US Coronavirus Fatalities Now Exceed Death Toll From 9/11: TODAY’s Top News Stories | TODAY


100 thoughts on “US Coronavirus Fatalities Now Exceed Death Toll From 9/11: TODAY’s Top News Stories | TODAY”

  • seeing all those people taking photos you understand why USA have so many cases…….. STAY HOME IDIOTS, you never seen a boat before ???

  • You know how the saying is "I wouldn't touch you with a 6 foot clown pole" Maybe it is time to just hand out the clown poles…. As someone with high blood pressure, I am terrified, and have already broken out my 20 foot clown pole.

  • Michele Huffman says:

    Wow….Trump and his staff had really done a great job….not.. This all could have been avoided if they had accepted the advice in February for extra help with this virus. Incompetence at all levels.

  • As if people don't feel bad enough.Let's bring up an incident that is truly awful and remind them at this time!!! What a bunch of a$$holes!

  • stinkel stinkel says:

    They are now talking about a viral load??? And question if we need masks???
    Just more words to delay the truth!!
    Ever since the beginning of this they have been lying to the American public!! wake up America!!

  • Gary K. Nedrow says:

    The media continues to cite statistics without context, which makes them meaningless. For example, 50% of all divorced people are men. Or, people over 90 are dying in unprecedented numbers. Those are accurate statistics, but they lack context to give them meaning.

    Yes, over 3,000 Americans have died from C-19 to date. But how does that compare with the deaths in 2020 from ordinary flu and pneumonia? How does it compare with other countries. What accounts for the different death rates per million? Second, are those 3,000 deaths "caused" by C-19 or simply patients with C-19? People with other pre-existing respiratory illnesses, smokers, and HIV positive people are more susceptible to C-19. Clearly, there are special factors at work that make NYC a "hot spot," including its sheer congestion and the number of vulnerable residents (smokers, drug users, HIV positive, elderly, etc.) that the city attracts for a host of reasons. It is not typical of most American cities.

    I give Dr. Torres a gold star for his lucid explanations. The media tends to favor experts who will deliver drama. Dr. Torres resisted that temptation. Regarding masks, if you use one, be aware that germs can concentrate in the mask. It needs to be cleaned or changed regularly.
    Finally, do those two anchors really think they aren't sharing each other's air borne germs sitting six feet apart in a TV studio? Come on.

  • Omg I just saw doctors nurses did not cover full body. It’s dangerous. They are the ones who save lives. Hopefully nothing will happen to our medical workers

  • Mr Cuomo we have had a nursing shortage for years. Good luck with that. Those that are still working are EXHAUSTED ALREADY from working double shifts!! Yell at the president for not doing an executive order for big companies to make ppe equipment!! We havent had reached the peak yet!!

  • Justin Donaton says:

    Mainstream Media and Democrats are Using Cornavirous TO remove Trump and Mainstream Media For Sky Rocket Profit. Pelosi Stated she and Democrats will Remove Trump at all Cost. China Government is using Democrat owned Media to divide Americans, since 2016, China been building military bases in china Sea, during the Media and Democrat attack of Impeachment of trump, Building military ports all over the world, Building Military as big as AMERICANS. China used Coronavirus as a distraction But American Media used Coronavirus as a panic for Profit and Rating. The Democrat States are Pumping the Deaths counts up, Fact Check, If NY Governor is so worried about New yorkers, Why did Cuomo just cut on his 2021 Medicare $2.5 billion dollars and cut $400 million dollars to NY Hospitals and Blocked $7 billion dollars Federal Aid to Pass HIS Bill to Cut medicare. Fact Check People this is just a scam Democrats and Rich Mainstream Media Profit.

  • Report from inside Wuhan says thirty-two thousand people have died due to the virus infection dating back to January. This per "Declassified on Epoch Times."

  • You people are horrible actors. The hospitals are empty, this is all a big LIE. Go to 9:00 you losers.

  • Why everyone have to wait for president Trump's order to quarantine ? If we don't care about our life so who care !!!.
    We have to quarantine our selves.


    28 minute crash course!

    BYE BYE BABYLON! ……………………………………………………………………………………………………Then suddenly, a mighty angel picked up a boulder shaped like a huge Mill Stone , and threw it into

    The Atlantic Ocean ,

    and cried mightily with a loud voice saying!! Just as I have thrown away this stone, the great city of Babylon will be thrown down with violence, and shall never be found again!!!

    The Book Of Revelation, Chapter 18 verse 21

  • If mask can protect medical workers, why can’t it protect commoners. All these excuses regarding incorrect wearing or misconceptions are just lies after lies. You can tell people honestly the shortage of mask in the market but please don’t make mask as a discrimination. Please take a look at the pictures from 1918 . People then wore masks to protect themselves.

  • Do you guys remember early on the Government was saying don't wear a mask, it won't help. Only the ones with the viruse need it????????

  • commentsrmymiddlenam says:

    trump: “ we test more than any other country in the world?” , now that’s just making things up. South korea tests 260k a day.

  • michael cortez says:

    Trash headline , it feels like your making 9/11 seem like it was worthless and insignificant . shameful . why does it have to be 9/11 , you could of compared it to some other virus.

  • Veronica Christopher says:

    Stay-at-home order? What order? Im in teeny tiny New Hampshire and trust me- traffic and business as usual!!!!! It'll spread here too since a ton of NY plates suddenly decided to visit us all of the sudden. Also, people are making fun of others who wear masks here. It's absolutely silly to take this virus so lightly!

  • Mediaeval Guitar says:

    "CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 39 million flu illnesses, 400,000 hospitalizations and 24,000 deaths from flu."

  • বাংলাদেশের কপাল ভালো করোনা রুগী পাচ্ছে না. Iedcr এর সাবরিনা ফ্লোরা. আমেরিকাতে রুগী রাখার যায়গা নেই. এখন তারা জাহাজে এবং খেলার মাঠে রুগীদের সেবা দিচ্ছে

  • with no universal health care people don't want to go to doctor cause they are afraid of the bill, and no paid leave or sick time, so they keep going to work. Yet good old usa voting for wealthcare Biden. We needed Bernie at least he is raising money around the country to fight the virus.

  • I don't understand how South Korea can manage to keep this under control so quickly even though they were literally the most affected country in the beginning and is right next to China, but the US can't when we had ample time to react? Instead, we're just here attacking Asians.

  • Constant drama is good for TV ratings but is totally unnecessary. Put everyone on high-dose Vitamin C therapy and in couple weeks everything will be back
    to normal. Iron lung historical failure is repeated again. Big pharma is a disaster and allopathic medicine is totally hopeless.

  • Hpw about the Death toll.from Car.accidents?? Do we ban cars?? How about alcohol and drugs????? I am Ashamed of my fellw.americans for going along with this BS.

  • Really glad to see that so many people AREN'T being frothed into a panic by the media, & are seeing through the stupidity. Sometimes I think media in general should be scolded for making a difficult situation worse. My husband & I both both have COVID -19 (we're on day 8 of our quarantine) & I gotta say, I've had other types of flu that were WAY worse. COVID -19 IS NOT A DEATH SENTENCE, IT'S JUST A NEW TYPE OF FLU. Yes, some people are dying, but that happens every time there's an out break of any type of flu. Keep calm – this is not the end of the world.

  • Giving out fines really when people being evicted from there homes because they jobs shut down who finna pay they rent ?

  • Oops here comes some TRUTH…As reported by CNN Tuesday, a new study published in Lancet estimates that even the lower-end 1% fatality rate estimation is too high. A more accurate estimation of the percentage of people who will die due to complications from the virus, researchers say, is about two-thirds that, 0.66%.

  • Probably because 9/11 was only in one specific location and corona virus is spread throughout the world?! Get a better comparison.

  • Manuel Banuelos says:

    Trump you a delusional sick person you didn't do what a leader should have done from the beginning, Americans many Americans will die because of you incompetence….

  • God stopped our world. God sent His order to stop everyday activities.
    Government wanted to debaucher our kids, we prayed to God, and now our kids are at home. Teach them God's ways, while you have this opportunity.
    Churches stopped preaching Gospel, but fairy tales, jokes, concerts…Christian's began to asault each other, accepted sins and let sins be among pastors….God closed churches. What did pope say to Catholics? Because of this pandemic, they don't have to confess their sins to bishops. They can confess sins straight to God. That's what God wanted all along.
    No one observed Saturday or Sunday (whichever you beleive), and God made everyone stay home and relax. Closed almost all jobs, all stores and restaurants..
    People were sinning left and right, killed enormous number of babies, forgot God's commandments, and He sent epidemic. People forgot God. We are punishing ourselves now. This is the time to pray and ask God's mercy. This is not the end of the world. But if we won't confess our sins, it will be.

  • So masks don’t do anything for the general public but are completely necessary for those in front of the virus as nurses and doctors and other healthcare workers

  • New Corona information

  • …to bring 9/11 here…maybe its best to locate a place to build a monument to commemorate and honor those who fought and died from this invisible plaque…

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