Viva News – EP 6 | ‘Alladista’ Special

Viva News – EP 6 | ‘Alladista’ Special

Hello everyone! To get notification on the videos we make Please click on the Bell icon It is too simple. Hey Priya Oh, Shannu! You came so early! I am very glad you came Ya ya, I had to come… Since you sidelined me in the last video Anyways let’s talk about it later. Welcome to Viva News We all know two seasons have started… Firstly, summer season and secondly IPL season First thing that comes to your mind about IPL is Betting and batting. After watching this season,
many people have started KPL Kangaru (panic) Premier League. Going into the details of the teams First team is BBB – Bheemavaram Body Builders SES – Srikakulam Earth Shakers AAJ – Amalapuram Asha Jyothulu VTB – Vizag Thunder Buddies KCT – Karimnagar Care Takers TT – Tirupati Trillers MMB – Medhak Munching Batch The speciality of the KPL is There is no umpire for these matches plus betting is legal. It is reported that, KPL teams are being coached by Pullela Gopichand from an inside innocent source. Lets see what happens! The Sun is taking revenge on us! Even the roads are getting a stroke. For more weather reports
let’s talk to our correspondent Suryudu. Firstly… To my parents, who gave me birth To the helper, who taught me to walk To my aunt, for teaching me to speak Please accept my heartfelt thank you. Coming to the weather report Sorry, One more thing! For giving me this oppurtunity I want to thank Raghav and Shannu and will continue thanking them for the rest of my life… Not only in this life but also in all the forms my soul takes In all those lives too, I shall be indebted to them. Sometimes Life is not an Easy game… BUDDY! More than the heat stroke,
your stroke is harder to bear. Please give us the weather report. Okay If you look at this Map the temperature in this region is high… Looking at bottom of the map it is much better the heat is moderate you can enjoy the climate. I guarantee you. But, who are you to give guarantee? If you look at this corner of the map the heat is impossible to bear. I am warning you!!! So true. If you still want to chill in such heat I will tell you one place Its here It is special because My grandmother lives there. What!? How did your grandmother come into the weather report? If I have to tell you about my grandmother When the temperature touches 45 degrees She serves chilled butter milk and touches your Heart! She is a great living butter milk maker My dear, Suryuda Before this, where did you tell the News? In Dubsmash! For the people of Krishna nagar There is a Shocking news. An upcoming film director After watching the routine Telugu movies Has got frustrated Has got tried and by beating people With a promised new approach By holding no comparison to the level of Hollywood And with a very fresh mind he made a movie. So lets watch the trailer Listen, if you deal with me! Its going to be a big deal… Hey! What are you doing? I am balancing Oh, Really? Dheeru… What should we do after we get married? Lets balance. Dheeru Dheeru Dheeru Dheeru So Sad! Hey you! Yes? I am like the Ocean If you come to enjoy me I will come like a wave… but if you come to create ruckus!!?? I will come like a tsunami and balance you!!! Everything is fine but… What’s with that dress? Errr…hmmm…Okay… The cinema has been released Lets look at the reviews from the public Over to Alladista… Sorry Over to Pydi. Buy one sir, buy one sir Its only 150 Pydi Today is an auspicious day To watch Silent Star – Stylish Star Dheeru Fans are going crazy! Just now Allaladista show is over Lets learn how the fans balanced! What a movie sir! People got imbalanced Sir, where were you hiding for so long? I haven’t watched such a
movie in Hollywood too. I guarantee this movie will
get a noble peace prize. This movie will break Avatar records. It was a super movie I am your fan stylish Dheeru This movie will raise the
bars of Telugu industry Jai Dheeru This Alladista movie for all the Viva fans Will be available on
Youtube next month.


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