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  • Raoul Teeuwen says:

    This doesn't seem to work anymore after Google changed stuff at the back end, but the developers seem to have made a new version that can be found at (would be great if they would take this video down or add this info in the video)

  • The configuration section does not show up. It just says read me. not read me confiuration as in the video and there is no place to configure. I would love some help! Thank you!

  • Ross Hendrickson says:

    Does anyone know if this workflow still functions in the current Google Drive & Forms? So much has changed since this was created. Thanks!

  • Antonio Yamanaka says:

    Is anyone else having issues with Nb of Attendees not populating after reservations have been made? Romain, I see the reservation in "Form Responses" and "Reports" but the column with the count is not showing up in Nb of Attendees.

  • Jukka Niiranen says:

    Hello. Nice calendar system, but I am having problems with max event seats. I have small number in maximum participants area but it does not mark event as full when the limit is reached and allows people to book in to the event. Is there some workaround for the problem?

  • I love this product and would love to use it for my fitness classes, but have a couple of questions that would make it more useable. I have several classes with the same names, but on different dates. So trying to see how I can best use this info.
    1) Is it possible to auto populate the date of the event & then have it report in the spreadsheet and template?
    2) Is it possible to incorporate the calendars "repeat" function to avoid having to manually add in every class that repeats on a regular schedule?
    3) Is it possible to edit the confirmation email/message to include a custom link (to a payment page, for example)

    Thank you.

  • +Romain Vialard¬†do you know how I can pull the event date into the form so I can have it as a reference on the form response sheet? thank you!

  • Print Design LCC says:

    Hello +Romain Vialard¬†, I've set this up for workshop registrations and I'm having an issue: It is not sending out email confirmations on Form Submit… I'm not what I'm doing wrong. I did add some questions on the Form so maybe that is affecting it? If so how can I solve this? Many thanks.¬†

  • Hello. Romain the script went well but for the fact that the limit number of seats did not work. I had a minimum 2 and a maximum of 3. But got up to 9 booking for one slot limited to 3. Any idea what I might've done wrong? ref:–4WYD1K6Y

  • Elizabeth Green says:

    +Romain Vialard Thanks for making such a useful tool. Has anyone using this been able to drop attendees and/or re-open closed registration? It would be very helpful for my situation. 

  • Romain, Thankyou for your sharing. This tool is fantastic for us. But I am now in an emergency. need to send invitations asap. I have imported your table into our school domain within google. I introduced the events, edited the outlook of the form, created a specific calendar authorised script and tried to import datta into the new calendar but the popup screen where I pick the calendar does not show the accept button nor nothing else.
    So I cannot move on from this steage. need to invete my students today!!

  • AMAZING – thank you so much! I am going to trial this is a 'room booking' form and I am pleased that I can do things like limit 10 reservations (10 computers..) One thing – as the availability of the rooms remains the same each week, is there an easy way for me to replicate the 'events' but +7days? Having to input them all manually is going to be quite arduous. I hope you can help…¬†

  • hey is there anyway to change the form template? my participants are spanish speakers and i also need an extra question?

  • This is a great video, thank you for creating it. ¬†I am not seeing the 'register' button on my event. ¬†Am I missing a step?

  • Clark Shah-Nelson JHU says:

    This so great – use it all the time, but I don't understand why the "Event booking" menu seems to disappear… and then I can't figure out how to do anything… any advice? It seems like its' in the same place where the "All changes saved in drive" link is…¬†

  • Salon Marketing says:


    Amazing work! Works perfectly! One question:
    How do I change the From address to a custom one when sending reminders, confirmations etc.? Can I manually change it in the script?

  • Paul Cummings says:

    I really like this tool, and have used it many times. However, I'm having a problem this time with the registration form not pre-filling the event ID. The event ID is being created on column B of the spreadsheet, but when you try to register for an event from calendar on the site the ID is blank and you cannot submit the form request.

  • Hi,
    Good job! ūüôā
    Just wanted to inform about a bug in the "invite.ics" calendar event. The invitation sent via email is wrong, it is for date 01.01.1970. It seems the problem is in lines 156 and 157 of It should be Date(eventRowData.startDate) instead of Date(rowData.startDate) (the same applies for the "endDate").

  • Verhandlung Studie says:

    Hi Romain, thank you for the tutorial! But even if it seems quite dumm, I'm following all the steps you indicate, can import the spreadsheet into my calender, but 1. the registration form does not pop up when I click on the event and 2. when I put the url in another web browser and access the spreadsheet externally no events are shown at all? What am I doing wrong?

  • Marco Eastwood says:

    Hi Romain, this is a great tool! I just had a few questions.. Can I change any of the Header titles? Can I edit the form and add categories? Also I'm finding it difficult inputing times in some of the cells, when I double click it only lets me change the date and on the all day events it doesn't let me choose a date. 

  • Greg Rajnowski says:

    One more for you. The email reminders are going out as a TO "emailAddresses". How can I change the script so that it is BCC'ing the registrants? I'd like it to be something like {bcc:emailAddresses} ???

  • hey! First of all thanks a lot for putting this up! I have two questions though. First, in your video you can colour mark the events so that in html view each event could be in different colour, but in this new template, I can't find that option. Second, is it possible to update the event? Let's say I've put the max number as 20, but later figured out that I can only provide 10 persons course. It seems that if I import the events again, it creates just another event to the calendar.

  • Greg Rajnowski says:

    Romain, new tool works beautifully! We've registered 1500 people so far and email notifications are sending.
    I do, however, keep getting an error notification:
    "Lock timeout: another process was holding the lock for too long. (line 129, file "Code")". 
    Is it necessary to fix this?

  • Alex Polamero says:

    Hi Romain – This tool seems amazing! Thank you. Upon registration I've selected to notify registrants with an email. The ics file does not allow the registrant to save the event to their personal calendar instead the ics file renders as text. How do I make this functionality work?

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