Wacky MOLE: Massive Media Mueller Meltdown

Wacky MOLE: Massive Media Mueller Meltdown

that question was the ball advanced no engagements over they needed more fuel for any kind of impeachment effort so look on optics this was a disaster a lot of Democrats in particular used the D word and branded this a disaster welcome to this week's wacky moments of liberal expression we're at the beginning of this week the leftist media just couldn't wait for the powerful testimony of robert muller because of the high stakes everybody here in DC counting down to mother time pretty much whatever happens tomorrow is high stakes high-stakes hearing on Capitol Hill the stakes are extremely high the stakes are so high the stakes could not be higher so crucial really really important and last of course that testimony failed to meet their expectations that question was the ball advanced no it's over they needed more fuel for any kind of impeachment effort so look on optics this was a disaster a lot of Democrats in particular used the D word and branded this a disaster so even the lefty media has to admit that Muller's testimony was a disaster for Democrats but they cannot give up on this issue they've invested too much into pumping this up they have to find something and it seems that as a result of the hearings the impeachment movement has been set back rather than set forward but I will tell you one thing I was stunned that they didn't focus on more were the fact that Muller in his report talked about people associated with the Trump campaign deleting relevant emails is interested in talking about deleted emails you know I thought that was a topic that they generally just ignored I wonder where they've been on that well since the Bolar report came up with no collusion and the Moller hearings ground the media's dreams of impeachment to a halt there's clearly only one answer to this situation and the media is now demanding more Muller hearings yet what your point is so important about what today's hearings represent and what future hearings could be and and hearing from the Muller team the as many members of the Muller team as possible is really important yeah you know if you just couldn't get enough of or not knowing what was in that report let's bring in more people is that correct and do you have the citations page 12 volume 2 and which portion of that page so after all the media hype do you think there's a make-or-break moment look it's there make-or-break moment could the outcome sway undecided House Democrats on impeachment Muller disappointed the Democrats so let's find somebody to blame MSNBC blames Muller's poor performance as the fault of Republicans because you know somebody allowed them to ask pesky questions but it's shameful shameful that Republicans were so focused on trying to undermine the origins of the investigation now dare they question the democratic funded steel dossier that took information from the Russians and started the whole collusion delusion drama that swept over the lefty mindset you know if the media knew Muller was not going to give them what they wanted well then they never would have asked for this hearing and I'm just I am really surprised if they're if they're over selling this as the movie the blockbuster movie and they know that the man is facing apparently some challenges that they put him in front of the cameras of course we were all calling for public hearings but we did not know what people close to Robert and Muller knew and what the Democrats knew that he should not have been in in the glare of a public spotlight but don't just think because mother's testimony failed to give them what they want that the media is ready to give up talking about this we in the media didn't do a good enough job of summarizing and in a kind of a bite-size way took us too long the Democrats could have done the same thing like why not get everything on a three by five card that we just say over and over and over I mean that's what you have to do yeah the leftist media just doesn't repeat Democratic talking points enough that's the problem and they're never ever wrong there is tons of proof of potential collusion we have dramatic evidence of collusion how is it not collusion how is all of that not solution the collusion piece of this piece by piece starting to be built out a political hurricane is out there at sea for him we'll call it hurricane vladimer if you build Donald Trump knows the noose is tightening the noose is tightening then the noose is tightening if you will the noose is tightening around the president the noose is tightening and I think they're shocked that the noose is tightening yeah you know I think if you give the media enough rope on this one they might just hang themselves I'm Eric shiner from mr.c TV thanks for watching and subscribing we'll be back next week with more liberal media wackiness you


50 thoughts on “Wacky MOLE: Massive Media Mueller Meltdown”

  • MadCows neck just got two inches longer……..


  • hauntedmoodylady says:

    Such petty, little pathetic shitbirds. Yes, Mueller is the same little crooked turd he was at the beginning of this, he would not have been selected for this if it was otherwise. He may have appeared to be senile, however, my guess is he was/is not as senile, or stupid that he does not realize that there is a new sheriff in town who is not a shitbird. The new sheriff is Attorney Barr. There are dozens of examples of Republicans being charged, and jailed for offenses which if a Dem were accused of the same the Dems would recommend the offender for the Shameless Clinton Asskissers Award. There is now clearly enough real "evidence" which is essentially common knowledge which begs the question, Why isn't Hiltabeast in prison by now. This banana republic which was once the former USA, must be restored, I pray. Thank GOD for TRUMP..

  • The left pushed and pushed for Mueller’s testimony and how that backfired. They keep getting deeper and deeper in shit and can’t climb out while hoping something will pull them out!
    Vote Dems out!!

  • It seems to me the only collusion is the DNC and the Mainstream Media. I've been around since Eisenhower & I've NEVER seen the Media so politically biased in my life.

  • Greg Montgomery says:

    If anyone had the proof Trump or Clinton they would of put it out .I,m getting sick of it and that goes for fox cnn and msnbc

  • If you have any lingering doubts that the main stream media is controlled by the democrats, watch other videos similar to this one. You will see that they use "agreed upon slogans" across the channels. "The noose is tightening"- repeated multiple times by different channels. "Donald Trump is going to flame out"….This will convince you that the MSM is truly a mouthpiece for the democrat party.

  • The most over used words in the 21st Century. Racist or Racism, Impeachment, Collusion and White Privilege. They have been trying to impeach Mr. President Trump since he was sworn in and when not if re-elected, the Dumbocrats will continue this witch hunt.

  • The liberal media is made up of a bunch of democrat partisan hacks hell bent on lying,cheating and stealing because liberal ideas are bankrupt and can not compete with common sense and the desperation compels democrats to lie,cheat and steal by all means because that is the democrat strategy for winning absolute power back.

  • Frankie boleros Rosado says:

    I love how the Democratic Mouthpiecw Bus is almost empty. Everytime one of their Saviors board the bus, they end up disappointing them. So they, Media end up throwing them, their Saviors under the Bus. Former passengers- Hillary Clinton, Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, Comey, Avennatti, Senator Franken, Rosie O'Donnell and their Messiah who was gonna walk on water t'll he walked to the desert, not the ocean Bob Mueller.

  • Most important Meuller admission, He was forced to answer, by not answering that the elusive Russian guy “Mifsud” who instigated the whole Russia hoax was working not for Putin but for…..Obama!

  • I just hope enough people can see through the Evil that is leftist liberal ideology. There's still so many that are blind to it.

  • There's a reason why they all use the same exact sentences and words because those sentences and words are designed to brainwash people that's why every single media Outlet that is democratic and attacking Trump are all doing the same exact thing

  • how could you continually get on tv every night for 3yrs and give an expert opinion that is always wrong ! when do you not become an expert ?

  • Does the DNC provide all these liberal loser media outlets with what to say? They all repeat the same exact shit over and over like it’s being spoonfed to them! “The noose is getting tighter,” and “high stakes,” sounds like a parrot screaming Polly wants a cracker? The plan is to repeat buzzwords constantly over and over, because the liberals base is literally so fucking stupid, they will believe ANYTHING if you say it three times and click your heels! Buzzwords or phrases like “kids in cages” (that was Obama’s admin ya dumbasses, look it up dumbfucks), yet they don’t have even ONE video or picture of that happening during Trumps’ administration!

    If you ever question a liberal congressman or congress woman of color about their job performance, they go straight to calling you a racist! So now you can’t criticize a person of color’s political record or performance, or you’re a racist? How fucking stupid is that? No, just calling their horrible performance record. How about regurgitating “no more separating families!” That democratic-originated law, was stopped in 2017, by Trump, who officially ended it for now and the future signing a bill outlawing that! It’s any wonder what these complete idiots are ALL LOSERS TODAY! No plans for America’s future, no policies, except promising free, free, free! Like the Turbo Tax commercial, except they have no idea how to pay for it!

    When the former bartender/waitress with a degree in economics (LOL!) AOC is the “darling” of your party, you know your ass is in some serious trouble! If you want to scare the shit out of her, just turn on the garbage disposal! That dumbass has a highlight reel saying the most stupid shit ever like “we need to invent technology that hasn’t been invented yet,” that dumbass couldn’t even take care of herself and now that loser is going to tell Americans what they need to do? Never going to happen! Between AOC and the rest of the GOON-squad, the liberal LOSERS are in big trouble trying to beat Trump in 2020!

  • The demoncraps are sore losers…have fbi..cia..forigen sorces lie..to overthrow a elected government…plain n simple

  • David M. Evans says:

    The Obama intelligence community (syndicate) are collectively trying to cover up their illegal activities so the Trump administration won't discover the extent of their corruption and how high up it went (Obama 😡) When you conclude that the Clinton's are the God Father of politics it becomes clear. Just like the God Father does, the Clinton's let you in on the "take" so if you squeal you too will go to prison… and more importantly like the God Father… when he needs a favor from you (frame Trump) you will do it. They all were on the Clinton payroll and they are trying to distract America's attention from finding this out 😉 This is why Bill met Loretta Lynch on the tar-mac and Brennan and Clapper were on the Clinton news channels claiming Russian collusion to drum up support to impeach Trump with a demonicrat 😈 stacked investigation syndicate. Thank God for Bill Barr and President Trump is devine intervention 😇

  • Isn't the definition of insanity— to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result? The Lunatic Left is insane.

  • tennessee hunter says:

    how do all these different reporters just SO HAPPEN to use the exact same buzz words ?? It's like someone is giving them a script….like they're puppets getting yanked on by the same string….now, who is their puppet master ? it's so obvious even democrat voters should be able to figure this out BUT democrats just seem to be either ignorant or just plain stupid

  • Cheryl Tomaselli says:

    No demonrat clowns it is going to be your neck that is going to be in the noose and we the Trump supporters are going to have a great time watching you big babies cry again. and f all you clowns NBC fools and jerks pos CNN lying clowns that you not fooling anyone you spew lies bs and hate and the morons in the mslsd cry babies will cry again and make u p more stupid unbelievable lies that backfire in your ugly faces. soon we are going to vote you all out of office and you can watch your demonrat rats demise and that's all folks and down will cry baby media cradle and all.

  • Liberal tears 😭 afterwards. They going to have Wiseman testify next since he's the true author of the report. Maybe he purveiwed the report. Democrats and disaster, sounds good to me.

  • DOUBLE SPEAK: language that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words. Doublespeak may take the form of euphemisms, in which case it is primarily meant to make the truth sound more palatable. It may also refer to intentional ambiguity in language or to actual inversions of meaning.

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