VP Live | Медиа-день на The Leipzig Major

VP Live | Медиа-день на The Leipzig Major

Hello, everyone! The wintery sun of Leipzig illuminates my face, because – yes, we have arrived at this Major, and I’m already in the hotel with the players! Today’s the media day for the guys – it’s time for interviews, photo- and video-sessions. Long story short, the day’s gonna be packed – with the group stage starting tomorrow to boot. But that’s for later! Today is media only! Just the way I like it. Let’s go see the boys. They’re getting their profile pictures taken. The DreamLeague employee is asking them to be happy, but since they only arrived yesterday and had to wake up early, not everyone is “happy” yet. That’s what cringe looks like! What media day is it for your career? This makes for the third media day of my very prominent career. Don’t like it. Why is that? It’s distracting. They’re forcing you to do cringe? “Be happy”? They’re making us do some sh*tty poses. How are you overall? How was your arrival yesterday? It was ok. Not the biggest town, though. “Not the biggest town”?! But we came here to play Dota, right? Yes, you didn’t come here to loiter! So I don’t really care. Good! Liking the practice? Oh, and who’s this? It’s our captain! And he’s ready to take this tournament! Our captain! Ready to win! I wouldn’t say he’s ready, judging by his face. The man himself said: “be happy, keep a happy face!”. Be happy, man. Roman, did you scout the perimeter yesterday? I didn’t even leave the hotel. You didn’t? Straight to practice? Yup, straight to games. I see. With Batrider and Darkseer…
I see. With Batrider and Darkseer… I’ve been practicing. What’s the morale coming to this tournament? It’s a Major, after all! Well, they’re already experienced – they have two tournaments worth of experience!
It’s a Major, after all! Well, they’re already experienced – they have two tournaments worth of experience! We’re confident. What else? Everything’s ok. Everything’s going smoothly – we had good practice coming into this event, discussed our strategies lots. I think this tournament will go well for us. A butterscotch! Healthy food! Which part of this media day is the hardest for you, Vitaly? Solo photo sessions. Definitely solo photo sessions. And “make a happy face” is alright? Yes, it’s great. I see. No hazing at all! Did you have the time to meet anybody? You all live so closely together in the hotel? Or do you guys keep to yourselves? We chatted with Nigma’s KuroKy. What’s KuroKy up to? What did he say? KuroKy says: “never give up!”. Never give up, that’s the plan. Royal Never Give Up, yes? Just not Royal Never Give Up. You have been chosen! Why me? You were chosen for the interview! Everything was doing fine, why you gotta be like that? I don’t speak English, sorry! We have another guy! But you’re speaking English right now. His English’s not that good. These are the only few words I know. Blackmail material on Vitaly Melnik – done. Carrying the media! Friends, the tournament is already underway as you’re watching this vlog. and I know you can’t watch every match at home in the comfort of your bed.
Friends, the tournament is already underway as you’re watching this vlog. and I know you can’t watch every match at home in the comfort of your bed. But that’s not a problem anymore – there’s a solution! Parimatch with their app for iOS and Android. It’s the best app for betting and watching streams at the same time. Check out the stickied comment and follow the link! The most devoted fans will also find a nice bonus. Parimatch for everyone! New Truesight is coming out soon – are you looking forward to it? Sure! Have you watched the last two? Yes, of course. We have watched all of them – and rewatched, too. Which moment touched your soul the most? The 8th TI – with Fly carrying the entire series, and then the stage bursts into flames… and he’s left behind, outside the first place with his thousand-yard stare. Vitaly cries, understanding that the same thing is gonna happen to him! You may have changed teams, but the media isn’t letting you free that easily! He’s okay? – Is he a normal guy? – He’s a normal guy, just a little bit crazy. Hello to all the VP fans who miss me! Any comments on the first match of VP vs Alliance? Easy 2:0. Who would you like to match with in the next round? IG or Reality Rift? Reality Rift, for sure. Any comments on Reality Rift? How strong are its players? How’s AlaCrity? AlaCrity is a strong midlaner. Top-10 material… You’re doing great, Egor!
AlaCrity is a strong midlaner. Top-10 material… You’re doing great, Egor! And now the most important one. Subscribe to our channel! Subscribe to our channel – we say it how it is. Friends, there’s no time to explain. The media day is still going strong, and here I am walking around the hotel with my new friend, Valera. If you’d like to know more about Valera, you should stay in touch with our channel! And for now, Valera’s going to practice room. That’s Virtus.pro practice, that’s Virtus.pro, and that’s practice. Look! Quite a situation here, Aleksey! A situation, for sure. How many games did you play today? Let’s see… Looks like 4. How’d they go? So far: win, win, win, loss. Three wins and one loss. Look at how my Batrider games go. That’s how his Batrider games go! We have an upcoming match vs Alliance, right? Yes, they’re out kryptonite so far. Let me play, please! Don’t three-man me, Alliance – I’m asking you! Jokes aside, this time we have a plan. And we’re gonna play for it. Because we’re professional gamers. And you’re the best player in the world, Solo! I’m the best player in the world. And you never feed! I never feed! Well, I do feed sometimes, but I’m still the best player in the world. Like right now, for instance… What a timing! Well, that’s not an unusual sight. You’d see it every time you look at his screen. Performance, performance! That’s what happens when a three-man comes to you. Really is a frequent sight. Virtus.pro certified doping! Thank you, Dima! Guys, we have found an unidentified device right next to our coach. Anatoly, please, enlighten us – what is this thing? [Do tell us, Anatoly!] It’s a device that displays CO2 levels and temperature. We can now control the ratio of O2 to CO2, and when it reaches critical levels… we try to ventilate the room, because it really affects brain activity. Anything below 800 is okay, anything above 1200 is impossible to work in. In some factories, this level of CO2 means immediate evacuation. If the sensors detect it. What about our factory? Well, nobody’s gonna be evacuating our factory… That’s how much we’re at! That was a TIL section by Anatoly! You’re welcome! You’re welcome. The group stage starts tomorrow, right? Yes, correct. What’s your schedule, what’s your plan for tomorrow? I plan to wake up… at 12AM. That’s really early! Play a couple of pubs, watch the first round of the event, discover something new for myself. And then crush your enemies? Discover something new, and then crush Alliance. The practice is going okay… Even though we got distracted by the media a bit. But that’s life! Yeah, can’t do much about that. You know that much! We just have to keep working harder. That’s the fate of all pro players! That’s just life. Yes. You can say goodbye to all the wonderful viewers of this vlog who are rooting for you all. Subscribe, like, and comment! Especially to Egor. We say it how it is!


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