Using social media to land a job

Using social media to land a job

In today’s video I want to share with
you a story about how a mutual fondness for cats actually landed me a job offer. Several years ago I interviewed as a
career coach for this organization that was focused on opportunity youth.
Opportunity youth, these are young people who have had a lot of challenges
in life. Challenges like the justice system or homelessness or pregnancy. This was a time when I has just starting out with my business, and I was looking to
supplement my income. I remember I had already successfully interviewed with
the founder of the organization. He and I got along terrific. He had me meet his
right-hand person. Again got along really well, and now he just wanted me to
touch base and meet the third individual, which was a job placement counselor that
I would be working with. So we scheduled the interview for I think two days later
and the night before the interview, I go to LinkedIn. I want to research this
individual a little bit more. I remember bringing up her profile and oh my god,
she had the meanest looking LinkedIn profile photo I think I’ve ever seen. I
mean it was literally intimidating. I’ve never seen a photo where a person could
look so mean, and in the back of my mind I’m thinking to myself nobody can be
this mean. It’s just the photo. But still, it kind of lingered in my head. So one of
the things that I ended up doing that evening is I looked her up on Facebook.
And sure enough, she had a wide open Facebook profile and every one of her
posts involved either a cat or a kitten. There was post of cat photos, kitten
videos, kitten photos, cat videos, This woman loved cats. It was the bottom line.
I mean her whole life seemed to be around cats. So I go into the interview
the next day. One of the things that I noticed right
off the bat, that I’m sure I probably wouldn’t have noticed at all was a little
porcelain doll of a cat on her desk, real small, and also a little desk calendar –
not even a wall calendar. It’s a little desk calendar of cats. And by the
way, this woman is not mean at all. She’s a very nice woman. Pretty smile.
We’re getting along fine. About three quarters of the way through the
interview, we’re just wrapping up and I remember her saying to me, “you know bill,
this position is not gonna pay anything like, you know, you’re accustomed to in
technology.” And my response to her was, “as long as I can keep feeding my four cats
and they’re happy, everything’s gonna be good.” Oh my god, you should have seen the
smile that came to her face. I hit a soft spot with her by that
statement. So you’re probably wondering, well was that kind of sleazy what I did –
going and you know taking a look at her Facebook profile and finding this
information out. Well let me respond to you with this: In 2017, there was a
national survey done by the Harris Poll where they questioned over 2300 hiring
managers and recruiters across the U.S. in various industries, and various company
sizes, and this is what they found: 70 percent said that they use social
media in screening candidates. Furthermore, 54% of them said that they
have actually made decisions not to pursue interviews or actually decide not
to hire an individual based upon what they found in the social media profile.
So in reality, I did probably the same thing these individuals at this
organization we’re doing to me. The only difference was I don’t have a wide open
profile. But you need to ask yourself this: If you do have a wide open facebook
profile, because if 70% of the hiring managers out there
are gonna look you up on Google, on LinkedIn, on YouTube, on Facebook, on
Twitter, you need to make sure that your image is projecting that you’re a
professional, that you have no problems, that you create no problems, and if you
can – that you’re gonna solve all of their problems. Because your competition, that’s
the image that they want to project as well. So I hope you found this video
informative and useful, and oh by the way I said no to the job because in reality
I’m really a dog person


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