100 thoughts on “Voter: I do not recognize the Republican party of today”

  • DoubledEdgeSword321 says:

    the Republican party has always been corrupt evil and conniving..trump just brought their true "values" to the fore front..


  • republicans just are holding to the " old times" when they had ethics and principles. A greater and greater number have to realize their party is no longer a political party and start a cult of personality

  • Thatb lady with the brown curly hair just doesnt know what shes talking about.Its the same old story and retoric with these uninformed trump supporters. more and more independents each week are FOR the impeachment inquiry and removal. Where is she getting her facts from?.She sees more moderate democracts comming trumps way? Where exactly is she seeng that?Then,just like a good parrot she says its because of the tactics the dems are using to unseat the president. WTF is she talking about?Its always so general and NEVER specific. What tactics is she speaking about? A federal judge just ruled that the impeachment inquiry is lawful and by the book!!! So is she speaking about those lawful constutional tactics? lol She has such a smug look on her face like she thinks shes so much smarter then these :dems" Just another confused lost soul.

  • Evangeline Spencer says:

    Omg! Talk about misinformed!! The Democrats are doing EXACTLY what REPUBLICANS have done with impeachment for past presidents. Also, the whole supeona power and to investigate behind doors is because REPUBLICANS did that in Benghazi!! RNC made the rule that WHOMEVER holds the house gets SUPEONA power because at that time REPUBLICANS held BOTH the house and Senate!!

  • Debbie Fisher has to watch a single episode of any cop drama to get this whole "process" shes so unnerved by. She could learn the difference between "investigation" and "trial".

    But she already knows what Sean hannity told her and why learn more than that?

  • Waterborne Camper says:

    Thats because the American right abandoned their true supporters in favor of the low IQ, easily brainwashed masses. The low hanging fruit of the voting public.

  • People, let's take a pause and recognize when Republican voters started talking about Process. After that let's ask them, has the process ever been of concern when the regular Joe is being prosecuted. You're the party of law and order, right?

  • Remember when Don Lemon had a sign that read "NIGGER"? Remember when Don Lemon said all White men were terrorists? I do. #CNNsupportsRacism #CNNisFakeNews

  • I'm disabled & can't afford a rent anywhere. And every time I go grocery shopping the prices are higher. Who's going to fix this mess?

    NOBODY that's who! Nobody & never! Republicans, democrats & America can all BURN IN HELL as far as I'm concerned. Fuck the whole lot of ya!

  • Vincent Strother says:

    Hey Debbie Fisher guess what,…its Un precedented that a low-life like "your " fake, illigit POTUS has ever held office also,…there's no bottom to the barrel of filth that this low-life of a human aka trump drinks from daily! He's DISPICABLE, DEPLORABLE, REPULSIVE, ignorant RepucniKKKan !
    Lacks hometraining that's a reflection on his up bringing,….you support trump,….then your just like him!

  • " voter says I do not recognize today's republican party".
    I recognize it, then again I remember the Nixon impeachment, sooo….

  • Thanks Demoncrats and MSM for all your help in President Trump's reelection campaign we can't do it without your help LATINOS FOR TRUMP KAG 2020

  • Republican father of conservatism, Barry Goldwater, predicted when the GOP adopted the right ring religious nuts into that party it would be destroyed. They should have listened to him not let Jerry Falwell and all those Evangelical freaks dominionist and religious nuts in there they did it just to get votes before they could steal elections so easily

  • Now is the time to recognize the Republican party for what it has become and watch their every step as they choose to either jump on the lie train or speak up in righteousness as the Trump Titanic goes down…….. take notes…… The blessing is that we will get to see and know who's who on the front lines and we now have an opportunity to take note of good and bad…….. some will speak OUT AGAINST TRUMP…… SOME WILL PRETEND HIS RACIST, DESTRUCTIVE RHETORIC IS inconsequential…….. THIS is THE FINAL MOMENTS WHEN WE WILL BE SHOWN WHO IS WHO………………..EHMMMMM……………….. EVERYONE TAKE NOTES during this transition.Be the statesman and be the heroes you are. Conduct yourselves with integrity…….. no need to get ugly, because you are righteous. And, you will stand on the right side of history and will be known as such

  • American Civics & History obviously isn't being taught anymore. We have lost our Moral's & the Truth doesn't Matter.
    It has become normal in business & society to lie & con people.
    You have to read pages of All the Fine print & the print gets smaller everyday & covers everything but the person paying the price.
    My Father's favorite saying "To Thy Own Self Be True. "
    If it's Not the Truth it's a Lie. A "white lie" is a Lie!
    I'm Ashamed of the men in government who I've voted for. They've turned into yellow belly liers, I watch in horror as they've hung their heads & groveled giving their loyalty to a narsissistic sychopath.
    They've forgotten the American People are paying their bills & given them the life style We Want for Ourselves.
    But will never see because we put our money & trust in dishonest corrupt con men.
    I don't recognize America anymore and we aren't a Democracy,
    Our government is failing us.

  • DJ Torrence Mack TMACK says:

    Dumb ass Repuklicans can't get enough of that racist completely vile orange fleshbag and the damaging effects he's had on the whole world!!!! They like him are the problems affecting the world.

  • Alfonso Ponthieux says:

    Trump has abused his power as POTUS to enrich himself, he is clearly unfit to hold his position and should be removed from office immediately. Anyone who willingly chooses to ignore reality to support Trump should be sent to a mental health facility for treatment.

  • Anyone with half a brain, Republican or Democrat, can't recognize today's Republican party. What was once the party of "family values" "fiscal responsibility" "rule of law" etc is no more. They have done a complete 180 since Trump has corrupted them.

  • Good for Ga, women. Ask Debbie Fisher what’s so unprecedented about the impeachment inquiry. She can’t answer that question because all she knows is lies from Fox.

  • . You Democrats are so filled with ignorance and stupidity….. But what is even more staggering to the senses is, you're all so willing to come here and prove it……

  • Yea, let's just let Trump be lawless, not be held accountable for anything. Let's let him and Rudy Giuliani run shadow policy in Ukraine. Let's let him ask hostile nations interfere in our elections. Let's let the GOP n Trump have secret meetings with Russians and give them polling data this election. Let's let him obstruct Congress and obstruct justice for the next 5 years. Let's let him hide his taxes at all costs. Let's let him pay off a few more porn HOES. Let him tell a million more lies. Let him give the rich more tax cuts…Let's not have any infrastructure, health care, no new gum legislation. Let's take allll the money we can from the poor and middle class and build a wall all the way to Alaska. You know, just in case Eskimos want to come over. LETS BE like that stupid, naive, WOMAN that said we should just leave him alone… Here is the question…Would any of those wearing Red Maga hats and cheering USA would have been ok with the president staying in office if all of the above was Obama…? No need to answer cause WE ALL know the answer..

  • You can argue the process ,that’s a separate issue if you have problems with it .the important issue is did he or didn’t he and is it wrong,that’s like complaining about a speed trap when you were 20 miles over the speed limit

  • I don't understand why the fuck these people want more of Trump!! He is the worst president this country has had in modern times! He's lied like no president ever has and he's making use the laughing stocks of the world. He running the government like a goddamn mod mafioso. He's a Tony Soprano wanna be and he needs to be impeached immediately. This country can not sustain four more years of this ignorant, racist, con man jerk off. Republicans are now cultists. They follow this bombastic whack job around like he's a God and when he blantantly breaks the law or dishonors the constitution they just say stipid shit like oh he's shaking up government or he's changing how it runs for the better. WRONG!!! He's making it easier for a modern day war of the states and while we are fighting and killing each other he'll be sneaking the goddamn Russians or NK in to take us all over.

  • The Oxfordcommaa says:

    Debbie Fisher is an idiot. She Thinks that Democrats should stop bc if they continue, dems and inds will flip to republican. In other words, she’s sabotaging her camp from being the majority????? Lmao bravo

  • The "process" is all they can say, bc they dont want to deal with tRumps actions. And when they say they wont read the transcripts as Graham did… If you close your eyes, it didnt happen.

  • Open hearings Martin!!!!!!!! Open hearings!!!!! Let's see what happens!!!! Twenty years Martin ?????? One point for TRUMP?????? Impeachment will KEEP the seat DEMOCRATIC!!!!! The American people will impeach Trump!!!! Not the Democrats!!!!!!!! They CAN"T argue with THAT!!!!!!! YEAH!!!! USA!! USA!!! USA!!!!!!

  • 90% of CNN and the lib party don't want to work , they want to live on Gov hand outs esp Georgia , place is a sht hole , a giant Jacksonville Fla.

  • Tpscrt34 Cartels says:

    Did trump break the law? Yes he did that is the end to this whole story. This is not about process. Be ostrich and stick your head in the ground if you want to.

  • thanks, Jackie. It's amazing how long it took me for all this to sink in. BTW my mother was from Greensboro as well. My Grandmother's family go way back in Randolph county and some were Quakers and some Germans. I was very proud of my great grandfather who told the CSA recruiting officer in Dec 64 that they could shoot him but he wasn't going. But they took him and the next annotation in his military record is from the Union provost after he deserted in Richmond. I went to Duke University in the mid 60s. My wife is my 'warbride" (she was from Georgia, I was from New York).'
    I do have a relative buried in Georgia at Andersonville prison. My great uncle who died there at age 16 served in the 13th New York Cavalry.
    I'm afraid a lot of our memories will be lost; I remember watching a Black Republican saying that all the racists and segregationists were "Democrats".

    Best of luck to you. Bob

  • Dimitri Vincheov says:

    'Lucy's election'
    if you vote, you are a fool. you have NO say what goes on in elections. all of our world leaders are preSELECTed.

  • There is no more republican party anymore. Everyone in that dark house is corrupt trump has all their balls and he is squeezen them to do what he want them to do they are helping cover up trump lies and corruption, they are no better than dump graham is one of the worst who is corrupt. They are all PUSSY COWARDS and america sees that.take notes america when its time to vote vote there corrupt, lying ass out along with there yes man cult leader dump. Vote vote vote their asses out.

  • The process that Republicans put in place… that they were all too happy to use when they were in power. Benghazi anybody?

  • “The impeachment [process] that they're going thru is unprecedented the history of this country.”


    These Righties just spit shit out and back it up with their emotions as the only evidence.

  • She doesn't recognize the republican party because we are standing up and fight back. Be afraid illegal aliens be very afraid we coming for you.

  • Why doesn’t anyone check to see if this idiot woman has a brain…. or is it so obvious that she’s a traitor and a disgrace.

  • The Orange Pekoe Teabag Band says:

    Nobody recognizes the republican rat bastards as a political party anymore. Today, the Republican Party is seen more as America's Official Domestic Terrorist Organization, as the true enemy of the people and as a rapidly spreading cancerous sore on the body of the nation. Their leader is a mentally deranged dictator. His followers are of the same mentality as those who supported and defended Hitler. Insane? Of course it's insane but in the same way as exterminating Jews is insane. The same way as raping children is insane. The same way as flying planes into buildings is insane. In the same way as being a domestic terrorist is insane. If the Republican Party was a person, that person would have a stockpile of guns, grenades and bomb making materials in their home and on their property. That person would have underage sex slaves chained to the walls of the dungeon in their basement. There would be dead bodies buried in their back yard.

  • Too Many Hobbies says:

    I would like just one person ! One person tell Me what Trump did that was Aginst the Law!? ONE PERSON! And provide the Facts and Reference!

  • There is NO Republican party today. It has become the Trumpublican party.
    It is comprised of conservative Senators held totally hostage by an egomaniacle mad man full of hate and a sense of revenge to ANYONE who would disagree with him. And to them… "torture by tweet" has become the norm by which they are held captive!

  • Who the hell is this idiot to lecture us about President Trump or the Republican Party? The Con News Network should be investigated for their involvement with the Marxists Communists ( aka Democrats ) conspiracy to overthrow the elected President of the United States!


    Thank you Adam Schiff, for all the Democrat corruption you are helping uncover. You will certainly go down in history as the man who made Trump the greatest 2 term President who drained the swamp and made America great again and kept it that way.

  • Damián "el Salsuero" says:

    It's never the substance… always the process. How is it unprecedented when the Republicons instituted the rules? Your party had no problem with it the last time they wanted to pull out the rulebook and investigate wrongdoing. Oh wait… I forgot… y'all a bunch of hypocrites.

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