Veeco RT on the News (English Subtitles)

Veeco RT on the News (English Subtitles)

Even Batman were far from imagine,
that one day in a small Country like Portugal would born a project capable of
reaching worldwide proportions. The car, 100% Electric you’re seeing
is called “VEECO”, a private project in partnership with ISEL,
100% Portuguese. “VEECO” is an acronym for Ecologic Electric Vehicle. “VE” for the name of our Company and
“ECO” for being a 100% Electric Vehicle. What really moves us, was having a real entrepreneur, a Man with the capacity and the vision to
invest in something Portuguese. This Project started In 2005, when we
developed a first prototype to test some theories, and quick we realized that what we
needed was a high efficient solution, a car capable of using the batteries more efficiently,
consuming less and having therefore a higher range. I would say that one of the most important points of this project,
is the fact that we have in our hand all the technology, everything is Portuguese, so everything can be further developed by us,
without having any “black boxes” from other manufacturers. Everything we use is ranked as the
state of the art technology. The car has a top speed of 180km/h and takes 8 seconds
from 0 to 100, it’s what we can call a semi-sports car. The company had no qualified human
resources to develop the project, we mentored them and made the transfer
of knowledge and technology. The car that looks like the Batmobile,
has various inovations, from high range to a exquisite design, and a low energy consumption with a special Battery system,
which was also focus of a complex research process. The Veeco use 30 batteries with a 96V tension What is the range? The range should be from 200 to 400km
depending on the version. And how long takes it to charge all the Batteries? The time of charge depends mainly on the charger we’re using but typically it takes about 6 to 8 hours
to completely charge the Car on a normal charger. The batteries of an EV have less capacity of energy storage,
when compared to Petrol for instance, but they are way more efficient,
therefore we can drive 100km spending only 1 Euro. The biggest challenge of the “Water drop shaped” design,
was the integration of the three wheels. It guarantees a more efficient aerodynamic air flow,
a better cornering stability and less weight by eliminating various mechanical components. Made the futurism on the Exterior, how about the interior? Our goal was to design an exotic car,
different from everything else on the road today. The interior design is focused on the driver, and basically the user interface
was the center piece of the design. Fiber glass is a technology that usually
is unknown for common people because, they’re more used to sheet metal.
But if we look at Top manufacturers, fiber glass has a lot of application for its low weight and finishing that is fantastic. ISEL develop this type of partnerships for 16 years, and more than only develop the knowledge,
they develop the knowhow. Adding to that a Portuguese Businessman,
results the VEECO which should enter the production
at the end of this year. That car, that looks like the Batmobile.


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