Viva News – EP 13 | Alladista and The Dino | VIVA

Viva News – EP 13 | Alladista and The Dino | VIVA

Krupiya dyan de Jara subscribe button pe dyan de Singh Ji, it is already an hour. How much longer for the make up to finish? Easy Ek Tha tiger. Life is all about how we see it. It is ‘just’ been an hour. Stay put for one more and I will put make up. No Beuno. Let us continue with ‘as is – what is’ basis. Hey Tiger Jinda Hai, let us display my expertise in modern art on your face. Aha. Never mind Singh ji. It’s time. Let us start the show. Are you sure? Don’t feel bad and jealous later for me being handsome-ly dominant and for compliments, respectively Thank you. But, I prefer modern art on walls!! You just marked the beginning of new era in make-up with your talent Singh Ji. Thank you buddy. Make-up man said I could not, I just need to prove to the world that I could You have knack when it comes to art Singh Ji Tell me something that world does not know Welcome to Viva News Tip tip tip barsa… Barish… And roads in Mumbai Vanish All the detective agents are right now in search of roads in Mumbai Experts research proposes that we construct dam on the roads of Mumbai. In fact, plans are ready for a dam bigger than Three Gorges and and would be named Four BKC- For BKC Breaking News. Just in. The first shoot day of Giraffe Jinda hein has left Scarred sweet memories to the team. Yes, You heard it right. At the divine Muharth moment of 7 13 AM for the film crew First shot became the last shot for the producer. When our Stylish Dheeru Bhai decided to break the coconut A piece decided to hit on Producer’s head with decisive force At once and right away producer has crash landed…to death Let us watch the visuals of world becoming a better place. AVs onto the screen please Visuals please One close to God in the devil background would be artistic Bhai, you go next Uh-ha. No sir. I do not how to break one. Please ask my dupe to do Sir, enough of your jokes. Break it before the muhurth No sir, I promise. I truly do not know. Bhai, it is a promise on our day one collections. You only should break it bhai Okay. Your wish. Do not tell me I didn’t warn you. Kill it, like you always do Bhai Shot should shake the world. Come on, Kill it!! I think he mistook producer for the coconut. I should not have said kill it. Should have been more specific!! Or Could the producer be acting? He said he interested. You never know How tragic. Life is a magic. Right now and at once the team arranged a condolence meeting Director is speaking. Let us directly see it in live. Over to condolence meeting *Welcome to my condolence celebrations* At first I strongly believed he was method acting. I even said ‘Cut’. No use. He refused to stop acting. Only then I realised he is living the dead. We clearly told him that Bhai and I will put our heart and soul into the film and you put money. I think he misunderstood and he put his life. Now who will put money? Bhai, kindly take off the glasses. It is becoming hard for us to judge if you are laughing or crying. Thank you If people go North, my father prefers to go South. He somehow always liked rejected maal… And that is why he likes Dheeru bhai… My father, along with passion for rejected maal, always had greatest, profound and sound respect for the ignorant idiots, incompetent imbiciles over-confident douchebags. Probably that is why he has a soft corner in some corner for Mani Shankar Mouli sir At this sad celebrations I can not speak further… ‘Do good for others and it will comeback in unexpected ways’- My grandmother always used to tell that her grandmother used to tell her this.
I always believed in this. Never imagined this is one of the unexpected ways. I have been telling him that I do not know how to break a nut. He insisted. I persisted. Preservarence is the key. Persistence makes the impossible inevitable. However I would like to pacify my fans and the fans of cinema who are worried about the future of the movie, A death can not stop a battle. this is a war. Giraffe Jinda hein, is still Jinda hein. Picture abhi bhaki hein mera dosth. A breaking news that just broke. Police are on their way to arrest Dheeru bhai for murder and Millions of Dheeru Bhai’s fan block the gate to stop Police 144/2 * 6/0 section has been ordered. However the outrage could not be contained and caught up as a wildfire across the country Red alert has been declared and To aid the police, PM ordered Jet fighters to be sent in for rescue. Outside relax for three to four days, says our Home Minister Amith Shah. Come on, say cheese!! Man is a magic And what happens when a miracle meets the magic to make a man? Confused? So are we. That is why, We have scientist to clarify the clarity and check and validate the confusions Evening scientist Saheb. Looks like you are enjoying a solid holiday!! No!! My friend in Hawaii bought Hawai slippers, came here to see them… You traveled so long just to see Chappals, sir. Why? Why not? What is your name sire? Child of god So is everyone. I am asking your name sir… Child of god. Why is your name like that sir? Why not I have a name like this? Achaa!! Never mind asking. Tell us what you want to tell… I am not telling… I will show… Oh, my heavens on earth!! What is this? Don’t be ‘sufraid’. The machine in the back is a time machine. Made it twenty five years back And this time machine, I made it two years back collaborating with Viva Brands That means, You can travel back and forth in time, like in the movies!!! I certainly can WoooW, Can you travel thousand years into future sir? Sure… Sir?! Hyderabad has become Raghav’s make up. Why? Why not? After all the things we do, this is inevitable… Satisfied? Time travelled with me Excellent sir!! You are truly a child of god. Yes sir… You just proved you are a man of your name to us. Enough of buttering my cake!! Tell me the truth, NOW!! Truly sir, you are wonder of India I travelled thousand years into the future and met an Aghora in Africa… There he told me, I will have the answers to my question in your studio!! What question? What answer? That time machine can travel thousand years back forth in time… This, Small and advanced one can do only two thousand years back and forth… I have been waiting long to invent a device that travels ten thousand years back and forth in time. Now tell me, that is my question. Where is my answer? Actually I am not sure if I can travel in bus sir. Travelling in time, I leave it you to decide!! I think this guy knows the answer… I do not know how to change the battery in my long-stopped watch, let alone time machine… Don’t play jokes with me!! I can take you back and put you before Hitler!! Hey CoD… I think you are not using your small brain. Put the smaller time machine in the bigger one dude. Everything else will fall in place Ah-ha… There is my answer!! Such a tiny novel thought. Never crossed my mind. Why did it not?! Why should it?! I will try it right now… Now…like just now and right now… Time, be prepared to travel with me again!! YAY!! I made it!! Blistering barnacles in the blasting sun!! Not just ten thousand. I travelled few more zeros back. Just see my back, dozens of dinosaurs!! It is a scientific miracle!! A dinosaur egg found me Quickly run away, before the mother finds you.. Egg will travel with me from here to there… No sir?! Why do you want to bring the egg here?! Why should not I?! I think the universe bestowed us with another Singh Ji in a different form and size I heard that… This is the dinosaur egg you have asked for… Sir, what happens if this egg hatches?! I have my two time machines… What should we do with this egg now?! Let’s ask if it wants to hatch.. Singh Ji!!! Don’t you dare scold my co-inventor!! *Time meets miracle and magic* Sir!! I think Singh Ji’s relatives are coming after us… No, she is the relative of the egg!! Whoever it is, why is she so serious? Why should not she be serious?! You invited her to the party when YOU asked for the egg to come here!! Sir, lets cool her off by giving her egg Heya Dyno… had lunch? Shall we raise her? But, why? But, why not? Dear our Child of God, please show yourself once. Sure, but why? People never fail to amuse me!!


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