Vaikuntapali || Ep 04 || Telugu Web Series  || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

Vaikuntapali || Ep 04 || Telugu Web Series || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

‘News just broke in that prominent
businessman Mahindra has been brutally murdered.’ ‘It is being assumed that he has been strangled to death.
His body was found in his new unfinished office building’ ‘Was he killed by his competition or is there more
behind this murder? Police are yet to find out.’ ‘Businessman Mahindra has been brutally murdered.
He has been strangled to death.’ ‘We’ve started the investigation
and we’ll nab the murderers soon.’ Shiva, dinner is ready.
Shiva.. Where did he go?
Did he go to the cops? You think it is funny to fool around with a cop?
Blurt out the truth. Yes, sir. Now, I’ll tell you the truth.
– Excellent! He just agreed to confess to the murder. Man, I beg of you.
Please, remain quite. Sir, what actually happened is.. What a time
for my tyre to get punctured. Excuse me! My tyre went flat. Could you replace it?
– I’d charge Rs. 500. Yeah, fine. Isn’t he the same jerk
who robbed me of Rs. 10,000? Aren’t you the guy who mugged me?
Bro, help me out! Is everything alright?
– That guy mugged me too. Let’s go lodge a complaint. This is what happened, sir.
– Sir, he is telling the truth. But only after that did Siri came
and told us about the murder plan. Killing such a guy isn’t a sin though.
Trust me. We all planned Mahendra’s murder. I’ve a plan.
– What plan? About when we booze next? About how we commit the murder.
– Murder? – Murder? I should’ve known it when you offered me Rs. 15 lakhs.
I shouldn’t have even come here. I’m leaving. Yes, you can leave,
but look at this first. Remember the selfie we both clicked?
You’re looking so cute in it. So, if cops nab me, I’ll can easily implicate you.
– Please, don’t ruin my life. Please, delete that photo.
– Yes, I will. I’ll give you Rs. 15 lakhs and I’ll also
delete the photo but only if you do as I say. How can a guy like me commit a murder?
– You speak like I’ve experience in murdering people. So, if you do as I say,
we all can plan a foolproof murder. What you said has just sobered me up!
You want me to murder people with you? Thank you for the free liquor
but count me out. I’m leaving. Sure, you can leave,
but finish all the liquor and then leave. Selfie time! You drunk idiot! He blackmailed me
with the selfie he has with me and still you went and posed with him?
– That means.. That means, you both are now
part of the murder, whether you like it or not. Now, hear out the murder plan. Make sure your plan is foolproof. Incase, anyone of us gets caught, we all will be nabbed.
– So, that is another catch to this? Shut up! Ma’am, I’m scared, let me out. I can’t do this.
– Cut it! First, hear the plan. If you still want to walk out, go ahead.
But be prepared to get ratted out by me. Seems like we’ll be nabbed by cops anyway.
But if we do the murder, we’ll atleast make some money. See, he is an illiterate, but he has common sense.
Now, hear the plan out. Siri, it is your job
to get him to that building. Kiran, you should attack him
from the behind with a rod. If they both fail to kill him,
you should strangle him to death. And you, make a payment of Rs. 25 lakhs as advance.
– Alright, I will. Don’t worry.
Everything will go as per plan. Sir, this retard is speaking nonsense.
None of what he said has happened.. What he is saying is true.
We’ve proof you were at the murder location. Sir, please, let go off me! I’m innocent.
– Hey, why are you lying? Sir, he killed Mahendra.
– Shut up! Hell with your nonsense. I don’t even know him. Please, bro, accept you killed him.
Sir, we both together killed him. Sir, I don’t even mind getting tortured,
but please send me away from this retard. Hey, accept the truth. Sir, make him confess.
– Sir, no! – He is saying the truth. Sir, you want to take the words of a retard?
– What the.. Confess it! Sir, make him confess.
– Screw you! – Stop it! Sudershan, these guys won’t
say the truth anytime soon. Let’s just kill them. I know how to make you blurt out the truth.
– Sir, I already blurted out the truth, trust me. Confess it. Who are you?
Why did you slap him? Who is he to you? Sir, he is my boyfriend. He has been missing
since yesterday. His phone too was switched off. So, I came here to file a missing complaint
and coincidentally saw him here. Why is he here? You think he is a kid
to file a missing complaint? He is a criminal, who committed a murder.
– What? A murder. – Yeah. He murders people and then surrenders
and then you come here innocently looking for him? You’ve a knack for cooking up stories.
Try your hand in the movies. Even you are a part of this murder, aren’t you?
– Why would he commit a murder? I think there is some miscommunication.
– There is none. He confessed he did the murder. He also gave the names of three others. Maybe he forgot yours.
– Sir, there is something about him that you should know. Shiva and I’ve been in a relationship for 4 years.
For the past one year, we’ve been living together. But since the past few years,
he’s been acting so weird. He was preparing for the civils exams
while I took up a day job. We were so happy until one day,
when he started acting weirdly. Hey! How are you?
Where are you? Back in your hometown? When will you come back to Hyderabad?
Hey, babe, tell me. He started hallucinating things
like me not being around him even though I was. When I questioned him,
he thought he was hallucinating me. One day, he came to me
and asked, ‘Didn’t you just meet with an accident?’ and then accused me of saying I didn’t know who was.
He acted so weird even when I tried explaining. Then, to get him cured, I took him to
my childhood friend Dheeraj, a psychiatrist. But one day, he came home and talked
weirdly about nabbing some petty thief. Then, he saw the news of the murder in the TV.
He said, he did the murder and wanted to surrender. I tried my best to knock some sense into his head.
But quitely, he slipped out of our house and surrendered. Then why did he take the names of the other people?
– Maybe because he met them right before the murder news broke out.
– This all sounds so filmy to me. ‘Sir, we found finger prints on the phone
found at the murder location. We’re going to nab that person.’ Since you too are a suspect in this case, you’ll have to be here.
– But why? We are innocent. If you are innocent, why do you worry?
Bhaskar, note down this girl’s details and also interrogate
that psychiatrist. Did you trace those finger prints?
– Men are on it, sir. Sir, I’ve a doubt The girl says Shiva is innocent
and is crazy in the head. Shiva says he did the murder. Even the viewers say they aren’t understanding a thing.
Please, explain what is happening. Shiva and Sandhya were happy together
until Shiva started hallucinating things. He was getting treated by a psychiatrist.
When Siri’s tyre deflated, that drunkard Swami attacked her. Kiran and Shiva saved her, while Swami fleed.
Then the three came to us to lodge a complaint. Shiva hallucinated he had nabbed Swami
and created all that ruckus. Later, Siri and Kiran came
and they all together lodged the complaint. Later at home, Shiva told Sandhya
about dragging Swami to the police station. Sandhya, knowing Shiva acts weird,
tried to play it cool and asked him to fresh up. When Shiva saw the murder news on TV he hallucinated
he did that murder along with Siri, Kiran and Swami as they were the last bunch
of people he interacted with. Siri offering him Rs. 1 crore
and he planning the murder is all in his mind. That is all his imagination. But I’m still confused if he is really that retard
or if Sandhya is cooking up some story. If Sandhya is right, who could be the girl
sitting next to Mahindra in that CCTV footage? Who could that lungi clad drunkard
who was captured in the CCTV footage be? This is all so confusing.
Who do you think did the murder, sir? Initially, I thought
those finger prints belonged to Swami. But, since reports say otherwise,
it has become confusing. Nab whom ever those finger prints belong to.
Then, we’ll know who all are involved in this. Sir, I swear, I’m not involved in this murder.
– Then what about that mugging charges against you? Sir, that was my first time.
I learnt my lessona and I swear I won’t repeat it. If you ever do.. Now get lost.
– I owe my life to you, sir. Thank God. First thing I should do is go and booze.
– Stop there. I don’t seem to buy that you’re innocent. Sudhershan, take this guy back. Sir, he committed the murder. This guy is here and so is she.
Why did you lock up just me? Lock up Swami and Sandhya too.
They forced me into doing this murder.


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