Villager News 4 (Minecraft Animation)

Villager News 4 (Minecraft Animation)

(Villager News Intro
sung by the Villagers) – We’re live in… …3… …2… …1 Breaking News! We are at war with our rival village
the Testificates! One of them made a hateful comment
about my sexy moustache! We’re now going LIVE to Villager number 9
to get a view of the war as it unfolds Thank you Villager number 4 It is a terrible day for villager kind I am on a landing craft headed towards the
southside of the Testificate village I have Villager number 87 here How do you feel about the events
that have happened? I’m a boat! He’s a boat! Ooo! Me too. I am also a boat Will you guys please shut up!
We are all part of a boat! It’s happening! Argh!..We’re here! Wait for it
– I am waiting Wait for it!…
– Come on and….GO! GO!…GO!…GO! – But I don’t want to go!
It’s scary! Do you want to be a boat instead? Yeah! Yeah!… I am now a boat! (BOAT VILLAGERS CHEER) Let’s go! (GUNFIRE AND EXPLOSIONS) TANK! Target is locked Bang! (EXPLOSIONS) Bang!…Bang! Bang!Bang!Bang!
Ouch! Yay! What are you doing here?
This is not your battle! (MACHINE GUN FIRE) Hey Look! There’s a soldier.
Let’s talk to him Villager!… What’s it like defending your village? I’ve never been in a war before!
Hi Mom!…. Hello son! Hello! Oh no!…Get back! Hello…nice to meet you…
I’m Villager number …BOOM! (BEEEEEP) What just happened? – We’re losing the war! Oh No! I better start learning
to speak Testificate then! Mon!…Harrr! How does that sound? Villager News Outro Copyright © Element Animation 2015


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