33 thoughts on “Venezuela Facts You Don’t Hear from the Mainstream Media.”

  • Representative Press ☞ says:

    We ask U.S. news media to interview Human Rights expert Alfred de Zayas about Venezuela. #Venezuela #handsOffVenezeula #TrumpHandsOffVenezuela
    As UN Investigator and Human Rights Rapporteur, Alfred de Zayas wrote the official report on Venezuela for the UN Human Rights Council yet big media outlets still have not interviewed him about his report on Venezuela nor have they mentioned his report.
    Read more and please sign:

  • Carlos Omar Pedraja says:

    Yanquis and the IMF have done MOTHINGfor Latinamerica…on the contrary they made us THE BACK YARD of the United states!
    They have the guts to call them selfs AMERICA…what a shame!
    America is from Canada all the way down to Argentina!

  • Jack Andblaze says:

    Don't they understand that we need bigger, faster SUV's & cheaper gas to stroke our ego's with? Besides, Venezuelans are brown and evil – how dare they stand in the way of our convenience and profit! In god we trust. Our god is mammon

  • The US needs raw materials. South America has what we need to feed the consumer machine. Americans are indentured to the banks for homes cars TV ect. Don't follow our lead and don't envy us…be free

  • edward leung says:

    What rarity to see elected officials like Clare Daly and Mick Wallace! If all politicians were like them, we would have truly real democracy. Unfortunately, they're the minority and the people are being served a fake democracy all over the world.

  • It's not simply "US imperialism". The problem is European/White supremacy.
    Latin American countries have a European minority that owns or desires to own all natural resources and means of production. Not to mention banking and other financial services.

  • Damien Mcnamara says:

    America are SCM bags they done the same to Iraq and murdered 1.6 million civilians mostly women and children

  • Pedro Furiati says:

    That people manifasting saying Yankees go home are paid by Maduro. Please be serious and research who many people in the country is supporting Guaidó. 90% of the population wants to Take Maduro out of the goverment.

  • Ireland will soon be in a whole heap of trouble … for telling the truth. Israel and the neocons will take action, just wait and see…..

  • O.k. who let the red head step child hold the Mic ? Just said socialist Venezuela must be doing something right,WRONG, they are doing jack shit right.

  • 1 Sick Puppy says:

    Democracy a political system where the 51% majority rules over the 49% minority how the beans do you protect the minority when the majority turns on them,since they hold all the power?

  • Irish are nice people BUT many commies run some Irish institutions. No wonder their 'defense' of thug Maduro & his cronnies. Fuck commies.

  • Jo Smotherman says:

    The problem of Venzeuela came about through Socialist policies of Chavez. When the price of oil fell, his policies of hiring everyone to work in the government owned oil refineries fell with it. Depending solely on the government oil is a foolish Socialist plan that reaped the inevitable. This happened regardless of U.S. policies. Socialism will not work. End of story.

  • Joaquin Delgado says:

    They're burying us in BS.
    Derrière le nuage, qui nos jette son ombre,
    Il y a l'étoile, qui nos jette sa clarté.-Victor Hugo
    www.gate.newt/~joachim/ The Vigilante-Amazon kindle

  • Nevermind the fact that NORDIC COUNTRIES are the better models, but VENEZUELA DOESN'T HAVE A STRAIGHT FORWARD GOVERMENT, and the fact that AOC calls out corruption PUBLICLY! YOUR ANGER IS BECAUSE YOU ARE RACIST PIGS!

  • Fla-bushcraft Prepper says:

    If you think the USA is a DEMOCRACY, your uneducated. The USA is a REPUBLIC with a Hybrid Democratic Process. The founders did not like Pure democracy. One more time and let it sink in, "The Founder's of the united States of America did not like Democracy. Pure Democracy is Mob Rule. Mob Rule is not a good idea to make sure each citizen is represented in the government… especially the poor people who live in remote locations around a nation.

    The Founder's of the USA set up the Electoral College system to PREVENT MOB RULE. Yes, I am raising my voice.

    They knew the wealthy and lager populations would live in the Port Cities where local, state, national and International trade would grow, thus they (wealthy and major populous) would control the nation's politicians. Unless they prevented that and they did it by using the effectiveness of Democracy. So they gave each territory a numerical value and this would force politicians to go out and seek support from the regions with the value points they needed to get into office.

    The dumb ass in the video does not understand that human nature is evil. Humans are always sticking their asses into other's business. The founder's of the USA decided to kill their own British soldiers, depose their King and deport the politicians that lawfully and by authority of God had al rights to rule them. The Founders decided to establish something that had never existed. The Free State and after establishing it, they formed the USA wihtin it. Then they gave the citizens the right to Keep and Bear Arms to kill soldiers, depose political leaders anywhere in the world. The 2nd Amendment is there so the Citizens can kill anyone they agree is a threat to the Free State. How can people be so uneducated to think the 2nd Amendment is anything except the exact purpose of what the Founder's had dome themselves.

    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

    Well Regulated (Well Armed and Well Trained in Military Marksmanship)

    Necessary to the SECURITY of the FREE STATE. (The Free State does not only exist on the North American Continent, it exist everywhere.)


    They killed people from other lands and they killed people in their own lands and they killed other people in other lands.

    They took anything they wanted by spreading Capitalism and anyone who resisted they killed.

    This is evident in the last half of the 2nd Amendment; " the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

    It does not say, "The right of the American Citizen", it says, "The right of the people."

    The founders believed every person on earth has the right to self determination and self rule… as long as that rule does not threaten the Free State.


    Look at the history of the Free State for over 200 years.

    The USA exists wihtin the Free State, but so do other nations.

    George Washington in his first presidential speech said, It is not just a matter of the citizens owning guns and having proper training, but the citizens should make plans to build factories to make war supplies, so if they ever find themselves in a future situation, they do not have to procure war supplies from other nations. Does that sound like a speech of peace and getting along with everyone of earth? The Free State is established for anyone who wants it anywhere and it is OBLIGATED to help them. Now help them in your version of helping them but in the Free States version of helping them. See how the founder's of the Free State and USA helped themselves? That is the kind of help it is established to give. Let people be free or we make the situation so they can make themselves free. We can do this the nice way or we can do this the hard way but we can make this possible and will. Because we have the power, weapons and money to.

    The founder's of the Free State and USA are the wealthy 1%.

    Just research their wealth.

    Only the wealthy business owners, lawyers and land owners voted back then.

    Then later all men of age to serve in the military were given the rights to vote.

    The Free State is set up to be run by those who have the most to loose and those people ask to get votes to rule Republic, by a Hybrid Democratic System.

    Over 3 million people have escaped Venezuela and the local nations are sick of the shit because it is destabilizing their nations economic systems..

    Notice millions are not fleeing the USA, on the contrary, they are sneaking into the USA by the millions.

  • And Ireland are boycotting the apartheid country of Israel and no it's not because they're Jewish it's because they are horrible and nasty to the Palestinians.

  • The sanctions are being used as a weapon to kill the Venezuelans and then they use the media to make it seem as if Maduro's government is killing the citizens. Now, they steal the gold he used as collateral and convince the UK not to let him take money out! These are WAR crimes anywhere in the world!

  • Alex Kingsley Morgan says:

    Yankee go home before Russia come to kick your pale asses. There is no olive left and USA is out of money, senses and civil mind. Only war will do.

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