39 thoughts on “Venezuela crisis: Where families buy rotten meat to eat – BBC News”

  • stanley woodison says:

    Seems like a socialist paradise. Coming to the UK presided over by President Corbyn soon you lucky comrades ! !

  • Loxodon Locuturus says:

    You know what meat isn't rotten? The meat of the elites who did this to them. They should just hunt down their elites and eat them.

  • Kookie bunny says:

    Guys could u explaine me what is rotten meat?

    Venezuela suffer from poverty because of corruption! Hate it!


    Venezuela is being squeezed by the sanctions,the sanctions are intended to make the people believe they can't run their own country without outside controll, Zimbabwe was in this situation in 2008 also due to economic sanctions . The people of Venezuela have to see it for what it is, you either give up your resouses and have little say about your wealth and watch others eat your cake or come together as nation pull together and say we rather suffer and own what is rightfully ourS and over come this little trouble. Economic independence is never a given, your people have to be very resourseful now, You guys can do this, China , India and many other nations done it, if you just hold on those punishing you will give in and offer to be trading parters with you , Remember the darkest hour is before dawn, God bless Venezuela. I call apon the countries in South America and the Caribbeans to help one of their own as they deal with these nasty sanctions

  • Bro, this is my home city. I always have to listen to my parents talking to my phone on how they almost spent a month without running water and 2 weeks without electricity. I'm all the way in Saudi Arabia trying to spread the word.


    I was there 22 years ago, when as a seaman. 360* turn down, condition. Before it's the richest in southern America. Bella senorita everywhere. Party anytime, cafe anyparts…..etc…😁…. I m a Indonesian

  • Patty Dehaan says:

    This is quite possible the future that Bernie Sanders is offering Americans in his bid to be the second socialist president of the United States. He won't make it though. Americans won't go down that road without one hell of a deadly fight

  • Jeffrey Peacock says:

    It's funny how there are so many retarded young people in America that are completely in support 100% of Socialism or communism but yet they don't even realize the struggles that these Venezuelan people have to go through on a daily basis. to the people of Venezuela I pray for you.

  • Arun jayaraman says:

    Its really very bad.
    A nation with full of oil resources
    But people are not even having basic necessity.
    UN need to interfere and solve this.

    Oh god help this country.

  • The BBC is not telling us how US have seized their billions of dollars and how Bank of England has seized their gold. Release their money to them to buy what they need and stop this propaganda

  • nothere_2017 says:

    I think there is some karma going around for Venezuelan. Venezuelans used to be egotistical and downright rude to their other South and Central American neighbors. Always showing off the beauty of their women, or their riches, how they were better than everyone else because of their leader. Now look at where their leader has led them to. The music has stopped and the laughter has gone. Now they flee to Mexico looking for jobs and aide. They're asking for help from the same people they used to look down to. How sad, I hope the situation for them gets better and that they learn how to be more humble and less gullible.

  • The way BBC smears is to use wrong translation of what people are saying. They did that for China smearing video, too. They translate wrong thinking the viewer does not understand anyway.

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  • BBC is very good at smearing. I have just saw Caracas supermarket at

  • shygirlcomplex says:

    😳😳😳wtf is going on in that country …. omg I can’t believe the government doesn’t care that the bodies explode and not bury them 😰😱😨…. and the man didn’t have gloves or a mask to clean up …smgdh …buying everything you need for surgery ?!!!?? ….. I swear I use to see videos about beauty queens and plastic surgery in this country …. this is beyond words 😧😑😑😑

  • Vidia J Frederick says:

    I mean, yes they are suffering but they are all traps. They are slowly taking over the Beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago by killing, kidnapping and taking body parts then killing us

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