23 thoughts on “Vacation Nightmare: Sun, Sand, Prostitutes? | ABC World News Tonight | ABC News”

  • Antonio Borges says:

    I Have Have A Room For You, You Have To Do Your SF-181 First😁 Is That A Deal😉…. email [email protected] or Call 1-587-501-7262 Let Freedom Be Your Motivation.

  • Women dont want you to realize, you dont have to get married to have sex regularly. This is why women hate prostitutes.

  • If you can’t take life with all its realities and guts on display, then don’t go to the Dominican Republic. It’s a real place. Research it first. You’re morons for believing a brochure or web advert. Personally, I’ve had the happiest times of my life on that island with mostly great heart warming people.

  • Tony Maxwell Hatt says:

    More subliminal anti-black anti-third world videos, you can book and all exclusive hotel in Knightsbridge, London, England or in the Champs-Elysee area of Paris, France and still find prostitutes. Stop trying to brainwash people with this racist typecasting shit.

  • Darrell Zellars says:

    So what this trying to tell me is I need to book me a trip. Bc I see no problem here. Most resorts country's have these problems even in the US. Last time I checked Hawaii was the same way but more expensive.

  • Used to travel to the DR all the time with the wife before kids. Never had an issue with the locals. Just the drinking water and fellow tourists who were apparently "swingers"…

  • William Fairchild says:

    Went to puerta plata dom republic 2 years ago. Great 1 week stay people food beach down town no problems. Moto taxis were crazy up to 5 people on 1 scooter and very fast. Great everything especially the food and people. Will be back

  • All the resorts in Boca Chica are crap…they are dirty, the food is hideous, the amenities are low quality, lots of stray ill animals, driving is insanely unsafe, the place in terms of personal security is unsafe. But if you see the pictures they look like paradise.

    Regular people there in general are really nice and very friendly, but be careful; some are really nasty and belligerent and if you do not accept their advances they would viciously harass, or verbally or even physically attack you . Police may stop you and if you don't bribe them, they could give you a really really bad time making you feel completely helpless. Believe me; many cops there are nasty criminals that act in almost complete immunity.

    The point is… if you are looking for prostitution like many have said here and risk an STD just go there and have the vacation of your dreams; but don't be fooled to believe that you are going to paradise 'cause once you enter in their Apache's territory you might end up in hell.

  • Simon Thuo Ndungu says:

    Why Spoil The Name Of A Country For Completely No Reason………..??????? Are There No Prostitutes In USA……..?????? This Travel Website Has it's Reputation Destroyed……..!!!!!!! How Many Are Aware Of The Antics Of The American Delegation At Any Olympics……..???? This Journalist Completely Went Out Of Her Way To Demean A Fellow Black Country When Her Own Countrymen Are Fairing No Better………..!!!!!! Micheal Jackson Used To Insist On A New Pillow Every Night Where Is He Now………..?????? Everyday I Hate Feminists More & More…………!!!!!!! Damn You Google For Ruining My Evening (Recommending This Video)…………!!!!!!

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