US Visa (K1, CR1, B2, all) Requires Social Media Disclosure

US Visa (K1, CR1, B2, all) Requires Social Media Disclosure

To days Topic is: US immigration now requires
Social Media Details from All Visa Applicants US immigration has just implemented another
hurdle for prospective immigrants and visitors to the USA to jump. This is in line with
the 2017 executive orders issued by President Trump to institute extreme vetting
to vigorously screen visa applicants. Effective May 31, 2019, the state departments
applications used for non-immigrant visas, the DS 160, and used
for immigrant visas the DS 260, have been modified to require that all applicants
reveal the social media accounts that they use. It is important that you know about and understand
these changes and how to deal with them because now more than
ever, there are more ways to trip yourself up during the application
process, that might lead to denial. So in this video I will talk about what is
going on, what social media sites so far are identified in this process,
and what additional and higher hurdles that will probably Added
in the future. Please watch to the end of the video, because
towards the end, I will teach you how to best deal with this
new requirement. I am Fred Wahl the VisaCoach and I help you
smoothly get through a confusing and frustrating Immigration
process so you can have a happy life together in the USA
with your foreign partner. Now, lets talk about how US immigration now
requires Social Media Details from All Visa Applicants Soon after his inauguration, President Trump
issued executive orders tightening how US immigration treats its foreign
clients. Executive orders were issued to ban applicants
from so-called terrorist countries, and US immigration was ordered
to conduct “extreme vetting” on all cases. A year after the initial executive order,
it was announced that public social media accounts would start being mined
for information on applicants. Soon after that announcement about data mining
was made, a few of my fiancé and spouse visa applicants, especially
those from northern Africa, were, after a positive visa
interview at the consulate, were told their cases were on Administrative
Processing, pending a review of their social media, communications
and travel histories. The fiance or spouse, disappointed to be put
on hold, was given additional forms to take away and fill-in. These required the
applicant to reveal information about his or her social media use,
cell phone numbers, travel history and so on. Many months after submission of this information
they finally got their visas. Apparently now the data miners have ave finished
developing their system to review and vet the information and are
ready to roll it out for ALL visa applicants, not only from a select
few. The Department of State forms now include
drop-down menus that ask you to identify if you’ve used
the following social media platforms and if so, to provide
usernames, Douban, Facebook, Flicker, Google+,
Instagram, Linkedin, Myspace,Pinterest, Qzone (QQ), Reddit, Sina
Weibo, Tencent Weibo, Tumblr, Twitter, Twoo, Vine, Vkontakte(VK),
Youku, Youtube Expect that the list is a work in progress
and will be expanded later. So far your password is not requested. However asking for passwords
has been proposed, and might be required in the future. The official purpose of this social media
scrutiny is to weed out terrorists. Social media has been viewed as a major
forum for terrorist sentiment, recruitment and activity, and this sentiment
connectivity is often apparent via social postings. Common belief, is that if this system had
been in place, that the 2015 terrorist event resulting in the
death of 14 and wounding of 22 at a San Bernadino, California office
holiday party by Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik would have
been prevented. Tashfeen Malik had been granted a K1 fiance
visa to enter the USA, and on review of her social media presence
experts believe that the warning signs were all plainly visible, if
only the consular officials had looked for them. I certainly don’t believe that you or any
of my clients could be a potential terrorist. But you still should be aware that the data
mining of your social media presence will also affect non-terrorists. I expect that the data miners will be also
looking for any signs of inconsistency between the story told in
applying for the visa compared to the approved purpose of the visa. For example a person who is planning to come
on a visitor visa who mentions on social media his or her plans
to work in the USA while visiting, or reveals the goal of never returning
to home country. Or a sponsor of a spouse visa whose postings
showing his current social life does not reflect that
of a married person. Or the applicant for a green card who’s
postings show involvement in criminal activity. US immigration will be on the look out for
whatever they can find. You don’t have to fall in to the above black
and white categories to run into trouble. Remember a consular officer is better
off to deny an honest couple than to approve a fraudulent couple. Approval of a fraudulent case will hurt his
reputation. Denial of an
honest case, won’t effect his reputation and while the honest couple
is inconvenienced, they can always reapply and eventually get their visa. What higher hurdles are next? At the moment they’re just asking what social
media platforms you use and what name you use while on it. This information allows them
to view the same information that is available to the public. Proposals for the future are to require to
reveal all cell phone numbers you’ve used, and all email addresses. Eventually you might be
required to provide passwords to all your accounts. Once that happens
not only your public presence would be inspected but your private
as well. Another troubling proposal that has been tabled
will require all applicants for visas, and even foreign travelers at US
ports of entry to turn over their cell phones and laptops for immediate
and direct inspection of their communication and posting history. Imagine how slow the lines at the airport
will move. What can you do to protect yourself? 1. Make an inventory of the social media accounts
you use and prepare an accurate list to provide to immigration
when asked. 2. Bring each account up-to-date with your current
situation so that is consistent with the immigration benefit you are applying
for. For example: If you’re applying for a fiancée or spouse
visa, update your relationship status, post engagement
or wedding announcements, forecast your plans for honeymoon and a happy
life together in the USA. If applying for a visitor or student visa
post your interests for what you will see and do in the USA. Make sure all postings are consistent with
what you are allowed to do based upon the visa you hope to get. 3. Clean house. If previously you posted items that could
be found objectionable or controversial or paints you
in a different light then you want to be seen today, take them down. This was Fred Wahl, The VisaCoach If you haven’t done so already please subscribe
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40 thoughts on “US Visa (K1, CR1, B2, all) Requires Social Media Disclosure”

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