Waiter Ane Nenu || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

Waiter Ane Nenu || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

Hi, all! Before watching this video, I suggest you first watch
‘Unprofessional Student’ and ‘Useless Fellow’. You won’t follow a thing
if you watch this video straightaway. You’re dressing up like a star. Where to?
– To office. You aren’t some software guy. You’re just waiter.
– Even software guys will have to wait for waiters. Why are you dressing so well to wait tables?
– Job is a job. Be it an It job or a waiting job.. Or snatching chains job or picking pockets job
or petty crime jobs? You scoundrel! I shouldn’t have humoured him. I’m going.
– Bloody idiot. Hi, sir. Welcome to ‘Aakulo Aakali’.
– Hi. Where is the manager? Yet to come. Who are you, sir?
– Bruce Lee is a fighter, I’m a waiter. Oh! You’re the new waiter?
– Yes. I’m Ravi, the waiter. Good morning, sir. How may I help you?
– I’ve a doubt. Why is this place named ‘Aakulo Aakali’? Our motto is to satiate our customers’ hunger
by serving good food in leaves. May I have your order? Two butter Dosa with ginger chutney.
– There is no ginger, sir. Holy shit! By the way, I want ginger chutney, not ginger.
– How can we make ginger chutney without ginger? Fine, make it two onion Dosa.
– There are no onions too! – Holy shit! Not even onions? Sir, onions have become really expensive.
Rs. 50 per kilo. That is why we couldn’t afford it. Fine. Get whatever shit you have.
– Shit for the customer, please! I didn’t mean it literally.
– Neither did we. Sir, here is your shit. Holy shit! This is so bland.
– May I help you, sir? – This is so bland. Is it?
I’ll be right back. Here, have some holy salt. Holy shit! This is too salty!
– Ma’am, is yours salty too? No. Mine is fine.
– Are you sure? But mine is too salty. Sir, may I? Holy shit! This is too tasty!
– Is it? Why am I finding it salty then? Maybe because you didn’t brush?
– Shut up! I’ve OCD. No way I won’t brush. – Then eat up. Why is this girl here?
Bro, leave this couple to me. I’ll take care of them. Nice ambience, right?
– Yeah, sure. ‘Why is he here?’ How come you are here? – Because of you.
– Babe, order what you want, I’ll take care of the bill. You’ll no more be chill.
– What? – Aren’t you a CEO of a software firm? Yes. How did you know?
– She came with you, so I guessed it. I’m Ravi, a former software employee.
That’s how I know. Babe, shall we order Paneer Butter Masala?
– Sure. – Sir, she prefers grilled chicken. How do you know?
– I stalked you, when I was in love with you. Screw him.
– Get one grilled chicken. – Sure. Who is she?
– I once fell for her. And she fell for him. Why didn’t she fall for you?
– Because his car has more wheels than my purse has coins. Sir, may I have your..
– Ravi, it’s you? – Yes, sir! Had you worked hard like Shobhan, your life would’ve been good.
– What is Shobhan doing these days? He is always in the AC. He orders his favorite food online
and takes home salary at the end of month. What more can you ask? I too work in AC. He needs to order
his favorite food, but my favorite food is always here. Not only do I take salary at month end
and I also get tips. This is what separates a class topper
from a back bencher. I shouldn’t have messed with him. Please, take the order.
– That’s better. ‘Aakulo Aakali’. Ravi must be here. Ravi, Ravi..
– I’ve heard this voice before. Hey, Kiran! What brings you here, bro?
– Get me a biryani. Anything else, sir?
– No. – Why? Are you short on money? I’m short on money? Tell me, how much tip do you want?
– Tip? I see. I’ll go get your biryani.
– Hurry up. What took you so long? Hurry up.
– My bad, sir. Dig into it.
– Whatever. Get lost. Who is that idiot?
– He is my friend. There was a time when he used to
borrow money from me. Now, he says he’ll tip me. Bill.
How much is the bill? That’s it?
I’ll give you a good tip too. Where did my wallet go?
– What’s the matter, sir? – I lost my wallet. You lost your wallet? You said you’d tip me well.
– Forget the tip, can you lend me some money? Does this wallet remind you of anything?
– This is my wallet. How did you get it? I picked your pocket, just to teach you a lesson.
So, you better behave. Waiter!
– Where to? – To wait her table. You still are a kid.
Let me handle this. What may I get you, ma’am?
– What all do you got? We’ve got tables and spoons and bottles
and chairs and everything else. I asked what you got to eat.
– Well, whatever you want. Get me a Dum Biryani.
– Sure, ma’am. This place is known for Mughalai biryani.
– How good is it? – As good as you look. Then make it Mughalai then.
– Sure, ma’am. She is on the verge of falling for me.
Get her two biryanis but bill her for only one. You are sure to go bankrupt soon.
– I’ve been bankrupt many times already, bro. Do as I say.
She could soon be my wife. Not bad.
It is a decent restaurant. Sir..
My bad, sir. I’m so sorry! I know what to do with you now.
– It’s okay, bro. – No, it isn’t okay. Wouldn’t your shoes cost Rs. 5,000?
This idiot ruined them. Why do people even hire such idiots?
– Let it be, sir. It was only an accident. Let it be? We can’t let it be.
Manager, come here! What is the problem, sir?
– This guy is the problem. He ruined a Rs. 5,000 shoe!
Instead of being punny with names, hires good workers. It is still your first day and you’ve already created
a ruckus? Will you shell out Rs. 5,000? Or would your dad shell out? He should’ve taught you manners.
– I didn’t see this coming. Sir, please, don’t say a word about his father.
He is a great man, unlike this fit for nothing idiot. I can’t shut my business down
with waiters like you. You’re fired! This is exactly what I wanted. Served him right! Hi, all. If you liked this video, do like and comment.
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