Virginia journalists killed during live TV interview

Virginia journalists killed during live TV interview

Two television journalists have been shot
and killed in Virginia while conducting a live television interview. The incident occurred at 6.45am during a live
broadcast when shots could be heard, sending the reporter and her source screaming and
ducking for cover. The interviewee, a local chamber of commerce
head, was also shot in the back and is in a critical condition. Journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward have
died in the incident. 24-year-old Alison Parker originally joined
the station as an intern and had graduated from James Madison University in 2012. Chris Hurst, an anchor at WDBJ7 tweeted shortly
after the shooting that he and Parker had just moved in together and that they had been
dating for about 9 months and that they wanted to get married. Adam Ward was described as a gregacious,
hard-working photo journalist. An avid fan of Virginia Tech and long-term employee of the station. He was engaged to Melissa Ott, how also worked
at the TV station and was in the control room when the shooting happened. Virginia’s governor said on a Washington DC
TV interview that they are in pursuit of the shooter and that the suspect could have been
a disgruntled employee of the TV station. Police have released this image seen on live


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  • Why are you not reporting this how Ferguson was reported? this black man shot dead 2 white people in racially motivated attack, he even stated on FB that he thought 'white people were out to get him'

  • This is so sad. Seeing the young lady smiling as the camera moves to the two women, knowing whats about to happen to her, is tragic. So so sad… Also seeing the gunman as the camera falls to the floor….
    I saw the TV broadcast video but not the gunmans one. I know where to look if i wanted to but as yet I don't..
    R.I.P and can't help but think of family/ friends of the two journalists and the people at the station, and the woman being interviewed… Hope she recovers but how traumatised she will be.. witnessing the killing of someone you are looking right at and talking to. Awful.

  • Everytime a gunman comes up and murders people we are fed up with these acts of terror ! Those terrorists must be severely punished !

  • Maybe one day Americans will learn but obviously many more innocent people have to be killed before that day… So stupid. RIP

  • I feel sorry for the USA is finish people are way from GOD people be coming worse .America need Revolution is not black or white yellow or red. is Satan if you defeat Satan. you can have you good. USA back. I prey.

  • so said that's why you have to be careful of how you treat and talk to people because you never know what they might be going through

  • This was just too horrible. kneejerk reactionary racist contingent can bleat about that aspect of it all they liked, but what they got to scream about now that EIGHTY-FOUR deaths & HUNDREDS of injuries to co-angloids have been tallied up recently by nonblack lunatics? Such savage slaughter by their OWN kind they have no problem with? I don't give a rat's ruptured rectum [i.e. King Dump's mouth] WHAT of whichEVER color commits these nightmarish crimes, they ALL want to face the same justice, which unfortunately more times than not they dole out themselves; this to some degree could be accorded a proper swift sendoff down to Reagan's Hell's Half-Trillion Acres compound since otherwise there'd be either an unjust penalty short of death, years' worth of litigation either way – including useless appeals by "defense counsel" that themselves ought to take that ultimate Southbound Express along with the walking disease factories they "represent" – & the potential for both the victims & survivors [who all too often die beforehand, let alone get dissed by some ignorant juror(s) whose hearts bleed more for the PERPS] to not see their due justice. But to see THIS thing slime up on 3 unaware people like that – even to the point where IT had pointed the gun at Ms. Parker & STILL they all didn't notice it – is scarier than any gorefest slasher movie could possibly aspire to be, since this was REAL, & LIVE, and recorded by THAT which was responsible for it. One could wonder that, even if such a THING as this was to wreak deadly Shootin' Iron havoc on the NRA's own toxic-waste-dump "HQ", would it jolt them out of their shoot-and-let-shoot attitude against better regulations on such ammo-ready weapons. We hadn't even time to begin to try & attempt to get past the shocks & horrors of Las Vegas before the Raving Redneck of Sutherland Springs dropped in, so the peoples of America had best be on their most aware/alert guard that NO place, rural or urban, can be called "safe" from sickmaking senseless massacres wrought by guns. It scares me to think of, after these latest samples, just what next Homegrown Horror is about to crash down on us.

  • Bruno Williams says:

    She is still alive. Did you watch her “husband” gay as hell crisis actor and crisis actor dad who’s been in commercials keep saying look at the pictures.

  • They were killed because they were white and the black shooter said that he did this because Dylan Roof killed black church goers at the African methodist church. So why didn't I see this on the news and why wasn't it called a hate crime ?

  • Michael Laverty says:

    This whole story and the video of it taking place is the most Obvious Staged event I've ever seen . I have no idea where the agency responsible for this is getting it's director's but they suck it out loud. That Disgruntled employee just rolled up on them with the gun out in front of him and nobody even stop's and turns to look at this menacing man with a gun then she yell's out Ouch turns and try's to get away from a point blank hand gun let's not give her all the credit her Boy friend who was just SO SO SO SO in love with her yet he's acting as if he's selling next seasons reality TV pilot .. It's total bullshit people once again .. Watch it again and look at his body language believe me if your truly a grieving husband who just watched his wife get capped YOU WOULDN'T ACT LIKE THAT OR TALK LIKE THAT period it's actually humiliating to think they are selling it like that actually occurred when it's once again an awful B movie..

  • glenn surgest says:

    insanity plagues the planet, wether by what you drink, or whats in the air, you people are part of an intoxicating experience called insanity.

  • These reporters were NOT killed in the line of duty as someone had stated!! Firefighters, police and military personnel are killed in the line of duty!!

  • they were shot with a glock-17, i saw them get shot, the killer was recording with a gopro. i saw it on the news ( russia )

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