Vice Ganda serves hopia for Ion | It's Showtime KapareWho

Vice Ganda serves hopia for Ion | It's Showtime KapareWho

but Kerry Tafoya ha ha yeah I did a lot filibus for your dragon and got a I did a wreath off huh oh the turn along down bottom Akita dog horse again yeah okay so take it back at a tapa yeah yeah yeah paramah fold enemy to seek oh hey Italica make any talk us in a folder for oh hey wait eh ah Munna out there su-kam Kanta yeah fold more go up there [Applause] nobody happier oh oh yes it is scribed without debate about millennial terms so I pick any man Massey as a Japanese name Samia parama syrup Delaney are young people in a very Munna pero Magus pom mati goes okay we have a new okay okay okay okay hold that there boy I'm stirring up a baby hope ya move so I know I will so I know my oil duper baby hope you move back in a man car got a lip [Laughter] sorry pops no balloon opens I of Arthur and a balloon and OH we give me hot dog is kumamiki I am a millennial terms Malik GI Union going on I know what's going on me don't touch me [Laughter] more and more people on video you owe me that just assume I'll see dy l or parsy's ha we are BRB you


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