Venom 2 Teaser – Carnage Scene and Spider-Man Crossover News Breakdown

Venom 2 Teaser – Carnage Scene and Spider-Man Crossover News Breakdown

I need you to stay quiet this is a me
thing it is we see got that fine but make it quick one of I think our great hopes for
future films is other articulations of Venom as fans the comics will no
Carnage’s the bond between Cletus Kasady a serial and the red symbiote and
so this movie will introduce Cletus Kasady hi Eddie carnage is the promise
of the venom character taken to the next level so you know going into venom you
were hoping that there’d be carnage and they delivered in a very delightful way
that made you go alright I’ll give you more of my money if you do this again welcome back everybody it’s Charlie we
got a whole bunch of new venom to carnage in spider-man stuff to talk
about so we’ll break it down I know there are a lot of rumors about what’s
going on with spider-man now in the Sony spider-verse in the venom movies I will
address that during the video we’re doing a spider-man far from home blu-ray
giveaway all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave your best
theory about venom 2 on the video the cool thing about that carnage venom 2
teasers them talking about future iterations of the Venom symbiote we’d
like to do more versions of the character they’re also talking about
going beyond carnage that means if you really want them to do toxin they’re
probably planning on doing him at some point
venom 2 is getting ready to shoot in London during November there’s a very
important reason why they’re shooting it in November because the movie is not
going to take place in San Francisco like the first movie did woody harrelson
is coming back as carnage Michelle Williams is coming back for an weighing
in more she venom they said that they really liked the way that went down in
the first film in Michelle Williams really liked playing that version of the
character so they’re going to double down on that a little bit Andy Serkis is
going to be the director probably the most famous motion capture artist in the
world right now makes sense he’s a solid pic for working with Tom Hardy the venom
and carnage characters any other future symbiotes that you want to do the
working title of the movie is Fillmore That’s just a reference to the film or music
venue in San Francisco the first movie took place in San Francisco that’s the
only real significance of that working title no huge easter eggs the Tom
Hollands spider-man movies used Seinfeld references as their working titles the
working title for spider-man homecoming was summer of George which is the title
of a Seinfeld episode and the one that they used for spider-man far from home
was fall of George the reason why they picked summer of George for spider-man
homecoming was because they kept talking about that episode during pre-production
they were obsessed with Seinfeld they thought it was really funny to use that
as the working title of the movie then when it came time to shoot spider-man
far from home they just continued the joke but a lot of you may have realized
the really important reason why the venom 2 movie is shooting in London is
mostly because they’re doing more Sony spider-verse world-building with the
venom versus carnage fight but also crossing it over with Jared Leto’s
Morbius spin-off movie because that movie shot in London near Manchester to
make it look like New York City the actual plot of the
Morbius movie takes place in New York City which means that venom two might
also be taking place in New York City suddenly everyone’s spidey sense is
going off like crazy I’ll address the spider-man of it all in a second the
Morbius movie isn’t coming out till July next year after Comic Con but odds are
pretty good we’ll see some sort of venom reference at the end of that movie
setting up the reason why venom has to go to New York City from San Francisco
because it’s all about him fighting carnage carnage doesn’t have
the symbiote yet he’s stuck in San Quentin prison near San Francisco so
venom going to New York City in the sequel probably has something to do with
either a carnage escaping prison after he gets the symbiote or him being
transferred to a New York City prison like Rikers because in the comics the
carnage origin story happens when Eddie Brock and Cletus Kasady are cellmates in
a New York City prison it’s not clear how faithful they’ll be to the comic
book carnage origin story in the movie but there has to be a reason for the
Venom symbiote to spawn and offspring in proximity to Cletus Kasady
otherwise the only other way to explain how he gets the symbiote is that
someone’s experimenting on the Venom symbiote and somehow it spawns and then
he gets it you can make all kinds of theories about the Morbius movie and him
having something to do with carnage eventually getting the symbiote but it
feels too soon to completely cross all those characters over yet so I’m still
expecting venom 2 to just be venom carnage with a little bit of Morbius and
a little bit of spider-man that I’ll talk about in a second because let’s
just address the New York City spider-man shaped elephant in the room
if the movie does take place in New York City and they confirmed that they’re
crossing over Tom Hollands spider-man with the venom franchise
how long can venom carnage and Morbius now who’s also in New York City fight
before spider-man takes notice and tries to do something about it post all your
spongebob memes in the comments there was a rumor that because of the Marvel
Sony split now Sony was going to lean into all this venom crossover business and
they’d find some way to tease spider-man crossover during venom 2 but he wouldn’t
be a big part of the plot maybe just a reference to spider-man during the
post-credits scene so that they can do maximum carnage for venom 3 because that feels like the direction they’re taking this franchise then they can still do
spider-man 3 in 22 twenty-one setting-up sinister six
separately from all the venom stuff but also teasing some venom crossover at the
end of spider-man three but the timeline of venom to the Morbius movie in
spider-man 3 is not totally clear because it sounds like all those movies
take place in New York City and even though is a really big city you have to
have a timeline that makes sense for why they’re not all together on screen right
away the Morbius movie next year is probably going to do most of that work and
even if Sony and Marvel aren’t sharing the character and Sony can no longer use
Iron Man or the Avengers characters they can still use the timeline created by
Avengers endgame it can still be 2023 and present-day but the easiest way that
they can just avoid any complications with that is just by not referencing
what year it is at all during the movie just to avoid confusion just say that
the actual crossover movie spider-man 4 or venom 3 is just set in present-day
the thing about spider-man and venom versus carnage in a maximum carnage
movie though that people have not been talking about is Morbius and the other
spider verge spin-off movies that Sony is trying to do there’s a silk movie
there’s still a craven movie that they’re clearly trying to set up during
this Morbius movie look at these trucks there’s Kraven written all over the side
of them it sounds kind of like they want him to be a Morbius villain at some
point why would you put this on the side of a truck so prominently in broad
daylight if you didn’t intend on using the character in a big way we’re still
kind of in the middle of convention season right now Tom Holland just did a
convention appearance where he talked about the Marvel Sony split he said that
they’d already pitched the story of spider-man 3 to Sony that they had new
crazy crossovers in the Sony spider-verse planned this is the clip of
him talking about that i sat down with some of our communities
and you pitch one month three which is going to be something very special the
mob will change my life so when all these appearances all these interviews
he’s been doing he’s been trying to hype up the idea that they have new
quote-unquote interesting crossover ideas very clearly trying to tell us
that yes we’re going to be doing a lot of venom crossover in the future
there was another rumor recently a lot of you asked me to address in the video
about Spider Man coming back into the MCU as part of a new deal that required
that they let venom into the MCU that was part of Sony’s terms right now I
don’t believe that rumor I’m trying to take most of what they’re saying with a
grain of salt but the Sony CEO did say that for the time being there was no
deal to be had they’re going to continue making spider-man 3 on their own if
Marvel and Sony come back to the table it’s probably not going to be till around
the time they get ready to release spider-man 3 so don’t worry because it
wasn’t going to be a lot of spider-man in Marvel phase 4 movies outside of
spider-man 3 anyway so it’s not like you’re suddenly missing a whole lot of
spider-man that you otherwise would have gotten we’re still going to get spider-man
3 in 2021 there’s still potential for them to work out a sharing arrangement
in him to come back during Avengers 5 but that’s not going to happen during
Marvel phase 4 anyway so they still have plenty of time to figure that out and in
the meantime he can do all these venom crossovers he can get the symbiote so
you can finally get black costume true black costume Tom Hollands spider-man
and then he can come back to the MCU and tell everybody about the crazy adventure
he had with the symbiote from outer space on the venom side of all this
crossover stuff the last time Tom Hardy talked about crossing over with Tom
Hollands character was during Comic Con last year and because that was before
the big Sony Marvel split he was still talking about it as if it would have
been him coming into the MCU this is the clip of him talking about that université domain and that’s that was
already a complete standalone piece and when I read it I’m quite mercenary and
quite selfish in that aspect very very happy to have a standalone character
within the Marvel context in one world but all to myself so I’m kind of greedy
and aspect but at the end of day that’s that’s kind of above my paygrade and
also it’s not my daddy’s tractor so I don’t know where it fits it in the grand
scheme of things so I would never ruin anything out the bloody thing about that
is that he’s trying to be as political as possible clearly he’s a little bit
better at this than Tom Holland like he isn’t giving away big spoilers or
anything like that but what he’s saying is is that when they pitched him the
venom movie they said that it’d be a solo movie they probably teased the idea
that he might crossover with Tom Hollands spider-man character but it’s a
franchise meant to be built around him not around spider-man so a lot of times
the actors aren’t really clued into the really big things that are going on in
the background with these crossovers they just take it one movie at a time
that being said he does say that he’s a huge fan of the idea so of course he
wants to crossover with spider-man at some point but everybody post your venom
two theories in the comments below do you actually think there’s going to be a
spider-man post-credit scene and how do you think they’re going to try and connect
the Morbius movie to the venom sequel as long as the movies are good I totally
cool with whatever they want to try as long as they eventually let spider-man
come back into an MCU film for Avengers 5 that’s all I care about they can do
whatever they want to in the meantime there’s a bunch of new Marvel stuff I’m
working on this weekend as long as you have alerts enabled for my channel you
should see all the videos when I post them congratulations Dave Suggs you’re
the giveaway winner from my last big Marvel video please email me on the
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everybody click here for my brand-new Avengers Fantastic Four teaser video and
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watching everybody stay awesome see you guys tonight!


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  • Emergency Awesome says:

    Here's my new Venom 2 Carnage and Spider-Man video. Including all the things that have changed since the Spider-Man news. Post all your Venom theories in the comments! I'll do more videos for the movie when they start releasing more details and footage!

  • I wud prefer spiderman in this spiderverse rather than the mcu…hope sony keeps him..disney r going so pc.its about 2 all go down hill

  • Tom Holland spider-man can't make anymore of an appearance then a cameo or post credit scene. The writers have already written the movie, production starts next month. But they can have a legit spider-man venom crossover if/when the next spider-man movie is released. Because Holland has 2 more movies on his contract. That's only if spider-man isn't back in the mcu. Or Disney and Sony agreed to put venom into the mcu as well.

  • I think it’d be cool if Spiderman was a side character in A venom movie, because a lot of times you see that Spiderman is the main character and venom is just the villain, so having that swapped would be cool.

  • I am a subscriber btw My venom theory is that all the spider man will show up in a spider webs of dimensions like in the comics or spider man into the spider verse (Tom Holland included)

  • hold up pause didnt sony make the amazing spider man fuck outta here this shit better not be garbo i feel like theres gonna be some bad vibes lowkey but at the same time i feel like they could suprise me also toby miguire is missed truly

  • 867-5309 but you can call me Jenny says:

    I can't stand this guy. All day long just guessing at what comes next…"well they might be shooting in London to make it look like NY so it must mean Carnage is really Spider-Mans mom from an alternate Universe" or whatever. Big deal I can do it too, watch. Phase 4 is next, Venom 2 will have Venom in it and it will be shot using video equipment, and there are lots of other things happening too. See? Tell me something that any fan boy with rudimentary knowledge of the comics and time on his hands can't and I'll start to give a shit about what you are saying. Until then STFU!

  • I theorize that in Venom 2, Spider-Man will die. I think it would be an awesome way for Sony to give the fans what they want (Spider-Man and Venom crossover) yet giving them the ability to start a new Spider-Man franchise.

  • Ultimate pirate Hakimara says:

    4:45 in a season of ultimate Spider-Man morbius was the one to make the carnage symbiote while experimenting with it. Also if this is the case I’m hoping for a doc ock cameo

  • if this doesent crash and burn this is gonna turn into another MCU vs fox Xmen all over again till one of them most likley sony is forced to sell spider man back to the mcu

  • My theory is that Spider-Man and venom team up then take on carnage but then carnage bonds with Spider-Man then fast forward to the end of the movie and carnage is still inside Spider-Mans minds and Spider-Man gets stronger and new abilities such as webs formed from his body, better sight, and skin changing abilities pretty much a good portion of carnage’s powers plus his own.

  • I think that Spider-Man and Venome will team up to stop carnage but Eddie May go outa condition so venom may have to use Spider-Man as a host or Spider-Man gets really injured and venom hosts with him in order to heal him or give him enough power to defeat carnage and Gaines Spider-Man’s powers

  • Jeremiah Hindman Jay says:

    I think Spiderman and Venom will fight bit then later on team up against Carnage just like in the cartoon movie story plot.

  • SOMEONE HEAR ME OUT. In the beginning of venom, 2 astronauts we're back from space and 1 died one LIVED. The one that lived was, JJ jamesons SON. JJ Jameson is the manager of the daily bugle. JJ Jameson was also just put in the mcu. JJ was also in the Rami movies. AND in the raimi movies JJ said that his son was a astronaut. And it seems Dr strange is in the Rami or the Spiderman trilogy.

  • my theory is that eddie will show up in spiderman 3 and help prove to the city somehow that spiderman was not the bad guy. i dont know how that would happen but i'd like to see it happen. also, like if venom is your favorite movie!!!

  • should be good, as long as:
    A) they dont turn a good guy into a light-speed engine

    B)they dont turn a good woman into a big jerk with far more power than they can be trusted with.

    like seriously, the originals were legit heroes.

    I can look past time line mistakes if it's still good and the personalities remain true to the originals….and the characters dont get replaced by machines to save money(factory/assembly worker reference).

  • Nope hard pass on movies made by Sony venom sucked and the second one doesn't look any better plus I'm more of a Disney/marvel fan not a Sony/shit films fan so yeah not interested

  • Brethzier Aleroes says:

    Honestly I don't care about Venom fighting Spiderman.

    I just want Carnage fighting Spiderman once and for all. However, due to lore, and stuff I don't think it's gonna happen

  • Joseph Johnston says:

    I have a certified author/artist )autographed maximum carnage story line,I bought it at San Diego comic con in 1998.i think there is a total of's been a long time since I looked at it, gonna go get it out of storage tomorrow. Thinking it might finally be worth something if anybody's interested.

  • Venom 2 has to be rated R. Hopefully when Morbius comes in the movie, they will also introduce Lillith and The Midnight Sons so they can make even more awesome movies that are true to the comic books. Who cares if it's Marvel, Sony or D.C.? Also, when Thanos comes back, Silver Surfer needs to come into the picture since he fought Thanos over the Infinity Stones and The Infinity Guantlet. Make a movie also about Nth Man The Ultimate Ninja as well since he too fits in there somewhere. I have to dig up my old comics to see where. With all these characters, I must say that I had an awesome childhood and really enjoyed Maximum Carnage, Venom, Spiderman, Silver Surfer, Punisher, Morbius, Ghostrider, Thanos, Antman, Superman, etc. I could go on and on. They need to look at the old comic books and do the movies truer to the comics regardless of who owns the rights to them. They need to collaborate on these movies and split the money because the money is THE ONLY reason why the movies are not even as awesome as the comics and why the movies could be legendary. DON'T DO IT FOR THE MONEY. DO IT TO MAKE THE NEW GENERATION OF CHILDREN HAVE AN EVEN BETTER CHILDHOOD THEN WE DID. SCREW THE MONEY! YOU ALL ARE ALREADY RICH. DO IT FOR THE KIDS THAT READ THE COMICS IN THE PAST AND THE KIDS THAT WILL READ THE NEW DIGITAL COMICS IN THE FUTURE. WE HAVE TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN SOON BEFORE WE ARE EXTINCT. WE COULD EVEN LEARN FROM THE IDEAS IN THE COMIC'S TO PREVENT THE EXTINCTION OF ALL LIFE ON EARTH. PUT THE THEORIES IN THE MOVIES TO WORK IN REAL LIFE.

  • johnrhodes101875 says:

    I kind of wish they would keep Spider-Man out of it at least for a while. Now in this video they talk like the serial killer doesn't have the symbiant yet but if you watch Venom the movie there was a few different symbiotes and what always made sense in my mind was Venom was one and found Ed brock now there was another one remember the scientist lady that they found out squeal to Ed Brock and they locked her up with that one and when they found her body there was like guts or something hanging out of her and it wasn't just her it was other people that we're done this way I was thinking that that symbiont was the Carnage symbiote because it was twisted can I could have sworn that I had a red tent to its skin although it was a blob moving around it escaped happened to find the serial killer ended up bonding with the serial killer whatever-his-name-is I forget and they ended up in prison and they're both just waiting for the perfect time to break out because remember at the end of the Venom movie he says I won't be in here long leaving you know maybe think that he already has the symbiant I like to think that that would be the story that go with it makes sense to me and it's simple

  • riddics realm animations says:

    i think that spider-man has to be in venom 2 cuase in the comics spidey couldnt beat carnage alone he needed venom

  • Ok bringing carnage in aside what the hell happened to the other symbiotes? we know riots gone obviously but scream is still inside a rabbits body from what we know and maybe its just me thats wondering but..where the hell is agony,lasher and phage?

  • As far as moving the story from California to New York, it should be easy…
    Just have Cletus Cassidy get extradited to New York to face charges in that city/state. Once there, Cletus could once again insist that Eddie Brock be the only reporter he’ll talk to and during the interview…there’s a prison riot or an escape attempt. During all that ruckus, a piece of Venom ends up latching onto Cletus, etc.

  • You know Marvel really tries and delivers on fan service…. they have to have a Thunderbolts, with Norman Osbourne in the Iron Patriot suit and with the dismissal of Tony Stark, that's highly possible

  • Who cares for any explanation? Venom was nothing else than a pile of inconsistancies, plotholes and illogical crap. Besides 90ies CGI-effects and a script that was written on toilet paper. USED toilet paper. A pity Tom Hardy wasted his time and talent on that.
    Don't overrate Venom II. Although… it's hard for it not to get worse.

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