michael Todd they win over the cash the hammer here under the hammer nail but he wanted the hammer so Bob he wanted that recognition so Bob what a way to gain it in front of I mean it was an honor to be involved with that well final thought as we see all the great people involved and we scroll through our credits let's acknowledge yeah we thank all them for all they did all year and for all the people here at Turner studio in Atlanta final thought from you Neal you know this was the essence of arm wrestling ladies and gentlemen tonight these men brought this BR live putting this around everybody gets the opportunity to see this and see arm wresting honey's very best we said it when Steve Kaplan was at the desk e-enough we've not even scratched the surface but what a great great night of armwrestling miss Wilson who really was that'll do it for WL 406 the world armwrestling league superman showdown series 2018 from the Turner arena here in Atlanta over a quarter million in prize money was given out to these impressive competitors along with the prize wal hammer of Champions Michael Todd's got his hair Michael Chavez got his hammer he worked for that hammer we saw dominant champions emerged and we saw exciting rivalries that we can build and build upon no I don't know you but I'm excited mr. Holden I am too man it was great to be with you tonight some head home in victory some well they get the hardware for their trophy rooms others motivated to come back bigger and better next season but for now we end the 2018 season here in the wal on a high note and sign off saying from the world arm wrestling league and all of us involved thanks for watching and we'll see you next year


36 thoughts on “WAL 406 Full Event”

  • someone please spit on TODD the scum bag should be banned from arm wrestling WTF was that piece of shit clearly scared of devon

  • Wow.. these comments are toxic… like 450 comments of "I hate the king's move"… but none of you seem to understand the sport. The King's move is a double edged sword at best. There are times when you can use it. There are other people you should never try it against or they will break your arm. Looking at you Cadorette you big bastard. The King's move is a very high level move that takes A LOT of power to maintain especially against someone like Devin. I'm a fan of the Sport of Arm wrestling as a whole. King's move included. It has a place. If a rookie were to try it there is a very good chance he would be badly injured. Ask anyone who pulls. The only people hating on Michael Todd are doing it because they just don't understand what they're watching. The kings move sets you up to say "I'm willing to destroy my arm to win this fight". That takes brass balls. Michael Todd has literally torn his arms to pieces throughout his career and using experience and good judgement he is able to still compete even at the top of the sport.


  • Kootenay Ryan says:

    They need to come up with something diff for the stand , too much elbow slippage and your never gonna get away from that with these ansi wrestlers

  • Fletcher Musician says:

    after watching a few armwrestling matches, i personally would say, every single armwrestling match, no matter what
    wait devision.. the strap should always be used… this sport is dangerous without the STRAP!!!! make it a RULE! 🙂

  • I don't follow this so called "sport" (lol) but can someone explain why that one guy is under the fucking table? If there elbow is supposed to be on that pad then why in the hell do they let essentially his forearm on there? lol

  • That ref is an absolute asshole, Todd spent most of that final match off the pad, he was on the table. He's always bias against Devon.

  • christopher lee says:

    towards the End. the only lesson Todd taught you was patients, NOT TO CALL HIM A PIECE OF SHIT CHEATING MF.

  • 3:46:20 is michaels arms even on the pad u see his skin on the table? 3:48:00 michael finally decides to stand up after bleeding larrat by leveraging his upper arm on the table

  • How do you expect to grow as a sport while allowing crap like that.
    If its within the rules, then change the rules, because that was a disgrace.
    There were so many amazing matches until Michael Todd took the stage.

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