VHS Review #061: Judgement Day (1989, Magnum Entertainment)

VHS Review #061: Judgement Day (1989, Magnum Entertainment)

hey guys the analog archivist here once again with VHS collector comm here to bring you another VHS review and today we are talking about a movie called Judgment Day this was released in 1989 by Magnum entertainment it was made in 1988 now when we look this movie up on IMDB it has a hundred twenty-three votes and 13 user comments which still kind of makes this obscure the last movie I reviewed which was slash dreams that had a lot more votes and a lot more comments but I think that was because that movie was assumed to be public domain and a bunch of budget labels released it in those multipacks or whatever this never had that treatment let's look at the cover here we've got this demonic creature looks like the devil maybe for some reason he's blue he's got horns this is actually Satan in the movie and I've kind of said it before why do they always have to reveal all the creatures on the cover now if this was a sequel like Friday the 13th part 7 it would make no difference if they had Jason on the cover because we already know who Jason is we know the movies about him all those things this is a reveal in the movie pretty much it's in the second half of the movie when the two characters are stuck in the hellish realm that they're in why reveal it like seriously not to mention I don't really like this make up for the double I don't think it's that great but I guess the marketing folks over at Magnum I guess they think they know how to market these movies they're just I guess thinking what's the most horrific thing in the movie let's put that on the cover sometimes that works sometimes it doesn't now if there's a gory movie I always think of a comment video those there's like four of them are five of them they have the HD Lewis movies and they have the most glorious scene on the cover of the of each of those big box VHS releases and that's a little bit different because that's kind of suggesting what to expect more of this is just one character this is the only demonic devilish creature in there there's also like these little vampire creatures that are whipping people and they're wearing cloaks which we'll discuss later in the movie but why give it all away let the audience look forward to something please they could have came up with some really cool artistic post art that was really dark and and demonic and spooky the tagline reads one day a year all hell breaks loose perfectly sums up this movie now some people in the comments on IMDB at least one guy had a problem with the spelling of judgment in the title now usually judgments spelt without an e when we look at the title I don't really understand why it's called Judgment Day now the characters get stuck in a house realm well delve into the pot in a little bit but just to explain it quickly there is no judgment in the movie despite being stuck in this room like I don't know where that comes in I guess it just sounded cool sounded hellish Judgment Day has come upon the city of Santana I don't know I don't like the title I think you could have been they could have chose something better they could have used the word day there's also an alternate title for this movie called the third hand now let's look at the back here we get four screenshots from the movie again they're doubles on there I don't really like how the devil looks I just don't like the makeup that much but I'm just gonna read the synopsis back here enter if you dare into a living nightmare of monstrously demonic proportions join Charlie and Pete two young vacationers has uninvited guests at a ghoulish ritual destined to last an eternity the usually peaceful town of Santana has one hellish secret every year on the same day Satan and his evil empire rise to the streets wrecking destruction and torture on all who may fall in their path now that Charlie and Pete have unwittingly stumbled upon this ghastly celebration Saint must determine their fate you may heat all warnings but nothing can prepare you for Judgment Day again judgment is spelt with the e okay just in case you are curious so yeah that's accurate to the movie there's no real lie with this release it's not you know being phony it's not being it's not really embellishing anything pretty accurate packaging let's just dump into this movie I really like this movie let's just go into the plot the film begins with two American tourists Charlie and Pete who are riding a bus in Mexico when the bus gets a flat the two are instructed to wait a few hours for the next bus they decide not to wait and against the warnings of the bus driver of course walked to the nearest town of Santana get it Satan Santana anyway they are led by a mysterious old woman with the voice of a hot babe once they reached the town the woman vanishes thirsty from their 8 mile walk in the sweltering heat they hit up a cantina which is run by an American man named Sam when they are asked where they could find a place to spend the night he tells them nowhere because by midnight the entire town will be empty and locked up he then continues on to tell a local legend over three centuries ago the terrible plagues happened to kill all the people of Santana people believe it was the doing of the devil a conquistador the nobleman who founded this town he it said that he outwitted the devil in the kind of bartending I say and in so doing he saved all the people of Santana the devil however was not to be cheated so easily you see he returns to this town one day every year to have his revenge but only only for that one day so every year the people they leave their homes they made the town of course Charlie peat don't take Sam story too seriously and decide to look for a place to spend the night anyway after stopping at a few places they begin to realize that at least part of Sam's story is true people are in fact packing up and leaving the town the then returned to Sam to take him up on his offer of taking them to San Marco with them however Sam has a dilemma of his own his daughter Angela has gone missing and he vows to not leave the town until he finds her Charlie and Pete stick around waiting from the return by the time they do decide to leave on their own it's too late and they are stuck in the 24 hour hellish realm while in the realm they witnessed cloaked demonic vampires marching through the streets whipping who are presumably captured Souls while stumbling throughout the town they eventually take refuge in the home of Octavio while Pete is more interested in sleeping with Octavio's daughter Charlie on the other hand talks with them to figure out what's been going on he learns that Octavio was a nobleman mentioned in the legend Sam told them earlier and that in order for the devil to manifest during the 24-hour period he must take over a human form and this is done by putting on the so called third hand he also learns that if he doesn't leave the town by Dawn he will be stuck in that hellish realm until that date comes back around the following year upon learning this he and Pete leave in hopes of finding a way out before their time is up while looking to escape they discover that Sam was captured and is now being whipped in the streets although Pete has been a douchebag throughout most of the film he now wants to step up as a hero and rescue Sam from Satan Charlie being the pragmatic one says he'll know we have no chance Pete threatens to flatten his friend in the street and as usual Charlie foolishly follows his friend into The Devil's Den with his tail between his legs when they arrived the two watching ritual from afar or Sam while on a cross is branded by the devil's third hand as Sam hangs dying on the cross in a back alley Charlie and Pete approach him Sam tells Charlie to pass a message to the town priest and then dies right before them while the two continue to look for a way out Pete hurts his ankle and the two agreed to split up to later meet at Octavio's when Charlie cannot get into Octavio's he attempts to leave town and succeeds he wakes up beside Sam's missing daughter Angela remembering what Sam last said to him he visits the priest of the town suspecting he might be involved with all this as it turns out Sam made a deal with the devil to take his life instead of Angela's the priest then tells the story of how he came to bear the third hand 12 years ago the priest became the devil's vessel in exchange for giving his sister who was also Sam's wife a merciful death the priest then takes out the third hand and offers it to Charlie asking whether he would bear the hand to save his friend he essentially says hell no and leaves the church we then flash forward a year later that the eve of Satan's visit astonishingly Charlie I decided to stay behind in Santana for the whole year in hopes of rescuing his friend the second time around of course I'm thinking did he really have to stay the whole year doesn't this guy have a family couldn't he just go home and come back a few days before the date approaches besides does he really think he's going to save his friend from the clutches of Satan after a year has passed when Pete enters the hellish realm later that night he goes Octavio's and search for Pete only to discover that Pete now bears the third hand how unexpected there it is guys I actually really enjoyed this movie it's quite fun it's Tartans twisted and it's sort of you know it's not boring is a lot involved with the plot it's almost like a game where these two characters get stuck in this 24-hour period and they must escape I actually liked it awesome awesome premise all around I like to cinematography it's a dark movie and have a great setting with some of the ruins and I don't know if this was actually shot in Mexico if you go on the IMDB page it actually says it was shot in the Philippines but there are a bunch of Mexicans in this movie are those just Filipinos posing as Mexicans I don't get it one of the drawbacks with this movie is there are some dubbing with the Mexican actors in it and it just stands out horribly the little girl Angela totally dubbed by somebody else it's kind of like with satanic attraction where I actually really enjoyed that movie but the dubbing was just bad there isn't too much dubbing in here there's no dubbing with the main characters of the movie it's just with the secondary characters thank goodness but yeah I think I just really loved the movie felt like The Twilight Zone now this movie was directed by a guy named ferde grofe II jr. I'm saying that right he did about maybe five or six other movies he really didn't do much he also produced this movie the two main leads of this movie the character the actors who played the characters of Charlie and Pete these guys suck I'm sorry in fact they haven't even been in that many movies when you go in their IMDB page each of them were only in like less than 10 movies one of them played like ninja roles and a bunch of not a bunch but a handful of martial arts films how we ended up in this movie I don't know they're just not good I mean the Charlie character isn't that bad but Peter just not a great actor in my opinion now you do have the three classic actors you have cesar romero does an awesome job playing Octavio as this guy he's exiled into this hellish realm he does a great job playing the nobleman because he totally comes off as a nobleman you got also Monte Markham who plays Sam now Friday the 13th fans might also notice Peter Richmond in this movie he's the uncle or the principal in Friday 13th party Jason Takes Manhattan he plays the same exact character in both movies I mean he's a priest in this movie the very stoic Stern type character it's incredible to watch the performance in this movie because you're like oh my god the same character as in Friday the 13th this was made a year before Jason Takes Manhattan he's been in over 100 movies this guy I remember seeing him in Three's Company as Chrissy's father I think if I remember correctly and even then he played like an older character and I was like the 70s or maybe the early 80s and this guy still rounded I think he's still acting and stuff which is incredible so you've got some great talent in this movie it's just unfortunate that the two leads kind of suck now also an IMDB but this movie I realized that it doesn't have any crew listed just like with the Satan's touch I'm DB Paige has no crew listed so somebody who's entering this data for this movie or Saints touch they figure out you know crew doesn't matter just the cast in the director who are these people like seriously do you really think that the crew put this movie together don't deserve their credit on IMDB it's just really pathetic I actually had to look at the end credits for the cinematographer because they're not in the beginning of the movie in fact this doesn't even have a directors credit in the beginning of the movie which is really unusual and I found that two cinematographers named but I just thought it was funny that it was on the cover the whole time they saw but letters i didn't realize it but Peter where allo I'm saying that right and he didn't do a lot of movies but still he deserves his credit on this on IMDB he does have an IMDB page but it does not include this movie so who knows how many cinematographers out there are not getting credit for a film that they shot who knows there's got to be so many out there so yeah there it is guys Judgment Day I really enjoyed this movie I would love to see it on blu-ray someday I think it definitely deserves it but the problem that we have is that it looks like it might have been edited on video as sort of as it has a video feel to it and if that is the case that's a bad sign because these film elements might no longer exist definitely look for this movie it's on YouTube really really poor quality if you search this on Google if you search Judgment Day DVD I offer pops up which is a bootleg of course I don't know why people would be buying the bootleg that's just on YouTube but also I think this might I had a legitimate a small legitimate DVD release in another country this has been the analog archivist with VHS collector com please check out the IndieGoGo campaign I keep reminding you guys again thanks guys for watching and see you guys next time Thanks you


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