100 thoughts on “Volker interview on whistleblower weakens impeachment push”

  • Glenn beck hit the nail on the head… all these Democrats and Republicans have been involved in Sending our money to these currupt nations and then threw their dealing have been funneling money threw these governments to their own personal off shore accounts and โ€œFondationsโ€…

  • It's not impeachable to investigate crimes just because that person runs for president. Such as Hillary Clinton and emails. Then again Obama's people did the exact thing to Trump over fake stuff they actually made up. HELLO?

  • American Patriot says:

    He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and third time, till at length it becomes habitual; he tells lies without attending to it, and truths without the world's believing him. This falsehood of the tongue leads to that of the heart, and in time depraves all its good dispositions. – Thomas Jefferson

  • RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

    What in the hell do the Democrats expect would happen? Now that the new leader of the Ukrane has decided to clean house, the people from the US that decided to get rich in a crooked way. Now they get to answer for it. Of course the Crooks dont want Trump having it investigated. This whole whistle blower rule is WRONG.

  • There are always 200 or so cattle that need to be culled.. They are like fake news, trash and very few Americans listen to them, good as fertilizer, not much else. I know, every time you go anywhere, make them change the channel if not to Fox then at least the food channel. All places….

  • There are always 200 or so cattle that need to be culled.. They are like fake news, trash and very few Americans listen to them, good as fertilizer, not much else. I know, every time you go anywhere, make them change the channel if not to Fox then at least the food channel. All places….

  • Oh it's not hyperbole. Try it and we're coming full force red, white, and flippin blue for them. We can document 20 more years of President Trump and force it down their throats, signed by American Patriots!!!


  • Jimmy -the-Mormon says:

    So… the whistleblower can't be fake?? Tell me… who would want to expose to the DNC that Trump is seriously looking into Biden's relationship to the events that happened in Ukraine?

    When Trump is on the phone he always has many people listening to his phone conversations… so why would there need to be a whistleblower? People have the job of listening and writing down what he says and what he/she says with every call. So he knew that people were listening when he decided to ask the President of that nation what's the story??? And of course hopefully to let him know what was really going on.

    It was not a whistleblower that let Trump know what Biden had done… it was Biden himself… bragging about what he did.

    The President has a right to ask people who lived in Ukraine about what they know about the Vice President of the United States making these threats to the then-current administration about the incident to get the prosecutor fired. Come on… he bragged with his own mouth that by George… he got the guy fired before the 6 hours was up. And so ask… did Ukraine get their money after this prosecutor was fired? So also ask… why would the Vice President of the United States care whether or not some prosecutor of a foreign nation was fired or not? What is the motivation behind this little blackmail move? Fire him… or you won't get the Billion dollars!! Does it not make you wonder? I hope whatever comes of this investigation… that the world finds out the truth!!

  • that was one of the worst interviews i have seen on Fox yet, felt like i was watching cnn or msnbc at 2 am when they put the janitor on…Fox needs to go back to what they were in 2018 its a shame

  • I know why the "whistleblower" filled a complaint & lied. To notify every corrupt player that their being investigated by making it public. They can't leave voice mails, emails, call or leave any trail. Plus they can use the C_A mockingbird media to spread it all over the world. They get all their lies & talking points out. They hide in plain site !!! Trump 2020 !!!๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  • Bradley ( smart mouth guy on the left) is a pure idiot lib puppet. Everyone knows that the dems only want to create "impeachment" talk, knowing full well that there is no real chance for it. More than 2 years of personal attacks on the president only shows their frustration over their impotence, and frustration over their helpless position.

  • Glorious Pandemonium says:

    Thumbs down for this interviewers focus with these 2 gentlemen. What they had to say was soooo much more important than her asking them if Trump would walk away if impeached or defeated in the next election. Here's a tip for the interviewer! Why not let ABC, CBS, NBC AND CNN do all the Trump hate????

  • No it does not you idiot republican morons … face it you chose a loser … you sleep with dogs you wake up with fleas … and trump is covered in them

  • De fund the Democrats leftists there to dangers to be funded. Size assets on the Democratic party. Just get rid of the Democrats. Replace them with a civilized party like the independent party. Impeach the Democrats and throw them in Jail. Democrats are scared that the investigation on them is getting to close so there using projection to try to win.

  • So… the Dems ran a 3-year, $30M investigation on Trump based on a fake dossier. Now, these same people don't want an investigation into corruption by Biden that he's actually boasted about. Yeah… that makes sense.

  • trumps sucks so bad he can't scratch his own fleas: He has a CIA, an FBI, a DOJ…Why did he ask a stupid comedian from an occupied investigate an AMERICAN CITIZEN? answer that

  • THE ExDemocrat
    If Andy can not see the national liberal media is corrupt, he is either corrupt himself or he dosn't want to know the truth. I understand why a Democrat does not want to know the truth and will go to great lengths to avoid it. The Democrat's game is they sell and target the heart of the people. The Democrat main stream public has their heart invested to the extent their character and their own sense of self is in direct relation to their party. For Democrats it is not who their candidate is, it is their way of life. This is why a Democrat will march, will protest, will lie for and will defend their party with everything they have. The Republicans sell with and to the intellect of people. When your heart and your mind are in a battle over something, which one normally wins? The heart will always carry the day and a month later the mind is telling the heart, I told you so. Next time you better listen to me.

    If a Democrat searches for the truth about their party, they then not only loose faith in the Democrat party or a particuler candidate. They loose faith in themself. They loose thier own idenity. There is a line in a few good men that comes to mind. "You can't handle the truth."

    Wake up America!!! If you can not see the Democrats are corrupt and are trying to take down our country, you do not want to know because you already realize, you can not handle the truth!!!
    The ExDemocrat

  • Heh! The republicans are the most lying, corrupt, criminal traitors in history. The Trump Swamp Sheep are the most delusional and gullible no excuse for citizens in history. There is a quid pro quo! But, there does not have to be one. Just the fact that traitor Trump solicited help from Ukraine President Zelensky to interfere in the 2020 election is an egregious crime. George Washington is rolling over in his grave. TRAITOR TRUMP will be impeached!

  • Since the last Presidential election, The Democrats have simply made themselves look like a bunch of two year olds having an epic tantrum.

  • Everything the media the Liberal Democrat socialist and the Hollywood elites call President Trump is exactly what they are they are corrupt treasonist evil people projecting on President Trump. He is trying to save America. MAGA KAG TRUMP 2020๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  • So many in denial MAGATARDS below what a shame, bottom line orange man will be impeached wether you like it or not so, bring on the comments and youโ€™re crying snowflakes โ„๏ธ Iโ€™ll be waiting, (idiots please comment below if you support corruption) thank you IMPEACHED 2019! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰โ„๏ธโœŒ๏ธ

  • We all know that Schiff saw had contact with the wistleblower, fact. We all know the rules demanding first hand knowledge for the wistleblower report were changed just before this was released. What I would like to know is , did Schiff see the report before the rules were changed? Did Schiff have the rules changed knowing the report would be shot down if the rules were not changed.

  • We all know that Schiff saw had contact with the wistleblower, fact. We all know the rules demanding first hand knowledge for the wistleblower report were changed just before this was released. What I would like to know is , did Schiff see the report before the rules were changed? Did Schiff have the rules changed knowing the report would be shot down if the rules were not changed.

  • eyekan spalwerds says:

    There doesn't need to be a quid pro quo. It is unconstitutional and impeachable JUST TO ASK for foreign help in an election. If it was about "investigating corruption" it should have stopped as soon as Biden announced that he was running.

  • Moss is flat out wrong as a matter of law, and intentionally dishonest. He conveniently omits the fact that the CIA leaker posing as a whistle blower directly contacted Schitthead's team before fraudulently submitting the whistle blower claim form. The reason the ICIG (attempting to err on the side of caution) found the claim to be worthy of investigation is because the so-called whistle blower did not inform him of that prior contact with the democrats. The CIA leaker was further fraudulent in submitting the form claiming he had first hand knowledge of the purported offense(s) about which he was submitting the complaint. The ICIG was also unaware that the CIA leaker had lied about that too on his submission.

    It's obvious to the American people that this entire exercise is yet another nefarious ploy being foisted on our country by a bunch of unprincipled, lying, cheating and bloodthirsty for power politicians on the left. Schitt for brains and his co-conspirators in and outside of congress have proven beyond doubt they are willing to tell any lie, conjure up any cockamamie story and suborn any perjury before congress and the American people in their attempt to stage this coup against the President of the United States. The price they should pay for this treason should extend far beyond that which will certainly be exacted at the ballot box. Schitthead's actions alone warrant a long prison sentence in a maximum security federal penitentiary, as well as payment of millions in actual and punitive damages pursuant to a defamation suit brought by President Trump.

  • Scott Phillips says:

    It's not a Constitutional process when so much of it has been shown to be clearly unconstitutional… In a normal unbiased world where both sides of the aisle work together [like used to be the case] impeachment would be part of the constitutional process but even Bradley Moss knows [like we all do] EXACTLY how criminal and dangerous the Democrat's are and have become towards legal constitutionality… They are treasonous criminals and it shows in all they do and most especially in this Ukraine issue after three years of their Russia issue… They Democrats colluded with the Ukraine, Australia, United Kingdom AND CHINA to usurp this duly elected President with their never ending hyperbole! Lets focus on who's REALLY behind this constitutional threat… The left wing tyrants and hostage takers who have taken the American Public and their chosen/elected POTUS prisoner to their treachery…

  • If they replay this on net works they may want to edit the text @ 0:26 "INTEL CHMN ADAM SCHIFF (R-CA)…Don't think he changed parties….LOLOLOL

  • Pewdiepie Travelling Man says:

    When will these democrat lying politicians be investigated as they do the president? They are all multimillionaires

  • There is nothing wrong for an American president to ask an allied country for assistance in looking into possible criminal acts committed by present or former political officials. What I do not understand is why the Republican party has not brought criminal charges against Joe Biden. He admittedly, on camera, bragged that he told the Ukraine president that he would stop $1 billion dollars in aid if the Ukraine president didn't fire the prosecutor looking into his son's activities. Guess what? The prosecutor, equivalent to our Attorney General, was dismissed from office. The American people hear nothing of this!Almost forgot, you are wrong! Go ahead an impeach and see what happens.

  • Ronald Lovelace says:

    All those who wanted to investigate Russia and 2016 seem no longer interested. Trump wants to prove he is not a spy, let him do it.

  • This will only stop when democrats are voted out of office. Wonโ€™t be long. Our Congress should be working on homeless situation, child hunger, drug wars etc. instead of trying to get our President out. Do your jobs or get out. We are tired of democrats spending money and creating havoc in our country

  • Democrats are desperate to set up a Kangaroo court and convict President Trump of something he did not do. In the process they are exposing all of the illegal "Quid quo Pro" violations of their own party members. It is truly laughable! ๐Ÿ˜Š. Stay tuned for the rest of the COMEDY, it should be aired well into 2020.

  • Michael Antoniotti says:

    Regardless, the slimy lefty scum will not stop in these unsubstantiated attacks on our great President, the chosen one.
    They are wasting our tax money and will pay in hell. Spiritually; they have no shot in the afterlife. They are the Devil's Spawn.

  • Every single member of Congress who has gleaned extreme wealth as a result of their position should be impeached on how they did it.

  • The impeachment was never strong to begin with come on its the democrats nobody and i mean nobody takes them seriously thay are a bunch of ignorant donkeys

  • This is like watching kindergarteners. He said she said and the world sits back and laughs at us. Damocrats can't handle losing. What a waste of money.
    Trump for another 16 years is what we need.

  • First off I don't believe in muscle bores I think they're cheap and you could probably buy one for a dime a dozen second they're going to do anyting the Democrats to try to get to President Trump including trying to impeach him and including taking away our constitutional rights as American citizens 3rd I do not trust the Democrats not a single one of them is trustworthy truthful or showing respect for the American people and our constitution I seriously doubt any of them have read the Constitution and understand it

  • There was no quid pro Crow except the bacons and his son Hunter Biden why aren't the Democrats investigating the Biden's how come Joe Biden is not sitting in front of a committee and them asking him questions or his recorded message and what he did whenever he was vice president of the United States why are we not questioning Hunter Biden we don't care anymore the people I think every Democrat should be voted out of office kicked out of Washington and have to serve in a soup kitchen so they can begin to understand what is going on with the American public

  • Has anybody looked at the treaty between the United States and the Ukraine with regards to investigating corruption signed into law by President Bill Clinton

  • They just dont get it. Trump is untouchable. BUT! He is gonna reach out and touch all those that committed treason, sedition and other nefarious crimes.

  • Have you noticed that the squad donโ€™t have the guts to go on Fox to scream their impeachment crap and get called out???

  • It's like liberals have absolutely no understanding or have even bothered to read the Constitution. The Constitution CLEARLY gives the POTUS and only the POTUS power to negotiate foreign policy and makes him RESPONSIBLE for law enforcement. It's his job to make sure Ukraine and others were not used by the previous admin to enrich themselves.
    Just like it was legal for Obama to use foreign leaders to investigate Trump.

  • The president has Lots of experience on this – working with foreign governments to rig elections, why is anyone surprised?
    And since he got away with it last time, this time he is asking China to get on board too!
    Moving emails to special servers to prevent anyone knowing about his treasonous acts,
    Attempting to cover it up,
    Changing his story after the fact,
    Attempting to ATTACK the informant – shameful
    Too bad we are the ones who are getting Scre#$%@%$ ed in the process. Otherwise it might have been funny.

  • Dr Max Wellspring says:

    It is amazing how these people would put this president through the failed drama of the last three years and fault him again for trying to find out why what caused it even began.
    I have never seen hypocrisy this high and wickedness this subtle ๐Ÿค”

  • Life In The Faith Lane says:

    It's going to be a rough rest of year for the Left. If you are renting safe spaces, have a psychiatric practice, or are selling handkerchiefs, you should have a very profitable last quarter.

  • Me Crazy La La says:

    Parody by Me Crazy La La Quid Pro Quo definition simply means: this for that i.e. Adam Shiffty Pantiez says to Whistle Blower "I will give you a BJ if you tell a bunch of lies against President Donald J. Trump?!!"

    Whistle Blower responds to Adam Shiffty Pantiez, "Well now rumor has is your the best in Washington D.C. at BJ's. So seriously Adam Shiffty Pantiez who, what, where, how, when, & what time?!!"

    Smooch smooch, kiss kiss, hiss hiss, & meow muaw!!! Same time, same place, & same Adam Shiffty Pantiez Bat Channel.


  • Satan is truly pissed of ,his chosen demons have failed him.double the torture for you ,when you return to your daddy lucifer.the most Holy Spirit is truly working through his chosen one โ˜๏ธ,president Donald j trump.may god himself keep blessing the mighty U.S.A and her allies,now and forever more.!!

  • Deplorable Mike says:

    So in 2 years and another 30 million dollars we will find that the Democratic Socialist party members are just making stuff up. In order to cover up their crimes.

  • Democrats are ppl. Republicans are ppl. By labelling you wanna make them less human. You vote them in. Stop demonising and get back to democracy. Vote & hold healthy debates

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