Using Your ASUSTOR NAS as a Home Media Center – Part II (Multilingual Subtitles)

Using Your ASUSTOR NAS as a Home Media Center – Part II (Multilingual Subtitles)

ASUSTOR Boxee App II – Playing your multimedia Connect NAS to TV via HDMI The first step, is to connect your NAS to your TV via HDMI. Now change the input for your TV screen to HDMI. In our example, we will be using our remote app, AiRemote as a remote control. You can also use a USB keyboard or mouse. Once you have AiRemote open, click on your NAS and then click on any button to get started with Boxee. All of the music and videos that you have uploaded to your NAS will be accordingly sorted by Boxee. Now we are going to go to files and open up a sample movie file to play from the NAS’s media folder. As you can see, there are a bunch of things you can do with the video file like adding to your queue, marking it as unwatched or adding a shortcut to it. Now, we are going to play the video. As you can see, you will have all your pause, stop, fast forward and rewind controls along with various settings for audio and video. You can also adjust the volume and even pop out of your video while its still playing, maybe to queue up another video. You can get back to your video at any time you choose.


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  • Does this player play BluRay ISO, and if yes, will it play a BluRay ISO in 3D? I ask because I run IT for a a video editing studio and startup TV station, and we would like to transition to a cheaper solution than QNAP for our NAS, and hopefully even use our storage to showcase our own production which can also include BluRay ISO in 3D (as we want to show it off for customers wanting to see our 3D published without wasting BluRay discs.

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