Viva News – EP 7 | Stylish Dheeru VS Darling Das

Viva News – EP 7 | Stylish Dheeru VS Darling Das

Welcome to Viva News! Yesterday it was all about Demonetisation Today, its GST! We don’t know, what might come tomorrow So, to take a break from all these We invited 2 Shocking And Shaking guests Our first Celebrity Our Silent Star… Stylish Dheeru!!! Play his Intro Whenever we think about Stylish Dheeru, we always remember his Unique Style His own Mass Style in giving Warnings! -If you deal with me…
-It’s going to be a very big deal No one dares to replace his Walking Style! He can fall on many heroines using his Cunning Style! Stylish Dheeru… All the best! Where is he? Didn’t you book the Cab? I have booked Uber Pool, an hour back! Uber Pool? You should have booked, Uber Walk… I have tried, but I didn’t find it, Sir Welcome to our Show, Dheeru Ji -Thank you! I am happy to co…
-Our Next Guest… Suspense! Let’s see his AV in TV Talent doesn’t require Height or Colour or even Physics and Chemistry He is Smashing the world with his Dubsmashes He is none other than, our Darling Darling Das, All the best! Thank us for ‘you’ coming to our Studio We got information that you two have performed tremendously in Alladista movie Thank you! When can we expect the release date? Shoot is in Progress… will be released soon! So, if you want to talk with Stylish Dheeru and Darling Das Call any number you wish to Have you given the number correctly? Ayyo… I have given the right number itself Hmm…I don’t have any balance He doesn’t give my Salary and he expects me to call him Hello Suresh, how are you? How do you know that his name is Suresh? Talk to our Stylish Dheeru, sir! Hi Dheeru Ji, are you doing good? Ya, I am good… how abo… Hi Darling Das, how are you? I am good, how are you? I Shannu Ji, how are you? I am good… Okay, thank you, bye. Our Second caller… Go on… Is it, “Gift me a Saree” program? No… it is “Say a Sorry” program… Whatever… Ask questions, go on… Miss, here we have Stylish Dheeru and Darling Das… Which celebrity do you want to speak with? Who are they? Anyways, what is your name Miss? Sujatha! Hey Sujji, how are you? Who the heck is this? I will blast you… I was being friendly, Miss To whom are you a friend? Sir, it’s better to cut the call She is still talking right? She is not talking Sir, she is Scolding! Have you seen, how many kerchiefs did you tie yourself? Thanks for calling! Do you want to talk with Stylish Dheeru or Darling Das? 5 year Kids like Rhymes! 10 year kids like Games! Then, what do you like, Names? No…I like darlings… So, I would like to speak with Darling Das Hey, how are you? Why do you care? I am a big fan of you Thank you… From where are you calling? Why do you care? I am a very big fan of you I clearly understood that you are my biggest fan… What are you doing? Why do you care? But I like your smile… Can you smile for me please Enough, stop it! I see that girls are crazy about your smile How can you smile this romantically? Actually… One more call… Hello, do you know these people? Ya… I know. My Stylish Son! Then talk with your Stylish Son Tell ma, how are you? I am good, my son Very good We like you very much, son Ma… We see style in you, son Ma… Have you seen the trailer? We have seen the trailer son, and we trolled it too Good ma… Whenever we see you, we get mentally imbalanced My pleasure, ma Uncle watches your videos continuously Ma… Ma… Even Darling Das is also here. Talk with him too… NO… I will only speak with my Stylish Son… Ma… My son, talk with your uncle once… Ma… (Crying – Happy tears) My son…my son… take care of yourself Uncle, how are you? I am unable to speak because of my happiness Thanks uncle, how is your health? My health is good my Son. Last week, I suffered from a Heart Attack! Be careful in your film shootings, my son We have seen the villain hit you on your head… Uncle, that was fake… Give me that villain’s number, my Son… I will speak with him Uncle, it’s just Acting! Son, I will send you my Account Number Transfer me 5000 rupees, I want to buy a Saree for my wife Even my financial situation is also Tight uncle Tight…Tight…Tight… AH! Uncle…uncle…uncle? My son, take care of yourself Where is Uncle, aunty? Uncle got a Heart attack and collapsed, my son! Heart Attack ah? Call an Ambulance immediately aunty… No problem, son… first take care of yourself I will take care of myself ma…. First call an Ambulance Sir, cut the call sir… I am unable to take this tension Sorry sir, I can’t cut fan calls… Son, even I am getting pain in my heart too Aunty, first you take a deep breath Didn’t I tell you that I won’t talk with you? Aunty… Take a deep breath (Taking a deep breath) My son…the pain has increased Sir, I am begging you sir… Cut the call sir… please sir… My son, I am losing myself My son, I am losing myself Cut the callll… My son…my son…my son… Thank you sir for cutting the call I mean, we didn’t cut the call I think she…passed away Okay, we will leave sir Wait wait… we have one more call Brother… -You talk…
-No, you talk… Dheeru, I love your style Thank you, thank you Das, your Dubsmashes are a big smash Thank you brother When I came to know that you both are acting in one series… I wanted to bang my head Thank you…thank you When your movie releases, I will tear the cinema screen Hey don’t do that… They will call us… (Water sound) What’s that water sound? Is it raining there? No, I am pouring petrol on myself WHAT?? Why? I am a big fan of you both…big fan… What’s that suppose to mean? I don’t know… I want to die…I will die Buddy buddy… where are you? I am outside of the studio… Enough… let’s end this here itself. Brother, stay there… We are coming outside Bring a matchbox while coming… The hell is wrong with you? So, the show went smoothly We wish their Team, All the best! My son…my son… take care my son Ma…ma…enough ma…enough… Why are the fans behaving violently these days? I don’t know… I never seen callers like these Even this is new to us Then what is the solution for this? Click on the subscribe button… we will get solutions soon


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