Vir Das Reacts To Dumb Bollywood Wedding Headlines | MissMalini

Vir Das Reacts To Dumb Bollywood Wedding Headlines | MissMalini

If there’s a sharp object in your office Whoever wrote this is, just do it man I’m serious Hey this is Vir Das reacting to headlines Because it’s really valuable as a watch Yes, why is this a headline? When did you think she would change her name? And what did you think she would change her name to? Alexa? Siri? I don’t understand why this is news People change their name post marriage That’s just how it happens Much like you guys, when you get married to a new owner who controls all of your content through subliminal business pressure and political affiliations you change your name in branding as well It’s just a marriage Really? Ya it’s not like he’s Ranbir Kapoor and he’s shooting the next 350 crore movie that couldn’t possibly be a reason it’s not like the guy is busy, right? Why is that the order that this is in she sings, twerks and then kills it What if she killed it, sang and then twerked why does the killing it have to come after the twerking Did the twerking have anything to do with the killing? Did you kill something because you twerked? Did the twerk.. I just have questions, I don’t have a reaction to this How the fuck do you know these things? Abey kaun hai tu aisa likhne ke liye tu vanilla icecream, chocolate sauce kha raha hai 200 foot door Tereko kaise maalum hai yeh sab? Chup kar na Ya dude, cause it’s an Indian wedding this is what people do they cry You’re supposed to cry fucking caterers cry at an Indian wedding we are out of paneer It’s an emotional experience Stop reading so much into shit Ha, that’s great cause Katrina Kaif is awesome and Katrina Kaif probably has a happy life because guess what? She’s Katrina Kaif The person who wrote this headline is like Raju from Tardeo who doesn’t have this happier life nothing against Tardeo just against Raju, specifically who wrote this headline Abey Aisa Hall available tha Issliye chunna 14 15 Toh matlab aisa You can’t just Tumne kabhi shaadi kiya hai apne life mein? You have to book like multipe people you understand? The only thing that is unplanned is what happens during the honeymoon I didn’t know otherwise everything is planned Lo bhai Really? The fucking headline begins with lo bhai sure Shaadi tai hui nahi ki bawal shuru Troll hogaye Deepika Ranveer Haste haste Pagal ho jaaenge aap If there’s a sharp object in your office whoever wrote this, just do it man I’m serious Just go for it No It won’t It really won’t A sudden dip in temperature will give me goosebumps A really scary horror movie will give me goosebumps The memory of a very romantic interaction many years later will give me goosebumps The fact that I did a lot drugs when I was in my 20’s and sometimes have flashbacks will give me goosebumps Of everything in the world that will give me goosebumps this, a red bridal lehenga will not give me goosebumps And that is my reaction to wedding headlines If you like this video please like and subscribe to Miss Malini My Netflix special is called Vir Das losing it where I promise you there is not one bullshit headline about a fucking wedding there’s only jokes Watch my Netflix special


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