Voice-Controlled Digital Media and CD Player | SYNC 3 How-To | Ford

Voice-Controlled Digital Media and CD Player | SYNC 3 How-To | Ford

[MUSIC] Did you know that you can
control a media device, smartphone, and
music CD connected via USB, Bluetooth, or the audio system CD
player using your voice? Let me explain. To control the media device,
first connect the USB cord to your media device and
then to the USB port in your vehicle. You’ll see a Device detected message
at the top of the screen, and then an indexing media
device message like a phone. Once it’s connected, you’re ready to go. Now, to play it, use the voice button on
your steering wheel and say, play, and the song title. To play music by a specific artist,
use the voice button and tell SYNC who you want to hear. Like, play the Parlotones, for
instance, and SYNC responds. When listening to music on a media device,
you can narrow down exactly what you want to hear using specific voice
commands by simply saying play and the artist name, or album title,
song title, playlist, or genre. You can also stream music using
your paired smartphone’s Bluetooth connectivity. You’ll need to make sure your phone
is paired in order to use some of the the SYNC 3 features. Make sure the audio source you want to
stream is open and running on your phone. Then use the voice button and
say, Bluetooth audio. To listen to music in your CD player, insert a disc into your vehicle’s CD
player and it will begin to play. You can skip tracks by saying a track
number, like, play track seven. For help with the USB or CD player,
say USB help or CD help, for example, and so on. One more thing,
to switch from one source to another, use the voice button and
say the source you want to hear, like USB. From the audio screen,
you can also touch the source button and an audio selection menu will appear. Any questions? Go to Owner.Ford.com. [MUSIC]


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